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"It's all I want!"

There aren't that many games I can truly call a pleasant suprise. Usually when I have a nasty hunch about a particular game, it ends up turning out that way. Sometimes though, I do get suprised. These glorious occasions are few and far between, so I try to treasure them as much as I can. What on earth does this have to do with my review of Crazy Taxi? Well... everything.

''Sega genious at it's finest''

When I first heard of Crazy Taxi, I figured it was just another gimmicky mainstream arcade game. Everything just seemed to scream ''GIMMICK!''. I mean, the whole theme of the thing (driving like a bat out of Hell, dropping people off at the handy-dandy Pizza Hut or KFC) just seemed like it was aimed towards the mainstream crowd, and when I heard the soundtrack (Offspring and Bad Religion), I figured it's fate was sealed. My brother played it, and loved it, but I just laughed, and thought he was getting sucked into this obvious vehicle for mainstream gamers quarters.

Then I heard it was coming out for DC, and I was startled by the hype over it. Who on earth should care a lick about this game? Then I finally got around to playing it... and now understand why.

Crazy Taxi is Sega arcade gaming at it's best. The only question is... why? You'll soon find out.

''I can't drive fifty-five!!!''

The whole point of Crazy Taxi is pretty old-school: to get the highest score. Pick one of four taxi's, and get on out on the street and get some customers! You pick someone up, and drop them off at wherever they may want to go. Do it quickly, you make big bucks. Take your time, and you won't even get paid. That's all. Simple huh?

Of course it's a bit more complicated than that... you have a huge city to tool around in, and the citizens ain't exactly to sympathetic to your cause. Be prepared to throw that book on defensive driving out the window, and the more timid of you need to take a step back, because Crazy Taxi is definitely aimed for you black tar adrenaline junkies; The ones that live for white-knuckle, blazing arcade action; the ones like me.

''Not the best on the DC, but not the worst''

I really can't say much about CT graphically... the character models are a bit blocky (but the car models look good, and that's the more important aspect), but textures are smooth, and the frame rate usually flows at a good pace... usually.

Sometimes there's simply too much going on the screen, so CT will slow down sometimes, but it doesn't affect gameplay, nor does it happen often, so it's not too much of a problem.

''Where's my shotgun...''

Ok, I may not be a fan of Offspring or Bad Religion in real life, but they are very fitting for this game, and the music sounds good with the havoc happening on screen. However, there are only four musical tracks to choose from, so it may grate on some people.

''It's all I want!''

Crazy Taxi is an excellent example of the kind of ingenuity that Sega can muster when they try to. Simply put, Crazy Taxi is a wonderful game, and further proof that Sega is the master of their trade.

Any game which involves driving, and Pat actually likes, is one that everyone should look into.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/24/01, Updated 02/24/01

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