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Amstrad CPC Airborne Ranger Coding
Sinclair ZX81/Spectrum Airborne Ranger Programming
Game Boy Advance Family Feud Art
PlayStation Galaxy Fight Voice Actor
Arcade Games Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors Voice Actor
Sinclair ZX81/Spectrum Gift from the Gods Design
3DO Microcosm Programming
PlayStation 3 MotorStorm Programmer
Sinclair ZX81/Spectrum Quondam Design
PC Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 Lead Programmer/Producer
PlayStation Star Trek: Invasion Programmers:
PlayStation 2 Stealth Force: The War on Terror Character Animations
PC The 39 Steps Copywriter
PC The Simpsons: Virtual Springfield Background Design
PlayStation Tom and Jerry in House Trap Veteran Programmer
PlayStation 2 WWII: Soldier Art (Atomic Planet)
Sinclair ZX81/Spectrum Zzoom Design