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"Crazy Taxi is all about having fun fun fun, and if you're not into having fun the don't buy it, but the rest of you fun loving guys read on..."

Crazy Taxi is a very original game and chances are you haven't played anything like it before (the most similar game to it is 'Driver' on the Playstation).

You are a taxi driver and drive people to their various destinations (including Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Fila Shop, The Original Levi's store, and many other real life establishments) in the quickest time that you can. The idea is not to crash into other cars and walls too much, but to weave through traffic (or jump over it with the aid of ramps (!)). By performing tricks and arriving at the required destination faster, tips can be obtained, which are added to your base fare for the journey. The aim being to make as much money as you can without running out of time on a running clock (although bonus time can be earned).

Graphically, Crazy Taxi is just incredible. The first time you play you just won't be able to believe how crisp, smooth, and clear the game looks. The level of detail in the two cities is amazing. Although the other cars in the city look fairly bland in comparison to the finely polished taxis that you drive, this is not noticed too much, infact only when you and the other car stand still is this noticed at all.

The sound is brilliant as you would expect since it features music from hit bands 'Off Spring and Bad Religion'. The sound effects are also great, and the huge amount of speech in the game really makes it come alive.

The gameplay is extremely good. Using the Crazy Dash and limit cut moves, you can make your taxi travel at very fast speeds, although of course, you then have less control of your taxi. There are various other Crazy moves to learn that help you too. The control system is very polished. Another great thing about this game is that there is almost no slowdown. This is amazing considering how fast your taxi can travel along with the incredible amount of detail on the screen at one time. In my game, I for no apparent reason seem to experience regular slowdown only when using the driver Axel and his taxi. However, this may just be a problem with my copy of the game.

The thing I like is that after a collision, the car that you hit will turn up on its side or upside down,and will stay there while you can dish out more punishment. The collisions on intersections are particularly nasty since you may just clip the end of a moving car and send it spinning in to a building! Telephones, boxes, Hot Dog stands and other such objects can also be smashed.

Unfortunately your taxi does not take damage as in games like Vigilante 8, however this doesn't matter when you're having as much fun as I've been having with this game.

Finally, the longevity. This topic is debatable. Some people will say it just offers short term fun. I think however that it will last a long time. There are only two cities and a tutorial type mode but honestly, this won't get boring soon. Each game you have is totally different since there are so many ways to go. The aim is to make a lot of money and therefore recieve an 'S' license. Being good enough to pull that off all the time will require emmense practice.

The main reason it will last a long time is not because of objectives you have to fulfil like an adventure game, but because it is purely fun! It is as addictive as Tetris and I mean that. You will want to have one last go around 50 times before dinner! Just like the desire in Tetris to make more points, here it is about making CRAZY money!

So belt up, get your foot on the pedal and have some crazy fun with Crazy Taxi.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/07/00, Updated 03/07/00

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