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"I can't stop playing this "crazy" game!"

When I first saw this game in the arcade I thought ''Cool, that looks fun. So I set down, played it, and loved it. I came home and looked on the internet to see if it was coming out on a console and found out I was about to come out on my recently bought Dreamcast. So I went out and bought it!

Graphics 9/10
WOW! The streets are so alive with people and cars. Everything is sooo smooth and crisp. Most everybody looks differant and the citys are soo huge! I have to give it a 9 cause, the games framerate takes huge dumps and it gets very annoying.

Sound 6/10
Now, dont get me wrong, the songs on Crazy Taxi are GREAT songs. I'm a big fan of The Offspring. Bad Religion is also a great band. The songs on here are really great, it's just that they get VERY repetitive. I mean like theres only like 5 songs. Besides the songs, there are good sounds as far as voices and cars and whatnot.

Gameplay 10/10
Man-O-Man is game fun to play! Its just so fun to drive around dodging cars and getting to places REALLY fast! ON dreamcast it includes a whole other city and alot of challenging minigames. There are 4 very differant drivers you can choose from.

Replay value 9/10
This game is still fun many, many times after you play it. Theres many differant ways you can pickup fares. I can't stop playing it! Its just so easy to pickup and play.

Overall 9/10
This is a must own game, no doubt. If your looking for a game that FUN to play and you can just pick it up and play so easily.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/20/00, Updated 02/20/00

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