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Crazy Taxi is a hell of a game that makes its way to the Dreamcast as one of several driving games that have turned into numerous sequels. Featuring four different drivers, each with their own little attributes to them, you race through a city in an attempt to make as much money as you possibly can before you run out of time and the game is over. With a couple of cool modes that will teach you the basics of what you have to do, and a rather interesting physics system that doesn’t allow your car to roll over, Crazy Taxi should be in your Dreamcast library!

-The Game Play -

Crazy Taxi really isn’t that hard to understand. You pick up a person and deliver them to some other part of the city within a specific amount of time in order to continue your game. Depending on the color of the circle surrounding the person, you’ll be able to either make a quick jaunt down a hill or have to haul ass throughout the city and plenty of traffic. You’ll find that the closer you get to other vehicles you get without nailing them allows you to pick up tips through special bonuses, so be on the look out for narrow places you can go for maximum tips!

The best portion of the game comes with the fact that you can totally rack up points by taking some serious risks. While you’re in traffic, if you happen to move through oncoming traffic and not hit anything, you’ll see that your tips increase by a huge amount. When you’re coming to a hill and you see a ramp, your best bet is to take it and make a jump over people and traffic on your way to the next stop. All of these things is what makes Crazy Taxi well worth playing, simply because you can blast over obstacles and get rewarded for it.

Various game modes allow you to learn the different functions of your car and the different things that you need to do during the game. The Crazy Box mode is the perfect teaching impliment that will show you how to perform the slides and the braking as well as the different styles of accelerating to get your customers to where they have to go. Once you’ve completed all of those, then you can try your hand at the Arcade Game, which is what you’d normally play, or a Short Shift, which allows you to get as many customers as you can within a set amount of time.

Control really isn’t a problem unless you have no idea how to drive a stick shift. Unlike other driving games, you move forward for the most part by clicking the shifter on your right into forward and to go backwards, you have to click it down. Now, the trick to all of this is to be sure to click the shifter back into drive before you take off again or you’ll just end up shooting backwards. The more you drive, the easier it will be to take shortcuts and all it takes is a little know how with the steering wheel and shifter to be able to do that.

-The Visuals-

The visuals that you find here are expansive. With a large city at your disposal, you’ll find yourself cruising through a busy shopping district or taking a jaunt through the mall {literally} as you deliver passengers on their way to someplace else. You’ll be able to recognize some actual real-life landmarks in the form of Pizza Hut and otherwise depending on who you pick up, which adds a little bit of realism to this very animated game. The car itself really has nothing special going for it and the only sense of speed that you’ll have is when you’re whipping through traffic at a hundred miles an hour and trying not to crash into anything!

-The Audio -

There really isn’t much to the audio. You’ll have the same sub-servant track accompany you throughout the game and it never does change. Most of what you’ll hear is the customers telling you what a good job you’re doing or what a jerk you are for taking so many risks. Like most backseat drivers, simply put this out of your mind and you shouldn’t have a problem getting through the game, just as you would in real-life. The sound effects make up a small portion of the game, with small insults and quips coming from the driver to the customer and likewise.

-The Verdict -

I really can’t see the addictive quality that this game has on people, but it can be fun the first couple of times through. Once you’ve gotten a good handle on how belongs where, then you can literally cheat and pick up the same person over and over without ever expending your money. The sad thing about that is that it leaves very little variety once you figure out the shorts routes and otherwise, leaving you with a rather average game. Visually sound and game play smart, Crazy Taxi is worth a couple of bucks to pick up for your reckless driving fix!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/01/02, Updated 10/01/02

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