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"Let's go make some crazy money"

I was kinda skeptical when my friend first told me of this game (our arcades here are poverty stricken). A taxi sim? Well I bought it, popped it into my Dreamcast, and didn’t stop playing for two days. This game is way too addictive. Once you have gotten sick of the 2 large levels, there are all sorts of challenges to complete. Crazy Taxi is fast, damn fast. It constantly runs at a nice 60 frames per second. This game has nearly everything you could want in an arcade ‘racer’.

Graphics: 9

Amazing. Well, most Dreamcast visuals are amazing, but this one manages to capture it all at an amazingly fast 60 frames per second. Theres no slowdown to speak of either. The taxis themselves have been modelled brilliantly. Backgrounds are great (there are some familiar locations such as KFC and Levi’s), although there is a little popup. Pedestrians and passengers are also modelled quite well. Overall, graphics are great.

Sound: 9

I don’t normally like The Offspring (especially now, they were once likeable) and Bad Religion, but their music adds a lot to this game. All other sound effects are great, such as tire screeches, pedestrian screams and the ever lovable sounds of crunching metal. Voices are great too, especially when the customer is giving you trash talk. All sound is clear and crisp, so no muffled crud here.

Story: ?

There is no story to speak of, you just pick a driver, jump in a cab, and make as much money as you can.

Gameplay: 9

Awesome. Pick a driver (each with different advantages and disadvantages), then make as much money as you can. There are all sorts of different customers, ones with short journeys, ones with long journeys, ones that are in a hurry, high tipping customers and so on. The city is massive too (San Francisco by the way), capturing several recognisable locations. All the good points of this game work together to make it a near perfect package, with great graphics, sound and gameplay.

Lastability: 8

Probably the most addictive game there is, but once you get over that (it takes a while), theres not too much left. There is, however, a few features exclusive to Dreamcast, such as the extra level, and those challenges in the Crazy Box. Once they are all done with, there isn't much left to do.

Overall: 9

Sometimes I believe the review format of this site doesn’t allow me give all games justice (really would love an IGN-like system, but this does the job), because this is deserving of 9.4 or 9.5. I tend to disagree with some people that this is the best Dreamcast game (theres so many gems on this system, but my personal favourite is Code Veronica), but it is among those top few.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/03/01, Updated 03/03/01

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