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"The craziest car game ever!"

Do you need a reason to buy a Dreamcast? Okay, heres two words: Crazy Taxi. Crazy Taxi is possibly one of the best video games of all time. It is very simple and easy to pick up on. To start with, you choose one of four drivers(they each have a unique taxi).

Soon, you are crusing through the streets of a comic mock-up of San Fransisco. Since you're a Taxi driver, you're mission is to pick up people and take them to a given destination. Along the way, you can earn extra money by performing stunts that entertain or scare your passanger. The most common things you can try are smashing into a wall or another car, or going at top speed to a down hill mountain so you fly off. Once you get your passanger to where they want to go, they show you the money. Then its off to another passanger. If you drive too slow or don't get the passanger to their destination on time, they will jump out of your taxi without paying you a dime. After dropping off a guest, some time is added to your total timelimit. When its up, its game over. Afterwards, you are evaluated based on how much money you made.

What is unique about Crazy Taxi for Dreamcast to it's arcade version is the orignal mode. After you've played the arcade mode so much that you memorize where every person wants to go, you should move on to this unique mode. It has a completly diffrent layout so you get twice the fun for your buck. If you really want to be an expert at Crazy Taxi, you have to learn all of the moves like the Crazy Boost. To accomplish this, select the Crazy box. All of the Crazy Box's minigames are designed to teach you a move, like braking. After that is all done, you can just sit back and get crazy.

Gameplay-Crazy Taxi is one of the most well-designed and addictive games I have ever played. Besides driving around and causing havoc, you can try to make a personal record of your best score. One things for sure though, you will be spending weeks in your room with this. 10/10

Audio/Video-This game has a really ''hip'' soundtrack featuring some appropriate music by the OffSpring. Since this game is for Dreamcast, the graphics are in buetiful 128-bit glory. They did a very nice job here of the animations of citizens running away from your taxi. 10/10

Replayability-To me, this game is never going to get old. It is very fun to just pick people up and do stunts, then drop them off at their destination. If you are sick of the Arcade mode, play the orignal mode. Its like a whole new game...And after that, sharpen up on your skills in the crazy minigames in the Crazy Box. This isn't going to collect dust soon... 9/10

Controls-Well, we have some issues here. The controls take a little getting used to, but afterwards, they'll be a sinch to you. I don't understand though why they have seprate buttons for forward and reverse. 9/10

I would highly recommend buying this game for your Dreamcast game collect. This game deserves my score of 10/10.

-David Klug

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/09/01, Updated 04/09/01

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