Review by K0LDSTeeL

"Very fun, very crazy!"

One of my first Dreamcast games I got (well since I was celebrating my birthday on the 24th, even though its on the 31, I got my DC then). One thing is that this game is really crazy. Its also a very good arcade port of the original, almost true to it, almost. One thing I don't like is that the people run too slow to the car, so stop as close to them, just a tip.

Graphics 9/10
This game really shows that the Dreamcast is a really powerful machine for games. It does slow down when you have a bunch of cars and people on the screen at once. Very little pop-up going on here, which I hate pop-ups. The cars in the game (yes, even the traffic) are very detailed and the people are too.

Sound / Music 8/10
Very good voice acting, especially when the pedestrians curse at your crazy driving. The music is pretty cool at first, but gets old after a while, so after that, just turn the music down.

Control 9/10
Very responsive control in a game. The car turns when you want it to turn. The thumb pad on a DC is really responsive. But one thing is that when the game slows down, it gets really frustrating to control the taxi.

Gameplay 8/10
Hey, it might be an arcade style game, but that's what their for, a very good thrill in a short amount of time. Thats the number one reason I like arcade style games, just try to beat your score.

Challenge 9/10
It gets quite challenging as you turn up the diffilculty. The cars get faster and the people want to get to their destinations quicker. Try getting a high score on the highest diffulculty score, or try beating one of the employees at EB's score of 23,000.00

This is a really fun game to play for a quick thrill.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/27/00, Updated 03/27/00

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