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Game Boy Advance Dragon Ball GT: Transformation Senior Producer (Atari)
Game Boy Advance Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury Senior Producer
NES King's Quest V Associate Producer
GameCube MLB Slugfest 20-04 Additional Voices
GameCube MLB Slugfest 20-04 Producer
PlayStation 2 MLB Slugfest 20-04 Producer
GameCube NFL Blitz 20-02 Production
NES Nightshade Associate Producer
Game Boy Spider-Man / X-Men: Arcade's Revenge Acclaim Development
Genesis Spider-Man / X-Men: Arcade's Revenge Musis and Sound
Genesis Spider-Man & Venom: Maximum Carnage Acclaim Black Team Producer
Super Nintendo Spider-Man & Venom: Maximum Carnage Producer
PlayStation Steel Harbinger Actor: Pod Proof Storage Salesman
PlayStation Steel Harbinger Executive Producer
PlayStation Steel Harbinger Game Design
Commodore 64 The Simpsons Arcade Game Associate Producer
PC The Simpsons Arcade Game Associate Producer
Game Boy The Simpsons: Bart & the Beanstalk Additional Design, Acclaim Development
PC The Simpsons: Bart's House of Weirdness Konami Associate Producer
Genesis The Simpsons: Bart's Nightmare Acclaim Development "The Black Team"
NES Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? Konami Associate Producer
Genesis Wolverine: Adamantium Rage Producer
Super Nintendo Wolverine: Adamantium Rage Producer
NES WWF King of the Ring Development
Super Nintendo WWF Raw Producer
Game Boy Advance Yu Yu Hakusho - Ghost Files: Tournament Tactics Senior Producer
GameCube Zoids: Battle Legends Senior Producer
Game Boy Advance Zoids: Legacy Sr. Producer (Atari)