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"This is the game!!!"

This is the game to get. The control is simple and easy. And if you don’t like it you can change it. The graphics on this game are amazing. Althoug sometimes they hesitate and cause some problems. The music in this game is very good and sounds good. Offspring and Bad Religion’s type of music does a good job on making this game adrenaline pumping. The game is full of voices from the customers yelling are you to the sounds of you cabbie. The game is an awesome game that rocks. The game is perfect it may have a lack of music choice but what there is is great sounding and fits the games personality. Everything in this game makes it a perfect game that can’t get much better than this. This is a perfect game. No major problems that can’t be toughed out. Sure the game may have a lack of music and sometimes the hesitation may get irritateing but you learn to live with it.


This game feels good. It is a fast paced game. Not like Driver (PS). This is almost like Driver but instead of running from police you pick up customers to earn money. The control of the car is sensitive. It is perfect. The controls are very simple and if you don’t like them you can change them. Personally I don’t like the way they have them set up with the L being the gas and the R being the brake. I like the A being the gas and the B being the brake. The control can be changed in the options menu to satisfy your needs. Everything is simple in this game. No combos or anything to remember. All of the special maneuvors can be done by the touch of a button, which makes the game even easier.


Sound department was a little shabby. Only a few songs from Bad Religion and Offspring. The music is great but not much of a variety. It sounds great customers yelling at you or complimenting you. The only bad thing is that theres not many different songs which makes the game get boring after a while. The game sounds were very good from the tires of your car on the cement to the sounds of your customers yelling at you. The games sound and music department has its ups and downs. Other than the lack of music this game is almost perfect in this department. All of the voices in this game are very detailed and sound great. Although sometimes it may be hard to hear or make out what your customer is saying to you. Its pretty cool how the customer tells you how to get to their destination and your cabbie tells them to sit down and shut up.


The graphics are spectacular. Way better than Drivers (PSX). Sega used the Dreamcasts power to put out the best graphics to date. Nothing is cheesy you can go under water or on top of roofs. The designers did a good job of designing this game. The graphics are sharp and look great the only problem with great graphics is that sometimes the game hesitates for a few seconds and can sometimes mess you up. Theres only 2 different levels of play in this game but their hudge and are full of shortcuts and secret places to mess around at. The levels are all very detailed. All of the stops that you drop your customers off at look great and are very detailed. All of the people in this game are very detailed and look great. Each cabbie has there own way of driving and personality, which makes this game even funner. These are some of the best graphics I’ve ever seen.


You can pick from arcade or original. 3,5,or 10 minutes or play by there rules. Plus there is the crazy box mode where you get to do all kinds of sweet mini games. There are four drivers to pick from all with their own attitude. The arcade mode is sure to keep you bust but once you learn all the special manuvors the game should be a snap to beat but you’ll probably want to do it again. The only problem with this is that the customers are always wanting to go to the same place which after a while makes the game get boring a little faster but also means you know where your going. The games modes are all very nice and long and are sure to keep you exploring for quite some time.


The game isn’t really challenging. The only thing that made me think was I couldn’t get some of the special manevors. Some of them just baffeled me. The game is very easy to get money. The arcade modes are very fun but you need to know how to do some of the special manevors to actually master this part of the game. The crazy box mose is easy in some parts and harder in the others. They depend on what you’re doing. Overall some parts of this game are challenging others are simple. The game should keep you challenged for quite some time.


I normaly dont say this but I would buy it. Read the review you decide. I really like this game and it’s worth almost any amount of money. This game is one of the best Dreamcast games available and it’s sure to provide hours of fun. Try it I’m sure you’ll like it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/21/00, Updated 08/14/02

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