Review by KindredWarr

"I never thought I would ever be this addicted to a game."

First off all, I'd like to mention I do not like racing games at all (more on this in the
gameplay section)

Graphics/Environment: 10
Absolutely great. The city in this game looks so much like a real world city it's
unbelievable. Not to mention this city is freakin' huge!! One other thing that makes this
game so great is it's so life-like. I mean there are people every where, car's every where,
all types and sizes. A Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Tower Records, Levi, the list
goes on and on of real world stores that exist in this game. Some may think it's a blatant
plug, but in my opinion it just ad's to the realism.

The individual character models are great looking also, a priest needing to hurry to the
church, a pregnant woman wanting a quick ride to the hospital downtown, even a crazed
baseball fan wanting a quick ride to the baseball stadium.

There are 4 different car's to choose from, each of them look great and very different
from one another. There are also a lot of different looking car's in this game that you
pass up (or depending on how Crazy you are, crash into) while your taking your
passengers to their requested destination.

The only problem I found so far was while playing as Axel, the game has some slow
down, I don't notice this with any other drivers though. This could be my copy of the
game though. I'm hoping it's not how ever.

The sound's in this game are great!! Lot's of speech from Crazy Town citizens yelling
“Taxi” even some of them yelling “Hey you need to pick me up!!” if you pass them over,
heck even talking while you drive them around. Some times it can be annoying, but it
does add to the game especially when they get mad at you for being a lousy driver. The
sound's of your car are also pretty realistic, when crashing into things, the sound of your
engine, and the screeching of your tires are all done realistically.

I love the music in this game. Offspring and Bad Religion provide background music
while you drive like a nut. My only problem here is that there are only 2 songs from each
band. Granted those songs are fairly good and get easily stuck in your head, it would've
been ten times better to hear more songs from each band. By the way, I suggest checking
out the music video from Offspring's “All I want” the song goes great with the video
game footage they used.

GamePlay/Control's: 10
This game is great, just pure fun. As I mentioned earlier I don't like racing games at all.
This game isn't exactly a Racing Game, but when you strip away the city and all the
people, it's basically a Racing Game. And I seriously don't like those kind of games, but
I am honestly addicted to this game. It takes a fairly long time to perfect your game. Get a
good route and figure out which passengers are the best to pick up. This game is heavy on
the replay value, some may get sick of it easily, but I find it very fun to play over and
over. Trying to beat your previous record and get the most money!

There is also a set of mini-games for your playing pleasure. These games can be very
but can all be beaten, they also helped me learn how to play the game
better, and learned how to do the special techniques that will help you drain your
passenger of more cash.

As for the control's, it takes a while to get used too, but soon enough they feel like they
were made for your hand. Just be sure to stop playing when your hand start's to
first your hand won't hurt..but the more you get into it, your hand will start to begin
hurting a lot. My only complaint here has to be the fact your hand will start hurting, and
be prepared to buy a new controller due to wearing out the Right shoulder button.

Rent or Buy? Buy this game, it is loads of fun and easily addictive

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/02/00, Updated 03/02/00

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