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"Crazy indeed!"

Crazy Taxi by far lives up to its title. If you have ever wanted to skim between a senior citizens tour bus and a dairy farm tuck, barely avoiding disaster, this is the game for you. Your goal is to take as many customers as you can to their destination within a limited amount of time. To earn a high-class licence, you must rake in as much cash as possible. Allow me to give you a ride into the review.

STORY: No score.
Sorry, folks, this game is empty of any form of story. I don’t blame them, though, considering the fact that a game like this would be quite hard to make up a story for. You can always make up your own story, though. One thing, the game should’ve taken place in one of the states like Mississippi, Alabama or Georgia. I live in the south and I know perfectly well that the state I live in and the surrounding ones (not including Florida) are much crazier than Florida.

The graphics are quite good for a launch game. They are very smoothed out, meaning no nasty polygons or pixels in the way. They are also very high in color and very lush. Basic lighting effects are seen in the game, such as when you drive under a bridge or in the dark somewhere, your taxi cab will be engulfed in shadow. The game takes place in a city in Florida somewhere ... I can’t think of the name, but it’s a real city and it looks almost exactly alike to the real thing. The graphics are highly detailed, too. Cars and other objects look lifelike. The frame rate is strong and keeps a firm grip on things, even when the most intense of action is slamming the screen.

I’ll put my bets on it that you were one of the millions who started screaming, “STOP THE MUSIC!!”. Two different rock groups, Offspring and ... some other one, played the track for the game. They played the same 4 songs over and over and over until you would go nuts. Besides the minor problems with the music, the sound is great. No static is ever heard during game play, so don’t worry. Minor voice action is heard in the game. No lengthy speech - mainly some jabber here and there and some characters yelling at each other. The main sound effects heard are the sounds of smashing vehicles and your engine running like a deranged leopard.

This, my friends, is where the game lacks miserably. Once you finish the game and complete all the special tasks ... it seems ... over. I wouldn’t recommend buying this game as your first Dreamcast title, but you will probably want to get it sometime along the way. Just take your time with it, and see if it is the game for you. You can find it on sale for about $ 20 in most places.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/22/01, Updated 05/22/01

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