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"A unique driving game that will keep you at the edge of your seats."

Sometimes, I say to myself. Is there any game out there that combines a nice gameplay (one that's so fun that you'll play it always) and a sense of uniqueness? I found my answer in Crazy Taxi for the Dreamcast. It's a whole new concept and it's nice to play with. You'll enjoy cruising the entire city picking up and dropping off customers that enjoy your wicked driving style.

Gameplay/Controls (10 pts): In Crazy Taxi, you'll control one of the 4 taxi drivers. You'll then have to cruise the entire city (just like San Francisco) and pick people who needs a ride. Just like an ordinary taxi cab. There are different types of customers. Some will require you to reach a place 2 or 3 blocks away. And some will ask you to go to places kilometers away. But the main concept of the game is free driving. Now, what does that mean? It means that you will be able to use any method available just to arrive at your destination. You can counterflow if you want. Bump into objects like mailboxes and crates. You can run up to the hills and even drive up to long flights of stairs. There are endless possibilities in the game. Plus remember that there's a time limit per passenger. The faster you reach the location, the bigger the fare they'll give you. As for the controls, this game is rather simple. You'll just need the Accelerate and Break buttons. As for the D-Pad, controlling your car will be a cinch.

Storyline (n/a): Basically, this game doesn't a story. Although each of the characters have their own descriptions. It's a different story.

Graphics/Sounds (9 pts): As a driving game taking place in a crowded city, this game boasts the graphics capability of the Dreamcast. You'll see lots of cars and objects, plus the environment is quite detailed. Although at some points through the game, you'll notice some slow downs while playing. It takes places most of the time when you're cornering or there are a lot of cars and objects around. But all in all, the graphics are an eye candy and smooth (when now slowing down of course). As for the sounds effects, they are very cool. You'll hear bumping sounds when you hit other cars or objects and you'll even hear some people scream when you try to run over them.

Replay Value (10 pts): There's nothing more exciting than trying again and go a different route. It really deserves a 10 but I decreased it by one because you can actually memorize patterns in the picking up of customers. But I bet that you'll play this game again and again. You do sorts of things so you'll really end up keeping the game and playing it continuously.

As a conclusion, if you need a unique driving game, this one is surely a best pick. You'll enjoy every moment your character has his/her hands on the wheel. And the excitement is tremendous, your heart will pound during desperate times (running out of time and customers). So, go ahead and buy this game if you have a Dreamcast. It's very well worth it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/12/01, Updated 06/12/01

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