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    FAQ/Walkthrough by KIsrael

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    BANGAI-O LEVEL FAQ [2002-08-05]
    Kirk Israel <kisrael@alienbill.com>
    Bangai-O! What a great game!  The level exploration and enemy generators
    of Gauntlet combined with the action of Smash TV, all in a veneer of 
    Metroid with a touch of the control of Joust...sounds like a mess but
    it's brilliant.  A 2D game where level design really really matters,
    that throws hoards and hoards of enemies at you and gives you the 
    hardware you need to take it all on...plus, a huge heap of Japanese
    Looks like a big favorite of CJayC's as well...I hope that this 
    FAQ, the first to cover *all* 44 levels, will come in useful to 
    people who would others struggle with this game.
    * Everyone, including the manual, agrees: ABXY is the only control
      scheme worth using. You're going to need the full control of firing
      in any direction while moving in any other direction. Don't know why
      it's not the default, or why they bother with the other option at all.
    * Scatterbombing technique (with the right trigger) is what separates
      the men from the boys in this game. The 44 levels are going to be 
      a true grind unless you learn to use the scatterbomb for both offense
      and defense.  You can spend 2 minutes laboriously picking off bots
      and their generators from behind cover, or you can run in, charge
      'er up, and let it fly in about 10 seconds.
    * The key to good scattershotting is waiting for the right moment.
      My first time through, I would scattershot as soon as I thought 
      to do it. Eventually I learned that he who hesitates is launched...
      if you press and hold R until a big flock of bullets is just about
      to hit you, you'll do a lot more damage, and go a lot further towards 
      recharging the scatterbomb energy.  It's worth taking some risks
      for, even taking a bullet, since there's a good chance you can 
      generate a health to make up for it. (Multiple explosions bring 
      better fruit as well as health)
    * You've got to learn when it's worth clearing out a region, and 
      when you should just zoom on by.  You can loose a lot of health
      one hit at a time, especially when the enemies aren't quite 
      clustered enough to make good use of your scatterbombs...it's easy
      to run out of scatterbombs, and that means you're in a much worse
      off defensive position.
    * If you're firing to the left and an enemy comes sneaking up to the 
      right, that might be a good time to scatterbomb.
    * Listen to the sound effects! In particular:
     -the beeping when you're out of scatterbombs, and the little whistle
      when you earn a new one (took me a while to figure out what that sound
     -if you do a good scatterbomb and you hear a distinct metallic clang,
      start looking for the Energy powerup you just earned yourself.
     -if your character cries out like you got hit, that might be a 
      good time to scatterbomb, since more bullets are probably on their way.
     -the music shift when your V-powerup energy ends is sometimes 
      the most obvious clue that your invulnerability has worn off
    * 3 hamsters in the initials screens will open up a second options
      menu, (back up out of the game once it starts) to go turn on things
      like invulnerability.  My history was, I used this cheat for 
      the final 5 levels my first time through...but then I was able 
      to take it all on, by leaning how to scatterbomb, and realizing
      I didn't have to clear out every region. 
    * Random trivia: the "I must be dreaming" reincarnation screen 
      was even stranger in the Japanese version of this game. Do a 
      Google search for Bangai-O screenshots. Suffice it to say, I think
      what looks like KKK garb to an American doesn't have the same
      cultural ramifications in Japan...at least I hope not.
    --THE LEVELS--
    Appropriately enough, the first level is a bit of a cakewalk. Wide open 
    spaces, not many bad guys. In fact, the only generators generate health 
    powerups...as you get to the harder levels, you'll be hard pressed to 
    find generators that make anything except bad guys out for blood. Take 
    your time, blow up some buildings, pick up some fruit, take out the robots 
    that harass you.  When you've had enough of that, head to the door on 
    the right side of the screen, about halfway up.  
    You'll fight Sabu. Like the rest of the level, he should be a piece of cake. 
    Since it's a big wide open area, stick with the homing missiles. 
    HINT: You might want to start experimenting with the right trigger smart 
    bomb attack. Try holding off firing that until you're just about to be hit. 
    If you time it right, you'll launch many more weapons.  In fact, one really 
    big scatterbomb attack is all you need to take this guy out! 
    If you do start to get damaged, near the top of where you fight him 
    there is a generator producing yellow (full) health powerups. 
    Here's where you need to learn Mami's weapon. The only safe way of 
    clearing out the lasergates in the narrow corridors is to use her ricochet 
    laser, aiming diagonally up or down in the direction you want to go. 
    If you're in a hurry, you can even try her scatterbomb...especially useful 
    in the second set of corridors where you're heading down.
    HINT: if you're running low on scatterbombs, fire into the blue/yellow 
    lasers before taking out the gun itself.  You can recharge up to a full 
    5 before moving on. In a pinch with no lasers or enemies, sometimes you
    can spend some time destroying houses before moving to the next section.
    The path to the boss is straightforward, and he's not much tougher than 
    he was last time. If you've been using ricochet lasers you might want to 
    switch back to the homing missiles.
    This level introduces the concept of enemy generators.  Most are the 
    "weak" variety that can be taken out without too many hits. Other than 
    that, there's not too much to this level.  Sabu is again waiting for 
    you on the right. He's a little tougher than before, but if you use 
    an offensive/defensive stream of homing missiles and the occasional 
    scatterbomb he should present little real challenge.
    A new type of level design. Mami's ricochet laser might be the best 
    bet for these narrow corridors. You might want to practice blasting 
    your scatterbomb into a group of crates, letting you get the more 
    valuable Apples rather than typical Oranges...but be careful not 
    to drain your scatterbomb reserve too much, since you might need it 
    for defense later on.
    You might notice that right before the boss room there's a path (blocked 
    by some of those small blocks) that can take you to the tree-lined path 
    that surrounds the main areas. You can take this if you want, but as far 
    as I can tell there's no compelling reason to.
    The battle with Sabu...well, it's getting a little tougher, and there are 
    some extra enemies in that final room. (Along with some health). You might 
    want to take out the missile launchers before "activating" Sabu, and 
    possibly the houses as well, since they might attract your homing missiles.
    HINT: When many bosses are going to launch their own scattershot, you'll 
    see a shockwave fly out proceeding the actual missiles. That might be a 
    good time to start charging your own scatterbomb, waiting until the wall 
    of bullets gets close (but not *too* close) before launching your 
    devastating counterattack.  When all else fails, run (possibly using the 
    doubletap dash) firing behind you to shoot down any homing missiles on 
    your trail.
    "Oh man, life is bitter!"
    The first room is one your first good non-boss battles.  Use your scatterbomb
    to good effect. Notice that it often won't take out the generators, so you'll
    have to give them some special attention.
    The second room is much like the first.
    Then you meet your first core boss...a green ball that just sits there and 
    takes it. In enclosed areas, Mami's scatterbomb can work wonders at speeding 
    the process along, and often doing one shot will be enough to power up the 
    next. Good deal!
    So here at the infostation you learn about red and blue doors. There 
    are little loops on the right side, top and bottom, to give you the idea 
    of the red doors (I don't think you can get trapped.) The blue doors are 
    opened by destroying the generator sitting on them.
    In the bossroom, you'll probably want to clear out the missile launchers
    before activating the boss...also the houses, since they can easily distract
    your homing missiles from their main mission, that being kicking boss butt.
    This is a new type of vehicle boss. Shouldn't be too challenging, since it 
    and its weapons are so slow.
    Here you get introduced to blue and green crystal barriers. Blue barriers 
    block the ricochet laser...I guess the designers wanted to be able to 
    create situations where Mami can't just fire a ton of shots to clear 
    the path.  Green barriers stop all of Bangai-O's weapons. Both barrier types 
    are invisible to enemy shots (though the enemies themselves can't pass
    through them) so you have to be careful.
    HINT: If you're in a thin corridor with a lot of green (or blue) blocks 
    that are letting enemy bullets through, you might want to use a ricochet 
    scatterbomb in a defensive kind of way, creating a small path for you to 
    get the heck out of there.
    This is one of the first difficult levels you have to pick your way 
    through. Because of all the blue barriers, you'll probably want to stick 
    through homing missiles for most of it.  Move conservatively, clearing 
    one little room at a time, and looking for opportunities to take out 
    missile launchers that are on the other side of the blue crystals.
    There are some blue health cubes lurking near the mid bottom right 
    of the first area, behind what looks like chainlink fence.
    Make your way to the right side of the first area. There you'll see the 
    next space, blocked off by some big bombs (they're big, but not that 
    explosive.) Fire missiles through the top or bottom to set off the bombs. 
    There's a full health powerup on the bottom...you may well need it by 
    this point.
    There's a big green wall to the right...the only way to get past is 
    to blow up bombs that are falling from the generator above, so don't 
    be too quick to destroy it.
    Despite what the boss says, killing it will indeed help you reach your 
    target. His health regenerates, but still he should be trivial to finish 
    off, especially with some laser scatterbomb in that narrow little space.
    So here you further the technique of shooting orange bombs to remove otherwise
    unbreakable blocks.  Proceed carefully section by section.
    This is probably my favorite boss conversation...so odd!
    As always, you may want to clear out the boss area before talking to her.  
    Also, there's a pile of blue healths to the right.
    Her laser beams can really do damage if you're not careful! On the other
    hand, they can make it pretty easy to launch 400-MAX scatterbombs, and a
    few of those missile deathblossoms will lead to her timely demise.
    There are two ways to handle this level.  You can go through and 
    systematically search-and-destroy. I think that's a good way to get killed.  
    You can just dash to the boss as well...you'll activate a few robots, 
    but this boss is a bit of a push over for your missiles and scatterbombs.
    I don't know what the infostation lady means by "green boxes". Could
    she be talking about the (yellow box) "V" invulnerability powerups?   
    (I think of them as "Vornados", I think that's a brand of fan...seems 
    appropriate given the power and circular form of this weapon!)
    Oh, I guess the actual powerup is green...still, I'm usually looking
    for the boxes.
    Anyway, there's a Vornado powerup at the top right, but you don't 
    need it, unless you're going for a highschore.
    Use the laser to clear out the bombs from a distance...especially from
    the innocent looking yellow ones, which go up with a really big bang
    that can do you a lot of damage.
    Here you'll meet up with a big blue wobbly disk for the first time.
    They aren't too too dangerous...pump them up with weaponfire and they'll
    explode in a slow shower of straightmoving bullets.  They can 
    be useful to powerup your scatterbombs... the bullets they send out
    also seem to damage other enemies, but it's not that useful as an
    offensive weapon.
    As the level proceeds, definitely keep an eye out for those yellow
    bombs, they have a great big range.  The further you are when they go
    off, the better.  Also, learn to use the scatterbomb laser in
    that defensive/offensive combo as you clear out robot generators.
    The laser is a good weapon here, though there are some blue crystal
    cages, so you want to have the homing missiles handy.
    As you go through the level, you may run into your first flamethrower.
    They're kind of interesting, not too hard to destroy usually, but they
    can do a lot of damage.  
    HINT: I think the flame must count as a TON of little bullets, because
    some of my biggest most-fruit-producing explosions have been in the 
    wake of an exploding rotating flame thrower.
    Be a little careful with your scatterbombs, it's easy to run out.
    Also in this area you'll run into a favorite trick of this game, 
    unbreakable bricks balanced on bombs.  And you may also find out 
    that it is perfectly possible to be trapped by these blocks, forcing
    you to restart the level.  Luckily there's not too much of that 
    There is a trick to this section, and if you do it wrong you 
    may have to start over....before going all the way to the 
    bottom left corridor, make sure all the bombs in the center
    sections have been destroyed.  If you make that BIG bunch of 
    unbreakable bombs fall (the one with the two blue health boxes
    on top) before being able to destroy the wall to its left, (the 
    wall to the right of that blue crystal cage) you're stuck. Of 
    course, the area you need to clear out before heading to the 
    bottom left is very well fortified with lots of missile launchers.
    Eventually, after going through the levels of maze on the left,
    you should be able to go through the top right. Here you'll clear
    out many bomblines in a row with your homing missile as the trigger.
    There's a lot of enemy firepower here, so be careful.
    12. THE GUN STAR
    I don't have a lot to say about this level...in fact I don't
    even get the Gun Star reference (though I know gunstar heroes
    was a previous Treasure game, and I have played it a little bit.)
    Again, you can try to take out everything, or just go ahead to
    the top right corner, down the right side, to where the boss
    awaits. (You might want to clear out that area a bit though.)
    There's a full health powerup above.
    One trick is that there's a ledge where the full health appeared...
    it's pretty easy to get the boss stuck on the opposite side, and
    then scatterbomb your way to victory with the missiles.
    Ooh, this one is pretty ugly, especially if you haven't got
    the knack of double tapping to speed, and busting through
    hoards of enemies without getting yourself killed.
    You have to beat some bomblines or you'll get stuck.
    Navigating the upper passage is really a matter of mastering
    move-and-fire.  Ignore everything, use the laser scatterbomb
    when enemy bullets threaten.  You'll notice the floor of
    the passage has some bomblines to set off. The only ones
    that are really important are the ones that are "more exposed"...
    they bombs climb up the left side of the various chambers.
    Make sure you get these or else you'll be stuck on the trip
    to the left in the bottom hallway.
    Once you've made it past the red door on the right you'll
    be in the bottom passage...be very careful with the bombline
    on the floor! You want to clear the path to the left
    before setting it off, since otherwise you might not beat 
    it back to the left side of screen. (So be careful with
    the ricocheting lasers!) Don't go through the second red
    door yet, but you may want to try to fire into that chamber.
    Then go back to the bottom right, start the bombline, and 
    speed back to the left. Don't get caught up in the fighting
    here!  You'll pass through several falling block walls, 
    and you'll have to destroy the enemies sitting on the blue
    doors before they'll open.  You're finally back to near 
    where you started...wait for the bombs to clear the passage,
    then scoot through before the unbreakable blocks seal
    you from the boss.
    Be careful of the flamethowers right beneath where you start out.
    Again, there are two ways to handle this level: slowly advance,
    clearing out section by slow section, or zip all the way around 
    the central section, back up the middle where the boss is.  If you 
    stay in that central corridor (where the flamethrowers were
    at the outset) and fire down, you should be able to take out 
    this bozo without too much hassle. Make wise use of scatterbomb,
    waiting til it's about to hit you before letting fly with 
    the laser beam...it's pretty easy to get some 400-MAX 
    (with energy ups to boot!)
    This level is pretty easy, because the vehicle boss is so slow.
    The wobblies can make for some pretty explosions, so you might not
    want to fire too much unless you see your target, but this
    level shouldn't be much of a challenge.
    Despite the ominous warning of the title, there are fewer
    ways of getting trapped on this board than on many of the
    others. A typical corridor crawl.
    HINT: From hard-won experience, I can say that the safest
    thing to do when caught under falling multiple columns of 
    unbreakable blocks is to fly as high as you can...that way, 
    most of the neighboring columns will fall, while the one 
    you're under will stay up, allowing you to slip off to the 
    If you've mastered the laser scatterbomb, neither of the 
    sides should present much of a problem.  Pick a side,
    fight your way down, enter the center laser hallway, 
    and take out all the lasers from behind, making sure
    you hit all of the laser emplacements. (If you find 
    yourself in the middle and see you've missed one 
    but don't want to fly all the way around, a laser 
    scatterbomb might clear out the straggler.) Then do 
    the same on the other side.  Go back to the top, 
    down the middle, laser scatterbomb the emplacements
    in the middle, and call it day.
    Heh. This board reminds me of Crocodile Dundee
    "He's got a knife!" "That's not a knife...*this* is a knife"
    Thank of that, but substitute "array of deadly laserbeams"
    for "knife".
    There's a yellow full health on the lower right side of the 
    screen, near where the boss is.
    The Ultraman looking guy is pretty easy. I've gotten him
    stuck in corners before, where I could fire endless missiles
    into him and he just stood there and took it.  Actually, 
    even a steady stream of lasers will prevent him from
    mounting an effective attack...so just catch him in 
    that starting corridor, fire away...his shots will travel
    safely above and below you, and the occasional fleet 
    of miniships will launch away from you and not have
    room to turn and get you.
    Heh. Now this is an interesting level.
    Once you shoot your way out of your starting circle,
    grab the Vornado power up.
    Now you have two options.  Clear everything out,
    or head straight for the boss. I'd do the latter.
    He's right below you.
    You are very indestructible with your shield going.
    So make sure to fully clear out the path of gun emplacements
    and bots on your way down, since you don't want them 
    interfering during the boss fight. (Oh, and by the way...
    the enemy is invulnerable whenever you are, so don't 
    get any funny ideas.)
    This guy (who is a bit similar to the final boss
    you'll face) has two attacks.  His regular laser beam
    is pretty powerful, but as long as it's not quite 
    hitting you, it's an easy way to get massive scatterbomb
    upgrades-- in the 300s easy. I had much better luck
    with the laser than the homing missiles when it came
    to launch scatterbomb after scatterbomb...also to help
    drill a bit more maneuvering room.  The trick
    is he often likes to launch two waves of seeking missiles
    in a row... you need to make sure you're not close 
    enough to him (and you have enough spare scatterbombs)
    to launch a second counterstrike if need be. 
    Another trick is to stick and move...fire, and then
    get your distance!
    In the first section, there's something you *must* do
    unless you're a serious masochist...go to the top of the 
    first main chamber, and take out the two fire-in-all-direction
    pods that are right above you. They're hiding behind green
    crystal, and will be the death of you when you try to finish
    the level, unless you kill them now, from their unprotected
    Now, you have a decision: left or right? Left has a lot more 
    bots.  Right has more corridors, with gun emplacements and
    some falling bricks. (If you go for the bots, be sure not
    to run out of scatter bombs!)
    You know, I used to assume the right was easier, but as
    long as you fly fast through rather than destroy every
    dang bot, the left passage is pretty straightforward.
    (Or maybe I've just gotten a lot better at using 
    There are some bomb walls hiding health powerups you can
    get, if you clear them out through the blue crystal up above.
    21. THE CAGE
    Small bunch of bots behind the green crystal. Can't attack 'em,
    just have to avoid them (use your laser scatterbomb for defense
    if need be.) You need to clear out the generators, blue wall,
    and bombline on the right, and then on the left. There are
    blue health powerups in the lower right and left corners
    You probably want to take the time to kill all the gun emplacements
    you can, since you're going to have to do a lot of dodging and ducking
    for this boss fight. (and some of those gun emplacements are actually
    gun generators...)
    Actually, I spoke to soon...there is a way to break the cage!
    There's a bomb generator on the upper left side.  You'll probably
    need to take out the gun generator there, so the bombs can drop 
    all the way to the bottom of the cage. Once they do, blow up
    the bomb, and then you should be able to take out those pesky
    From there, the boss shouldn't be a big deal.  Play cat and 
    mouse with it, maybe try letting it slowly chase you around the 
    flat obstacle near the top of the screen, using scatterbombs
    to kill it from behind, when you get a clear shot.
    Mr. Robot and his Robot factory--that was a good game, back in
    the day, and had a construction set...but I digress.
    Anyway, this is a fairly straight forward destroy everything
    that moves. I'm not sure what finally opens the blue door...
    you don't quite have to destroy everything, but it stays 
    shut for a good long while. Be careful not to run out of scatterbombs...
    You're halfway done! Admittedly, the easier half, but still!
    Heh. This is a really amusing level.  Makes me think this 
    game could really use a construction set.
    You're best bet is to just move up the middle of the 
    droppers, and let loose with scatterbomb after scatterbomb.
    Don't worry about getting every last badguy, just most.
    Before you do that you may want to clear out the houses
    on the border of the main arena...otherwise they may attract
    homing missiles when you least expect it.
    When you're clearing out the rows be sure to pick up
    energies as they appear.
    Homing missiles are probably the best bet for the boss.
    Be careful. Make sure you save scatterbombs for defense,
    otherwise you might find yourself facing more enemy shots
    that you can handle, coming at you in a row. Try to shoot
    robot around corners with the laser, rather than facing 
    a big row head on, simply because they might be able 
    to overwhelm your normal gun.
    Watch out for the blue crystal walls on the right, use 
    your missiles.
    For the green crystal room on the left, try to see
    how much of it you can take out with the laser.
    A lot of people think this one is tough, but I don't think
    it's so bad. I'd avoid taking on the huge armadas on 
    the walls, and just fly straight up to meet your evil
    twin. (this level is huuuuuge, so if you're careful 
    you should be able to avoid the walls...and even if a
    few bots get activated, it's no big deal.
    The trick with this guy is to KEEP MOVING. Never let 
    him near you. Use double tap dash to stay the heck
    away, and fire behind you to catch the stray bullets.
    Use missiles and scatterbomb as appropriate. The thing
    is, given his ability to produce two waves of his 
    bomb (just like the guy on board 19) and the way
    you stop for a moment when you release your scatterbomb,
    it's better to use speed and the vast amount of space
    you have to outrun the seekers until they disappear
    on their own.
    26. THE VICE
    This is a cakewalk. The falling objects really don't
    change this from being a typical one on one duel.
    His big weapon is non-homing, non-reflecting scatterbomb.
    It's really easy to wait for the wave to almost hit you, 
    and then launch a monster 400 scatterbomb to take him out.
    I have had the boss get stuck under a block, making the level
    You can take many different paths on this one. I like heading 
    over across the top, grab the V powerup, kick some tail, and 
    head to the boss in the lower right corner.  You can take 
    out all his guard gun emplacements with carefully cornered 
    laser shots.
    Sometimes you have to be clever and not kill gun emplacements 
    until they destroy things that you can't thanks to green crystal.
    Watch out for falling unbreakable blocks
    This level can be tricky or easy. The easy way:
    gun straight down to the floor on the far right
    side. Shoot each layer of floor taking out the houses 
    sitting on it. (Use homing missiles, too much ricochet 
    will take its toll on the round bricks that make up
    the ceiling of this passage way) Walk all the 
    way to the left, killing everything.  Kill
    generators in the central section from below by
    blowing through those round bricks.
    Do the same thing, but this time above the main corridor, 
    again starting from the right. You want to keep
    things smooth and orderly, walking on the bricks instead 
    of flying for the most part, avoiding having to use 
    your scatterbomb which may let even more enemy bots
    in to play. Make sure to kill the generators and emplacements
    in the central corridor.
    The fight with the boss should be nothing special.
    His weapon is only so-so. But what are those noises 
    he's making? Forbidden love indeed!
    29. ROBOT HUNT
    Despite what the subtitle might have you think, you don't
    have to kill every robot out there. Just enough to open
    the blue doors.  Once they're open, destroy the bomblines
    on all four sides of the central structure, and finally
    go back to the top and enter.  
    Again, my third time through the whole game, I had a 
    really easy time with this level. I just kind of zip 
    on through, playing just enough scatterbomb defense 
    to get by...
    30. FRUIT SALE
    Another exercise in using your right trigger!
    Remember to wait til you're surrounded by bullets,
    and then...whammo! (You might have to hang around
    the gun emplacements, the bots will probably not 
    be firing enough to get the full deathblossoms)
    There's no good reason not to destroy everything 
    the place.  Then, check all 4 walls to make sure
    all the bombsets are destroyed. Enter the passage
    at the bottom right, go all the way around, and 
    take out the boss.
    Is it just me, or am I seeing tunafish spinning
    away in the debris on this level?
    It took me a long time to decide if I could get
    away with really running the gauntlet, or if 
    I needed to clear it out room by room. In the 
    final analysis, I decided a dash was a lot more fun.
    Even though the walls are blue crystals sometimes,
    I tend to stick with the laser, since I'm more 
    worried about what's in my immediate path than
    the bots taking potshots at me from outside.
    There are two detours I suggest making...one is with 
    the second set of laser gates, the ones in a 
    vertical tower. You should duck over to the right
    side and take these out from behind...don't stick around
    too long, because robots will be taking potshots from 
    behind, but long enough to grab the two blue health
    at the top.  Make your way up and to the right. 
    Be careful not to get trapped in the blockpile
    that falls.
    Here's the clever bit...shot through the green bricks
    at the top left of the path.  Go to the left and 
    down...there's a V powerup here!  Grab it, and then 
    get back on the main course to make a mad dash to the 
    boss before your vornado power runs out.
    Stop right after you get through the red door, and 
    use your missiles to take out all the gun emplacements
    generators and misc. bots surrounding the boss' room.
    This is very important. You might also want to get 
    rid of the giant blue wobblies so they don't get 
    in your way.
    The boss is easy, just stay out of his slow way
    and use the missiles.
    This level can be a challenge...in particular, it's very easy
    to get stuck under a blockpile.  My hardwon strategy is to 
    always fly up as much you can, letting the columns of blocks
    to either side of you fall, and then move from side to 
    side as appropriate, always trying to move to higher ground.
    Once you burst your way to the top, the boss shouldn't be too
    tough. I'd suggest use your homing missiles, and once a fighting
    area is cleared out, stay near the ceiling, since otherwise 
    your homing missiles may all be sucked into the huge piles of 
    blocks that still remain.
    "Just roll with it" suggests the subtitle, and that's pretty good 
    advice. This guy looks straight out of Smash TV, come to think of it,
    which is fitting given the rest of the dynamic of this game!
    So this guy is invulnerable with his shield up. He'll bounce around 
    a bit. Assuming you're using homing missiles, you'll want to clear
    a space to play in, and stay away from the edges less they attract
    your missiles away from their intended target. Fly around, predict
    when he's gonna slowdown and drop his shields to fire at you,
    scatterbomb just before than, and you should be fine.  Actually,
    it's easy to get huge scatterbombs against his shield, which can
    produce health powerups if you need it.
    This one is kind of fun. Dive into it! I wouldn't try to play
    search and destroy. Occasionally, destructible metal beams will
    block your path and slow you down. Be careful, though, because
    you can die in a big hurry.
    Once you get to the part with the flamethrowers, you need to 
    start fighting for real. After that little room, take either 
    side down to the next door (destroying bomblines as needed)
    until you get to that last big room...bots galore! A few more
    rooms of this (stopping to grab the full health powerup),
    a few dozen powered up laser scatterbombs, and you're ready
    to show this weatherlady what time it is.
    This level can be really easy. There's a lot of it you can
    ignore on the quickest way to the boss.
    Go all the way to the right, then straight up through 
    a few chambers (including one with a lot of blue and green
    crystal walls), go one corridor over to the right, down
    the skinny passage, pick up the energy at the bottom,
    head right, then down to a room with lasergates, then
    left to take out the boss. Meow.
    Heading straight up for the boss is pretty suicidal. Instead,
    take out the 10 chambers individually by find the exposed bombs
    that will remove their walls (you'll have to get a start at each
    of the four corners of the board), then back to the center
    corridor to duel with the big boss.  Explode the center chamber
    where the boss is lurking by hitting the bombs, don't get yourself
    caught in there....and be careful to stay away from the dramatically
    exploding yellow bombs that are lining the wall...they're dangerous.
    The drill things that the boss sends out are relatively speedy...
    but if you wait until they're almost on top of you, a missile
    scatterbomb should be able to take them out and do plenty of 
    damage to the boss as well.
    This level is a bit tedious. Be careful not to run out 
    of scatterbomb. There are some healths lurking about,
    including at the very top (along with an infostation
    to the top left) In general you want to make 
    your way up and to the left, into some big dangerous 
    chambers.  You don't have to kill everything in those 
    rooms as you make your way down, but you have to 
    have a sure hand on that R-trigger in order to make 
    it in one piece! The bottom chamber is full of blue
    wobblies, be a little careful.
    Time to take it to 'em. I'm not sure what unlocks the blue 
    doors around the first big chamber you hit; just kill lots
    of stuff. Afterwards, you'll have a decision: loop back
    to the starting point to pick up the health there, or go for 
    it on the left side. If you go back you'll have to go through
    all the places you zoomed through (or carefully took your time 
    Luckily, the boss is really easy, so you don't have to 
    go for the health and can just finish the level. He has some 
    red bot guards that you can't kill (hiding behind the green 
    crystal walls) but they shouldn't be able to do too much damage.
    39. RED PLANET
    This is another smash and grab, I think. Maybe I've gotten
    a bit burnt out on this game, but I've started much preferring
    slashing and burning my way to the goal, rather than focussing
    on taking out every dang bot and gun emplacement.
    So the goal is to move all the way up and to the left. 
    Eventually, you get to the main section around the boss.
    It needs to be broken open via bomblines to the left and the right..
    and the right side even has a full health bonus up above.
    I don't know what causes the final blue door to open, but just
    keep killing things in the area until it does.
    This boss can be a little tricky, surrounded by crystals on 
    all sides. Your first priority should be to take out all the 
    gun emplacements, including the ones inside the cage. If you're 
    careful, you might even be able to do this without waking up
    the boss...that would be a good thing to do. The boss isn't too
    aggressive, just pick top or bottom, fire away, and then swing
    around to the other side if the return fire gets to heavy.
    You'll ring her bell in no time.
    40. BLOCKADE
    Now it starts to get tough.  The first few chamber are pretty 
    straightforward, just be careful and take out the flames with
    a safe pattern. After the flames, you'll enter a big room.  Down
    below where you entered the room , there's a smaller chamber 
    with a blue door. Once you blow up enough stuff to open the blue 
    door, (I noticed scatterbombing outside the blue door tends to help...
    maybe it's a house or scenery that you have to blow up to open it?)
    enter the chamber, kill any bots there, and look....you 
    should see a full health powerup as well as that lovable V! 
    Be careful though...the powerups are almost embedded in unbreakable
    blocks, so if you use too much reflective scatterbomb, you might be 
    prevented from getting the loot! Once you do get the V, Go hog
    wild and try to clear out everything in this chamber...some of the
    blue doors are very fussy indeed.
    Remember to switch to homing missiles to clean up what you miss 
    with the Vornado...some of that stuff is hidden behind blue
    crystal. There's some health to the top right.
    Oh, and even if the door to the bottom right opens up, you need to clear 
    out that lower part of the room, where all the lasergates are, since 
    there are some bomblines blocking the corridor below.
    After going back up to the door on tie right, head down the 
    far-lower right corridor to the passage you previous cleared.
    Be careful with the next room with a ton of gun emplacements,
    they'll make a sloppy player dead real quick like.  The nearby
    flames don't make things any easier, and the generators are 
    dropping bots like there's no tomorrow (which is appropriate,
    given that for the generators there won't be any tomorrow
    once you're through with them.)
    The flames are a bit tricky, since there are so many of them.
    I suggest overwhelming firepower.
    As far as I can tell, there are some lasergates near the final 
    boss you just can't kill, I guess they are there to tighten
    the range you have to fight in. So be careful. Luckily, this boss
    is so slow that you should have little trouble if you stay out 
    of its way.
    41. STOCKADE
    Don't blow up the bombs above to get the health yet, knucklehead!
    Head right. Get the Vornado powerup, using my non-patented "fly upwards"
    unbreakable falling block technique. I suggest taking the corridor
    to the right (to a great big room full of lots and lots of gun 
    emplacements) rather than the downward path, but it's up to you.
    There's some health on the far right wall.
    Now be CAREFUL with the bombs behind blue crystal in the passageway
    down. Probably your best bet is to get some of the bots below to fly 
    into that hallway, otherwise you can't blow up the BIG bombs with
    your missiles.  They might accidentally blow up the bombs as well...
    you don't want to be around when that happens. (One time through,
    I re-enacted the "escape the exploding Death Star" scene from 
    Rogue Leader, just barely escaping the series of blasts one of 
    the bots set off.)
    There's a full health to the right of this room, in a stack of 
    breakable blocks. Grab it but only if you need it, since you 
    can use it right before the end.
    Go to the right, blast the lasergates (you'll probably need
    to use your laser scatterbombs). There are then some columns of
    falling unbreakable blocks you need to rush through, or else 
    you'll get stuck.
    There's then a small room with lots of enemy guns behind blue 
    crystal, missile 'em.
    You then enter a very large and dangerous room. If you need them you can 
    get the health at the top of the room, which is where you started
    the level.
    At the bottom of the room is a small chamber, with guns behind 
    green crystal. I'd suggest using your laser and moving to the 
    sides to take them out.
    And as a reward for being so good... a full health! Yay. Just be careful
    not to trap yourself!
    The next part is tricky. Blow up what you can through the few 
    "blue crystal" windows there, but be very defensive. You probably
    want to dash through this. Clear your way to the right, zip
    back to the left, then go to the right again...on the final
    passage there's enough stuff to kill that hopefully you
    can generate some health packs by using your scatterbomb.
    The red door will shut behind you and you're momentarily safe.
    Pause and take a breather, you deserve it. Grab the full health
    up above if you haven't used it already.
    The boss chamber is well-guarded with guns. Some are easy
    to knock out. Others are harder, but with clever maneuvering 
    you should be able to get rid of all of them before taking 
    on the boss. In particular, the guns to the left and right
    center can be taken out with diagonal shots down, though
    the angle is tough. After that, despite all his boasting,
    the boss is going byebye.
    This is another level where I tend to rush through.
    I skim along the ground until I get the Vornado,
    then head up and to the right. I kill enough stuff 'til the 
    blue door opens and then I go through.
    The upper area is full of enemies. I tend to mostly
    ignore them, scatterbombing as needed.  The interesting parts of 
    this area are the three regions to the far left. 
    The top and bottom regions have health. and bomblines
    you need to hit to get to the boss. Both are guarded by
    lasergates behind blue crystal. And the bottom bombline
    is annoying...you have to fly back down to the lower 
    area to finish off the job, and then back right!
    There are some whole healths around...in the barrier 
    between the two main areas, and to the top right
    of the top area.
    Now, I find the center area that the boss is hiding behind
    too dangerous to destroy.  I rush in past it, activate the boss, 
    and rush out, using laser scatterbombs to block out any projectiles 
    headed my way. After I tend to have the boss follow me to 
    the bottom chamber, going in circles in and out of the side 
    chamber, with me firing a stream missiles all the time. Remember 
    though, he can shoot through the green and blue crystals
    where the lasergates used to be, including his great big 
    gun. He's also quick...just not that maneuverable.
    It's not elegant, but it works.
    Wow...this level went by so quickly, I don't even know
    what happened! One minute I'm in that first chamber 
    blowing up bots til I can get to a V symbol, then 
    I'm dashing as fast as I can (with Vornado power)
    'til I get to a room with flame throwers...but the
    blue door won't open! I rush back, blast my way to
    the yellow health that I didn't need, firing defensive 
    missile scatterbombs, the blue door's open,
    I ricochet my way through past some lasergates, 
    up and down through some twisty corridors (ignoring
    a bunch of guns there) and then I see this 
    crazy Noire sheep!  I missile a gun emplacement above
    and the bombline behind which seals off the boss chamber
    from the bad guys I left behind, take out the other 
    game chamber, and then kill the boss, avoiding the 
    few pathetic missiles that constitute his last defense.
    Phew, the final level! 
    The whole level is divided into great big left and right
    sweeps. Now, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say
    that if you're determined to beat the final boss, you're 
    going to get a lot of practice working your way though
    this level...I certainly did. That final boss is a real
    First Sweep (Left to Right): Your laser scatterbomb
    training should make short work of these rooms. Make sure 
    you don't leave any robots to the left of the final vertical 
    red door, since they may prevent the next door from opening! 
    There's some health here, and if you're doing your delayed 
    scatterbombs here you should have plenty of health.
    Second Sweep (Right to Left): These sections, rather
    gun emplacement centric, are separated by odd little 
    piles of unbreakable blocks, often on top of generators
    that you have to destroy before you can squeeze
    through. These rooms have incredible 400-MAX potential...
    just wait 'til you see the whites of their missile 
    Third Sweep (Left to Right)
    The Laser Room: pretty easy
    Brick and Bot Room: easy.
    Don't get too close to the yellow explosive bricks 
    though, and grab the health the bomblines leave behind.
    Laser Hallways: easy, just take your time 
    and force your way through with laser scatterbombs
    Big Room: you might want to destroy the wobbly from
    the room's entrance.  Clear out the floor by walking on
    it with your regular gun, using defensive scatterbombs.
    The red robot generators are very well armored. The 
    second half of the big room is just crying out for 
    some welltimed scatterbombs...after that, (and after 
    possibly grabbing the health on the far right wall)
    fly along the ceiling and take care of the generator there. 
    Then go down the chute, clearing it before you proceed.
    Be careful of the lasergates at the bottom (scatterbomb)
    and that brings us to 
    Fourth Sweep (Right to Left)
    Grab more health on the right side if you need it.
    The rest of this sweep is just a bot bashing fest, with
    plenty of missile emplacements to keep things interesting.
    You have to destroy almost every bot before moving on.
    Fifth Sweep (Left to Right)
    Ah, these last few rooms are the last hurrah for 
    robots, gun emplacements, and laser gates. One last 
    chance to use those sweet reflective laser scatterbombs...
    be a little careful of the final two guns, they're hard to
    shoot without being on top of them.
    Finally, you're in the antechamber. There's a full health here
    that you could probably use. Also, you should take the time to
    fully charge your scatterbombs, by destroying buildings and even
    the wobblies if you need to. (You can also destroy some buildings
    in the boss room)
    Enter the bossroom, but don't wake him up yet...you'll probably 
    be firing homing missiles, so you want to clear out the room from
    all the houses, so they don't distract your stupid little missiles.
    The final boss is really, really tough. The 19 boss was a preview,
    and 25 was tough...but this guy? Yow. Here's what I learned:
    * Keep your distance. Seriously. If he gets on top of you you're toast.
    * Dash from his bullets, firing back to give yourself some cover. 
      You can't depend on defensive scatterbombs, often he'll launch a 
      second wave. Then all you'll see is a big white light...
    * One possible technique: when you're a medium distance away (and 
      he's not heading towards you), fire a pre-emptive scatterbomb strike.
      If you're close to his lasers, you'll launch a lot. Now you need to 
      see how many strikes he launches back, and counter each one with 
      another wave. That's probably the key to taking this guy out, always
      meet his scatterbombs with a scatterbomb of your own...and be ready
      to move away from the combat area once the slowdown stops.
    * Once you get his health down far enough, he goes Vornado. I kid 
      you not, it's one of the most unfair things in the game.  At that 
      point, RUN. DASH. Always be thinking of where you're going next.
      Fire backwards 'cause he'll still be trying to laser you.
      When the music finally ends, you should be able to take him out.
    Hope you're a speedreader to read the ending!  If not, some of the 
    other FAQs have the text for you to read at your leisure.
    That's it...if you've made it through with out the cheat code,
    you're pretty tough!
    Copyright 2002 By Kirk Israel <kisrael@alienbill.com>.
    Not to be posted, published, or modified without explicit permission.

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