Review by Doodleheimer

"Who knew being a cabbie was so much fun?"

Game Play-10/10

The game play in Crazy Taxi is very unique. You go from place to place dropping people off as fast as you can. Sega made Crazy Taxi the most addictive Dreamcast game without anything to unlock, and that is a very hard title to accomplish. Crazy Taxi gets repetetive after a while though. You start to know where everything is, where the people you pick up want to go even before you pick them up. But, that actually makes Crazy Taxi more addicting in a way. The new original course evens that out a little bit. The Crazy Box option balances it out a little bit also, but it does not help much. Of course, I do not think that Sega could have put in a more addicting mode to Crazy Taxi.


The sound effects in Crazy Taxi rule. The crashing and the revving and the brakes are just excellente. The character's voices can get repetetive though. The music in Crazy Taxi is good, but there are like only three songs. And when you continuously play Crazy Taxi, the songs can get really annoying, really fast. I like the band Offspring, but their music can get really repetetive at times.


The graphics in Crazy Taxi rule. Everything in the Crazy Taxi world is detailed, from the cars to the people right down to the stores. The stores look exactly like their real-life counterparts. Too bad you cannot go in the stores though. I just cannot wait for the 256-bit systems to come out. The animation in Crazy Taxi is just so fluid and seamless, I could not believe my eyes. But, I also knew that I was not really driving a Taxi. I sit too far away from the television.

Overall-10/10 (Not An Average)

At twenty dollars, Crazy Taxi is a must. The only problems with Crazy Taxi are the replay and the music. Shell out twenty bucks for Crazy Taxi today. Trust me, it is worth it. I have not been able to put Crazy Taxi down, and if you play Crazy Taxi, you will not be able to put the controller down either. Sega continues to make addicting, unique games, which is just another one of the perks of owning a Sega Dreamcast.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/30/00, Updated 05/20/02

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