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"Fun game but the fun is over way too quickly"

Just by looking at the cover you can tell that Crazy Taxi is just about wild, fun gameplay, and it is...for a few hours. The problem with CT is that it gets old really, really fast.

My first impression of the graphics were that they were mediocre, nothing really stood out much visually. After playing through a PSX racing game the graphics look worlds better. Little pop-up, no pixelization, and none of that N64 blurry stuff. Bottom Line; good graphics but other DC games look better.

Music and Sound:
The music is terrible; I'm no fan of Bad Religion and Offspring so listening to this stuff is torture. The sound fx are better though, you have the standard engine noises and people who comment on your driving skills. It's funny the first few times but it becomes very annoying when you are stuck between two cars and the passenger in the back seat is chewing you out.

For the first couple of hours Crazy Taxi was an excellent, fast paced game. You pick from four different characters, each supposedly with their own strengths and weakness, I really don't see much of a difference between them though. After choosing your driver you then race through the 'mean' streets of San Francis picking up passengers and dropping them off at destinations such as KFC and The Gap. When you pick up a customer you get some time back on the clock and if you get the person to their destination quickly you get bonus time. In order to find the destination you have to follow a green arrow. Maybe it was just me but that arrow was a real pisser at times. It sometimes hangs at left/up or right/up and you won't know where exactly to go. What's worse is that if you make a wrong turn you lose some time, and time is very precious in this game.
Since Sega wanted this to be a fast and easy playable game they have eliminated crashes from the game, a big plus in my book. With this out of the way you can do some really stupid things like crashing into other cars to break through and sliding through ally ways. Speaking of that since you can't crash you can take shortcuts. Too much traffic on the roads? Ride on the beach! Can't find a bridge? Just drive in the ocean! The stuff you can do in this game is wild but unfortunately doesn't get as crazy as Rush.
You have two different cities to go choose from but there is no real goal other than getting as much money as you can before time runs out. It is fun going through the cities, busting through parks and driving through the ocean, but there is no 'point', no objective like 'Make 5,000 dollars before time runs out'. Even worse there is no stage progression, it would have been nice to go to other places, like say, Boston or Washington DC after completing certain objectives, but no you just go through two cities, adjusting the difficulty level and playing until you had enough, which will probably be soon.

It takes a while but the controls handle very well, and you don't crash! The only real problem with the controls happens when you crash into a wall, you have to hit a button to go into reverse gear. Would it have been too much to just assign one button to back up?

Replay Value
Yeah right. This game is like any of the old Atari 2600 games, the games that had 'limits'. Those games had you playing until the time ran out and then that was it. CT is very much like this, you keep grabbing passengers until the time runs out and that's it. It sure is fun for the first two or three hours, but after getting the crazy license (which won't take long) and completing those crappy challenges you are left with nothing to do really. Truthfully I wouldn't mind that much if I hadn't paid 50 bucks for the game. At a price like that you think Sega would have added a league mode or something.

This game is fun but way too short. This was always a problem with Sega arcade ports like Virtua Cop 2 but at least I got that game cheap. This game should be no more than 20 bucks, buy it if you find it cheap, it's not worth full price.

Graphics: 8
Music and Sound: 5
Gameplay: 7
Control: 9
Replay Value: 4
Overall: (This is not an average) 5

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 02/16/00, Updated 04/26/01

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