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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CZalenski

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/18/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    D2 FAQ v1.0 
    Written on: 7/18/01
    Legal Disclaimer
    This document Copyright 2001 Chris Zalenski
    If any part of this FAQ is reproduced or redistributed ANYWHERE else other 
    than www.gamefaqs.com, I can, and will, press charges for plagiarism.  If 
    you would like permission to use my FAQ, email me at myassisdragon38@go.com 
    or alienboy3001@aol.com
    Table of Contents
    3.Hunting Animals/Taking Photographs
    4.Walkthrough (Discs 1-4)
    5.Gameshark Codes
    1. STORY
    Ok, I took this from the instruction manual because I was too lazy to write 
    one on my own.
    Canada, Christmas 2000....
    In the skies over Canada, Laura's plane has been hijacked by terrorists.  The 
    plane is filled with screams, shouts and fear as the hijackers terrorize the 
    passengers and crew.  In one of the seats a black robed magician gazes into 
    a crystal, chanting the phrase "Shadow, the final destroyer."  Mysterious 
    Laura's compact begins to glow.  A vision of a meteorite hurtling towards 
    Earth is reflected in the mirror. Suddenly the plane is struck by the same 
    meteorite that appeared in the vision, and falls towards the frozen tundra 
    In the middle of a raging blizzard, Laura opens her eyes to find herself inside 
    a mountain cabin.  She was saved by Kimberly, one of the passengers of the 
    wrecked plane.  10 days have passed since the crash but Laura can remember 
    nothing, not even her name.   
    BEDS - Press the A button to sleep in the bed and recover H.P.
    CABINETS - Stand in front of cabinets to open them, some useful items may 
    be inside.
    TABLES - Approach tables, if there's an item, press the A button to pick it 
    up.  Press the Y button to look around, there may be other items scattered 
    OTHER PEOPLE - Kimberly moves around the room.  There are times when she will 
    be walking or making coffee etc.  Approach her and press the A button to speak.
    DOORS - Approach doors and press the A button or the analog thumb pad to go 
    NOTE: Inside of buildings you can only move predetermined paths, outside 
    however, you are able to roam wherever you want.
    MOVING - Use the analog thumb pad to move around.  How fast you move is 
    determined by how hard you press the analog thumb pad.  Use the pad + the 
    Y button to view the surrounding area.
    ITEMS - When you approach an item, Laura will automatically zoom in on it.  
    Press the A button to pick it up.
    INVENTORY - While in the field, press the L button to display the item menu 
    in the bottom left of the screen.  Use the analog stick to toggle through 
    your items.  By pressing the R button in the field, you can display the weapons 
    menu in the bottom right corner of the screen.  Use the analog stick to toggle 
    through the weapons menu.  Press the A button to use an item, or to equip 
    a weapon.
    Once Laura has obtained gasoline, she will be able to use the snowmobile.  
    To ride the snowmobile, walk up to it and press the A button.  While riding, 
    press the R trigger to accelerate and the L trigger to brake.  Use the analog 
    stick to steer.  Press the Y button to reverse direction.  To get off, press 
    the L trigger until the snowmobile comes to a complete halt and press the 
    A button.  
    When a monster attacks you, the game changes to a first person perspective 
    and whatever weapon you have equipped you will be using.  Aim using the analog 
    stick and shoot with the A button.  You can change your weapon while in battle 
    by using the weapons menu.  Your health gauge is displayed at all times during 
    a battle.  Save often because if you die you will start at your last saved 
    In the field, your character will encounter four different types of animals: 
    Caribou, Moose, Hare and Snow Grouse.  Use the Rifle to hunt animals for meat 
    (the amount of meat obtained depends on the size of the animal).  You can 
    select the rifle from the weapons menu.  Meat will automatically be placed 
    in the Portable Cooker.  Select this item from the item menu.  Meat recovers 
    H.P.  Hunting results will be recorded.  It is possible to view them from 
    the status screen.
    It is also possible to take pictures.  Display the item window and select 
    the camera.  The photo screen will now be displayed.  Use the analog stick 
    to aim the camera, and press the A button to take a picture.  It is possible 
    to view the photo and add a caption from the status screen.  
    Note: Throughout the game there are extremely long cut-scenes.  When these 
    are going to happen, I'll refer to them as LONG Cinemas. You can skip them 
    by tapping the B button twice.
    DISC 1: Lost Souls
    You begin by awaking in Kimberly's cabin.  LONG Cinema.  When it's over, go 
    talk to Kimberly, then go to the cabinet the acquire the machine gun.  On 
    the table there is a first aid spray.  Head to the door and go outside.  
    Cut-scene.  Once you learn how to use the rifle, walk around to the back of 
    the cabin to find a grenade.  Head to the stone cabin (look on map to find 
    out where it is).  On the way pick up a grenade by the abandoned tractor.  
    Once inside the stone hut, pick up the first aid spray on the table.  Examine 
    the phone, the cabinet that's locked, the picture and the e-card machine.  
    Walk outside and walk onto the hut's roof for a grenade.  Walk back to 
    Kimberly's cabin.
    Walk over to Kimberly and wake her up.  She'll give you the key for the locked 
    cabinet in the stone hut.  Walk back to the stone hut.
    Use the key to unlock the cabinet to acquire the magic stick, a grenade, and 
    a tape recorder.  Walk back to Kimberly's cabin.
    Talk to Kimberly, and she'll see your tape recorder.  Theater cinema.  Talk 
    to Kimberly again.  Now leave and walk towards the crash site (check map for 
    On the way towards the plane, you'll find a first aid spray.  When you get 
    to the plane, head inside the main cabin.  Once inside, walk towards the front 
    and you'll find yourself in the first boss fight!  Boss Fight: The unfortunate 
    flight attendant has been zombified.  She'll use her tentacle to attack you.  
    Aim for the butterfly that's circling her, and when she sucks you towards 
    her, shoot her in the head.  After awhile you'll get a cut-scene.  More 
    cut-scenes follow.  
    After you wake up, you see Kimberly's letter.  Head outside to the snowmobile 
    and take the keys.  Walk towards the Mining Compound (check map for location).  
    When you approach the compound, you'll see a truck.  Enter it.  Grab the first 
    aid spray from the dashboard and the shotgun shell.  Examine the steering 
    wheel for a cut-scene.
    Head inside the building.  Turn right to get some shotgun bullets.  You don't 
    know the code for the lift yet, so head outside for a cut-scene and the second 
    boss fight!  Boss Fight: All you have to do is wait for his tentacle to open 
    and blast it's purple center.  Eventually a giant dove bird will fly in and 
    attack him, you keep shooting.  Once the fight is over, take the e-card for 
    a cut-scene.  After you wake up, take the flashlight, the walk back to the 
    stone hut.
    Obviously you use the e-card on the e-card machine.  Inside is a Shotgun, 
    transceiver and a grenade.  You'll also see a number on the inside of the 
    machines door.  WRITE IT DOWN.  This number has an annoying way of changing 
    each time you start a new game, and if you make the mistake of forgetting 
    it, it's a long walk back from the Mining Compound.  When you attempt to leave 
    the Stone Hut, you'll get a LONG Cinema.  After the cut-scene, walk back to 
    the Mining Compound.
    Head into the building.  Use the number you found on the e-machine's door 
    to access the elevator.  Enter the metal door.  You are now officially inside 
    the mine (yay!).  Now that you're inside the mine, you'll have to get towards 
    the 150m sign to reach the exit.  Since there is nothing of use inside the 
    mine, you should follow these directions exactly to reach the exit: Head 
    straight until you can see the 50m sign.  Then head right after passing under 
    it.  Follow this path until you can see the 100m sign.  Go underneath it and 
    keep walking straight.  You'll be able to see the 150m sign, after you head 
    by it walk right to the door.  Go through the door and then walk up the stairs.  
    After you see another door, walk through it.  You will now find yourself in 
    the storage room.  The tool box has a first aid spray.  The Marcus box has 
    a monster that will attack you.  Rony's box contains a shotgun bullet.  Go 
    right to find a pile of gas canisters.  Take one for a cut-scene.  LONG Cinema.  
    Congratulations, you've completed disc 1!
    DISC 2: Journey Into Darkness
    After the cut-scene, you'll be in the Forest Cabin.  From where you start, 
    you can do the following things:  Go to the bed for full recovery of H.P. 
    to the far left.  Go up the stairs for a first aid spray, and left for a grenade 
    and shotgun bullet inside the chair.  In the shelf with the vase, there is 
    a first aid spray and map B.  Go through the door and down the hall to another 
    door that says restroom for a cut-scene that gave this game it's mature sexual 
    rating.  After it's over, speak to Kimberly and she will untie you.  This 
    leads to a boss fight!  Boss Fight: Shoot the green area of tentacles in her 
    stomach and her head.  After you kill her, you get a cut-scene and a LONG 
    cinema.  After that, talk to Kim, then check on Jannie, then talk to Kim again.  
    Then walk next to Jannie and go to sleep.  After you awake, try to leave the 
    room and Kimberly gives you a small key.  Now leave the cabin.  
    Walk past the snowmobile and to the back of the cabin to find a first aid 
    spray.  Ride the snowmobile to Brenner Pharmaceuticals (check map for 
    location).  Once you arrive, head to the far right of the door for some shotgun 
    shells, then head inside the building.
    Next to the door is a yellow machine, access it and Laura will turn it on.  
    Turn the left switch on, and then push the center circle to open the door.  
    Cut-scene.  Head down the hall and turn right into the storage room.
    Walk forward once, then turn right.  Walk towards the shelf for a shotgun 
    shell and a first aid spray.  Walk over to the red door, and you'll see another 
    one of those machines.  The number 7 is written on a piece of paper.  You 
    have to play with the switches until they equal 7.  Press the second, third 
    and fourth key (which count as 4, 2 , and 1), and the door will magically 
    open.  Examine the wall and a number will show up after you press the SET 
    button.  You'll be presented with a six digit number.  WRITE IT DOWN.  You'll 
    be needing it in the near future.  Go back outside to the snowmobile.  Now 
    ride the snowmobile to Kenny's Laboratory (check map for location).  Along 
    the way there you'll be able to pick up a first aid spray and a grenade.  If 
    you're low on supplies, near the tunnel you pass under is a gap in the fence.  
    Inside are two grenades and two first aid sprays.  The door to the laboratory 
    is a small door on the right side of the trail.  
    When you arrive at the lab, enter and approach the gate.  Input the six digit 
    number you recently acquired to open the gate.  Walk forward until you see 
    a large telescope.  Examine it for a cut-scene.  After that, look to the right 
    and see the professor.  Examine him for a cut-scene.  When that ends, look 
    to your left and open the cabinet to get the flame-thrower and ANOTHER 
    cut-scene.  Ride the snowmobile back to Brenner Pharmaceuticals.
    Go into the storage room and use the flame-thrower on the handle on the floor, 
    and head down.  Examine the flora on the shelf, and then the white board at 
    the end of the tunnel for a cut-scene and the end of disc 2!
    DISC 3: Fateful Revelation
    Cut-scene of Parker driving his truck and Laura drops in.  After the cut-scene 
    you'll be at the Musician's Hut.  
    Speak to both Parker and Kimberly.  Then check on Jannie in the bedroom, where 
    you'll also find map C and a first aid spray to your left.  Walk back out 
    to the dining room and check the cabinet in the corner for a grenade.  If 
    you want to see how crazy the musician is, go upstairs and examine the door 
    at the end of the hall.  He's quite the freak.  Now go back down and talk 
    to Kimberly again.  Head to the bed.  Cut-scene.  Once you wake up, talk to 
    Kim and then go outside.  Walk to your left and you'll see an archway.  Pass 
    under it to find a first aid spray, shotgun shell, and a grenade.  Now wander 
    to the back of the hut to find another first aid spray.  From the musician's 
    hut, there are two paths.  The left is blocked by Parker's truck, and the 
    right is where you want to go.  After following this path for awhile, you'll 
    come to a second fork.  Head left.  Down this path is a building that looks 
    half destroyed.  Go inside.  
    Upon entering you get a cut-scene.  When it's over, talk to the Priest two 
    times to get all he has to say.  You now should walk back to the Musician's 
    hut.  Go inside.
    Cut-scene.  Now talk to Jannie.  Now walk upstairs - you can now enter the 
    room where the raving musician was.  Once in the room, grab the shot gun shell 
    and first aid spray from the shelf to your right.  Examine the piano and you'll 
    get a puzzle.  Starting from the left, press the fourth key, second key, first 
    key, second key, and finally the fifth key.  A door opens revealing a 
    passageway.  At the end of the passage examine the far end frame and you'll 
    receive a sub-machine gun and music note key.  Now you have to walk ALL the 
    way back to the Priest's hut to talk with him.  After your conversation with 
    him, head towards Martha's hut (check map for location).
    The door to her house is locked.  Use the music note key to open it and enter.  
    Cut-scene.  Examine the metal tray and she will talk to you again.  After 
    this leave and walk back to the musician's house.  Speak with Kim.  Cut-scene.  
    Walk up to the passageway with the butterflies for another cut-scene.  Speak 
    with Parker.  Walk to the Priest's hut.
    He's dead, how pleasant.  Steal the silver key from his hand and use it to 
    open both cabinets behind him to the right and left.  One contains a handgun, 
    and the other has the time bombs.  Head back to Parker.  
    Talk to him and he'll take one of the time bombs.  Travel back to Martha's 
    house.  Walk in for a cut-scene which leads to a boss fight!  Boss Fight:  
    The sub-automatic rifle you got earlier works wonders on this psycho.  Make 
    sure to kill all those annoying little insects he throws at you.  After the 
    fight, be sure to go inside the house to find a grenade, shotgun shells and 
    a first aid spray.  Examine the dead boss for a cut-scene.  
    Talk to Parker two times, then check the piano room.  Now walk to the stone 
    bride (check map for location).  This is an incredibly long walk, so have 
    a lot of health items with you.  
    When you arrive at the bridge, you can find a shot gun shell by a tree, and 
    a grenade and a first aid spray on either side of the bridge's main area.  
    You get a cut-scene.  This part sucks, you have four freaking minutes to get 
    back to the stone bridge.  Cut-scene.  Talk to Kim in the bedroom for a LONG 
    cut-scene.  Another cut-scene.  Walk back to the snowmobile and ride it to 
    the Musician's hut.  
    When you arrive you get a boss fight!  Boss Fight: To kill this biatch you 
    need to kill the tentacles then blow her head away.  Repeat until you get 
    desirable results (till she's dead).  Cut-scene follows boss fight.  Talk 
    with Jannie, and then walk back outside.  Your present is a cut-scene, a LONG 
    cut-scene, and another cut-scene and the end of disc 3! 
    DISC 4: Shattered Time
    You start at Lucy Parton's labs, who is Laura's mother.  Cut-scene.  Now that 
    you're inside, use that machine that gives you information on 4 different 
    topics.  Listening to all 4 options gives security clearance and a cut-scene 
    which leads to a boss fight!  Boss Fight: Take out the clone tanks, then blast 
    all the multiple faces, then shoot the panels off the machine.  When the panel 
    opens, blast the core.  Cut-scene.  Talk to Jannie for another Cut-scene.  
    Leave the house.
    Look around the outside for two first aid sprays, a grenade, and a shotgun 
    shell.  This is a cool little trick: If you keep resting on the bed inside 
    and coming back outside, all the items will reset.  Since the end boss is 
    coming up, do this as many times as you can.  After that, it's a pretty much 
    straight-forward path to Death Mountain.  Make sure to pick up the first aid 
    spray along the way.  When you reach the circular area, you can find the 
    following items: 2 grenades, 2 first aid sprays, and a shotgun shell.  In 
    the flower valley you'll find a grenade, three first aid sprays, and a shot 
    gun bullet.  Further up the trail is another first aid spray.  When you finally 
    reach the entrance to the cave, the area surrounding it contains a shotgun 
    shell and first aid spray.  Enter the cave for a LONG cut-scene. 
    Press A when he's done.  This is it, the final boss fight! Be sure to always 
    monitor your H.P., this boss takes off a crap load of health every hit.  
    Boss Fight: This boss has different forms.  The shotgun works best on the 
    first form.  The center of his body is where you should shoot.  After a while , 
    you get a cut-scene.  He now makes you blind.  While your vision is still 
    fading, find the center of him and just keep healing yourself and shooting 
    him.  If his bar glows you know you're hitting him. Cut-scene.  Your hearing 
    goes next.  Cut-scene follows.  HEAL, pretty soon you'll hear David's voice.  
    Select your compact from your inventory after he's done talking.  Now use 
    the flower.  Wait.  The boss reacts to it and you get a cut-scene.  You now 
    get to fight his final form.  Use the sub-machine gun and shoot his eyes.  
    After Laura, then Mother Earth speak.  Press A when she says "Now Laura."  
    You are awarded with the final cut-scene, da da da da.  After, if your DC 
    clock is correctly set, a message will be displayed telling you how many days 
    there have been in the 21st century.  

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