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PlayStation Big Air Programming
Amiga Blinky's Scary School Coder
Atari 8-bit Blinky's Scary School Programming
Atari ST Blinky's Scary School Programming
Commodore 64 Blinky's Scary School Programmer
Sinclair ZX81/Spectrum Blinky's Scary School Programming
PlayStation 3 Dust 514 Lead Software Engineer
Amiga Edd the Duck! Programmer
Atari ST Edd the Duck! Programmer
Commodore 64 Edd the Duck! Programming
Commodore 64 Fantastic Soccer Coder
PlayStation Motor Mash Programming
Commodore 64 Mountain Bike Racer Programmer
Commodore 64 Neighbours Coder
Commodore 64 Neighbours Creator
PC Test Drive Programming
PlayStation 2 Test Drive Programming
Xbox Test Drive Programming
PC Test Drive 4 Programming
Dreamcast Test Drive 6 Programmer:
Commodore 64 World Soccer Coder