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PC Black & White Game Programming
PC Black & White 2 Lead Designer
PC Dungeon Keeper Level Design
PC Dungeon Keeper Project Leader
Xbox Fable Designer
Xbox 360 Fable II Creative Designer
Xbox 360 Fable III Executive Producer
Xbox Fable: The Lost Chapters Designer
PC Magic Carpet Executive Producer
Amiga Populous Original Concept
Sega Master System Populous Programmer
Super Nintendo Populous Original Concept
Amiga Populous II: Trials of the Olympian Gods Programmer
Super Nintendo Populous II: Trials of the Olympian Gods Original Work
Amiga Populous: The Promised Lands Design/Coder/Graphics
Amiga Power Monger: World War I Edition Coder
Genesis Syndicate Producer
Macintosh Syndicate Producer
PC Syndicate Producer
PC The Movies Executive Designer
PC The Movies: Stunts & Effects Executive Designer
3DO Theme Park Creators and PC Programming
Amiga Theme Park Creator
Amiga Theme Park Programmer
DS Theme Park Original Creator & Lead Programmer
Genesis Theme Park Original Version
PC Theme Park Programmer
Sega CD Theme Park Programmer