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"The most addictive game I've played in a long time"


Crazy Taxi is a brilliant looking game. From the highly detailed and realistic roads and buildings to the nice looking cars. The graphics play a huge part in making the two cities featured in this game look and feel alive. There are also added effects like sparks flying out of your car which just add to the graphics. The game also runs at a very impressive 60 FPS. In fact, it's very hard to tell any differences in terms of graphics to it's Naomi board Arcade brother. But, there are a few glitches. There is pop-up, but it's slight and won't hinder the gameplay in any way. There is also occasional slowdown, which happens to be unusual considering the fact that it happens even when there isn't a high number of polygons flooding the screen. Both of these problems are far more frequent in the Dreamcast city. But they are only minor nuances and won't leave you feeling a little frustrated - not for long anyway. Overall, the graphics do a fine job of implementing the games traffic polluted enviroment. (8/10)


The sound effects come out clearly making the cars and the actual city sound real and crowded! The cabbie and the passengers exchange words too, whilst the brief conversations may be limited, they do add to the realism.
The soundtrack is a mixed bag, depending on your type of music. If you like rock like Offspring and Bad Religion, then you'll like what you hear as the two bands dominate the soundtrack. 8/10


The aim of the game is very simple and linear. You must choose from four, 'crazy' taxi drivers. And you guessed right, you must drive around town looking for fares and dropping them off to their given destination. To add to the challenge you are given a time limit in which to accomplish this task. The faster you get there, the higher the tip you recieve. Spend too long trying to get there, your passenger will jump of the cab leaving you with nothing. If you do make it in time but still take too long, your passenger will still be displeased. And despite paying the fare, the tip will be low and he/she may also taunt at you by kicking the cab or throwing dust at your face. Sega have licensed some official stores and restaurants to feature in the game, including: Pizza Hut, KFC, Original Levi's Store, Fila Store and Tower Records. The more you drive like a lunatic, you recieve combos which please your passengers and increase your tips. So smashing into phone booths and cars, flying off the 2nd story of a car park and into the street, leaping over peers and jumping over bridges elevated half way in the air help increase your chances of better fare! To add to the madness, you are also capable of doing flying 180 degree spins in the air to please your passengers, and more. Just like the title suggests, this game is indeed 'crazy'. At the end of it, your main aim is to get a high total fare thus a high ranking on the games top score board. And that's it, there is no involving story line or complex mission to accomplish. This game is not about depth, it's all about fun. And that's where the game really excels at, FUN. Never before have I played a game that's been so much fun, let alone so damn addictive! (10/10)


To say that there is a lot to come back for would be a lie.
There is only ONE thing to come back for, and that is the fun. There is an added Crazy Box mode which gives you missions to do and is a bit like a training mode, but you won't be coming back just for that. You'll be coming back for the incredible amount of fun that this game offers. The exclusive Dreamcast city that has been added to the home version of the game also highly ups the replay value. (9/10)


All in all, Crazy Taxi is one of the most addictive games ever made, and is therefore an essential purchase.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/30/00, Updated 01/30/00

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