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"Woo-Hoo!! Fun games are back!"

Crazy Taxi is a great game and not just because it features songs from one of my favorite albums ( The Grey Race by Bad Religion). In this wild and crazy game you have to ''keep the customer satisfied'' by getting them to their destination as quickly as possible. There's not a whole lot more than that. Drive like a maniac and make the big bucks!
Sega finally did something that has been missing from games for a while: based it on the concept of having FUN! That is what made the first generation of games so great, so it stands to reason that same winning formula should go into a game of the 00's ( or what ever we call 2000-2010). A winner and another reason to buy the Dreamcast.

Graphics=9.4 Smooth, funny, and fun. Sega obviously had a lot of licensing power to get some big names just to make the game more fun ( rushing to Pizza Hut is funny, I don't know why! )Sharp and well animated, even if your drivers seem like rejects from the 80's.

Sound=9.7 Yeah, Bad Religion!! Woo-hoo!! I can listen to my favorite harmonocats belt out some awesome tunes, like 10 in 2010 as if I actually was a crazy taxi driver!! Nicely done; I think there are also some songs from the Offspring as well, who aren't too bad either!! BAD RELIGION, WOO HOO!!

Gameplay=9.0 Driving around like a madman has never been so fun! At times, the car is a little unresponsive but for the most part handles well (especially for driving over grassy knolls and people's backyards!!)

Challenge=8.5 This is not so much a linear goal based game as it is a scoring frenzy. It has that arcade quality that would make you want to shove quarters in if there was a slot to do so!

Overall=9.3 Yee haw--! A blast of a game with a funny storyline and lot of weird characters. If only you could run over people, this would be the ultimate taxi game. How come they are so quick-- and how can they dodge into buildings?? No fair!!! One of the games that justifies paying a lot of money for a silly CD game!!--

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/06/00, Updated 02/06/00

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