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Famicom Disk System Big Challenge! Dogfight Spirit Composer
NES Cadillac Music
Super Nintendo Classic Road Sound Support
Super Nintendo Dragon Quest III Sound Design
Super Nintendo Dragon Quest VI Sound Design
PlayStation Dragon Warrior VII Sound Designer
Super Nintendo Dungeon Master Music
Super Nintendo Earth Defense Force Music
Game Boy Fortified Zone Music
3DS Harvest Moon 3D: The Lost Valley Composer
Game Boy Hero Shuugou!! Pinball Party Music
Super Nintendo Ihatov Monogatari Music
Sega CD Keio Flying Squadron Composer
Game Boy Lazlos' Leap Music
NES Maniac Mansion (Japan) Sound Effects
NES Moon Crystal Sound
Wii Pokemon Battle Revolution Music Composer
GameCube Pokemon Colosseum Sound Composition
3DS Pokemon Shuffle Composer
Android Pokemon Shuffle Mobile Composer
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Pokemon Shuffle Mobile Composer
DS Pokemon Trozei! Music Director
GameCube Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness Music Director
Game Boy RodLand Music
Game Boy Square Deal Music
Super Nintendo Thoroughbred Breeder III Music
PlayStation Universal Nuts Music Composer
NES Whomp 'Em Sound
PlayStation Zig Zag Ball BGM & Sound Creator