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Reviewed: 12/19/00 | Updated: 12/19/00

The only downfall to this game is...hmm...

Finally the king of driving sims is here. It's Crazy Taxi. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll never want to stop playing. Is it worth shelling out your hard earned bucks? How dare you even ask that, of course it is.

Graphics - 10
Can a driving sim be this real? I think not. Well, ok, so a taxi cab can't take on a semi in the real world and win, a bicycle can't go 45 miles/hour in reverse. But, realities never been this much fun. You have your choice of 4 taxi cabs each with it's own distinctive features. Some are hardtops, some are convertibles, there's one that looks like it came straight from the 70's. But all cabs have a driver that goes with it and a customized license plate. The cabbies look real enough and so do your patrons. The buildings, the environments, the various types of vehicles all look life-like.

Sound - 10
Everything is authentic. The stretching of tires, patrons calling at you to pick them up, customers screaming at you if you're not on time. Oh the cabbie life. The background music is even great, fits really well with this games fast paced gameplay.

Control - 10
Ask anyone who's ever played a game and they'll tell you, good control is a must. I think this game fits that bill really well. This game has what seems to be the Dreamcast's default car configuration. Right shoulder is to accelerate, left shoulder is to brake and the analog (or d-pad if you prefer) is to steer. Of course there are other controls like A is the put the car in forward, B is reverse and X is to check out your destination and your distance from it.

Replay - 10
Actually, I would give this game somewhere in the 20's range it's so damn fun. The one thing that would boost this games replay, 2 player. But, it's perfect as is. This game has a very simple goal, pick up a passenger, follow the green arrow at the top of your screen (shows you which we their destination is) and try to get them top the drop-off point (highlighted in green) as fast as possible. Anything goes, detour throw a one-way (going the wrong way I might add) sure, you can do that. This concept is so cool, why didn't anybody think of this earlier?

Overall - 10
A perfect 10. This is a must have for anyone with a Dreamcast. If you see this game on any shelf, do not hesitate; buy it then and there (you'll thank me for this one). This is the best driving sim period.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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