"What's crazy is paying $49.99 for this game."

Yes, yes I know. Everyone LOVES this game. And at first, I loved it too. What's NOT to like about it, right? You've got nice graphics, two-cities bounding with life, and a ton of mini-games. Yep, seems like this game has everything... until you own it for 3 days. That's when the true Crazy Taxi shines through. Now I find myself asking ''What's the point of playing this game?'' I've beaten all of the mini-games, and I have gotten a ''CRAZY LICENSE!!!''. What else is left to do? Nothing, that's what. Sure, you can run through it again and beat all of your old scores. But come on! What fun is that? The game just bores me now. I'd say it's a great rental though! But, to sum it up:

Graphics (8/10): Pretty nice! There are some problems here and there, but nothing that really detracts from the overall experience.

Music (2/10): At first, the music was pretty cool. ''Hey! It's Offspring and Bad Religion! Cool!'' That's until you've heard ''All I Want'' for the millionth time. Then it just becomes very annoying. I wish Sega had opted to put the entire Offspring album on the GD-Rom. As it is, you basically have 4 songs with which to listen. And they all become ear-sores in a matter of time.

SoundFX (7/10): Not bad. People will yell at you, cars sound nice when they're turned over, and your customers will even compliment you. Nothing really special though.

Control (9/10): Outstanding! There is a lot of depth to the control and you need quite a bit of skill to pull off all of the different moves the Taxi can do. Anyways, Grade A job all the way by Sega in this department.

Replay Value (3/10): Ick. This pulls the game down to average. It just gets so boring after 3 solid days of playing. But, in the games defense, it was fun while it lasted. Just don't expect it to last too long.

Overall (5/10): It's a decent game. But that's all it is, decent. After the initial ''oohs!'' and ''aahs!'' the game gets very boring and pointless. Don't buy the game unless you have lots of friends who actually care about breaking records and the like.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 02/12/00, Updated 01/13/01

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