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Nintendo 64 Blast Corps Music Composer
Nintendo 64 Diddy Kong Racing Sound
Game Boy Donkey Kong Land Music/Sound
Nintendo 64 GoldenEye 007 Music Composer
Nintendo 64 GoldenEye 007 Sound Effects
PlayStation 3 Haze Lead Audio
PC Homefront: The Revolution Audio Director
Nintendo 64 Jet Force Gemini Music
Arcade Games Killer Instinct Music and Sound
Game Boy Killer Instinct Music
Super Nintendo Killer Instinct Music
Nintendo 64 Perfect Dark Sound
Xbox 360 Perfect Dark Original Music
Xbox 360 Perfect Dark Sound Effects
GameCube Second Sight Music & Sound
PC Second Sight Music & Sound
PlayStation 2 Second Sight Music & Sound
Xbox Second Sight Music & Sound
GameCube TimeSplitters 2 Music & Sound
Xbox TimeSplitters 2 Music and Sound
PlayStation 2 TimeSplitters: Future Perfect Music Composer
Xbox TimeSplitters: Future Perfect Music