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Macintosh BioShock Director
Macintosh BioShock Writer
PC BioShock Creative Director/Story
PlayStation 3 BioShock Creative Direction
PlayStation 3 BioShock Story
PlayStation 3 BioShock Writing
Xbox 360 BioShock Creative Director
Xbox 360 BioShock Executive Producer
Linux BioShock Infinite Director
Linux BioShock Infinite Writer
Macintosh BioShock Infinite Director
Macintosh BioShock Infinite Writer
PC BioShock Infinite Director
PC BioShock Infinite Writer
PlayStation 3 BioShock Infinite Director
PlayStation 3 BioShock Infinite Writer
Xbox 360 BioShock Infinite Director
Xbox 360 BioShock Infinite Writer
PC Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich Writer
PC SWAT 4 Executive Producer
PC SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate Creative Director
PC System Shock 2 Lead Design
PC System Shock 2 Voiceovers
PC System Shock 2 Writing / Dialogue / Story
PC Thief: The Dark Project Design & Story Concept
PC Tribes: Vengeance Writer