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"Crazy Taxi is Crazy Fun"

I'm going to get straight to the point-Crazy Taxi is one of the funnest games on any current gaming system. Not much games have you flying over building with a priest in the backseat of your car. Or does any other game have that priest telling you that you're ''One hell of a driver'',I don't think so.This is one of the most original,offbeat and fun games ever made for a system. If you ever wanted to fly out of a parking garage into the Original Levi's store,this is your game.

The main point of the game is to get the ultimate ''Crazy Licence'' which proves that you're psychotic enough to drive people across San Francisco. You get this licence by picking up people standing on the side of the streets who want rides to different areas in the city.Some of these areas include KFC, Original Levi's Store, and many other real and fake stores. After picking up a customer,you proceed to the destination as fast and as crazy as possible. There are many ways to be ''Crazy'' like the Crazy through which is when you pass through traffic without crashing into anything.If you don't crash, you get a combo which keeps on raising the money you get for doing it. If you crash,the combo starts again at twenty-five cents.This may sound easy but trust me,it's not. Traffic is spread out perfectly throughout the two cities and you never really get barraged with thirty cars at a time. The game makes it actually possible to get through the cars. Another way to get money,is the crazy move called the ''Crazy Drift''. The Crazy Drift is when you skid around a corner. The longer the skid, the more the money. But this crazy move comes in handy and many shortcuts can be reached easier with it. The last crazy move is the Crazy jump which is when you leap into the air. You get airborne by hitting jumps or roadblocks. This is quite easy to perform but it's hard to find jumps.

There are also different types of people you can pick up. Red and orange mean that the destination isn't far and shouldn't be a problem. Yellow means that the destination is average,and most of the time you should get the fare quite easily. Green means that the fare is quite hard to get and the destination is sometimes on the other side of the city. Obviously, the green pays the most but takes the most time while the red is the lowest paying but takes the least time. These different fares add stragety to the game because you must decide if you need time or money.

Finally, there are 3 different payment styles.The first one is speedy. If you get the customer to the destination in good time, you get a money bonus. The next one is average which means you get the customer to the destination at a medium speed. You get a small money bonus with this.The lowest one is slow. If you drive terribly,you'll get this which gives you a very low ammount of fare money.

The graphics in the game are very good compared to many other titles on the system. The cities look beautiful with pedestrians walking the streets, cars driving to and fro and even colleges with large gates blocking the entrance. Not many other games would pay as much detail to such small things as these. All the characters in the game are cartoonish and fit the game perfectly with all the cartoonish violence and fun. The only problems I had with the graphics is when there were many cars on the screen at once. Slowdown would occor and this would detract from all the action on the screen.The other problem I had was with the pop up. Every time you look in the distance,you can see half a building waiting for the rest of it to appear. While not a major problem, it sometimes can cause problems.

Sound in the game is excellent and is some of the best I've heard in this type of a game for a while. First of all,I'm a fan of Offspring so I really liked the music in the game. The only problem with it was that they repeat the same four songs over and over again. While I didn't find this a problem, I think many other people will.Voices in the game are also great that never detract from the game unlike the horrendous voices in the Resident Evil series. The crashes in the game (and you will hear a lot of them) are also done perfectly with the sounds of scraping metal and smashes everywhere.

Overall, Crazy Taxi is one of the funnest games that has appeared on the system in a very long time. While it's only one player,the game has very good replay value and you will play it for days on end when you first get it. Even after a few months,you still will probably come back to the machine once in awhile for a quick fix. You'd have to be crazy not to at least rent this great game.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/24/01, Updated 04/24/01

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