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"Crazy fun or crazy flop? Find out inside!"

Originally released as an arcade title by Sega and then on the Dreamcast, this racer where you deliver passengers to destination in no-holds-barred taxi driving, is now headed to all the other next-generation systems. But, for $19.99 new on Sega’s still-awesome Dreamcast, it is a truly excellent racer…

Graphics – 9/10

The Dreamcast is an underrated graphical powerhouse, even in the face of Nintendo’s ultra-powerful GameCube. The graphics run in high-resolution and almost everything is rendered using polygons. There are no blurry textures or ‘jaggies’ in obvious existence. The cars and passengers are highly detailed and the game usually flies at a fluid frame rate. However, at times, the game does slowdown for brief periods of time when passing through water or over dirt. But, overall, a solid graphics engine.

Sound – 6/10

I was shocked when I heard the passengers using profanities, but I guess that there had to be a reason that the game was rated T for Teen. Other than those particular sound bytes, the voices are amusing. The music is not good, in my opinion. Sound effects are pretty much standard, although in crystal-clear stereo.

Presentation – 8/10

Standard arcade-style menus with text are here, yet are easy to navigate. At the driver selection, you see your driver in full 3D and a drawing of the car. The funniest audio is also at the menus with the insane ‘Crazzzzzzyyyy Taaaaaxi’ menu commentator. Load times are almost nonexistent.

Gameplay – 10/10

The basic gameplay is, to put it simply, addictive. The cars control on a dime (much more responsive than, for example, Flag to Flag Racing) and acceleration and braking take full advantage of the Dreamcast’s unique analog triggers. There are two massive cities with some fictional and real businesses and destinations (such as Kentucky Fried Chicken. But no Chick-Fil-A? Boo!) to take your passengers too. In the ‘arcade rules’ mode, you start out with about a minute and time is added on when you pick up passengers and deliver them promptly. In the ‘minutes’ modes time ticks away no matter what. The Crazy Box games are unique, with such things as Bowling, Parking and Jumping. There are twelve Crazy Box events, ranging from novice to near-impossible difficulty. Multiplayer modes are about the only thing really missing from the gameplay.

Miscellaneous –

Crazy Taxi was designed by Hitmaker, and was originally an Arcade title. Published by Sega, it is also available on the Playstation 2 and will be available for the Gamecube around the time that it launches. It takes up 12 blocks on a typical Virtual Memory Unit and supports both the Jump Pack and VGA Box. A sequel, Crazy Taxi 2, is out for Dreamcast and will come out also for X-Box and Gamecube. Plus, the third in the series, Crazy Taxi Next, is rumored to be heading for the X-Box.

Overall – 8/10

In closing, Crazy Taxi is a great game with a mostly original concept. Sporting smashing graphics that show off the power of the Dreamcast, mixed-quality audio and highly addictive gameplay, the game comes highly recommended for both Dreamcast and Playstation 2 owners. Bring your own CD along though.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/02/01, Updated 08/02/01

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