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Amiga Archon Designer
Apple II Archon Creator
Amiga Archon II: Adept Creator
Commodore 64 Archon II: Adept Programming
Commodore 64 Archon: The Light and the Dark Programmer
PlayStation 2 DreamWorks Madagascar Creative Director
Xbox DreamWorks Madagascar Creative Director
GameCube Madagascar Creative Director
Commodore 64 Mail Order Monsters Programmer
PlayStation Pandemonium 2 Virtual Bob 3D Game System Design & Implementation:
N-Gage Pandemonium! Lead Designer
PlayStation Pandemonium! Lead Designer
PC Star Control Designer
PC Star Control II Design
PC Star Control II Graphics / Artwork
PC Star Control II Writing
3DO The Horde Art and Sound Effects
3DO The Horde Design
PlayStation 2 Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam Creative Director
Wii Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam Creative Director
Commodore 64 World Tour Golf Creator