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    Boss FAQ by Unabomber

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/10/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Carrier Version 1.0  3/10/00  by Howard D.  aka. Unabomber
    I am writing a brief overview of Carrier by Jaleco since it seems 
    that none exist at this point.  I have enjoyed Carrier thus far 
    and hope any of you who purchased it feel the same way.
    Be forewarned this is NOT a complete walkthrough, but more of an 
    overview and boss guide. However it is still a spoiler and should 
    not be used unless you are stuck or just dont care that you spent 
    40 bucks on a game and would rather just finish it in 2 hours 
    instead of experiencing it.
    Bosses:The boss characters in this game are few and far between; 
    most of them should give you no real problems if you use proper 
    strategies to defeat them.
    1st boss (found on elevator to get to level 2)  Plant creature:  
    The first boss is relatively simple, it's a large tentacled venus 
    flytrap sorta thing that spits spiders and slams you with long 
    arms.  To defeat this boss simply use the handgun (note dont use 
    the handgun against normal enemies on the first level since ammo 
    is in extreme short supply early in the game  rather use the 
    welding tool) to shoot at the mouthlike extendature that spits out 
    the spiders. You should be able to avoid all of the plants 
    tentacle attacks if you stand in the top left corner behind 
    (orientation if looking from the door where you entered the room) 
    the large elevators control panel.  Wait for the plant to extend 
    its mouth and fire away  watch out for the spiders though.  Should 
    only take about a minute to kill this guy.
    2nd boss (found on level 3)  Hanging Human/Plant hybrid:  Okay 
    this guy is a little nastier than the 1st boss is.  He is a human, 
    transmogrified by ARK into a creature with 2 large arms (stay away 
    from these at all costs) and an underground spiked tail (a real 
    pain in the butt, literally).  To beat this guy aim at its head 
    and fire a round or 2  dont use the submachine gun cause it makes 
    you run to slowly and it's a waste of ammo. After you shoot move 
    quickly for if you are observant you will notice a small spike 
    moving around the room on the floor, it will launch a large 
    multispike attack from the ground wherever your character was last 
    standing. Simply shoot and move, shoot and move  forget the arms 
    and go for the head. This guy shouldn't be too tough unless you 
    get caught up in its arms.  One note  depending on where you stand 
    in the room the camera angle may not benefit your attack. I 
    suggest standing in the left side of the room (orientation from 
    where you entered the room) and running from the door you came in 
    to this point and back and forth till boss is dead. That way you 
    get a view of the creature at all times.
    3rd boss (note level 4 has no boss that needs to be defeated)  
    Looks like mothra from the Godzilla series:  Okay you dont really 
    have to kill this guy, the trick here is once you have entered 
    this guys room you cant leave the way you came in.  All you have 
    to do is pull 4 levers to open the door  however there are a total 
    of 8 switches and 2 doors.  Pull levers (or switches if you want) 
    14 to unlock the room with the portable winch (need this to get to 
    level 5), now exit the storage room and pull lever 14 again to 
    deactivate (if all 8 levers are pulled neither door will open). 
    Now pull 58 and you can exit the room completely.
    4th boss Shark/Human/Plant thing (found in level 5)  This ones a 
    doosey: Okay this guy pissed me off a few times till I figured out 
    his pattern of attack.  Arm your handgun and prepare to do battle 
    a few times before you get it right (the camera angles dont help 
    here either). To defeat fish guy, shoot him once then move, never 
    stop moving unless shooting. Try and wait till he lunge attacks to 
    counter with a shot and move.  He has 3 attacks a lunge (does 
    pretty sick damage), a swat, and blue vomit breath (this really 
    sux because no matter what health you are at if he hits you with 
    it 3 or 4 times you still die!!!).Once you finish this guy off you 
    have actually defeated the most difficult boss.
    Final Boss  Good Ôol Doc : Okay at first it seems like you wont 
    have to fight this guy, but later on its kinda like Tyrant from 
    resident evil 1/ directors cut.  First actual confrontation is in 
    the room that mothra was in. Arm your handgun since it lets you 
    run faster but dont shoot at this guy, instead pull levers 58 and 
    run to the hallway.  Out here open the large elevator Ð since 
    there is no time limit at this point just keep pushing on walls 
    till you find the door.  Once inside arm grenade launcher if you 
    have it, otherwise use the handgun.  Aim at the creature but dont 
    shoot till you see the little target reticules highlighting the 
    creature.  Now shoot slowly so you dont waste ammo, otherwise 
    you'll hit him once and waste the next few rounds. Keep doing this 
    ( COUNT how many rounds you fire, pause the game when you hit 12 
    or 13 on the handgun so you dont waste time watching the reload 
    animation and get hit, 2 hits take you to almost 0 health) till 
    the doc comes out of his trance a little and says ÒARK is not 
    evilÓ  yeah right sure you betcha. Now doc transforms further and 
    you get to do this again only now doc is even stronger.  Keep up 
    the same tactics shoot shoot shoot, reload, consume health drinks 
    when needed and do it some more.  Eventually you will see an 
    ending seemingly ripped right outta resident evil 1. The elevator 
    comes up onto the flight deck and wham bam some dude in a 
    helicopter shoots him with a rocket launcher (okay okay, so in RE 
    they give you the rocket launcher and in this one they shoot him 
    for you.)
    Now you see the final sceen in the helicopter and a sequel is 
    obviously left hanging ominously over your head.  Roll end credits 
    and now you get to play as Jessifer (weird name) Manning Ð as I 
    have only just gotten to her I dont know how different the puzzles 
    are or how many if any different areas of the game she sees will 
    be, but by the intro it looks like it will at least be more 
    different than resident evil 2 (shame on you capcom)
    This game handles just like resident evil, same control, same 
    pros, same cons.  Note if you hold down the action button and push 
    back you do a quick 180  good for fast escapes.  Throughout the 
    game I found several weapons, the submachinegun and grenade 
    launcher. You start off with a welder (unlimited ammo) and 
    handgun.  Use the machinegun to mow down hordes of zombie like 
    things  after level 2 forget about using the welder as it does far 
    less damage than the handgun.  Anyway its more fun to blow them 
    limb from limb.  Also whenever you find the grenade launcher dont 
    be afraid to use it, it comes in especially handy against enemies 
    on deck 4 and 6. The enemies look like living mushrooms and spit 
    spores  theres only 2 ways of dispatching them, bombs (you usually 
    end up getting hit with this method since you have to kneel and 
    place the bomb  by the time you stand you get hit and stunned by 
    the spores  and the 3 seconds you had to get away from the bomb 
    are gone and you get hit by that) and the trusty ole grenade 
    launcher (found in room 312 on deck 3, but you wont be able to get 
    this until you get the roomkey for your brothers room rm#303 and 
    find a memo telling you something was hidden in 312).
    I will not go into further detail on the Jack Ingles portion of 
    the game since the puzzles are straightforward (no tomb raider / 
    resident evil BS like find the red coin, shove up donkeys ass, 
    when donkey screams remove blue coin, place in fountain, get white 
    key etc....). Anything you have to do in this game usually makes 
    realworld logical sense (GAME COMPANIES TAKE NOTE, PUZZLES DONT 
    respect for Jaleco.
    COPYRIGHT CRAP: This Document Copyright 3/10/2000 Howard D.
    Carrier is a trademark of Jaleco, Dreamcast is Trademark copyright 
    of Sega and this FAQ is copyright of me.
    Only Game FAQS.com     Segadojo.com    and    dreamcast.ign.com    
    may use this FAQ
    Dont ask me use it you will be ignored.  Anyone may update this 
    FAQ anytime but must include the entirety of this FAQ including 
    copyright and credits  also the updated/ amended FAQS are only to 
    be placed on Game FAQS.com     Segadojo.com    and    
    dreamcast.ign.com.  Sorry but like I said before dont ask.  If I 
    find this FAQ or any portion thereof on any other site or anyone 
    takes any part or whole and does not give me credit, I will pursue 
    to the best of my abilities legal action.
    Howard  D
    The unabomber
    nagumo@mindspring.com  (dont email me about this as I  already 
    have a substantial script in place to remove any emails concerning 
    carrier) _ I will never see them.

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