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Amiga Beverly Hills Cop Design
Amiga Beverly Hills Cop Design
Atari ST Beverly Hills Cop Design
Commodore 64 Beverly Hills Cop Design
PC Beverly Hills Cop Design
Amstrad CPC Circus Games Design
BBC Micro Circus Games Design
Amiga Demon Blue Design
Atari ST Demon Blue Design
Commodore 64 Demon Blue Design
PC Double Agent Design
Amiga Elvira Design
Atari ST Elvira Design
PC Elvira Design
GameCube Mega Man Anniversary Collection Project Producer
Commodore 64 Para Academy Graphics
Commodore 64 Para Academy Programmer
BBC Micro Summer Olympiad Design
Commodore 64 Summer Olympiad Design
PC The Guy Game Producer
PlayStation 2 The Guy Game Producer
Xbox The Guy Game Producer
Commodore 64 Trolls Design
Commodore 64 Turn 'n Burn Graphics
PC Turn 'n Burn Design
BBC Micro Winter Olympiad '88 Design
Sinclair ZX81/Spectrum Winter Olympiad '88 Design
Atari 8-bit Winter Olympiad 88 Design
Atari ST Winter Olympiad 88 Design
PC Winter Olympiad 88 Design
PC Winter Olympiad 88 Design