Review by wolverinefan

"Solid arcade port"

Well there isn't a story at all in this game. The game doesn't really need a story but a story would have made it interesting. I give story a 0/10

The control is okay but some of the special moves are hard to do. Sometimes your car won't go when you hit the gas and sometimes it acts like you are holding the brake down. Sega should have fixed these problems. I give control a 7/10

Voice Acting, Sound Effects and Music
Why couldn't Sega give all the characters different voices. Most of the characters use the same voice and it gets old fast. Sound Effects are good and fit everything well. The music is the best thing about this game. The soundtrack has a couple Offspring songs and it fits the game well. Sadly the music is also one of the main problems, there are only 3 songs and they get old VERY quick. I give voice acting, sound effects and music a 8/10

Game Play
You have to race around the city picking up people and taking them to where they want to go to get money. You get more money if you pull off tricks and cut in front of cars and if you get them to their destination fast. Sometimes your car will get stuck and buildings. You can't hit people and when you flip cars over they will magically flip right side up later on. Most of the people want to go to the same places and it gets really boring go back and forth when you have a HUGE city to explore. There are 2 cities to choose and 4 modes for each city. There is also 4 characters to play as a some mini games but the mini games are on the crappy side. I give game play a 8/10

Replay Value
A lot of fun and will last for a couple weeks but will get boring after awhile and then it will sit there collecting dust till your bored and play it for a couple more hours. There isnt a 2 player mode but you and a friend can think of some games to play together like see how many people you can "run over" and see who runs over the most but that can also get boring. If you can think of fun little games you and a friend can play like the one I mentioned then the game will last you longer. I give replay value a 9/10

Final Score
I give Crazy Taxi a 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/10/07

Game Release: Crazy Taxi (US, 01/24/00)

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