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    FAQ/Walkthrough by BCostigan

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    Last Update: February 17, 2004
    Walkthrough By: Benjamin Costigan
    E-Mail Address: crazyicpfan@msn.com
    "This Document Copyright 2002 Benjamin Costigan"
    (If this walkthrough is stolen, sold, plagiarized, I can and will press
    charges! If it is used on any other website besides Gamefaqs, I will
    again press charges. I am not playing around!)
    3.Hints and Tips
    *1. REVIEW*
       D2 in my opinion isn't to bad of a game. The only thing that I can
    say that is bad about it is that, the storyline is very slow and
    sometimes boring. The game has some very good graphics, and the
    landscapes are absolutely magnificent. Here is an overall rating:
                  Controls: 9
                  Gameplay: 7
                  Graphics: 10
                  Sound: 9
                  Replay: 2
                  Overall: 6
       These ratings are in my own express opinion. If you think the game
    is better than what I put it as, do not pay attention to it.
    *2. Controls*
    (This section I had help from Chris Zalenski.)
    BEDS- Press the A button to sleep in a bed to recover hit points.
    CABINETS- Stand in front of cabinets to open them, some useful items
    may be inside.
    TABLES- Approach tables, if there's an item, press A button to pick
    them up. Press the Y button to look around; there may be items that are
    scattered around the room.
    OTHER PEOPLE- Kimberly sometimes moves around the room. There are times
    when she will be walking or making coffee etc. Approach her and press
    the A button to speak.
    DOORS- Approach the doors and press the A button or the analog thumb
    pad to go outside.
    NOTE: Inside of buildings there are pre-determined paths, outside
    however, you are able to roam wherever you want.
    MOVING- Use the analog thumb pad to move around. How fast you move is
    determined on how much pressure you put on the thumb pad.
    ITEMS- When you approach an item, Laura will automatically zoom in on
    it. Press the A button to pick it up.
    INVENTORY- While in the field, press the L button to display the item
    menu in the bottom left of the screen. Use the analog stick to toggle
    through the items. By pressing the R button in the field, you can
    display the weapons menu at the bottom right of the screen. Press the A
    button to use an item or equip a weapon.
       Once Laura has obtained the gasoline, she will be able to use the
    snowmobile. To ride the snowmobile, walk up to it and press the A
    button. While riding, press the R trigger to accelerate and the L
    trigger to brake. Use the analog stick to steer. Press the Y button to
    reverse direction. To get off, press the L trigger until the snowmobile
    comes to a complete halt then press the A button.
       When a monster attacks you, the game changes to a first person
    perspective and whatever weapon you have equipped you will be using.
    Aim using the analog thumb pad and shoot with the A button. You can
    change your weapon while in battle by using the weapons menu. Your
    health gauge is displayed at all times during a battle.
       In the field, your character will encounter four different types of
    animals: Caribou, Moose, Hare, and Snow Grouse. Use the rifle to hunt
    animals for meat (the amount of meat received depends on the size of
    the animal). You can select the rifle from the weapons menu. Meat will
    automatically be placed in the portable cooker. Select this item from
    the item menu. Meat will help your H.P. hunting results will be
    recorded. It is possible to review them from the status screen.
       It is also possible to take pictures. Display the item window and
    select the camera. The photo screen will now be displayed. Use the
    analog stick to aim the camera, and press the A button to take a
    picture. It is also possible to view the photo and add a caption from
    the status screen.
    (Thank you Chris Zalenski for help on that section!)
    *3. Hints and Tips*
    -Always go for the weak point of the creature.
    -Your health is displayed with numbers and colors:
        Green - Perfectly Healthy
        Yellow - Okay
        Orange - Not Healthy
        Red - Danger! Replenish your health immediately!
    -When you're in battle always watch the sides of the screen and watch
    the buttons. When either of them begins to blink, that means the
    monster on that side is going to attack you.
    -This game is very long, so hang in there!
    -FINAL HINT: Don't Die!
    *4. Walkthrough*
    (This is how the walkthrough will work out. I will separate it into 4
    parts. Each part will be on one disc. I will put the walkthrough into
    DISC 1:
    1. Awaken in a cabin with a woman named Kimberly. (Cut-scene.)
    2. After the cut-scene, go and talk to Kimberly by the fire.
    3. Go to the cabinet and grab the Machine Gun.
    4. Grab the First-Aid Spray on the table.
    5. Go to the door and exit the cabin.
    6. There will be cut-scene teaching you how to use the rifle.
    7. Go to the back part of the cabin and grab the grenade.
    8. Continue up the mountain to the Stone Hut.
    9. Go into the Stone Hut. Look around for sprays.
    10. Go over to the desk and notice that there is a phone. Examine it.
    11. You will then notice that there is a Cabinet and a thing called an
    E-Card Machine. Examine those both. You will see you cannot access
    either of them yet.
    12. Exit the Stone Hut and walk back to the cabin to talk to Kimberly.
    13. Kimberly will be sleeping. Walk over to her and wake her up.
    14. She will give you the Key to unlock the Cabinet at the Stone Hut.
    15. Walk back to the Stone Hut.
    16. When you get into the Stone Hut, walk to the Cabinet and use the
    key to open it up.
    17. In the cabinet there will be a Magic Stick, a Tape Recorder, and a
    Grenade. Grab them.
    18. Again, exit the Stone Hut and walk back to the Cabin.
    19. When inside the Cabin, Talk to Kimberly. (Cut-scene.)
    20. After the cut-scene, talk to Kimberly once more.
    21. Exit the Cabin and head to the Crash site. This will be past the
    Stone Hut and take the left path.
    22. On the way you will find a couple of First-Aid Sprays and a Grenade
    or two.
    23. When you get there, go to the Plane and walk inside.
    24. Once inside, head to the front for a Boss Fight.
    25. Boss #1 FLIGHT ATTANDANT: The Flight Attendant is very easy to
    kill. She will attack you with a tentacle that whips you. Watch your
    health. To kill her fast, you have to shoot the BUTTERFLY that circles
    her throughout the battle. Sometimes she will suck you towards her.
    Just shoot her in the before you take any damage from this attack.
    After you get her down to a certain amount of H.P. a cut-scene will
    happen. There will be more cut-scenes until she is finally dead.
    26. You will wake up in the cabin.
    27. Go to the table and see that Kimberly has written you a letter.
    (Small cut-scene.)
    28. Exit the cabin and go to the Snowmobile to take the keys.
    29. Head to the Mining Compound. This place is located past the Stone
    Hut and take the right path.
    30. When you get to the Mining Compound go to the parked truck and
    enter it.
    31. When in the truck, grab the First-Aid Spray and the Shotgun Shell.
    There is also a File in there.
    32. Examine the Steering Wheel. (Cut-scene.)
    33. Exit the truck and head inside the building. Go to the right and
    grab the Shotgun shells.
    34. You will notice that there is a lift; you don't have the code so
    you cannot use it yet.
    35. Head back outside for a Boss Fight.
    36. Boss #2 JANNIE'S GRANDFATHER: This boss should not give you too
    much trouble. Wait for him to open his tentacle. Blast the purple
    center. A giant bird will then swoop in and grab him by the tentacle.
    Still keep shooting at him. After a while he will die off.
    37. After the fight, grab the E-card.
    38. You will again wake up in the cabin.
    39. Take the Flashlight.
    40. Exit the Cabin and walk back up to the Stone Hut.
    41. Use the E-card on the E-card Machine.
    42. Inside there is a Shotgun, a Grenade, and a Transceiver. Grab them.
    43. You will see a number on the door. Write it down.
    44. When you take the items, a cut-scene will begin.
    45. Try to Exit the Stone Hut. When doing this a cut-scene will begin.
    46. After the cut-scene walk back up to the Mining Compound.
    47. When you get to the Mining Compound, use the code on the lift.
    48. Enter the metal door. This is the Mine.
    49. When you enter the mine, begin to walk deeper through. You will
    notice when you are getting deeper by the signs on top of the doorways.
    They will say: 50m, 100m, and 150m.
    50. Go through the door and walk up the stairs.
    51. You will then see another door, walk through it.
    52. This is a Storage Room. The toolbox has a First-Aid Spray. The one
    marked, "Marcus" has a monster in it. Ronny's has a Shotgun Shell.
    53. Head to the right and notice that there is a ton of Gas Cans. Take
    one. A cut-scene will follow, and another one after that.
    DISC 2:
    1. (Cut-scene.) You will begin in the Forest Cabin. Go over to the bed
    to recover H.P.
    2. Go upstairs to grab the First-Aid Spray, the Grenade, the Shotgun
    Shell, and Map B.
    3. In the shelf with the vase there is Map B and the First-Aid Spray.
    On the other side is where the Grenade is.
    4. Go down the hall and to the door that says, "Restroom."
    5. Speak to Kimberly. (Cut-scene.)
    6. After, you will have a Boss Fight.
    7. Boss #3 KIMBERLY CLONE: To kill her you have to shoot the green
    areas of her tentacles in both her head and her stomach. The way that
    she will attack you is by either hitting you, or shooting you with the
    shotgun. Watch your health.
    8. Talk to Kimberly.
    9. Talk to Jannie.
    10. Talk to Kimberly.
    11. Walk up to Jannie again and go to sleep there.
    12. When you wake up exit the room, Kimberly will stop you and give you
    a small key.
    13. Exit the Cabin completely to the outside.
    14. There is a First-Aid Spray around the back. Get it.
    15. Get on the Snowmobile.
    16. Head to Brenner Pharmaceuticals. Take the left path.
    17. When you get there, go to the far right door and grab the Shotgun
    18. Now, head inside the building.
    19. When you are inside, go to the door and look at the small machine
    next to it.
    20. Examine it and Laura will turn it on.
    21. Turn on the left switch and press the circular button below it.
    22. Head down the hall and go into the Storage Room.
    23. When you are in there go up to the shelf and take the items on it.
    24. Walk over to the door that is red and look at that little machine
    next to it.
    25. You will see that there is a piece of paper with the number 7 on
    listed on it.
    26. Press the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th keys to open the door.
    27. When you get inside this area, press the button that says SET on
    the machine.
    28. Write down the number that is listed on it.
    29. Exit the building and get on the snowmobile.
    30. Go to Kenny's Laboratory. (Check the map for the location.)
    31. Pick up the items that are seen along the way.
    32. Look on the right side of the trail for the Laboratory Door.
    33. Enter the laboratory and notice that there is a gate blocking a
    34. Look on the right side if it and input the 6 digit number that you
    had received previously. (Cut-scene.)
    35. Look at the large telescope. Examine it. (Cut-scene.)
    36. Look to the right to the right to see the professor. Examine him.
    37. After look to your left to find the Flamethrower. (Cut-scene.)
    38. Exit the building and take the Snowmobile back to Brenner
    39. Go into the storage room again and use the Flamethrower on the
    frozen door on the floor.
    40. Go down.
    41. Examine the Flora.
    42. Examine the White Board at the end. (Cut-scene.)
    END OF DISC 2!
    DISC 3:
    1. (Cut-scene.) You start in the Musician's Hut.
    2. Talk to Parker.
    3. Speak to Kimberly.
    4. Check on Jannie in the bedroom.
    5. Next to Jannie look in the shelf for the First-Aid Spray.
    6. On the wall grab map C.
    7. Go back in the dining room.
    8. Look in the small cabinet to get a Grenade.
    9. Go upstairs and examine the door. (Cut-scene.)
    10. Go back downstairs and talk to Kimberly. (Cut-scene.)
    11. Go to bed. (Cut-scene.)
    12. Wake up and talk to Kimberly again.
    13. Exit the Hut.
    14. Look around for some scattered items here and there.
    15. Begin to walk downward.
    16. Take the right path till you come to two more paths.
    17. Take the left path.
    18. When you get to a burned down building, head inside. (Cut-scene.)
    19. After, talk to the Priest.
    20. Talk to the priest again.
    21. Exit the building and go back to the Musician's Hut.
    22. Go inside. (Cut-scene.)
    23. Talk to Jannie.
    24. Go upstairs and go into the room. The Musician is gone now.
    25. Grab the Shotgun Shell and First-Aid Spray from the shelf.
    26. Examine the Piano.
    27. This is a puzzle. From the left, press the 4th key, 2nd key, 1st 
    then 2nd key, and finally the 5th key.
    28. Go through the newly opened door.
    29. Go to the end and examine the Frame.
    30. Take the Sub-Machine Gun and Note Key.
    31. Exit the Hut and go back to talk to the Priest. (Cut-scene.)
    32. After, exit the building.
    33. Head to Martha's Hut. (Check your map for location.)
    34. When you get to the Hut, use the Note Key to enter. (Cut-scene.)
    35. Examine the Metal Tray. (Cut-scene.)
    36. Exit the Hut and walk back to the Musician's Hut.
    37. Talk to Kimberly. (Cut-scene.)
    38. Go back to the passage with the Butterflies. (Cut-scene.)
    39. Talk to Parker.
    40. Walk back to the Priest's Hut. (Cut-scene.)
    41. Take the Silver Key.
    42. Open both cabinets behind the Priest.
    43. Take the objects in them.
    44. Go back to Parker.
    45. Talk to Parker. (Cut-scene.)
    46. Go back to Martha's Hut.
    47. Go inside. (Cut-scene.)
    48. Boss #4 TERRORIST: The best weapon to use on this boss is the Sub-
    Automatic Rifle. Shoot at the insects he throws at you. Stay on him
    because, he will move around a lot. Watch your health. He will die off
    sooner or later.
    49. Examine the boss. (Cut-scene.)
    50. Talk to Parker.
    51. Talk to Parker again.
    52. Check the Piano.
    53. Walk to the Stone Bridge. (Check your Map for location.)
    54. When you get there, grab the Shotgun Shell by the tree.
    55. Grab the First-Aid Spray and Grenade on both sides of the Bridge.
    56. Talk to Kimberly. She's in the Bedroom. (Cut-scene.)
    57. (Cut-scene.) Take the Snowmobile to the Musician's Hut.
    58. Boss #5 MARTHA: Shoot the tentacles then blow away her head. Watch
    your health because this boss will take a whole bunch from you.
    59. Talk to Jannie.
    60. Go outside. (Cut-scene.)
    DISC 4:
    1. You arrive at Lucy Parton's Laboratory. (Cut-scene.)
    2. When you get inside, go up to the machine and listen to all four
    topics. (Cut-scene.)
    3. Boss #6 LAURA'S MOTHER: This boss will not attack you at all. Take
    out the clones, then take out the faces, then shoot the panels. When
    the middle area opens up, shoot at it. (Cut-scene.)
    4. Talk to Jannie. (Cut-scene.)
    5. Leave the house.
    6. Look around for two First-Aid Sprays, Grenade, and a Shotgun Shell.
    7. If you keep resting in the bed and go back outside, the items will
    have reset. Do this as many times as you want to.
    8. Go up the path for a First-Aid Spray.
    9. In the circular area pick up the 2 First-Aid Sprays, 2 Grenades, and
    a Shotgun Shell.
    10. In the area with the Flowers, get the 3 First-Aid Sprays, and a
    Shotgun Shell.
    11. Get the First-Aid Spray further up.
    12. At the cave, you'll find a Shotgun Shell and a First-Aid Spray.
    13. Enter the Cave. (Cut-scene.)
    14. Boss #7 DARK GOD: In the first form, use the Shotgun. Shoot in the
    center. (Cut-scene.) He will then make you go blind. Just keep shooting
    at him. (Cut-scene.) You will then go deaf next. (Cut-scene.) David's
    voice will then come in. Select the compact after he is done talking.
    Then use the Flower. (Cut-scene.) This is the final form. Use the Sub-
    Machine Gun and shoot him in the eyes. He soon dies off. (Cut-scene.)
    *5. Credits*
    -I would first like to thank Chris Zalenski. He helped me through this
    guide the most. Also see his guide for D2. Thank you very much Chris
    -I would like to thank SEGA! The Sega Dreamcast will live on!
    -Most of all thank you GOD!

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