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                                   Crazy Taxi
                             Cabbie's FAQ and Manual
                              Compiled by Mark Kim
                                 Version 0.0.2e
                                 Text Build 206
                          For the Sega AM3 Arcade Game
                Location of Final Assembly: Downers Grove, IL USA
                Date of Completion: August 20, 2000 (No Time Given)
              Date of Public Release: August 20, 2000 (No Time Given)
    Copyright Information
    Unpublished work trademarked (tm) and copyrighted (c) by Mark Kim.
    All Rights Reserved.
     This document is basically based upon my Crazy Taxi FAQ HQ
     (http://www.verasnaship.net/crazytaxi).  This document also shares the
     same ideas as with Kenshin's World of Crazy Taxi
     (http://come.to/crazytaxi) as much of my hardcore playing came from
     Kenshin's site.
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     Gus Mancini, the cab vehicles, the landscape, and all other related
     material pertinent to this game are respective copyrights, trademarks,
     and patents of Sega Enterprises Ltd.  All I Want, and Right Down the
     Line were performed through the rock band Offspring and these songs
     are registered trademarks and copyrights of the Offspring Band.  All
     Rights Reserved.  Ten in 2010, Them and Us, and Inner Logic have been
     performed by Bad Religion, and all the lyrics from Ten in 2010, Them
     and Us, and Inner Logic are registered intellectual copyrights and
     trademarks of Bad Religion.  All Rights Reserved.  The Tower Records
     Shop that appear in the actual gameplay is a registered trademark and
     copyright of Tower Records.  All Rights Reserved.  The Kentucky Fried
     Chicken location that shows up during gameplay is a registered trademark
     and copyright of Kentucky Fried Chicken.  All Rights Reserved.  The
     Pizza Hut location that appears during actual gameplay is a registered
     trademark and copyright of Pizza Hut.  All Rights Reserved.  The FILA
     Shop which shows up during gameplay is a registered trademark and a
     copyright of FILA.  All Rights Reserved.  The Original Levi's Store
     destination that appears during gameplay is a registered trademark
     and copyright of the Levi Strauss and Company.  All Rights Reserved.
     This file was created by Mark Kim under respect to all properties as
     no copyright infringement was intended.
    AND CLAIM CREDIT FOR IT!!!  Only seven websites can mirror this FAQ and
    that's the bottom line.  It is to remain free of charge, in its original
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    Make: Crazy Taxi
    Developer: Sega's AM3
    Publisher: Sega
    Platform: Arcade
    Genre: Occupational Driving
    Number of Players: 1
    Available Cabinets: Stand-up and Sit-Down 27"
    Cost: $1.00 US for sit-downs, $0.75 cents for stand-ups
    AAMA Parental Advisory Warning: Suitable for All Ages
    August 5, 1999
    After playing the game several times at Great Odyssey at Naperville,
    maybe I better give out some guidelines to those who love to generate
    a record amount of sales in one game.
    August 10, 1999
    Richard Uyeyama caught a copyright error on my work.  Accident. =)
    There should be a ton of Crazy Taxi links at the following website as
    outlined like these:
    * http://www.tcp.com/~prisoner/taxi/
    * http://www.tcp.com/~prisoner/taxi/game.html
    I highly recommend one of the two links if you want some great links
    to Crazy Taxi.  Still http://www.sega.co.jp, and http://sages.ign.com
    are the best links for Crazy Taxi, though (even though it's only in
    Richard Uyeyama is the one to be thanked since he made me browse through
    the following two links.
    Please BE WARNED that I WILL ONLY POST LINKS if I find the information
    at the website useful.  REMEMBER I DETEST PLAGIARIZING and I WILL ONLY
    post strategies that I have tested and/or find useful.  Credit will be
    given ONLY IF I FIND THE INFORMATION USEFUL and if the chunk of info
    is posted in this text.
    Lately, I've seen several "Negative Million Point Winners" at GameFAQs
    for plagiarizing reviews.  Face it.  Plagiarism is against the law.
    You could get into trouble, get boycotted, or even worse, get fined
    and/or get placed into jail.  When will the plagiarizers learn that
    Original Work is the ONLY WAY AROUND?!
    Enough of that.  Let's get going.
    September 12, 1999
    By way of update, there is YET ANOTHER English Crazy Taxi Site on the
    Internet!!!  Visit http://members.aol.com/crazytaxi7/index.html right
    after you read this today.
    In order to help people become crazy drivers in this game, I have
    included some new sections that *should* help you get through some of
    the roughest fares in the game.  If this was your first update in quite
    a while, then I recommend that you read this document over and over
    again as there has been several changes since the last update.
    Notice that this document assumes that you are playing the game on a
    4/4 machine or easier.
    I have announced a good-sized update of resources that you can use for
    the real-life web.  It should be somewhere at the end of the file!
    Enough of that.  Let's get going.
    At the time of writing, the Kenshin World of Crazy Taxi is now in
    English at long last!!!  http://come.to/crazytaxi to visit Kenshin's
    Crazy Taxi Page.
    October 31, 1999
    Non-update.  Please feel free to check out http://talk.to/hellziarth,
    which is a mirror to this FAQ.  Notice that I WILL NOT open up any
    Message Boards, which has a tendency for bandwidth abusage.  Mainly
    all the legalese have been updated.
    January 2, 2000
    To uphold the integration between the HTML and Text Pages, I have updated
    this FAQ in order to make sure that integration is tightly made.  However,
    I will still be ORIGINAL as much as I can.  Most of these ideas were
    taken from Kenshin's World of Crazy Taxi.  You can now find the latest
    version of this FAQ at Kenshin's World of Crazy Taxi, since I'm now
    sharing the same ideas as some of the "hardcore" CT Drivers (Kenshin,
    Exodus, Rex, et. al.) from this point on.
    According to Sega, the Dreamcast Version of Crazy Taxi will contain
    the Arcade Cityscape and a Dreamcast-exclusive Cityscape which may or
    may not be more difficult than the original Arcade Cityscape.  Also on
    the Dreamcast Menu (for a possible February/1st Quarter Release for the
    US Dreamcast) are some training grounds that will help you improve on
    those crazy driving skills.
    Please don't ask me too much about the Dreamcast version of CT yet--I
    don't have a Dreamcast.  I'm dying to get a Dreamcast, though.  If you
    don't want me to get a Dreamcast, then please use this E-Mail Form
    and rant why I shouldn't get it.  REMEMBER THAT THE E-MAIL MUST BE
    DOING THIS.  If it's a silly chit-chat, then I will assume that you
    are spamming me.  Here's the Form Mail URL (You are granted permission
    to e-mail me on this FORM ONLY, NOT DIRECTLY TO MY MAILBOX):
    * http://www.verasnaship.net/emailme.html
    A note about Sega AM3's "Occupational Series": There are now 3 of these
    kind of games available: Crazy Taxi, Brave Firefighters (Real Life Heroes),
    and Emergency Call Ambulance.  Crazy Taxi is the most enjoyable of the
    three because of the humor during gameplay.  Brave Firefighters is just
    LA Machineguns replaced by a Firehose (You use water to fight a series
    of arson during gameplay but you have to watch how much water you use
    because innocents need to be rescued in this game).  Finally, Emergency
    Call Ambulance plays like Sega Rally Championships 1 and 2, doubling
    as a race to the hospital to get your patient to a Chicago Hospital
    safely and quickly.
    January 29, 2000
    A new website, Al Amaloo (http://vgstrategies.about.com) gets my Seal
    of Approval to mirror this FAQ.  Now there are seven ways to get the
    latest version of my FAQ.  Either way, I still recommend coming down
    to my own website (http://www.verasnaship.net) since you always get the
    latest versions of my FAQ from this location first.
    Al Amaloo's website is a promising one: It's much like Cheat Code
    Central as far as its FAQ Mirroring policies is concerned.  This
    website keeps it's FAQ Mirrors fresh, checks all its "contractors"
    for its updates, and keeps all its FAQs free of charge, in its original
    state, and in one piece.  Keep up the good work, Al.
    January 30, 2000
    Just to let you know that Al Amaloo has two websites.  Added his
    domain site for your convenience.
    April 21, 2000
    After having to decide whether I will permit 5-6 sites to mirror this
    work or not, I have made the toughest decision in the history of this
    file: I have narrowed the number of sites that are permitted to mirror
    this work to 4.  That means from this update on, this FAQ can only be
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    * Verasnaship Interactive (http://www.verasnaship.net)
    * GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)
    * Secrets of the Game Sages (http://www.gamesages.com)
    * Kenshin's World of Crazy Taxi (http://come.to/crazytaxi)
    The reason why I had to narrow down the amount of sites that can mirror
    my FAQs to 4 is because you'll know why in the Newsflash section.
    I had to change my cyberhandle once again, thanks to an overdose of a
    respective Konami Light Gun game series.  From now on, these FAQs will
    be carrying the Agent Falcon brand instead.  Although I use a different
    cyberhandle when visiting certain Crazy Taxi sites, you are to be
    advised that from this point on, I will be using Agent Falcon as my
    universal Video Game Cyberhandle from now on.
    To warn you, I have not played Crazy Taxi for a long time.  If you want
    to see me play Crazy Taxi at Brunswick Zone Naperville, and if you live
    at the Chicagoland Area, please contact me by using this address:
    * http://www.verasnaship.net/emailme.html
    August 20, 2000
    Added the DIP Switches for the game as far as Game Options are concerned.
    Updated the Frequently Asked Questions in order to reflect that Crazy
    Taxi is now out for the Dreamcast.
    An important rant from the author: CRAZY TAXI WILL NOT BE COMING OUT FOR
    THE PC OR THE MACINTOSH.  Crazy Taxi is a 100% Dreamcast Exclusive since
    it is released by Sega and it's a Naomi Product.  Any Sega-made Arcade
    Products and/or Naomi and Hikaru powered products will be Dreamcast
    Exclusives GUARANTEED.  No if's, and's, or but's.
    * Newsflash
    * What is Crazy Taxi
    * My Crazy Taxi Review (Shared with Jeff Veasey's GameFAQs and Fernando
      Mosquera's Seganet)
    * How to Play This Game
    * The Drivers
    * Some important things to know
    * Places that you will be prompt to drop people at
    * Can't break the record, try this!
    * How to get the CRAZY TAXI rating
    * Know thy fares
    * Tips, courtesy of GameSages (http://sages.ign.com)
    * The Crazy Ranking System
    * Frequently Asked Questions
    * Afterthoughts (Under Construction and not shown, will be here in the
    * Do's and Dont's
    * Suggesting Fixes and other Tralala
    * Resources and stuff
    * Acknowledgements
    * One Final Warning
    I will have to repeat this once again.  This FAQ can only be displayed
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    * Kenshin's World of Crazy Taxi (http://come.to/crazytaxi)
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    Crazy Taxi is a Generation X-oriented, Alternative Music-encompassing
    amalgamation of real-life Taxi Cab Driving and a popular PC Game called
    Carmageddon created by the rivals of Toshihiro Nagoshi's acclaimed
    racing games, AM3. Special thanks goes to Fernando Mosquera for pointing
    this out at his SegaNet Site. 
    As the name suggests, Crazy Taxi is supposed to be a Taxi Business
    Simulator. The objective of the game is to complete as many fares you can
    within a short amount of time. Unlike real-life Taxi Businesses, this game
    demands that you try to attain a record-breaking amount of both sales
    and fares within a short amount of time.
    One of the many features that made Crazy Taxi a successful game is that
    the gameplay itself booted out the blood and guts found on most fighting
    and shooting games and placed all the major laughs IN during gameplay.
    This could mean driving over a park, trespassing through a Kentucky Fried
    Chicken Drive-Thru :), jumping from the Parking Lot, going through the
    wrong side of traffic, slamming over a Pizza Hut billboard sign, and other
    stunts that I don't want to explain in full until later on in my
    explanation. Each customer have their own time limit, and they have their
    own reactions whether you go too slow or if you are driving too dangerous
    or not.
    With Naomi's Stereo capabilities comes an opportunity to fit in as many
    well-known Offspring and Bad Religion songs during attract, demonstration,
    and gameplay. You will be able to listen through the sounds of All I Want
    (from Ixnay on the Hombre) during attract, Ten in 2010 during demonstration,
    and some gameplay-exclusive songs by the Offspring and Bad Religion during
    To be more specific, here are the following songs that you may be able
    to listen:
    * All I Want (Offspring) 
    * Ten in 2010 (Bad Religion) 
    * Them and Us (Bad Religion) 
    * Way Down the Line (Offspring) 
    * Change the World (Offspring) 
    * Inner Logic (Bad Religion) 
    Crazy Taxi features controls that are simple to get used to. A clutchless
    Reverse/Forward enables you to move the cab forward and backward. The gas
    and brake pedals have their own potentiometers dependant on how far you
    press the pedals down. The vehicles are a lot more nimble than much of
    AM2's racers, though the cabbies have different cars that react differently
    to the player's driver attitude.
    Crazy Taxi features an affordable standup cabinet with stereo speakers
    near the coin slots and a sit-down cabinet with an adjustable seat.
    Since the game runs under the "affordable but just as powerful as Yu
    Suzuki's Model 3 Step 2 board" Naomi System, it isn't restricted to
    high-end arcades such as Dave and Buster's, Jillian's, or GameWorks
    just to name a few.
    Not a stranger to Advertising, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, Tower
    Records, FILA, and Levi Strauss and Company provided Sega's AM3 the
    financial tools needed to tune this game to perfection. In return for
    their financial support, AM3 agrees to show the likelinesses of these
    five well-known chain stores in its originality in the form of the
    actual destination you may need to take a customer to during gameplay.
    The promotional destinations you may need to take a customer to could
    be either Kentucky Fried Chicken, Tower Records, a FILA Shop, an Original
    Levi's Store, or a Pizza Hut, all of these promotional destinations are
    mirrored in their glory and in their originalty. The only other game
    that had financial support from well-known companies was Top Skater,
    a skateboard simulator also created by AM3 (Although only Ads showed
    up and not the actual likelinesses of the locations).
    This is my review that is shared with GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)
    and with Fernando Mosquera's SegaNET (http://www.seganet.com).  For
    those of you who are going to Seganet, go to Reader Reviews, and click
    on one of the Crazy Taxi RR's.  For those of you who are in GameFAQs.com,
    go to features, contributor recognition, click on "VFauransy", and then
    click on the Crazy Taxi Review that I have submitted On-line.
    AM2 has always been the king of Sega Racing Games.  You name 'em.
    Daytona USA, Virtua Racing, and Super GT.  They created some
    acceptable racing games throughout the years mainly because of the
    gameplay and the multiple View Change Buttons.  However, it becomes
    apparent that two of Sega's AM Departments have been competing for
    the "finest Sega Racing Game Creator there is".
    Such case would be Crazy Taxi.  The task fell to the Taxi Cab concept,
    where you try to complete as many Taxi Cab Fares within a short amount
    of time.
    Crazy Taxi is different from other racing games as far as gameplay
    and controls are concerned.  You drive the Taxi like you would in Real
    Life: You either reverse the direction of the car or just drive forward.
    The movements of the Taxi is responsive, and turning hard won't cause
    an understeer in the car, much of the reason why people have been
    dreading most of Sega's Racing Games.  Even you go full speed, the
    controls are excellent.
    As with much of Toshihiro Nagoshi's racing products, the gas pedal and
    brakes have potentiometers which monitor how far you press them.
    Remember the higher the pressure, the more gas/brakes you will apply.
    But what sets Crazy Taxi apart from the common Sega Racing Game is that
    you need to pick up a customer and drop a customer up (to complete a
    Cab Fare) to places such as a Harbor, a Fila Department Shop, Kentucky
    Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, a Baseball Stadium, and Tower Records just to
    name a few of the many destinations you will be required to stop at
    throughout the game.  Your key enemy in the game is the clock, which
    will pressure you continuously to complete a record amount of Cabbie
    Fares within a short amount of time.  Also, to make things worse, the
    customers have their own time limit depending on the distance from the
    pick-up point to the Destination Point.
    Crazy Taxi is a demanding game because the Time Limit won't give you
    much time for error and you do have to find ways to get the customer to
    the destination area within the shortest possible time.  You have to
    figure out the best driving pattern to get from start to destination.
    Even that means driving through sidewalks, using a Parking Lot to avoid
    a time-costly chicane, jumping from one grade to another, or the like.
    You obey road rules in real life, do you?  This is not the case in Crazy
    Taxi as the clock requires you to perform driving stunts that you should
    never try in a real Taxi Cab for the best possible peformance and the
    shortest possible route from Pick-Up to Destination (and for a
    record-breaking amount of successful Customers in one game).
    The Sound Effects are fluid from the Cab's tire squeal to the Customer's
    remarks such as "HEY, WATCH IT!!!".  The Alternative Music BGM may be the
    recipe to much of Crazy Taxi's impressive sound.  Several American Bands
    have dedicated their voices and their albums to create a Generation X,
    Alternative Music Environment.
    The Animation is fluid and smooth, with only minimal slowdown in between
    the graphics.  The Polygons are minimal, and the special effects are
    highly detailed in their full grace.
    Crazy Taxi is a fun game because the time limit forces you to perform
    stunts that you would never do in other racing games or in real life.
    Even though the game can be highly-challenging (mainly because you're
    pushed to complete as many fares within the time limit, which is the
    roots to the challenge and replay value of the game), it's well worth
    the $1.00 or so at your local arcade.  Since Crazy Taxi runs under the
    affordable but as powerful as the Model 3 Step 2 Naomi System, it isn't
    restricted to high-end arcades like GameWorks, Jillian's, and Dave &
    Buster's.  Crazy Taxi is definitely an event of Comic Relief for many
    players who have been dreading Sega Racing Games in the past.  And BTW
    don't try any stunts that you will try in Crazy Taxi in a real Cab or
    you could get fired instantly.
    Graphics: 9/10 (Some slowdown in some cases, but the animation is still
    Sound: 9/10 (Enjoy the Alternative Music during Gameplay)
    Challenge: 10/10 (You're pushed to complete a record-breaking amount
    of fares in a short amount of time and you need to perform stunts that
    you shouldn't do in a real taxi cab to cut the amount of time required to
    drop Passengers from one place to another)
    Fun Factor: 10/10 (This could be the Sega Racing Game that could spell
    relief for many who has been dreading Sega's Understeer Roots and favor
    plenty of accidents in Racing Games)
    Replay Value: 9/10 (You choose your own outcome and you have to figure a
    lot of things out to shave off time from one fare to another)
    This section basically runs through the Instructions on the Cabinet and
    through GameSages (http://sages.ign.com).
    The objective of this game: To complete as many fares by picking up
    customers and dropping them off at their desired destination within a
    given amount of time, and to achieve a kick-ass amount of fares and
    sales at the end of the game.
    The Controls: Steering Wheel (used to steer your vehicle from left to
    right), Gas Pedal (gives the gas to Taxi so the vehicle can move),
    shifter (Forward and Reverse, shift depend on the direction you are
    going), and Brakes (used to cut your speed in a jiffy).
    When you see a customer who's ready for his/her ride, be sure to stop
    within the mark. The color of the Customer Mark depends on how far it
    will take from pick-up to drop-off.
    When you see a destination, stop within the mark. You will be graded
    on how long the fare took to complete, and depending on how fast or
    slow the fare was, you may be given a time bonus for the ever-ticking
    clock. When you pick up a customer, time will be extended. Here's how
    you will be graded during your "business game":
    * Speedy: 5 second time bonus. The customer will either pat you in your
      back, give you a high-five, or give you a remark that they have never
      reached their destination so fast in their life before. 
    * Normal: 2 second bonus. Not as plentiful as a Speedy Fare but it's
      better than nothing. You can do better than this. The customers just
      thank you for dropping them off on time. 
    * Slow: No time bonus, but you still get cash from the fare. The customer
      will kick your car, throw dust at you, and/or yell at you for being a
      "lousy driver". You need improvement. Next time, do better. 
    * Bad (HORRIBLE): No time bonus, plus the customer will jump out of the
      car (even while you are moving). You get no time bonus and no money
      for this kind of performance. Next time, be fast and valorous. 
    The initial amount of the fare depends on the distance from pick-up to
    drop-off. You can have your customers tip you by performing a stunt and/or
    action which is called a "Crazy Hit". Here's a description of the Crazy
    Actions you can perform during gameplay (note that the combo will reset
    if you touch a car):
    * Crazy Through: Pass through a car. 
    * Crazy Drift: There are many ways to do a crazy drift, but the most
      common way to do a Crazy Drift is to shift to R, then hold D while
      turning. More on this as we go along.
    * Crazy Jump: Perform a daring jump from a ramp or whatever. 
    Here are some techniques to learn in order to boost up your sales
    during your "Business Game":
    * Crazy Dash: Both pedals must be released. Now all you have to do
      is to do a quick D~Accel On. It takes time to master the timing but
      it's an easy technique to learn. 
    * Crazy Drift: There are many ways to do a crazy drift, but the most
      common way to do a Crazy Drift is to shift to R, then hold D while
      turning. More on this during the Hints Page. 
    * Limit Cut: At a straight line, release both pedals and then do a
      quick R~D~Accel On. This only works if your car is at max speed.
      More on this as we progress. 
    * Crazy Backdash: Release both pedals, and then do a quick Crazy Dash~R. 
    * Stop At A Dime: Do a Crazy Drift and then release the pedal.  Do a
      quick R~Brake.  Possibly the most difficult technique to master.
    Note: Don't do the Crazy Dash and the Limit Cut too quick otherwise you
     may jump high and you may be wasting a bit time, so try to give a second
     transition in between Crazy Dashes and Limit Cuts.  Limit Cutting also
     redlines your engine and/or meshes up your torque so that your car can
     go faster.
    Enough said, let's get radical!
    From a recent trip to Great Odyssey at Naperville, IL USA, proof is the
    drivers use different cabs.  At first, I thought that the cabbies are
    identical.  Later on, I found out that the cabbies have their strengths
    and weaknesses.  Special thanks to PRISONER for stating that out.
    For a better description of the cabbies, please look up at the following
    * http://www.tcp.com/~prisoner/taxi/game.html
    While Axel McDermott has not built his car to focus on a specific
    property, whether it's handling, speed, competency, quick stops, or the
    like, he has built his car for one purpose: balanced cabbie abilities.
    His car is quite fast, but it doesn't accelerate as well as Joe's or
    Gena's cab. Please keep in mind that Axel's cab is quite prone to
    unsurfaced areas and speed cuts even though Axel has built his cab
    for balanced abilities. Despite the speed cut and the tire reliability
    problem, Axel can rival Gena's hopes of creating record-breaking sales
    through the hands of the expert player.  At first, I thought that Axel
    was to be an expert's player because his car doesn't focus on a single
    attribute but later on, finding out from Prisoner's and Kenshin's CT
    sites (http://www.tcp.com/~prisoner/taxi/ and http://come.to/crazytaxi
    respectively), beginners should make Axel their first choice since
    he's faster than Gus but more forgiving than either Joe or Gena.
    BD Joe
    Joseph Blackson has built his car so that his car achieves speeds of at
    least 120 mph through normal driving. He can achieve speeds as high as
    150 mph (approximately) through the use of limiter cuts. Joe has placed
    such a low downforce level on his car so that his car can achieve
    blatantly high top speeds but please be warned that this car tends to be
    slippery when sliding or driving through unpaved areas since Joe placed
    slippery whitewalls and about 30% downforce on the front and rear.
    Despite the downforce and tire problem, Joe can use the advantage of
    added speed he configured his cab to pick up green customers. You may
    want to try out B.D. Joe one time and try to pick up any sidewalk
    customers in between the Cable Car Stops: These people usually want a
    ride to either Pizza Hut, FILA, Popcorn Mania, The Original Levi's Store,
    Tower Records, or Kentucky Fried Chicken. A lot of Limit Cutting is
    required while driving on the pavement to make up for the slippery
    performance on the non-paved surfaces, and a lot of technical driving
    is required on certain curves. However, with the 30% downforce on his
    car, Joe can mesh up his cab's engine to a jiffy to go really fast.
    Gena Turner's car is probably the most nimble in the game. Deriving her
    cab from a 1964 Ford Mustang, Gena's car also has the most low-end
    torque, providing great acceleration. Crazy Dash after picking up
    someone and after dropping off to complete a fare to really get a kick
    out of her car's engine. Gena also placed four 32-bit Carbon Brakes on
    each wheel, providing confident braking so that she can pick up and
    drop off as fast as she can. Lighter weight also means impressive
    handling, though her top speed is less-than-perfect. However, Gena needs
    to be careful not to hit other vehicles and/or obstacles as her car's
    weight can't withstand a lot of abuse. Despite the lack of withstandment
    problem, as long as you learn how to do Crazy Recovers (combination of
    Crazy Dashes and Limit Cuts), then the low weight handicap shoudn't be
    a problem.
    Gus Mancini's car is derived from an antique Cadillac, the smallest and
    heaviest form of Cadillacs in the history of General Motor Corporation's
    Cadillac Motor Division history. Granted, Gus has the heaviest and
    smallest car in the game so his car won't accelerate too well unless
    the player can do Crazy Dashes and Limit Cuts like crazy. What Gus really
    focuses on is hardcore handling. The front and rear downforce of his car
    is set at a robust 100% so that means you may need to be easy on the
    steering wheel at times. Even with the Caddy's weight problem, Gus has
    fitted 18-inch tires on the car so that the cab isn't slippery while
    handling or riding through unpaved surfaces. An old-fashioned Caddy
    like Gus's was tailored for driving competency rather than speed. With
    a curb weight of 4500 pounds, Gus's car does not stop too easily, so you
    may need to prepare to shift to R, Brake, and Gas-On in order to stop as
    quickly as you can. Even with the braking problem, the weight of Gus's car
    allows it to withstand a lot of abuse, even in crappy traffic conditions,
    and in arcades with traffic congestion levels set up so high.
    * Your starting point is at the University and you will see at least
      three customers waiting for their ride.  Pick a customer up right
      away and try to drop them off the quicker the better.
    * Sometimes the green arrow does not point to the fastest route from
      starting point to destination, so the best way to become faster is
      to find ways to reduce travel times by a high margin.  For example,
      if you are starting from the Kentucky Fried Chicken area and working
      your way towards the Police Station, then the best way to go faster
      is to travel right in the grass at the S-Curve, and when you get to
      the Railroad Hairpin, take a huge jump by descending down through
      the low road.
    * There is no need to obey road rules here in this game: The objective
      here is to get as many fares within the alloted Game Time.  You can
      reduce time at the S-Curve by driving right through the grass if you
      are travelling from the Heliport Area to the Kentucky Fried Chicken
    * The destination distance are graded by colored Money Signs from Green
      (Farthest) to Red (Nearest).  Try to pick up as many Red Money Sign
      Customers as you can because even though you won't earn a high score
      for a short fare, you can build a steady amount of fares in one game
      by grabbing as many Red Money Sign Customers as you can.  When you
      become better in the game, you can pick more Green Customers.
    * If you are planning to pick up a Green Money Sign Customer, then make
      sure you know the terrain that you are going before taking that risk.
      Although Green Money Sign Customers net the highest possible money
      for fare success, it can do more harm than help if you don't know
      what to do in a certain area.  This is true when you are trying to
      travel from the Baseball Stadium Area to Downtown since you will need
      to use the Freeway for travel.  If you get lost, chances are that you
      won't be able to complete the long fare.
    * Try to memorize the way you travelled from one place to another (i.e.
      from Pizza Hut to Kentucky Fried Chicken).  Also, try to memorize how
      you got from one place to another the quickest possible way (i.e. From
      The Church to the Baseball Stadium).  Not only will you play longer,
      but you will play better every game you play.
    * To make a "Crazy Stop", brake hard and shift the stick to Reverse.
      If you want to make a complete stop, then make sure that your foot is
      off the gas as you get the car to a complete stop.
    * Every time you do a crazy trick (through, jump, drift), you begin or
      continue a combo.  Depending on how daring it is, you get more money.
      Specifically, the customer will tip a colored coin:
      * Bronze = $0.25
      * Silver = $0.50
      * Gold   = $0.75
    Dween thinks that there is no Dollar Coin but I have seen a $1.00 coin
    being tossed up.  If you got a "50-Crazy Hit", then the Dollar Coin would
    be worth $50.00!!!  Depending on how daring your travel becomes, sometimes
    the Gold Coin will be worth $1.00!
    * This coin is then multiplied by the combo number. So, a "Crazy Through
      (combo 10)" that nets a gold coin tip is worth $7.50.  A Crazy Through
      scores basically like this:
      * Going with traffic, or passing a stopped car: .25 or .50
      * Going against traffic: .50 or .75
      The faster you're going, or the faster an opposing car is going vs. you,
      the more the tip is worth.
    * There are two good places to rack up on tips:
      #1: Going down the trolley hill, opposite side of the road. If you stay
       on opposing traffic side, between the trolley lane and the normal lane,
       you will get bigger tips.
      #2: Going on the expressway from the Stadium to Downtown, going against
       traffic. You will most likely pass large gas tankers. They score two
       tips! Passing the front end is worth whatever it is worth, and passing
       the back end is worth a bronze tip (.25). You can score 30 or 40 combos,
       with the passenger tossing $20 and $30 dollar tips. I have scored a
       $1,000+ fare this way.
    * Hint for the expressway: To ensure no collisions, stay between the lanes
      on that dark strip of road.
    * About combos: They start at 1 at the beginning of every passenger. They
      reset ONLY if you have a FRONT END collision. If you are hit from the
      side, it's ok! So when going down the large S-curve hill, or down the
      trolley hill, avoid cross traffic, but keep in mind they can hit you on
      the side with no combo-reset!
    * When the passenger is dropped off, they tip you based on your remaining
      time. Each one-second time measurement in thie Sega game has 60
      parts - time is measured by one-sixtieth of a second (The technical term
      for 1/60 of 1 second is a "Jiffy"). When a customer is dropped off, you
      get $0.10 per Jiffy, or $6.00 for every FULL second of time left on their
      individual clock. So when you see "10" left on their clock, you will get
      $60.00, plus random change up to $5.90 for each jiffy left (that of course
      you don't see displayed). This roughly translates to $100.00 for every
      16 seconds.
    * Dumb trick: Of course, pressing the start button while driving will
      display where you need to go, plus the distance left. But if you shift
      into Drive and hold the stick shift in the up position when picking up a
      passenger, the location and distance display remains on the screen until
      the stickshift is released.
    * If you fail to make a successful fare, then the fare will start out
      for free.  You have to make some crazy hits in order to make the Fare
      worth something.  If you can get the customer somewhere fast enough,
      then the Fare will be worth something, though the Fare Amount won't
      be that high.  Remember the sooner you get the customer at their
      destination, the more money you will get for one fare.
    This section mainly explains the Game Options that will effect your
    playing habits throughout the game.  In Crazy Taxi, the key DIP Switches
    are as follows: Starting Time Limit, Customer Time Limit, and Traffic
    Staring Time Limit
    This switch determines how much time you will start at the beginning of
    the game.  The more seconds you are issued at the start of the game, the
    more room for error you will have as a beginner.  Please keep in mind that
    higher staring times doesn't equate to better scores as your score depends
    on the style of your driving.  The options are 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, and
    70.  The factory setting (also known as the Default Setting) is 50 seconds.
    Note that it's adjustable to multiples of 5.
    Customer Time Limit
    This switch determines how much of a time extension you will get after
    "picking someone up" and how much time you will be given to transport a
    customer from pick-up to destination point.  There are 8 levels of
    Customer Time Limits.  Level 1 is the easiest because you're given a lot
    of error while Level 8 is the hardest because you need to hussle if you
    want to go very far on this game.  The factory setting for this is Level
    Traffic Congestion
    This switch determines how much traffic congestion there will be during
    the game.  There are 8 levels of Traffic Congestion and the higher the
    level of congestion, the heavier the traffic will be.  In Level 8, the
    traffic can become EXTREMELY CONGESTED so you really need to drive really
    carefully if the Traffic Congestion is set up rather high.  The factory
    setting for this one is Level 4.  Having the Traffic Congestion set to
    Level 6 is OK, but if I were the operator, I *personally* wouldn't set
    this one any higher than Levle 4.
    Author's desired settings
    Sit Down: Starting Time Limit at 65 seconds, Traffic Congestion at Level
    4, Customer Time Limit at Level 4.
    Stand-Up: Starting Time Limit at 70 seconds, Traffic Congestion at Level
    3, Customer Time Limit at Level 3.
    Default (Factory) Settings: Starting Time Limit at 50, Traffic Congestion
    at Level 4, Customer Time Limit at Level 4.
    Not a stranger to advertising, Sega has been given financial support from
    many famous organizations.  Throughout the game you will be running
    through several familiar name brands and franchise corporations, in its
    usual entirety in a fantasy setting.  Additional points were confirmed
    by Rex (rex_wai@yahoo.com).
    * Kentucky Fried Chicken
    * Pizza Hut
    * A Church
    * Heliport
    * Baseball Stadium
    * Tower Records Shop
    * Boarders Paradise
    * Police Station
    * Fire Station
    * FILA Department Store
    * Cable Car Stop Top and Bottom
    * Sail Street
    * Freshtree Street
    * A University
    * Tennis Court
    * Seaside Market
    * A Beach
    * A Hospital
    * Bus Terminal
    * Mall-N-Gate (Two Points)
    * Hotel
    * A Bank
    * Look-Out Tower
    If there are anymore destinations and/or destination fixes, please drop
    me a line with the subject of Crazy Taxi.
    * Try to park near the customer. This is the case when you are going to
      pick up Yellow, Orange, or Red Customers since they have a large pick-up
      area. The farther you park, the longer it will take to have the ride
      start, and the more time you will be wasting (HEY!!! Can't you park a
      little closer?!).
    * Try not to scare off the customer. They will sway either left or right
      (HEY, HEY, HEY!!!) and once you stop, you will suffer heavy time loss
      since they have to dodge your car for their safety (WATCH IT!!!! YOU
      NEARLY KILLED ME!!!!!). So in this case, always try to avoid scaring a
      customer off when trying to pick them up.
    * When you are making your transition in between the Business District
      to the Bus Terminal, choose the High Speed Narrow Strips. These strips
      leave out ALMOST NO ROOM FOR ERROR. There's heavy traffic and if you
      crash, then you may lose a lot of time so drive really careful when you
      try to drive there. You can drive through the Technical Strip during the
      Transition, but you need to slow down in order to avoid hitting the wall
      at the Technical Strip. If you tilt a bus, then the fallen bus may block
      your way, wasting lots of time. You will need to back up and then try
      again just to get the bus out of your sight.
    * Green Customers have the most priority amongest all the customers.
      The order to pick someone up is outlined as Green -> Lime -> Yellow ->
      Orange -> Red. Reds travel the shortest while Greens travel the farthest.
      Remember, the farther you need to travel, the higher the fare value. To
      make a Green Trip become a quickie, all you need to do is to do Crazy
      Dashes and Limit Cuts with 95% accuracy.
    * Try to pick up the nearest customer. This way you won't have to worry
      about losing so much time on the clock. You will always have time
      extended on your clock and having some peace of mind when picking
      them up.
    * It's best to pick up customers who are willing to go to the direction
      TOWARDS the University since you can extend your gameplay this way.
      Remember abusing customers on two areas (overtaking greens at both the
      RB Station/Baseball Stadium/Downtown) may mean less customers and a
      longer time loss. Always take customers who will travel the farthest
      and their willingness to travel to the direction to the University.
    * Most customers will change colors. Be sure to take them ONLY if they
      are willing to travel the farthest possible. Some customers will be
      static.  Save the static customers for later use--You'll need them if
      you run short on customers!
    * You can slam into crushable objects like Telephone booths to cut your
      speed down even more when commencing to drop customers off. Trying to
      Crazy Stop may take time and the best way to stop at the mark is to
      ease up as you are approaching the destination. This helps you avoid
      any occurrences of passing the stop mark by accident.
    * If you get stuck by the wall, then steer the car to the opposite
      farthest direction of the wall. Now change gears and slam into the
      brakes. This takes practice since higher speeds may take longer to get
      you out of a wall cling.
    * You should always be speedy in your fares, whether it's short or long.
      You will get lots of time for speedy fares.  Also, your time will be
      extended every time you pick up a customer, so keep that in mind.
    * Find various shortcuts from one point of the city to another.  For
      example, if you are going from the Popcorn Mania to the Kentucky
      Fried Chicken, you'll want to drive right into the Parking Lot
      to avoid a time-costly chicane and drive right through a walkway
      to shave off time.  I know you can't do that in real-life but since
      Sega has given us their answer to Carmageddon (in a time-pressing
      manner), anything goes.
    * Always know the shortcuts if you have to make return trips.  For
      example, if you are going to Kentucky Fried Chicken to the Heliport
      and back, then you would have to travel through the grass to save
      time as opposed to driving right through the S-Curve.  Remember
      crazy speed involves cutting through corners like you have never
      did in a Sega Racing Game.
    * If you need to turn around, use either crazy slides (D-R-D, then turn
      the wheel hard) or watch the amount of gas you are feeding while
      turning the wheel.  If you press the gas too hard while trying to
      launch the Cab after a stop, then you will only see Burnt Rubber and
      no real acceleration until you travel at a straight line.
    * After stopping, always do a Crazy Rocket.  Not only this will result in
      faster fares, but this will make you a better player overall.  Wheelspin
      will only waste time so avoid spinning the rear wheels at all costs.
    * Avoid contact with cars and stay away from Commercial Vehicles at all
      times.  Contact with other cars will violently cut your speed down and
      Commercial Vehicles can force you into a violent stop.  The cars can be
      knocked down (but they will lower your speed).  However, they tend to
      get in your way so be sure to avoid them at all costs.
    * The best way to turn long trips into crazily fast fares is to abuse
      the Limiter Cut.  Be careful that you do not do the Limiter Cut while
      on a rather *sharp* turn or you may lose control.
    * The advanced version of the Limiter Cut is to do a Crazy Dash, and
      then do a R~D~Gas-On, and then do another Crazy Dash.  It's pretty
      much tap-tap-tap-tap, etc.  The only way to see that you have done the
      Limit Cut correctly is to hear the engine roar REAL LOUD.
    * If you are in some turn in the middle of the Freeway, then try to stay
      at the extreme outside of the turn.  Avoid Limit Cutting while scrapping
      the wall or you may lose control and possibly hit commercial vehicles
      by accident.
    * Really be careful if you are going too fast in areas with heavy traffic.
      The speed will more likely do more harm than help.  If you are going
      in an area with sharp turns and heavy traffic, then don't go bonkers
      on Limit Cuts (THAT WAS TOO DANGEROUS!!!!!!!!  DRIVE CAREFULLY!!!!!!).
      If you need to do limit cuts, the do them only on a straightaway and
      make sure that you cut the apex as much as you can.
    * Stay in total control of the car at all times.  At higher level machines,
      you will need to watch your speed since the time limit and traffic
      shortage might compel you to drive technically and carefully.  Remember
      being careful and cautious in heavy traffic situations is always good.
    Note: This one is courtesy of Exodus (exo2000@my-deja.com for the NNTP
    Newsgroup rec.games.video.arcade).
    This is possibly the most frequently asked question.  Hopefully, by the
    time you finish reading this, you should be able to create Crazy Taxi
    Games at your own arcade.
    To conclude, this section assumes that you are playing on a machine with
    the following settings:
    * Starting Time Limit: 50 Seconds or more
    * Customer Time Limit: Level 4 or easier
    * Traffic Behavior: Level 4 or easier
    1. Pick up the nearest customer and make sure that you hussle up like
       crazy.  Try to limit cut with 100% accuracy (as well as Crazy Dashes).
    2. If you want to stop with some tips, do a crazy slide followed by a
       quick R~Brake.
    3. Make sure that you pick up Green Customers first (since they net the
       most money).  Try to go for all Green Customers.
    4. Make sure that your game time reaches at least 90-100 seconds by the
       time you reach $40K of income.  This way you can net $50K+ when time
       runs out.  However, if you want to reach Japan's standards, then your
       Game Time needs to be at least 350 seconds when you hit $60K of
    5. Try to face the direction your customer want to head to ahead of time.
       This will reduce the amount of unnecessary turning you have to commit
       and will save time.  A sliding stop is best for this case.  If you are
       not sure where your customers want you to head to, then try to point
       halfway in between so that you minimize any unnecessary turning around.
    6. There should be a good chunk of Green Customers in between the Fire
       Station and the Tennis Court and in between the Two Cable Car Stops.
       The customers in between the Fire Station and the Tennis Court will
       ask you to either take them to the Mall West/North Gate, the University,
       or maybe at one of the Cable Car Stops.  The green customers in between
       the two Cable Car Stops will ask you to take them to Pizza Hut (for
       the most part), the FILA, or Popcorn Mania.  Try to grab all of them
       since they net you lots of income alone.  More on this later.
    7. Try to keep your time above 100-150 seconds ALMOST ALL OF THE TIME.
       You will play better and eventually have about 500 seconds of playing
       time on the long run when you reach about $50K of income.
    8. You can minimize the amount of time loss looking for a Green Customer
       by avoiding frontal collisions for 100% of the time and you continue
       to do *accurate* Limit Cuts.
    9. Avoid abusing Limit Cuts while hugging the outside of the turn.  You
       may lose control by doing this.  Also, try to avoid Crazy Jumps since
       you tend to lose control by this way as well.
    10. It's best to point yourself straight through the University.  Make
        sure you know who to take and who not to take.
    11. While making your transition in between the Osmous Hotel/Crown Arena
        to the Bus Terminal Area, the track is rather narrow, making it easy
        to front up any vehicles.  Don't take the left side as you will be
        jacked REALLY HARD.
    12. There will be some Yellow Customers at the Hotel/Crown Area who will
        ask you to take them to the Police Station.  Try to stay away from
        them.  If you need to pick up any customers that will require you to
        perform an insanely long trip, then pick up a Light-Green Customer
        who will ask you to take them to the Fire Station or a Yellow person
        who will ask you to take them to the Lookout Tower.  There is a
        hidden Green Customer (a Tennis Player) who will ask you to take
        him to the Tennis Court.  Go to the all-way Intersection and locate
        a sector walkaway where a Tennis Player is waiting for you at.
        will be customers at the Kentucky Fried Chicken/Tower Records,
        Sky Bank/CT Hospital/Clock Towers Theater/Boarder's Paradise,
        RB Station, Baseball Stadium, Bus Terminal, and other areas that
        need some verification who will change their colors depending on
        where they need to go.  For example, the old lady near the Stop
        Mark at the Baseball Stadium may change to either Yellow (Heliport)
        or Light-Green (Police Station).  Make sure that you pick them up
    14. There are AT LEAST 4 HIDDEN CUSTOMERS IN THE GAME.  The first one
        is underwater in the West Side Beach Area.  Drive inside the water
        and pick her up.  She will ask you to take her to the Kentucky Fried
        Chicken.  The second one is at the rooftop at the Parking Lot Area.
        Drive at the Parking Lot and slow down as you jump.  Hug the left and
        come to a complete stop at the rooftop.  She will ask you to take her
        to the Police Station.  The third hidden customer is at the rooftop
        at the downtown sector following the Police Station.  Take the ramp
        (right of the Hospital) and try to land directly at the rooftop.  The
        spikey-headed gangster will ask you to take him to the Fire Station.
        The final hidden customer is at the Hotel/Crown Area.  Locate him
        somewhere in the walkway in between two buildings (near the all-way
        Intersection).  You should be able to see a Tennis Player.  You will
        be asked to take him to the Tennis Court from this point.  With these
        four customers, you should be able to earn in between $2500-$4000
    Thanks to Exodus for posting a message (it has been edited for this FAQ)
    which should help people generate CRAZY TAXI-rated games.
    Please visit the Crazy Tactics Message Board at the following address:
    * http://forum.s-one.net.sg/forum/297/list.pl
    * http://kenshin.hypermart.net/crazy/index.html
    It is really important to know where you are going from time to time.
    If not, then chances of netting a Crazy Taxi Rating is all for naught.
    Note: Why not visit Kenshin's http://come.to/crazytaxi for a description
    of the "Start to Destination" expectations?  Kenshin also has a map on
    his Web Presence Account so it's worth the visit.
    Basically speaking, this section basically runs through Kenshin's world
    of Crazy Taxi Crazy Business and Customers sections with the exception
    of some descriptions as defined by the FAQ Author.
    A note from "Ves": I would like to thank Kenshin, Rex, and Exodus for
     pointing their *useful* analysis in the Kenshin's World of Crazy Taxi
     BBS.  For stronger details and analysis, please visit Kenshin at
    The University Area
    Geographical Locations: From the Technical curves following the Tennis
    Court up to the University Drop-Off Area.
    Destinations: University of S.G.C.P.
    If you are starting the game and after the announcer says, "Here we
    go!!!", just pick up the woman with the red shirt and orange skirt. Don't
    bother picking up any other customers when you start the game because
    from the start and depending on how much time the arcade owner grants
    you from the start, you may not have enough time to spare. You will only
    lose about 2 seconds trying to reach her mark for the most part. Don't
    scare her off or you may waste even more time. Park as close as you can
    so that you can reduce the pick-up time.
    If you are just coming back from a trip to the Lookout Shore, and if
    there is any more Orange Customers, pick any of them up. If there are
    no more Orange Customers here in this area, then go forward (after
    dropping someone off) and pick up either a Lime or a Yellow Customer.
    It's best to refrain from picking up a Green Customer since most experts
    would say that the safest customers to pick up reside at the Cable Car
    Area. More on this later.
    To conclude, the precedence of the customers here would be orange,
    then yellow, then lime, and then Green. Greens are pretty much high-risk
    since you go farther than the Seaside Market/Beach, but if you need to
    pick someone up (to go the farthest possible), then don't go any further
    than the Seaside Market. This way you can pick up someone from the
    sidewalks of Sail Street, Freshtree Street and the Cable Car Wire Street.
    The Cable Car Area
    Graphical Terrains: From the first medium right up until the Cable Car
    Stop Bottom
    Destinations: Cable Car Stop Top, Cable Car Stop Bottom, Freshtree Street,
    and Sail Street
    From the first medium right, there are Yellow, Lime and Green Customers.
    Don't pick any of these guys at the Medium Right up unless you have
    emptied all the customers behind the University first, and then in between
    the University and the Medium Left. Typically, the Yellows may elect to go
    to the Seaside Market, the Limes may choose to go either to the Beach or
    the Cable Car Stop Bottom, and the Greens will guarantee a trip to the
    Yacht Harbor, which is relatively far away from the Cable Car Vicinity.
    As always, take the nearest customer since you may not have some time to
    If you are dropping someone off at the Cable Car Stop Top, you may need
    to slow down starting from the Medium Right or you may accidentially pass
    through, wasting some time. Hit any knockable objects aloft but avoid the
    poles since that's actually a barrier in disguise.
    If you are planning to pick someone up at the upper hill of the Cable Car
    Vicinity, don't pick up any of the customers at the side of the Cable Car
    Stop Top since you need to do some unnecessary turning-around. Instead,
    look for someone at the sidewalks and make sure that the customer is next
    to you. The closest customers are just before the intersection and the
    downhill dip.
    From the first intersection, if you are going to Freshtree Street, then
    turn left. If you are going to Sail Street, go right. Otherwise, just
    enjoy the steep jumps out of this spectacular hill stunt.
    If you drop off a customer who required you to go to Freshtree Street,
    pick up the Red close to the Freshtree Stop (OK, so I made you turn
    around!) and drop him to Sail Street. Do the same thing to the other guy,
    and then pick up any of the two Freshtree Sidewalk customers (both are
    green) as you descend down the hill. The Erin (girl with blue shirt and
    jeans) will ask for a ride to the FILA and the woman after the second
    jump will ask for a ride to the Kentucky Fried Chicken.
    If there are no more customers at the sidewalk before the first jump at
    the Cable Car Wires or if you want a higher average per fare, then the
    customer right after the first jump at the Cable Car Wire Street will
    ask for a ride to Pizza Hut and the Mark (guy with Red Jean Shirt) after
    the second jump will ask you for a ride to the Original Levi's Store.
    Follow the same strategies that you've underwent with Freshtree Street
    if you drop someone off at Sail Street. If you think that the Reds don't
    do much justice to your earnings, then if you have dropped someone off
    at Sail Street, pick up a customer after the first jump. She will ask
    you to take her to Popcorn Mania. There should be a Tim (a punk) waiting
    for you after the second jump. He wants a ride to Tower Records.
    There are also Lime Customers at the end of the Third Jump. The Freshtree
    Street Lime will ask for a ride to Square Park, the Cable Car Wire Lime
    will ask for a ride to Pizza Hut, and the Sail Street Lime will ask for
    a ride to the Cafeteria.
    Customers who are waiting for a ride at the Cable Car Stop Bottom may
    change colors from Orange to Lime. Pick them up ONLY if they are Lime
    since you want to travel farther. If you are dropping off someone at
    the Cable Car Stop Bottom, I personally would face the headlights right
    so that I would do a slide stop and after I drop off a customer, I would
    go uphill a bit until I run into an Ashley who will be a green customer
    at the termination of Sail Street. She will tell you to take her to
    Kentucky Fried Chicken.
    The Beach Area
    Geographical Terrains: From the Seaside Market until you reach the Yacht
    Harbor. The Cafeteria starts out the Quad Area. 
    Destinations: Seaside Market, West Side Beach, Yacht Harbor
    Seaside Market: There should be some yellows, limes, and reds near the
    Seaside Market, and they all change color. If your skill level is
    Beginner or if you are playing on a machine higher than Level 4, then
    pick up Nicole who's just right of the road (she's a red-shirted lime)
    since you may not have some time to spare. The two customers near the
    front of the Seaside Market Stop Mark should only pick up if they are
    willing to travel through the area the farthest possible. I would save
    the customers near the Seaside Market Stop for later use, even though
    it's kind of risky.
    If you want to impress the audience, then just drive down the water to
    find several customers who's waiting for their ride underwater. There
    are Yellows at the shore of the Beach but underwater there should be
    three customers who's willing to travel the distance. The Mark
    underwater will ask for a ride to the Original Levi's Store (He's that
    red-jean shirted guy with a Lime Mark), the Tim (the punk) will always
    go to Tower Records, and the Danielle (the woman with the Blue Shirt near
    the Beach Stop Mark) will always ask you to take her to Kentucky Fried
    Chicken.  There are also Yellows underwater but since $80K is our goal,
    you may want to tell the audience how crazy you are by picking up the
    one lime and two greens underwater. :)
    Most of these customers along the street change color overtime so pick
    them up ONLY if they are lime or if they are willing to travel the
    farthest possible if they can't turn lime within time.
    At the Yacht Harbor Stop, there should be a Tim waiting inside the Yacht
    Harbor Stop Mark. If he is ready for his ride, then take him out with
    you!!! He'll always ask you to take him to Tower Records, so take the
    Right before the Yacht Harbor, there is a Medium Right. Ease up and cut
    the apex but don't slam right into the barrier at the right. If you are
    coming out from the water, then you may need to slide through the turn.
    Drive carefully here because traffic volume is kind of high right in
    this area. This is important to know if it's your subsequent lap aloft.
    Traffic can get heavier as you earn more later in the game.
    Also, the divided highway after the medium right provides less room
    for error since the lanes are quite narrow leaving less room for error.
    To conclude, limit cut this area with care since it's really easy to get
    jacked in the middle of a rush hour.
    Left of the Yacht Harbor Stop but before the Cafeteria signifies the
    Quad Area Start, there is a Mark who may change color. Take Mark with
    you ONLY if he's lime: He'll be hungry for some Kentucky Fried Chicken,
    or he may want to buy some new music at Tower Records.
    The Quad
    Geographical Terrains: From the Cafeteria before the Parking Lot 
    Destinations: Cafeteria, Pizza Hut, Popcorn Mania, Square Park, and FILA
    While this is not an area where you have to make up your mind about
    decision-making, you need to sharpen up your judgment skills right
    over here since most of the customers are scattered throughout the area.
    The game will start to get hard once you cross the Cafeteria.
    If you are at the Cafeteria, then there will be customers within the
    Sidewalks and within the Grass Area. The limes will ask for a ride to
    either Tower Records or Kentucky Fried Chicken, the Yellows may ask for
    a ride to what the Limes may be asking for, the Oranges may want a ride
    to FILA, Popcorn Mania, or the Original Levi's Store, and the Reds will
    definitely be asking for a ride to either to Square Park or Pizza Hut.
    Dropping off someone at the Cafeteria, I personally would try to pick
    up someone at the forest. If you think you can't afford any time to turn
    around, then you may want to reach for a customer closer to the Cafeteria.
    You can slide-slam right through a Pizza Hut billboard sign if you are
    dropping someone off at Pizza Hut. There is a Mark who will change colors.
    Pick him up only if he's yellow. This way you can go to either Kentucky
    Fried Chicken or Tower Records. If there is a Fabian (The white-haired
    pastor) and if he's ready, then pick him up: He'll go to the Church.
    The Church is where you'll have to start making all of your critical
    pick-up decisions, but more on the Church later.
    Note: Around the Quad there may be a lime and green customer wandering
     around the grass. Pick them up only if they are either lime and green
     since they always want a ride to the Heliport. Unless you see any
     around the Quad, always look for a Fabian who's ready for his/her
     ride. Otherwise, try to take someone who's willing to go to as far as
     Kentucky Fried Chicken or Tower Records.
    If you have dropped off someone at either Popcorn Mania or FILA, don't
    bother wandering around the Quad as that wastes time. Just drive forward
    and you should see two customers waiting for their ride. Pick Mark up
    ONLY if he's Orange (Tower Records/Kentucky Fried Chicken). I personally
    would pick up the Fabian (Yellow) first since he will always go forward
    to the Church. If there are no more customers left near the Parking Lot,
    then look for a Fabian at the Quad, but try to minimize time loss by
    picking someone up as fast as you can.
    If you are dropping someone off at the Square Park, you may need to ease
    up starting from the crossing of Pizza Hut since there are no stopping
    support at the Park. Start easing up at the Pizza Hut drop-off and come
    to a complete stop at the Square Park destination area.
    Fabians have the highest priority in this area since they always want
    a ride to the Church. If there is a Green or Lime lurking around
    somewhere, then TAKE HIM!!! He'll ask for a ride to the Heliport!
    Save the oranges and reds in the Quad for the last unless you need to
    gain some more time and/or to boost up your Speedy Percentage Rate.
    In Level 4 Machines, you need to pick up customers as fast as you can
    since you don't have time to spare.
    The Original Levi's (R) Area
    Geographical Locations: From the Parking Lot and terminating from the
    start of the Tower Records Area (close to the Tower Records Stop Mark) 
    Destinations: The Original Levi's Store
    Comments: At the Picnic Brick Quad close to the Tower Records Stop Mark,
    there will be three green customers, two of them will change colors.
    The guy with the vidcam will be either red, yellow, or green. Pick him
    up only if he's green. The green guy near the Levi's Stopmark can either
    change to Yellow or Green. He'll ask for a ride to the Cafeteria if he's
    yellow, and to the Baseball Stadium if he's green. The fat guy near the
    tree (the guy with the white baseball shirt) will always ask for a ride
    to the Baseball Stadium.
    The guy with the flowers (next to the Levi's Stopmark) will ask for a
    ride to Kentucky Fried Chicken if he's red, to Square Park if he's
    Orange. Save this guy for later.
    The pastor at the right sidewalk (near the Levi's Stopmark) will
    always ask for a ride to the Church. If there's no green customers or
    any customer who's at least Yellow-class, then take this guy.
    Don't take the lady wearing the white hat unless she's yellow, as if
    she's yellow she'll go to the Heliport. If she's red, then she'll ask
    for a ride to the Kentucky Fried Chicken, which is way too short.
    You already know how to get the hidden customer just before a Crazy
    Taxi site came into power a long time ago: Drive right into the
    parking lot and SLOW DOWN.  Hug the left side of the track and start
    slowing down a bit more. Come to a complete stop and land on a rooftop
    at the same time. You should be able to land at the old lady's
    stopmark. She will give you lots of time and ask you for a ride to
    the Police Station. Don't take her out with you until you've
    accumulated about $80K of income.
    Area of the Tower and the Colonel
    Geographical Locations: From the point you picked-up the vidcam man (near
    the end of the Levi's Area) until you reach the Grass Area. 
    Destinations: Tower Records, Kentucky Fried Chicken
    Comments: Near the KFC Stop Mark, you've got a pilot (guy with the
    sunglasses) who may ask for a ride to the Heliport if he's orange, RB
    Station if he's yellow, or the Baseball Stadium if he's lime. Pick him
    up if he's lime as this will generate more income.
    Right after the KFC Drive-Thru, you will see a guy with the reading
    glasses waiting for his ride to the RB Station at the right side of the
    sidewalk. However, before he shows up, there's a girl with the blue shirt
    who should be reserved for the last since she may ask you for a ride
    either to FILA, Popcorn Mania, or the Heliport: in other words, she's
    pretty much a Wild Card customer.
    There are two pastors at the left and right side of the Kentucky Fried
    Chicken. If for any reason the pilot is not lime just yet, pick up the
    Pastor and head towards the Church.
    Driving right through the Kentucky Fried Chicken, make a left before the
    Kentucky Fried Chicken Stopmark and head a right, and you should see a
    baseball-shirt guy at the right side of the street. If he's orange, then
    he'll go to the Heliport. If he's lime, then he'll go to the Baseball
    Stadium. Pick him up ONLY if he's definitely lime.
    The Area of the Grass
    Geographical Locations: From the termination of the sidewalks until you
    reach the Motel 6-esque buildings. 
    Destinations: Heliport and the Church.  The Church is the where all the
    fate-decision begins once you approach the Church for the first time.
    The Church: This is quite possibly the place where you will have to play
    "Critical Taxi" as there are customers who loves to throw you back to
    places you don't want to go, and there are also customers who will be
    willing to the direction the RB Station is facing. You need to pick
    your customers really carefully as a mistake could mean a backtrack
    back into the Kentucky Fried Chicken area and loss of precious time if
    you couldn't tilt your car halfway in between the directions of either
    the Heliport or the Kentucky Fried Chicken Area.
    At the Church, the oranges, yellows, and limes are your safest bet.
    The Heliport: This area is only second in cruciality to the Church.
    Any customers who are orange and are waiting for you before the
    Heliport Stop Mark (not next to and sideways and not beyond) should
    be picked up right away. There are two customers at the hills who will
    be either Lime (a trip back to FILA and Popcorn Mania which pisses me
    off) or Orange (a trip right to the RB Station). Be careful not to
    take the orange or yellow customers on the Heliport Area who will
    ask for a ride back to KFC or even worse, The Original Levi's Store.
    The red customer near the orange customers at the left sidewalk will
    definitely take you to the RB Station. Otherwise, she'll throw you back
    to the Kentucky Fried Chicken area.
    There is a green customer at the right side of the track who will change
    to lime if he wants a ride to FILA. Take this guy ONLY if he's green.
    Here, you will need to choose your customers VERY CAREFULLY if you want
    to avoid a trip back to the Kentucky Fried Chicken direction.
    The RB Station
    Geographical Locations: This location has two straights with different
    grades and the outside of the Hairpin is usually the stop mark. It's
    noticeable: The RB Station makes up the Hairpin for this area. No need
    for explanation here. 
    Destinations: The RB Station
    Comments: There are plenty of Green Customers right here but you need
    to choose your customers very carefully right over here. Avoid taking
    any Orange or Yellow Customers (from the start) as they will always
    drive you back to the direction KFC is at.
    The Green Customers at the side of the hairpin turn are the safest
    bets as they will ask you to take them to Downtown. They may ask for a
    ride either to the Bank, Theater, Hospital, or Boarder's Paradise.
    At the middle of the hairpin, you'll have to play some problem-solving
    in order to avoid a trip back to the Quad Area. Here's what you can
    do to avoid this mischief:
    * If the Robert (guy with the white T-Shirt) is lime, and if the guy
      with the Maroon FILA clothing is green, BUT if Tiffany (the pregnant
      woman) is not going for her ride, then take the Robert--he'll take
      you to the Police Station.
    * If the Robert is Green, and if Tiffany is ready for her ride, BUT
      if the guy with the Maroon FILA Clothing isn't waiting for his ride,
      then you might want to take Robert. This one needs some confirmation
      as this is the first instance where you have to select your Green
      Customers carefully.
    * If Tiffany is ready for her ride and if the guy with the Maroon FILA
      clothing is also green, take Tiffany--she will be able to take you
      to the Hospital. This one also needs some confirmation. 
    * If all are green, try to take Robert--this one also needs some
    * If Robert is lime and if the guy with the Maroon FILA Shirt is
      green, take the guy with the Maroon FILA Shirt. 
    I need your help on this so please drop me a line if you have any
    Don't take a Red Customer unless you've used up the side greens
    first and if there's no way any of the Inside Hairpin Greens will
    take you to the Commercial Area.
    If you have a customer on your cab and if you are taking someone to
    the Baseball Stadium and beyond via Kentucky Fried Chicken and earlier,
    then jump through the slope by crazy-sliding and jumping through the
    slope and by landing directly to the Parking Lot to save time.
    The Baseball Stadium
    Geographical Locations: From the Parking Lot until you see the entrance
    to a Freeway.
    Destinations: The Baseball Stadium
    Comments: There should be three Green Customers at the back of the
    Stadium Stop Mark. Take them if they are ready for their ride as they
    are safe bets.
    The Lime Customers near the entrance to the Freeway are also safe bets
    as they will always ask for a ride either to the Police Station or to
    the Clock Towers Theater.
    Regarding about the Old Lady inside the Stop Mark, don't pick her up
    unless she turns lime--This will maximize your income (but in my words,
    she's safe to pick up if she's willing to go TOWARDS the University).
    Try not to take any Red or Yellow Customers right here as they will
    always drive you back.
    About the Freeway: Entering the freeway, hug the outside of the turn
    to maximize your speed. Now at the straightaway, try to get as many
    Crazy Throughs as you can for a higher fare. At the long Medium Right
    (assuming that you are taking someone to the Commercial District): you
    should not overdo Limit Cuts over here because if you wheelie through
    the outside of the turn and if you hit any commercial vehicles, then
    they may tilt and block your way, causing an OUTRAGEOUS time loss.
    Even at a Level 4 Machine, you should try to drive a bit slower
    (keeping Limit Cutting to a minimum) so that your car's stability is
    maximized.  Remember the sharper the turn, the less room for error
    you have if you limit cut like nuts. The Freeway is somewhat of a
    Technical drive because the long Medium Left is really sharp and
    unforgiving at times and traffic may persist during the Turn. Also,
    Commercial Vehicles makes passing this area very difficult so watch
    your speed during this turn.
    Geographical Locations: From the Police Station Stop Mark until the
    intersection that leads right into the Mall Westgate Entrance. 
    Destinations: The Police Station, Sky Bank, Crazy Taxi Hospital (CT
    Hospital), Clock Towers Theater, and Boarder's Paradise
    The Police Station: If for any reason you have to drop someone off
    at the Police Station, notice that there will be three Red Customers.
    In a Level 4 Machine and higher, you will need to take one of these
    "Static" Red Customers as your next customer (and pick them up as
    quickly as you can) since you don't have time to spare. On a Level 3
    Machine and easier, you can just save these people for later use and
    go to the Intersection and take either a left or right to find either
    a Lime or Yellow Customer (Limes and Yellows right over here will
    always take you towards the Business District).
    Regarding about the Sidewalks outside the Statue Intersection: There
    are a lot of Yellow Customers right over here--some are static and
    some are dynamic. If the Yellow Customer is Dynamic, then take him
    ONLY if he/she is Yellow. There are four Lime Customers at the back
    of the Boarder's Paradise and Theater Stop Marks (and at each side)
    that will ask you for a ride to the Bus Terminal. Take them ONLY if
    they are Lime. Don't take any Red Customers in the sidewalks (with the
    exception to those at the Police Station) unless you are hurting for
    some bonus time.
    Regarding about two females near the start of the Mall Westgate Road:
    They will be green if they want a ride back to the RB Station and
    they will be lime if they are ready for a ride to the Lookout Tower.
    Pick them up ONLY if they are lime. They are Amanda (the chick with
    the white hat and the shades) and Daphne (the girl with the turquoise
    shirt and the strange-looking pants at the CT Hospital side of the
    Commercial Area Exit).
    Inside the Statue Intersection, don't take any Green Customers at the
    sidewalks as they will always ask for a ride back to the Stadium or
    back to the RB Station. Don't take any Red Customers here unless you
    are hurting for some time.
    Now here's a way to fool the logic at the Statue Intersection: There
    should be four green customers inside the statue. Now follow what
    you need to do in order to avoid the "backtrack blues":
    * For the Statue Logic Customers facing towards the direction of the
      Boarder's Paradise, Clock Towers Theater, and the Sky Bank: If the
      customer inside the statue is green and if the neighboring customer
      near the Bank, Theater, and Boarder's Paradise stopmarks are also
      green, then there is a high chance you'll be able to go to the Lookout
    * For the Hospital: Try to avoid them as much as you can. I can't
      recommend taking any one of these two tough customers until later on
      the game. 
    To get to the hidden Tim (the punk), take the ramp on the right side of
    the Theater on the middle street. Now jump over the ramp and you should
    be able to land on the rooftop. Make sure that you come to a complete
    stop on the Rooftop and land accurately because it's easy to miss.
    Save this Tim for later use.
    The Clock Towers Theater: There is a confirmed bug in the game. If you 
    o a slide stop and if you slam right into the wall of the stop mark of
    the Theater, then the customer won't get off. Avoid slide stopping to
    drop off a customer at the Theater.  Come to a complete stop INSIDE the
    Theater Stop Mark and try to avoid slamming into the walls of the Theater
    to minimize the time needed to drag the customer out of the taxi.
    The Business Area
    Geographical Locations: From the Westgate entrance to the Mall and
    concluding to the Narrow Bridges 
    Destinations: Mall Westgate, Mall Northgate, Crown Arena, and Osmous
    The Mall: At the Westgate Entrance, definitely pick up the
    turquoise-bloused woman ONLY if she's lime--she will then ask you
    to take her to the Lookout Tower for sure. Pick up the woman with the
    Walkman only if she's Red as she will ask for a ride to the Crown Arena.
    Now we have the Northgate Entrance. Pick up the old lady ONLY if she
    is lime--she will guarantee a ride to the Lookout Tower. Pick up the
    Atlas (guy with blue suit) whenever he's orange as he will ask you to
    go to the Bus Terminal.  WARNING: IF THE OLD LADY IS YELLOW AT THE
    The guys on the same street as with the Mall are usually
    orange--sometimes they may ask you to take them back to downtown
    (Boarder's, Sky Bank, Hospital, Clock Towers Theater) and sometimes
    they may ask you for a ride to the Bus Terminal. I personally would
    save these people for later use, though.
    Crown Arena: There will be a Red Customer at the Crown Arena Stop
    Mark who will always want a ride to the Osmous Hotel. On the side
    of the Crown Arena, there are orange customers who may ask for a
    ride either to the Boarder's Paradise or the Bus Terminal. Don't
    pick up any Red Customers on the Crown Arena Street.
    Near the intersection involving the Crown and Osmous Streets as well
    as the Westgate Mall Street, there is a yellow guy at the intersection
    who will guarantee a ride to the Lookout Tower. There will also be a
    lime customer (occasionally) who will always ask you to take him to
    the Fire Station.
    At the right turn after the Crown Arena Stop Mark, there will be two
    orange customers. The guy with the flowers whenever he's orange will
    always take you to the Bus Terminal. The other customer whenever orange
    will always ask you to take her to the Boarder's Paradise.
    Osmous Hotel: As with Crown Arena, there is a Red Customer at the Stop
    Mark.  She will always ask you for a ride back to the Crown Arena.
    On the left turn after Osmous Hotel, be REALLY conservative with the
    yellow customers lurking around this street before the narrow strips
    of road as there may be times when a Yellow Customer may ask you for
    a ride back to the Police Station.  Avoid this at all costs as from
    the Business District to the Police Station is the harshest transit
    in the arcade version of the game. Here are the ways you can minimize
    this mischief near the Osmous Hotel:
    * If both the Old Lady and the guy with the cap are yellow, and if
      the guy with the red jean shirt is Orange, take the guy with the
      red shirt. 
    * If all customers right there are Yellow, try to take the guy with
      the cap.
    * If only the Old Lady and the guy are ready, try to take the Old Lady 
    Please let me know of any corrections. Thank you.
    Within the four-intersectionary with the subway entrance dips, there
    should be yellow and lime customers who are a lot safer to take than
    the yellow customers at the street before the Narrow Strips of the
    Road. Yellows on the four-intersectionary area will ask for a ride to
    the Lookout Tower and limes will ask for a ride to the Fire Station.
    There is a green customer who will ask you to take him out to the
    Tennis Court. Save him for later use. I personally would take him and
    go to the Tennis Court only if my income is at least $65K.
    There is another instance where you might be asked to take customers
    to the Police Station. It's the three Yellow Customers near the narrow
    bridges. Here's how to avoid the Police Station Blues:
    * If the Punk, guy with glasses, and salesman in blue suit are ready
      for their ride, then try the punk.
    * If only the Punk and the guy in Blue Suit are ready for their ride,
      take the Punk 
    * If the guy with the glasses and the guy in the Blue Suit are ready
      for their ride, then take the guy with the blue suit. 
    Again, please let me know of any corrections. Thank you.
    If you are going into the Narrow Bridges, then you will encounter a
    lot of traffic at the bridge at the same side the Osmous Hotel is
    located. Try to avoid that bridge at all costs as traffic is extremely
    heavy. Try to go to the wrong side of the traffic (if you are taking
    somewhere to the Lookout Area and beyond) going out of the Business
    District and at the right side of traffic if you have to go back inside
    the Business District. Always avoid the middle, technical strip of the
    road as you have to do a lot of slowing down, which wastes a lot of time.
    The Lookout Seashore
    Geographical Locations: From the Bus Terminal up to the Fire Station
    Destinations: Bus Terminal, Lookout Tower, Fire Station
    Vesther's Note: The traffic is kind of heavy in between the Bus Terminal
    Fountain up until you reach the Fire Station Stopmark.
    About the Bus Terminal: There are a lot of Red, Orange, and Yellow
    Customers right over here. At the left side of the fountain, there are
    three Lime Customers (one of them is a dynamic lime). Here the reds are
    the safest bet since they always lead you right directly to the Lookout
    The three orange customers are usually dynamic and will go to the Fire
    Station only if two of them are orange and one of them is Yellow.
    Regarding about the Limes, if Nicole and David are lime but if the guy
    wearing the FILA clothing near the fountain is Yellow, then take the
    guy with the FILA clothing. If all are Lime, I personally would take
    Nicole first, and then the David, and if he's yellow, the guy with the
    FILA Clothing.
    Around the Fountain Quad, try not to take any Yellow Customers since
    they will ask for a ride to as far as the Mall Westgate.
    Lookout Tower: Most of the Yellow Customers should take you to the
    Tennis Court if you are good at logics. Don't take any Lime Customers
    because they'll take you back to the Mall Area (for sure). The Reds
    are really hard to anticipate because there are some customers who
    want to go to the Lookout Tower and some customers who are willing
    to go to the Fire Station.
    The Daphne (just near the stopmark) should never be picked up unless
    she's yellow--she'll guarantee a ride to the Tennis Court ONLY if she's
    There is a Nicole and an Erin at the left side of the street. Whenever
    they are yellow--they will ask for a ride to the Tennis Court, guaranteed.
    A little bit after the Stopmark, if David is Yellow, and if the
    neighboring customer at the back of him is red, then he will go to the
    Tennis Court. If you have any fears that you might be thrown back to the
    direction towards the Bus Terminal, then drive an empty cab to the Fire
    Station, but only if you are playing on a Level 3 Machine or easier.
    At Level 4, it's really important that you take someone right away
    because you don't have time to spare.
    About the Fire Station: The guy inside the stopmark will always take
    you towards the University whenever he's ready for the ride. The Mark
    (guy with red jeanshirt) near the stopmark will definitely go to the
    University if he's lime. The Erin (at the lower-right hand) will also
    guarantee a ride to the University if she's lime. The woman next to the
    Erin and Mark will ONLY take you to the Tennis Court if she's orange.
    The two customers at the left-hand street are even trickier. These guys
    are pretty much wild cards but if you can take the guy with the flowers
    whenever he's lime, you will have a high chance of going to the
    The Uphill Residence
    Geographical Locations: From the Fire Station Stop Mark until the uphill
    dip that leads to the Tennis Court and the completion of one "lap".
    Destinations: No destinations.  HOWEVER, it's worth explaining because
    there's plenty of Green Customers in this area.
    While there are no stop marks within this area, it's worth talking
    about since there's plenty of Green and Lime Customers within the
    Sidewalks. The Middle part of the Uphill Residence have 3-4 Random
    Customers so I personally would save the upper-middle customers for
    the last.
    For the Middle Slope, if the Ashley (the woman with the walkman)
    is lime BUT if the neighboring guy at the left sidewalk (on the lower
    slope) is Green, then she will definitely take you back to the Crown
    Arena. Don't pick her up UNLESS she is lime AND if the neighboring
    customer isn't green.
    The Left and Right slopes have green and lime customers. Here Lime
    Customers have the highest priority since they are always safe bets
    (they will always take you back to either the University or the Cable
    Car Stop Top). The Greens might either take you to either back to the
    Commercial District (Yuck, and it's either the CT Hospital, Sky Bank,
    Boarder's Paradise, or the Theater) or right into either Sail Street,
    Freshtree Street, or the Cable Car Stop Top (better). Be careful that
    you do not pick up any customers who will drive you right back into the
    Commericial Area.
    This chunk of the city is much like the Church as far as a game of
    "Critical Taxi" is concerned.  A wrong decision could cost you while
    a right decision can save you.  And that is the end of the Uphill
    The Tennis Court
    Geographical Locations: From the Parking Lot terminating the Uphill
    Residence Area up until you have completed a Technical strip of road.
    Destinations: Tennis Court
    The Tennis Court is filled with lots of customers who will try their
    best to drag you back to the direction of the Fire Station. Try to
    avoid this at all costs since longetivity of the game is what you are
    shooting for. Avoid picking up the limes and Yellows for sure since they
    will drive you back to the Bus Terminal and the Lookout Tower. The
    Oranges may be willing to drive you right to the University but some of
    them might ask for a ride back to the Fire Station. Either way, you're
    caught in the middle in this section because there are so many *reluctant*
    customers who will do their best to ruin your perfect game.
    There is an Ashley at the right-hand side of the road near the Tennis
    Court Stopmark. She will guarantee a ride to the University if she's
    Next we have a guy with the flowers who will guarantee a ride to the
    University if he's also orange.
    Now we have a Jessica (girl wearing a Maroon Business-Suit) who will
    guarantee a ride towards the University if she's orange.
    These three aforementioned people are the only known safe bets in the
    area. If there are no safe bets, then pick an Orange who will be willing
    to go to the Fire Station or refer to the Uphill Residence Page. At
    Level 4 Machines, pick up anyone as quick as you can and don't waste
    too much time looking for a customer at the Uphill Residence Area since
    you don't have time to spare.
    If you are heading to the University, take the left side of the divide.
    This divide has less turns and if you can hug the outside of the turns,
    then you can limit cut as much as you can. Don't over-limit cut since
    both of these strips are technical strips. Watch your speed on these
    turns. At times there will be a lot of traffic on either road so use
    extreme caution when approaching the University.
    Once you dropped someone to the University, or if you are dropping
    off someone to the Cable Car Stop Top or at the Sail and Freshtree
    Streets, you have completed one Business Lap. Now remember everything
    for the next lap so that you don't goof-up in the middle of a game that
    will net cold-hard crazy cash.
    Well, that's it!!! Have a radical time in Crazy Taxi and I hope this
    helps!!! Feel free to address any bugs, fixes, and suggestions and
    definitely look up at Kenshin's World of Crazy Taxi (The URL is
    http://come.to/crazytaxi) and Exodus's "Analysis Forum" (The URL for
    this forum is http://forum.s-one.net.sg/forum/297/list.pl) since these
    two sites are LOADED with KICK-ASS tactics.
    Note: This section basically explains all the tips that have been
    explained somewhere at http://sages.ign.com or http://www.gamesages.com.
    Most of these "cheat codes" are taken from Secrets of the Game Sages
    and through the instructions on the Crazy Taxi cabinets. I have taken
    these tips from Secrets of the Game Sages first. However, there are
    some additional tips that Rex, Exodus, Kenshin, and Richard Uyeyama
    told me that I have forgot later on. Please remember that Game Sages
    does not have all the cheats for this game, and I WILL NOT POST ALL
    CHEATS from Secrets of the Game Sages.
    Exodus has an excellent "mirror forum" tailored for hints,
    recommendations, and all other tralala you need to read carefully in
    order to become a mighty cabbie in Crazy Taxi. Please take some time to
    read Exodus's "mirror forum" by pointing your browser's "GO TO" Text
    Bar to http://forum.s-one.net.sg/forum/297/list.pl.
    Enough ranting. Here are the cheats:
    Hidden Passenger
    When you drive up through the parking garage, stay to the left and slow
    down as you come to the ledge.  When you jump on off, you should be able
    to come to a complete stop at a rooftop.  The customer will tell you to
    take her to the Police Station.  From the rooftop, hug the left walkway
    and take the first left (past through the Kentucky Fried Chicken).  Once
    both chicane corridors intersect (The Church Area), hug onto the grass
    and jump over the heliport.  Stay at the right side of the screen until
    you see the gates at the left terminate.  Do a crazy slide and jump
    over the grade to avoid the Railroad Station Hairpin.  Cut as many apexes
    as you can and you should be on the freeway.  Once you exit the freeway,
    the Police Station should be at your right.  Be careful not to hit any
    Commercial Vehicles.
    The Bicycle
    Insert your tokens and then step on both pedals. Press START and then
    select your driver (Note: You MUST hold on both pedals as you press
    START and while you are selecting your driver). Press UP on the shifter
    and release both pedals. Press DOWN on the shifter and then press START.
    The bicycle accelerates faster and brakes quicker but gets bumped around
    more often. According to Kenshin, the Bicycle is geared toward
    professional players.
    Crazy Dash (Again)
    At any time right after a complete stop (or if you find out that your
    car is going too slow), release both pedals, and do a quick D~Gas-On.
    The timing of this technique takes time to master, but it's easy to
    Limit Cutting (Engine Overheating): After a Crazy Dash (or at any time
    right after your car peaks up Top Speed), release both pedals and do a
    quick R~D~Gas-On. This is a lot harder to master than the Crazy Dash as
    the success of this technique depends on the timing of the D~Gas-On
    Input Command. Note that this one will ONLY WORK if your car is at top
    speed. If the car isn't at top speed yet, do a Crazy Dash and then
    re-do the Limit Cut.
    Jumping Stop (Also known as STOP AT A DIME)
    This is a tough technique to master. Do a Crazy Dash and follow that
    with an immediate R~Brake-On. Special thanks goes to Kenshin for posting
    this on his site. This one takes a lot of time to get used to so don't
    get pissed if you don't get this mastered within your first couple of
    Drifting Stop
    Do a Crazy Drift followed by a quick Gas-Off~R+Brake. This one works
    best just before you drop your customer to their desired destination.
    Higher Crazy Combos
    Perform a combination of Crazy Jumps, Crazy Drifts, and Crazy Throughs
    without hitting any cars. The amount of the tip depends on how daring
    the "Crazy Hit" was multiplied by the number of successful Crazy Hits
    done in a row.  This number ONLY resets if you hit a vehicle. You get
    25 cents for each Bronze Coin, 50 cents for each Silver Coin, and 75
    Cents for each Gold Coin. Dollar coins are given ONLY if the Crazy Hit
    was EXTREMELY DARING. Each Coin is multiplied by the number of
    successful "hits" in a row.
    Underwater Customers
    Drive underwater and you will find two Green Customers, one Lime
    Customer, and about two Yellow Customers. The Yellow Customers may ask
    for a ride to either Pizza Hut or the Cafeteria, the Limes may ask for
    a ride either to FILA, Square Park, Popcorn Mania, or The Original
    Levi's Store, and the Greens will ask you for a ride either to Tower
    Records or Kentucky Fried Chicken. Hint: It's somewhere at the West
    Side Beach Area.
    See the End Credits
    Finish playing Crazy Taxi with a score of $5,000.00 or more.
    More Difficult Track
    Insert the amount of tokens required to play the game (If you are playing
    the game at GameWorks, swipe the card and press the flashing Green Button)
    and then pull back the lever in Reverse.  Press the start button.  While
    still holding the handle, choose your driver with the Start Button.
    Less Wheelspin Turning Around
    Since the gas has potentiometers, if you have to turn around from a stop,
    step on the gas LIGHTLY and then turn around.  Now at a straight line,
    floor the car.  Not as useful as the Crazy Rocket technique but it works.
    If you have anything to contribute to this rather incomplete file, please
    drop me a line.
    As you should know by now, the goal in Crazy Taxi is to achieve a
    record-breaking amount of fares and to achieve a kick-ass total in one
    game. To let you know how the "Crazy License Rating" system works, you
    will be given a license depending on how much money you earned when the
    Timer runs out. Here's how you will get graded as outlined by the
    "Total Earned" Marks: 
    * No Money at all: "Whoa! A NO License! All you have to do is pick
      someone up...You'd better try again!"
    * $0.01-$999.99: "A Class E License. I can't believe it. Was that
      your best?  I don't think so."
    * $1,000.00-$1,999.99: "A Class D License. I can't believe it.
      Was that your best?  I don't think so."
    * $2,000.00-$2,999.99: "A Class C License. You don't belong over
      there. You better try again."
    * $3,000.00-$3,999.99: "A Class B License. Decided to play it safe,
      huh?  Come back next time and show me your best."
    * $4,000.00-$4,999.99: "A Class A License. You did pretty good, but
      there's one more step up to the top. Think you can get there?"
    * $5,000.00-$9999.99: "A Class S License. And that was amazing
      driving. You're gonna come back and show it to me again, right?
      HERE WE GO!!! (Begin End Credits)"
    * $10,000.00-$19,999.99: "AWE-SOME. And that was amazing driving.
      You're gonna come back and show it to me again, right? HERE WE
      GO!!! (Begin End Credits)."
    * $20,000.00 and up: "CRAAAAAAZY TAXI!!!!! And that was amazing
      driving.  You're gonna come back and show it to me again, right?
      HERE WE GO!!! (Begin End Credits)."
    And here are my highest scores (These scores are all from the Brunswick
    Zone at Naperville, IL USA--The address is Aurora Ave just *a little*
    east of the Ogden Ave Intersection, Naperville, IL USA.
    * $102,884.54 (That's Gena with the Normal Cab.  I've netted about 221
      Customers on a standup 65/3/4 Machine).  When I played this $100K
      Gena game, I've got a reaction of swear words from this one guy that
      he can't believe his eyes.
    * $101,466.97 (That's Axel with the Normal Cab.  I've netted about 247
      Customers on a standup 65/3/4 Machine).  I don't know if Kenshin,
      Rex, or Exodus has been able to reach $100K with Axel on the Normal
      Car for the least, though, but I know that I was the first person
      Kenshin probably knows who reached $100K with Axel's Normal Car.
    Closing Tip: You need to earn at least $5000.00 in order to see the
    end credits.  I think that Sega's making things a bit too easy in this
    case.  I think the minimum required to see the end credits _SHOULD_ be
    at least $20,000.
    Q: Will Crazy Taxi come for the Sega Dreamcast?
       test plays of the Dreamcast version of Sega's first occupational
       arcade hit.  The Dreamcast release has the Arcade Cityscape plus
       a really difficult Dreamcast Cityscape, bug fixes from the Arcade
       Version, training exercises that will force you to improve your
       Crazy Driving Skills, Time Trials that will help you improve your
       Crazy Driving Skills, and more that I just don't want to reveal.
       The real beef that I had when test-playing the Dreamcast version
       is that the controls take MEGA AMOUNTS OF TIME to get used to as
       you are forced to adjust from the steering wheel nature of the game
       to the complex commands from the Dreamcast Controller.  If I were
       you, then I'd rather play Crazy Taxi at the Arcade than for the
       Dreamcast (because the controls at the Arcade is a lot better to
       get used to than with the Dreamcast Controllers).
    Q: Will Crazy Taxi come out for either the PC or the Macintosh?
    A: Hell no.  Stop asking me this stupid question.
    Q: Doesn't Sega have any plans to create Crazy Taxi for the PC or the
    A: Reportedly, Sega does not have any plans to create a PC or Mac
       version of Crazy Taxi.  If for any reason Sega _HAS_ to do this, the
       final decision will be up to Sega HQ at Japan.  Don't insist on Crazy
       Taxi to come out for the PC or Mac any sooner because Sega has no
       plans as of now.
    Q: Will Crazy Taxi come out for other consoles such as the PlayStation,
       Nintendo 64, etc.?
    A: You know the answer to this.  NO!!!!  CRAZY TAXI IS A SEGA DREAMCAST
       EXCLUSIVE.  Any Sega-branded Arcade Game that gets released to the
       Home Consoles will be Sega Dreamcast exclusives.  NO IF'S, AND'S, OR
       BUT'S.  Period.  Besides, any Naomi or Hikaru powered Arcade Game that
       gets converted to your sofa will be RESERVED FOR THE SEGA DREAMCAST
       only (I don't know if there are any plans to released any Hikaru
       Powered video games to the Dreamcast, as Dreamcast is basically a
       Naomi device for your sofa).  Let's take Marvel Versus Capcom 2 by
       Capcom (powered by the Naomi Board) for example.  The reason why
       MVC2 is a Sega Dreamcast Exclusive is because it was Naomi-Powered.
       No matter who creates which arcade games, anything that is powered
       by either the Naomi Board, the Hikaru Board, or if it's published and
       released by Sega at the arcades will be Dreamcast Exclusives guaranteed.
    Q: What is the default settings for the machine?
    A: Starting Playing Time at 50, Customer Time Limit at Level 4, Traffic
       Congestion at Level 4.  Japan was able to make $100,000 with the default
       settings last year when the home version was not out.  I thought that
       American Defaults were a bit more lenient than other versions of the
       occupational arcade hit.  Later, I found out that the Factory Settings
       applies to _ALL_ versions of the occupational arcade hit.
    Q: What do you mean when you say 55/4/8 or et. al.?
    A: The question that you asked me is a good example of this. 55 would
       be the Starting Time Limit, 4 would be the Customer Time Limit Level,
       and 8 would be the Traffic Behavior Level. If I say that A Machine is
       set at 60/5/6 and B Machine is set at 70/6/7, then that means Machine
       A has a Starting Time Limit of 60 seconds, a Customer Time Limit of
       Level 5, and traffic at Level 6. Machine B has a starting time of 70
       Seconds, but has a Customer Time Limit Level set at Level 6, and
       Traffic at Level 7.
    Q: Where are the cheats?
    A: This is an OVERLY ASKED QUESTION!!! *yuck*. The cheats for CT is
       located at http://sages.ign.com, where all the beginner-level
       cheats are located at.  Browse around at Kenshin's World of Crazy
       Taxi for more advanced Cheats and at the Crazy Taxi FAQ HQ (The URL
       for the cheats is http://talk.to/hellziarth and by clicking on the
       Hints and Codes button respectively) for FAQ-oriented cheats.
       Not just cheats. I got pissed at some of my visitors urging me to
       post nothing but cheats for PSX Time Crisis (by Namco) so I just
       decided that I needed a little revenge on this.
    Q: How do I know if the Limiter Cut (Engine Overheating) is done
       correctly or not?
    A: While some people stated that whenever you see a customer's head
       (or the driver's head) duck down to get the cab "streamlined", I
       would say when your engine overheats and/or when the engine sound
       whistles to a complete Soprano. The Limit Cut ONLY works if your car
       is already at Max Speed. If not, do a Limit Cut followed by a Crazy
       Dash and then re-try the Limit Cut.
    Q: In the future, are you planning to motivate both your FAQ and your
       FAQ-oriented CT Site so it can cover the Dreamcast Cityscape?
    A: I don't think I can because it looks like that the Dreamcast and
       the upcoming PlayStation2 will be really expensive.  I have to
       pursue a Bachelor's in Computer Information Systems and I also have
       to focus on getting a brand new car.  IMO Cars are a lot more important
       than getting a new Video Game System.  If I have to play Video Games
       then I will be playing at the arcades more often since I frequent
       quite a few arcades.
       To tell you the truth regarding about the Dreamcast Conversion of
       Crazy Taxi, I think the controls are quite a perversion to get used
       to because you have to use complicated controller commands to do this
       and that, and also the Limiter Cut is a lot harder to perform with the
       controller as opposed to a Crazy Taxi Cabinet.  You can try to get
       used to the Dreamcast Controller in your spare time but nothing is
       easier to pull off kick-ass scores than the Cabinet Controllers because
       the Limiter Cut and other Crazy Techniques/Routines are easier to
       perform with the Steering Wheel and the Shifter (alongside the Brakes
       and the Pedal).  If you want to master the game, then IMO I would spend
       my quarters/tokens (or take the risk of maxing out a Platinum MasterCard
       Credit Card if you are playing the game at GameWorks) at my local arcade
       that has a CT cabinet.
    I have received a couple of tips by the almighty Lord C through my email
    accounts.  I might have to ask for his permission before posting these
    tips on my website because I don't want to jump the gun without letting
    him know.  However, keep in mind that I don't post tips right away without
    verification of the tips because I am not sure if the reader can find
    whatever useful or not.  Both Lord C and Exodus are good players and have
    good patterns that will help you get the best out of a 4/4 (Using the
    X/Y formula where X is Customer Time Limit and Y is the Traffic
    Congestion) cabinet.  Maybe I will use Lord C's advice through my e-mail
    on my next game of Crazy Taxi.  I haven't played Crazy Taxi for a long
    time so I might be a bit rusty on this game but I'm hoping that I will
    rebound from it after such a long hiatus.  I will try to make sure that
    with Lord C's strategies, I will be able to reach $80K (maybe $100K if
    I'm good enough) on a 4/4 machine.  The only problem is that I
    procrastinate too often that I waste a lot of precious time.
    Rest assured, if I have to place his tips on this FAQ, then I'll let
    Lord C, Exodus, and Kenshin do a test-read for legal considerations.
    Again, this FAQ can only appear in the following sites:
      * Verasnaship Interactive (http://www.verasnaship.net)
      * GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)
      * Secrets of the Game Sages (http://www.gamesages.com)
      * Kenshin's World of Crazy Taxi (http://come.to/crazytaxi)
      * Nemesis (http://www.faqdomain.cjb.net)
    Why?  Because I trust these sites and I'm pretty sure that they keep
    all original work updated, up-to-date, and true to my own beliefs.
    You can always get the latest version at my website (Verasnaship
    Interactive at http://www.verasnaship.net) since I run that website
    and I always post them instantly right at my website first.
    GameFAQs does a good job keeping the files up-to-date at all times and
    is regarded as the most visited "stable" for FAQ-related walkthroughs,
    original work, and the like.
    Secrets of the Game Sages is a "Code-related" partner to GameFAQs
    since both GameFAQs and Secrets of the Game Sages share the same
    information, links, and tricks-to-date.
    From time-to-time, I might elect to do PDFs on certain games.  You
    can always get the latest version at Verasnaship Interactive (that's
    my website) and I'm planning to give GameFAQs my permission to mirror
    my PDFs in the near future.
    Finally, Kenshin did a kick-ass job with the World of Crazy Taxi.  Not
    only he has the best CT tips in the Net, but his site will help you
    out on just about every ounce of the city which requires "tricky Critical
    Taxi" decision at times.
    Actually, it is Lord C who should I be thankful to because he gives out
    the best strategies amongst all professional CT players.  OK, OK, so I
    have not played Crazy Taxi for a long time but with all the attachments
    that I have received from Lord C, maybe I would benefit because he gives
    out clear directions on how to get at least $80K on a 4/4 machine, since
    IMO 4/4 machines don't give enough room for error as opposed to a 3/3
    Author's Note: If you see this FAQ listed at another site other than the
    four that I have listed, please notify me ASAP so that I can take legal
    action against that webmaster.  Thank you.
    * DO NOT place this file in your web site directly.  Only the five
      aforementioned sites have an exclusive right to mirror this file.
    * You can make a link to my FAQ Library Page.  The only rules that
      I would like to enforce is that you link ONLY to an HTML or an
      Interactive Web Page.  The link to this page is:
      - http://www.verasnaship.net/text/arcade.html
    * If you are planning to link to the six other sites that I have
      mentioned on this reminder, then you are to be advised that
      your linking rights are heavily limited as foretold on the
      webmaster's fine prints (depending on where you plan to make
      your link to).  If I'm too vague on this, then please visit
      the following URL to see why more and more webmasters are
      restricting links:
      = http://www.templetons.com/brad/linkright.html (Brad Templeton's
        Linking Rights Essay).
    Sending UCE to any of the mailboxes that I have is not tolerated.
    Period.  I report any incidence of spamming by checking the header on
    where you originated the message at and then report the incidence to
    the server you originated your message at (which is more likely to get
    you in deep trouble) or I can just slam you by sending complaints to
    the following: The server you originated the message at, to your
    provider, or possibly the Free-Mail Service that you use.  Don't spam
    me.  It's not worth it.  I will only tolerate e-mail in regards to Crazy
    Taxi.  See http://spam.abuse.net to see why it's bad.
    * http://sages.ign.com
    * http://www.gamesages.com
    * http://www.seganet.com
    * http://www.tcp.com/~prisoner/taxi/game.html
    * http://come.to/crazytaxi (There is now an English Version)
    * http://members.aol.com/crazytaxi7/ (This site needs updating)
    * Richard Uyeyama (ruyeyama@best.com)
    * Rex (rex_wai@yahoo.com)
    * http://www.sega.co.jp
    * http://forum.s-one.net.sg/forum/297/list.pl
    * http://kenshin.hypermart.net/crazy/index.html
    Please post new records at news:rec.games.video.arcade, which is the
    only newsgroup worth visiting.
    Again, this FAQ is derived from both my own Crazy Taxi FAQ HQ
    (http://www.verasnaship.net/crazytaxi) and Kenshin's World of Crazy
    Taxi (http://come.to/crazytaxi).  It is highly recommended that you
    browse around Kenshin's Crazy Taxi Site since that site is CRAMMED
    with the best Crazy Taxi tactics around.
    * Sega and AM3 for finally listening to the majority of the American
      Audience what they really want from a Sega Racing Game: Hard Turning
      at Full Speed Style without limits.
    * Fernando Mosquera's Seganet for mentioning that AM3 is the team behind
      Crazy Taxi.
    * Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Tower Records, Levi Strauss and Co,
      and Fila for their sincere support to AM3 during development of the
      video game.
    * GameFAQs for being the finest site for the best Video and Computer
      Game FAQs on the Internet.
    * GameSages for the finest collection of Tips and Tricks.
    * Kenshin, Exodus, Lord C, Rex, Kent Keltner, Deoxy, Dween, and the
      Tedster for being the major forces behind the September 12 Update.
    * Kenshin, Rex, Exodus, Dween, and Lord C for bringing in the most
      reliable Crazy Taxi Info-to-date.  Visit Kenshin's World of Crazy Taxi
      at http://come.to/crazytaxi.
    * Offspring and Bad Religion for dedicating their albums and/or
      soundtracks to help AM3 create a Generation X, Alternative Music
      Video Gaming Environment through a crazy driving manner.
    * http://www.sega.co.jp for confirming the soundtracks used in Crazy
    * Axel McDermott, Joseph "BD Joe" Blackson, Gena Turner, and Gus Mancini
      for their commitment to get customers at their destination the quicker
    * Kao Megura for being the first FAQ Author
    * Great Odyssey at Naperville for the stand-up version
    * GameWorks and Enchanted Castle for the sit-down version
    * The Naomi Board for making Crazy Taxi an affordable game to stock
    * Richard Uyeyama for catching an error on my copyright and for
      mentioning a good chunk of Crazy Taxi Webpages.
    * Rex for two additional Destination Stops
    * http://www.tcp.com/~prisoner/taxi/game.html for (AT LAST) an English
      Language version of a great Crazy Taxi Page!
    * Kenshin for being able to open up an English Version of his already
      impressive World of Crazy Taxi
    * Finally, myself for giving Al Amaloo my seal of approval to mirror
      this FAQ.
    This document is dedicated to the loving memory of Princess Diana of Wales
    and Fashion Designer Gianni Versace.  We need to stop destroying people
    for a stupid reason right now.
    This Electronically Published Document is copyrighted (c) 1999 Mark Kim.
    All Rights Reserved.  This document is protected by applicable copyright
    laws and international treaties.  Unauthroized reproduction, retransmission,
    and/or a breach of copyright, partial or full, may result in civil and
    criminal penalties and is subject to maximum punishment and prosecution
    to the highest extent possible by law.  This document is the sole property
    of Mark Kim.
    Crazy Taxi (c)1999-2000 Sega.  All Rights Reserved
    The songs are respective copyrights of its respective artists.
    Crazy Taxi has been created by Sega in respect to all copyrights as no
    infringement was intended.

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