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Wii Alien Syndrome Voice of Ignazio
Wii Alien Syndrome Voice of Troopers
Wii Bakugan: Defenders of the Core Voice: King Zenoheld
Saturn Battle Arena Toshinden Remix Voice Actors
Macintosh BioShock 2 Voice: Augustus Sinclair
PC BioShock 2 Voice Actor: Augustus Sinclair
PlayStation 3 BioShock 2 Voice Actor: Augustus Sinclair
Xbox 360 BioShock 2 Voice Actor: Augustus Sinclair
PC Bone: Out From Boneville Voice: Smiley Bone
PlayStation Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within Voice: Philip Tate
Xbox 360 Deadly Premonition Voice: Forrest Kaysen (English)
PlayStation 3 Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut Voice: Forrest Kaysen
PlayStation 2 Extermination Voice: Travis / Dr. Falken
PC Grossology Character Voices
Xbox 360 Iron Man 2 Voice: Kearson DeWitt, Ultimo
Xbox King Arthur Voice Actor
Dreamcast Prince of Persia: Arabian Nights Additional Voices
PC Puzzle Agent Voice: Nelson Tethers
PC Puzzle Agent 2 Voice: Nelson Tethers
PC Sam & Max: Season One Voice Actor
PlayStation 2 Shadow of Destiny Voice (Oleg)
PlayStation 2 SoulCalibur II Voice: Maxi
Xbox SoulCalibur II Voice: Maxi
PlayStation 3 SoulCalibur II HD Online Voice: Maxi
PC Space Quest 6: Roger Wilco in The Spinal Frontier Dorff/Elmo Pug/Cirduit Sydney
Game Boy Color Spawn Voice Actor
PlayStation Syphon Filter Voice: Erich Rhoemer
PlayStation Syphon Filter 3 Voice: Erich Rhoemer
PlayStation The Legend of Dragoon Voice: Zieg
PC X-Blades Voice Actor: Jay
PlayStation 2 Zone of the Enders Voice of Corporal