Review by Crazy Bone X

Reviewed: 01/30/00 | Updated: 01/30/00

Watch out for that...OHH...other car!

Crazy Taxi is one unique driving game! Not having played it in the arcade, I wondered what all the hype was about and rented it. I was stunned by the first five minutes of gameplay alone!

The main idea of this game is to go around and drive people to their desired locations within the time limit. With a name like Crazy Taxi don't expect it to be following the rules. Hey, it's no GTA, but it is a fun time. You get to do Crazy stunts and earn extra cash while running red lights and making pedestrians run out of your way.

There are several modes in this game, some of which include the arcade version and a new original version of the game. An added bonus mode allows you to master Crazy moves. In the arcade and original mode you get graded by the person you drove to their location depending on how fast and how smooth of a ride you took to get them there. You also get a final grade at the end of a level.

The graphics and sound are kickin! What would you expect from a Dreamcast game? The graphics don't seem to have any noticeable flaws and the sound is equally good. The people even say, ''YOU SUCK'' if you do a bad job on driving them.

You get to pick one of four characters ranging from an old beer bellied geezer to a ghetto style black guy (sorry if that offended you, but there wasn't any other way to say it). I found Axel to be the best out of them, but that's just an opinion. The controls are different for each character. Some have handling while others have speed. You will get accustomed to them in about five minutes.

You will now go out and buy this game, or at least you should. I bought it and I am satisfied. This has to be one of the best games on the Dreamcast! I would feel guilty if I didn't give this game a perfect score! 10/10.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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