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"Crazy Taxi is a smash hit for Dreamcast"

I reserved Crazy Taxi in advance and have finally received it. This game was an arcade hit, although I only played it a few times. I am not a big fan of racing games, but this is no ordinary racing game.

Graphics - 10
The graphics are amazing. The arcade board is completely matched (with the exception of a few minor problems). The city is loosely based on San Francisco and is well done. The buildings look great, the people (passengers, drivers and pedestrians) are very detailed and a surprisingly high polygon count.

Sound - 10
The sound is also arcade perfect. The soundtrack is one of the best ever for a video game. The soundtrack is appropriate for the game. The drivers and passengers have great sound, with good background noises. The passengers also know what is going on, as they comment on your driving.

Gameplay - 9
The gameplay is simplistic and has an easy learning curve, but still takes time to conquer. A beginner can easily get the point of the game and start to play. Still, by playing it often you can learn to do cool moves and crazy combos with you taxi. The controls are very responsive. The mini games help you to learn how to pull of moves. The point was taken off because the game is designed for the arcade console more than the home console.

Replay Value - 6
This is the weakest point of the game. Since it is not a traditional racer, their is no multiplayer option. The mini games and new city are good, but not enough. The original city is a good addition, but is not all that different from the first one in design. There are basically no extra features, modes of play, characters, cars and this is almost a stright arcade conversion.

Final Score - 9
Crazy Taxi is a great game with arcade perfect. The game earns major points for originality, but the lack of added extra features for home, like other games(Soul Calibur & Street Fighter Alpha 3, which have plenty of replay value) keeps the game from being perfect. It is good that they released this game early, but it could have been more. This is a game worth buying and is a great game, overall.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/09/00, Updated 02/09/00

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