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"Not exactly being a London Cabbie but never-the-less..."

We do it when we're going out on the town, we do it when we're going to work, heck we even do it when we just quite simply can't be bothered. What is it? Call a taxi o' course! But what we don't realise is that there's another side to taxi driving... a dark side... you could even call it... the CRAZY side.

Graphics: 9

What can I say? It's Dreamcast so there's bound to be great graphics. In this though, you're travelling at whip-lash inducing speeds, and the amount of detail that's surrounding you as you're ragging the taxi around is superb. You'll drive past the KFC, notable of course for it's big red initials, you'll drive past Pizza hut, again, noticeable by it's huge logo, and the beach looks stunning. There's loads of people littered all over the huge cities and yet they still all look totally individual to one another.
Ya see the beauty in this game is that it combines jaw-breaking detailed areas for you to drive around, while not suffering from slowdown at all. It's actually also quite cool watching someone else playing the game. Sure you're not playing it, but it still looks cool either way.

Gameplay: 7

Now everyone who played this in the Arcade loved this game. Why? you're raciung around at break-neck speeds trying to do your best to drop off passengers within a time limit so they pay you a good fare... the sad thing is that that's it. there's only two levels, so repetitiveness soon comes into play. And each time you play a city the people are located in the exact same places which again doesn't add much variety.
There are bonus games but they are pretty short affairs. Burst balloons, reach targets wihin a time, pretty basic stuff, but they're a alternative to the one player game.
I have given it a moderately high 7 however because Crazy taxi in short bursts is brilliant stuff. You're just dying to take that passenger to the heli=port in time, but do you take the highway or use the short-cut through the side-streets? Again, it becomes repetitive but not if you play in short bursts.

Sound: 5

The SFX in this game are excellent. other cars wil beep you if you're in their way, the passenger will shout at you if you crash too often and the bumps and crashes are, well, realistic enough i guess.
So why the hell do they have to ruin these SFX with awful tunes? Sure, some people like Off-Spring and crap like that but not me. I think it's awful music to listen to while you're playing a game like this. If i were you, just trun the music volume down. If you do that, the score for Sound becomes a 8. the music really is THAT bad.

Lifespan: 6

Not much to do after you rack up some really high scores... a few bonus games here and there, and quite a hefty amount of secrets to find too, but this doesn't disguise the fact that this game is an incredibly short one with not much variety at all to think of.

Overall: 7

An excellent game if you don't have much time on ya hands, but oo much time and this will be complete within a day or two. really. It's that... not so much easy of a game, but just short of a game. Dissapointing in terms of variety but hey it's quite original don't ya think? :)

Buy or rent?

definitely rent. if you do this, you'll complete the game without getting wound up that you paid top price for it instead.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/30/00, Updated 11/30/00

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