• Clone Monsters

    Go to the town area with the Moon Lighter or Moon Lighter item. Save the game at Sword's House, then go to the VMU machine in the Monster House. Download the "Moon Lighter" or "Moon Lighter S" mini-game to the VMU. Download the monster to be duplicated to the VMU. After downloading, exit the Monster House, then turn off the Dreamcast without saving again. Start the game again and select the destination save file. Go to the Monster House and load the monster from the VMU into the game. If done correctly, both save files will now have a copy of the same monster.

    Contributed By: Lionheart Wave.

  • Infinite gold

    This trick requires a VMU. First thing to do is get as much gold as possible. Sell all your items (dont worry they're not lost), go to dungeons w/e. Than buy as many tokens at the VMU shop as you can. With a mini-game in your VMU (moonlighter, Dungeon IV, etc.) transfer the tokens to your VMU. Do not save the game. Turn off your Dreamcast and back on again. Load up your save file, you will have all your old items, and the money you had before buying tokens. Next bring the tokens from your VMY, back to your game. Sell your tokens. you now have more gold than you started with. Repeat this for infinite gold.

    Contributed By: Dr Faid.

  • Use mini games more than once

    Download a mini-game to the VMU. Turn off the Dreamcast without saving the game. If done correctly, the mini-game will be on the VMU and still will be in the game without having to re-purchase it. Note: To save money, do not save the game after buying the mini-game item.

    Contributed By: Lionheart Wave.


  • Get Cook

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Lady's CookBeat the game once.

    Contributed By: Lionheart Wave.

  • Unlock Marion

    To unlock Marion you need the item Marion Doll, which can randomly appear in the dungeon "Doll's House". Once you get it, go to Noiman's house and Noiman will take the doll. Now, go to any dungeon and when you get out of it (by either escaping, losing or finishing it), go back to Noiman's house. After a cut-scene, you'll be able to play as Marion.

    Contributed By: Saturn Urameshi.

  • Unlockable Characters

    Finish the following dungeons by defeating their bosses to unlock these characters:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    LadyFinish the dungeon "Downtown"
    NigelFinish the dungeon "Phantom Zone"
    PyraFinish the dungeon "Shrine"
    RaoFinish the dungeon "King's Tomb"

    Contributed By: Saturn Urameshi.

Easter Eggs

  • Play as Jogurt from Shining Force

    To play as the mascot hamster from Shining Force, you need to obtain and equip the "Jogurt Ring", which is often found randomly in dungeons or given as a reward for quests that offer rare items. This Easter Egg is a reference to a special ring you can get if you defeat an enemy in battle with Jogurt, which, once equipped, turned characters into replicas of Jogurt himself.

    Contributed By: Vyse_skies.

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