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Amiga A-Train Music
Macintosh A-Train Music
Commodore 64 Aliens: The Computer Game (Activision) Music
Game Boy Advance Caesars Palace Advance: Millenium Gold Edition Sound Effects
Commodore 64 Decathlon Music
PlayStation Duke Nukem: Time to Kill Cinematic Scoring
Commodore 64 Fighting Soccer Coder
NES Galaxy 5000: Racing in the 51st Century Music
Apple II GBA Championship Basketball: Two-on-Two Sound
Amiga GeeBee Air Rally Musician
Commodore 64 GeeBee Air Rally Musician
PC Ghostbusters II Music
PlayStation Knockout Kings Original Music
PC Les Manley in: Lost in L.A. Toni Leoni
Commodore 64 Little Computer People Music
Commodore 64 Master of the Lamps Programmer
PC MechWarrior Music & Sound Effects
Genesis Mutant League Hockey Music and Sounds
Genesis NHL 95 Music
Super Nintendo NHL 95 Music and Sound
Commodore 64 Park Patrol Music
Commodore 64 Predator Music
PC SimLife Sound
Intellivision Snafu Music
NES Stealth ATF Music & Sound
Commodore 64 Tass Times In Tonetown Music
PC Tass Times in Tonetown Music and Sound Effects
Commodore 64 The Transformers Music
PC TigerShark Sound Design & Cinematic Scoring
Commodore 64 Top Fuel Eliminator Music
Commodore 64 Web Dimension Creator
Commodore 64 Web Dimension Music