Review by Nukem

Reviewed: 02/26/01 | Updated: 03/06/01

Another sega instant classic!

Ok by now you've probably heard of the greatness of this game. Well all the hype is right. This game is awesome, though at first you may think it's a SF Rush Wannabe, but you'll be pleasently suprised. This game is all arcade, but it's just so great, it's scary... The game is a definate buy.

Graphics: 9.5
Well let's start out with the bad, even though there's almost none, well, to start with the game does have it's occacional frame rate drop, but it's not just 10FPS it's about 20... or more, but of course this is VERY rare. Also there is some pop-up in the original track and almost none in the arcade mode (if any).. Now for the good. The graphics are crisp and everything is highly detailed. There are a ton of different little things everywhere, it really shows that some work was done on this! Also the traffic, you seldom encounter 2 of the same cars, with exeption from: other taxi's, Gas Trucks, 18 Wheelers... and I believe that's it.

Sound: 9
The sound is wonderful, but WAY too repeditive! There are only 4 in-game songs by The Offspring and Bad Religion (2 GREAT bands), but you be likly to be playing for atleast 15 minutes a game, and by then you've heard them 10X over.. Also the cabbie's are very repeditive, the passangers aren't as bad. But the acting is good, except that the girls have a little too high pitch voice, it sounds like they had one person for all the passangers and just threw the wave file into a recording machine and changed it to sound different..

Gameplay: 10
One word explains it: Crazy. This game is a definate play-non-stopper... When you first play the game seems very dull and boring but after you get into you find that there are many moves to do, short cuts to take, and people to pick up. The game is very hectic and fast, 60FPS fast! This game is the gameplay master! also there are 2 tracks so once you master one, it's on to the next! And there is also 4 cabbies to choose from that all have different strengths and weaknesses. Also there was a crazy box mode that was added to improve your skills and unlock the taxi bike (which I think sucks).

Replay: 10
No questions asked, this game is all about replay and gameplay. The simple concept is what makes this game a winner. Your always trying to beat your own best score or even better you friends best score. And seeing that there's 2 memory card slots you and your friend could use your memory cards at the same time even with one controller... Even after you get the crazy liseance (the highest, $20,000) you can still continue playing to beat your score, the only let down, there is no super secret 3rd city :(


Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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