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    Game Script by Syonyx

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                                    D2 Game Script
                                      by Syonyx
    Version History:
    Completed December 9, 2003.
    Last updated January 10, 2005.  Capitalized speakers' names for easier reading.
    D2 is one freaky game, full of rich, well-written dialogue.  The story is
    primarily advanced through cinemas and conversations, not all of which happen in
    chronological order.  As a result, it's easy to lose track of different events
    and remember what various characters have said.  This doesn't detract from the
    general enjoyment of the game.  In fact, part of the fun is the constant mystery
    surrounding most of the game's events.  In an effort to help those who want to
    explore these mysteries further, or just go back to see certain conversations
    without re-playing the whole game (don't we all wish we kept more save files at
    one point or another?), I have recorded the game's dialogue and events here.  I
    hope you find it useful, or at least mildly entertaining.
    I do have to say, though, you shouldn't read this if you haven't yet played D2
    but are planning to, because it would spoil the many surprises that await.  If
    you've already played it, or have no plans to play it but want to know what the
    game is about anyway, then read on!  Also, please check out my D2
    FAQ/Walkthrough and Plot Guide, both available at gamefaqs.com.
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    0.0 Opening Movie
    Disc 1
      1.0 Start
      1.1 Learning to hunt
      1.2 The stone hut
      1.3 Music and poetry
      1.4 Crash site
            1.4.1 Interlude: David
            1.4.2 Interlude: Sorcerer
      1.5 Searching for gas
            1.5.1 Interlude: David
      1.6 Meet Linda
      1.7 Confronting a terrorist
      1.8 In the mines
            1.8.1 Interlude: Mother
      1.9 Jannie's story
    Disc 2
      2.0 Start
            2.0.1 Interlude: Sorcerer
      2.1 An experiment
      2.2 Down in the den
      2.3 Pharmaceutical building
      2.4 Observatory
            2.4.1 Interlude: David
      2.5 Down the hatch
            2.5.1 Interlude: Mother
    Disc 3
      3.0 Start
      3.1 Conversations
            3.1.1 Interlude: Sorcerer
      3.2 A fight over Linda
      3.3 The priest's house
      3.4 Martha's story
      3.5 Back at the musician's house
      3.6 Priests' house revisited
      3.7 Larry's last request
            3.7.1 Interlude: Mother
      3.8 The stone bridge
      3.9 Kimberly's story
            3.9.1 Interlude: David
      3.10 Parker's change
      3.11 Jannie returns
            3.11.1 Interlude: Sorcerer
      3.12 Kim's lament
            3.12.1 Interlude: Mother
            3.12.2 Interlude: David
    Disc 4
      4.0 Start
            4.0.1 Interlude: Sorcerer
      4.1 Lucy Parton Laboratories
      4.2 The Xilo project
            4.2.1 Interlude: Sorcerer
            4.2.2 Interlude: Mother
      4.3 Hunting lodge
            4.3.1 Interlude: Mother
            4.3.2 Interlude: David
      4.4 Final encounter
      4.5 A new beginning
    5.0 Epilogue
    6.0 Counting the Roses
    0.0 Opening Movie
                                    Warp presents:
    A man walks alone in the snow during a snowstorm.  Blood splatters in his
    tracks.  He collapses, but is able to get back up and continues stumbling along,
    grunting and groaning.  The blood in the snow changes from red to green as he
    crests a hill.  Over the other side, we hear him moan and yell in agony...
                            _                        ______
                    -===''*`-;___                  ,/    ---`_
                     |           ``-_            ,^          \
                     |       _      `\        _-^  _ _        \
                     |     ^` \     `}       {    (_` }        }
                     |    \    }      |       ' ,  / /        ,'
                     |     \   |      }  ,^,,  ``-) /        /
                     |      \   |     } (~+-)      /       ,;
                     |       \  }     )  `-'      /       /    _
                     |       ,\/     ,           /      ,',_`[]|
                     |              ;         _-'      /-/  -' |
                    _|__  _  _,  ,-'         {_                |
                        `* ^*  ^"              `<--------------|
    Indoors elsewhere, a fire crackles in a fireplace.  A figure in a winter parka
    sits in a rocking chair in front of the fire.  We see she is a young black
    woman.  She holds her head in her hands.   She looks over at a blond woman lying
    in bed, fully clothed, with a cover over her.  She moans in her sleep.
    The night sky, full of stars.  A bright flash appears, which turns into a meteor
    streaking toward the earth.  On the planet, seen from space, a red and yellow
    glow coalesces into some kind of shield, the yellow coating the whole planet,
    while the red starts as a cross shape and curls into something resembling a
    four-petaled flower.  The meteor burns up as it passes through it, but a small
    piece remains and falls through the sky, trailing a tail of fire.
    Typing on a monitor:
                              "Date: Dec 25th, 2000
                               Time: 13:57
                               Location: Over the Canadddddd"
    It is the blond woman typing on her laptop aboard an airplane.  She has drifted
    asleep.  A beep sounds over the intercom, and she jerks awake, knocking a
    compact off her tray and spilling her drink.  She wipes up the drink, and looks
    up to see a small blond girl looking at her from over the back of the next seat
    ahead.  The girl giggles, the woman smiles, and the girl raises up her teddy
    bear to show her.
    A man across the aisle has picked up her compact and says,
    "Excuse me miss, you dropped this.  Wow, it sure is a pretty compact."
    He turns it over and reads the inscription on the back: "To Laura from your
    mother Lucy".
    "You wouldn't want to lose it.  It was from your mother, wasn't it, Laura?"
    Laura looks mildly embarrassed.
    "By the way, were you having a nightmare or something, Laura?  You were
    mumbling, talking in your sleep.  Are you alright?  Well, I don't fly too well
    We see that the black woman is on the plane as well.
    In yet another seat a hooded man is muttering.
    "Shadow, the final destroyer," he says over and over again.  "For the sake of
    creation all must be, from chaos into order.  Shadow the final destroyer..." as
    he waves his hands over a crystal ball that starts glowing red.
    "Oh, here", David says, trying to hand the compact back over, but he is blocks
    by a flight attendant going up the aisle with a cart, passing Laura and the man
    who is speaking to her.  Suddenly, a shot rings out, and the server falls over
    with a bullet wound in his head.
    Two terrorists have risen at the front of the plane.  One, grey haired with
    sunglasses in a pin-stripe suit, says, "Shut up.  I said shut up.  The great
    shadow is coming, the final destroyer.  Pray and celebrate the coming of the
    final destroyer, our lord, the shadow."  He turns and fires his gun toward a
    woman who is screaming.  The hooded man is still muttering in his seat, "Shadow,
    the final destroyer," over and over again.  The other terrorist, a long-haired
    man with a crazed look in his eyes, yells at other people to shut up.
    Laura looks around frantically as the terrorists come down the aisle waving
    their guns.  A man tries to tackle the long-haired one from behind and is
    riddled with bullets.  The man who picked up the compact secretly readies a
    handgun.  The grey-haired man speaks again, as he fires above the heads of the
    passengers: "Pray, the final destroyer is coming.  The Shadow is the reason!"
    The hooded man continues muttering in his seat.  The little girl cries, held by
    her mother, and one of the terrorists yells at her to shut up, pointing his gun
    at her. The man across from Laura shoots him while he is thus distracted.  The
    other terrorist drops his gun, making choking sounds and staring at his hands,
    though no one has done anything to him.  Then, Laura's compact starts to glow.
    The man picks it up, saying, "what's this?" and opens it to see an image of a
    meteorite hitting the plane.  He grabs Laura, saying, "Hurry, come with me," and
    pulls her to the back of the plane as the meteorite we just saw earlier does, in
    fact, hit the plane in the air.
    The plane now lies in pieces in the snow.
    1.0 Disc 1
    Fade in on Laura, who is just waking up in bed in a cabin.  She sits up and sees
    the black woman stoking the fire.  This woman turns and speaks to Laura.
    "Good morning.  You finally came to.  Ten days have passed since that terrible
    accident, but I only found you the day before yesterday.  You were lying in the
    snow, and I brought you here."
    She gets up and starts pouring coffee.
    "You've been asleep for two days, you know.  I just can't figure it out.  How
    did you manage to stay alive for eight days?  It looks like you were eating
    regularly too.  It's so strange.  I found you pretty far away from the crash
    site.  Do you remember anything?" Laura shakes her head.  "I see.  I'm Kimberly,
    Kimberly Fox.  I'll talk to you more later, you must be tired.  Seems like you
    were having a lot of nightmares too."  She brings the coffee mug to Laura, but
    before she can take it, both are startled by a thump at the door.  They turn as
    the grey-haired terrorist from the plane stumbles through the door making
    choking sounds.
    KIM: "What the...  Not again.  This nightmare isn't over.  I'll take care of
    The terrorist's sunglasses fall off and bounce on the floor.
    The man's mouth opens up and we see something green lurking inside.  Green
    tentacles burst out of his torso and lift his body off the floor.  Kimberly
    drops the coffee mug, grabs a shotgun off the table and pumps it.  A giant
    flower has sprouted from the middle of the man's body, and a long tentacle
    reaches out from it, wrapping around Kimberly before she can use the shotgun.
    The tip opens like a mouth in her face, and it sticks a green tongue down her
    throat as she is held helplessly above the floor.  Laura, horrified, sees a
    rifle by the bed, picks it up and turns it toward the monster.  Before she can
    fire, shots are heard from elsewhere, and the monster drops Kimberly and falls
    over.  It isn't done yet, though.  Using the tentacles as legs, the monster
    crawls like a spider around the room and across the ceiling, as a man with a
    shotgun shoots at it from the doorway.   The monster makes it out the door and
    escapes into the snow.
    "Damn it." The man shuts the door and asks, "You alright?  I'm Parker, Parker
    Jackson.  You two must be survivors of that plane crash."  Reaching for Kimberly
    he adds, "Are you hurt?"
    Kim replies, "Don't touch me.  Get out of here."  She pushes his hand away and
    turns her shotgun towards him.
    PARKER: "Just a minute, what do you think you're doing?"
    KIM: "Get the hell out of here."
    PARKER quickly says, "Wait, I haven't blossomed yet."
    KIM whispers, "Blossomed?"
    PARKER: "C'mon, didn't it look like flowers were blooming from that monster?
    You saw it.  And there's more, there are others just like it out there, it's not
    the only one."
    KIM: "What exactly was that thing?"
    PARKER: "Who the hell knows?  Some of them look like they might have been
    passengers from the crash, but the monsters got to 'em and as you can see they
    turn into..."
    KIM, dejectedly: "Monsters."
    PARKER: "Yeah, they blossom.  They turn into monsters too."
    KIM shakes her head: "Get out."
    PARKER: "Look, like I said..."
    KIM: "I'll shoot.  I swear I'll shoot," she says raising the shotgun.
    PARKER: "Look, unless we work together, we won't get out of this alive."
    KIM: "I *will* shoot."
    PARKER: "Alright, I'll go."
    KIM: "Now."
    PARKER: "Alright, I get it, but listen up, and listen good.  You may be armed,
    but there's only one way to tell whether someone's human or not, and that's by
    the colour of their blood.  Those things bleed green.  But to see any blood,
    then you've got no choice but to shoot.  And you've got to do it fast, because
    they'll be on you in a flash.  We don't know much of anything yet.  Should we
    shoot everything that looks like this creature?  And what if it looks human and
    bleeds green?  There may be monsters that bleed red for all we know.  What are
    we supposed to do then?  We don't know whether everything that looks like a
    monster always has green blood.  Maybe some are still human inside.  Maybe they
    can revert back to humans again.  We don't have any answers.  All I can say is:
    Survive.  Get out of this godforsaken place alive.  Be careful, both of you.
    Watch your back."
    He walks out of the cabin, closing the door behind him.
    KIM: (to Laura) I'm sorry.  I wish...  If I could...(sigh).  Damn it."
    "I'm sorry about that.  We're both in the same boat, I guess.  I just don't know
    what to do, or how to do it.  Maybe that man feels the same way.  Everyone who
    survived feels that way, they had no idea what to do.  Maybe you're better off
    than others, not remembering anything.  Hey, do you remember anything?  Anything
    about Jannie?"
    Laura is confused.
    KIM: "Jannie, the little girl I found you with.  You were both lying there in
    the snow, and you were trying to protect her.  I brought you both back here.
    She wandered off when I wasn't looking.  She may know something about you, and
    she may still be around here, just hiding.  Maybe you could take a look outside.
    You won't be able to walk too far in the snow.  And the area, it's surrounded by
    forest, and the sheer drop, but...  I'll wait here.  Be careful, okay?"
    Laura heads for the door to look around outside.  Kim stops her, saying: "Wait,
    you can't go out like that.  There's monsters all over the place.  The rifle's
    not enough.  Take the semi-automatic over there."
    Laura opens the cupboard on the wall, and draws in her breath as she spots the
    sub-machine gun inside.  She picks it up with a sense of awe, then heads
                                                                1.1 Learning to Hunt
    Laura goes outside and looks around at the mountainous landscape.  Kim comes out
    behind her and asks, "Have you ever fired a gun before?  Give it a try."
    Laura brings up her rifle and takes aim on a nearby rabbit, but cannot bring
    herself to pull the trigger.
    KIM: "You think it's cruel?  I did too at first.  But you know, I spoke with
    this Norwegian hunter in a tavern.  He said even rabbits and mice have killer
    instinct, and there's no such thing in this world as absolute prey, or an
    absolute predator.  He also said that it's an energy, a kind of focused
    awareness that binds life together.  So I guess we better stay on our guard at
    all times to survive.  'To feed the flame of instinct with the fuel of life',
    was the way he put it.  The reason why consuming meat gives the body strength is
    because the urge to kill and the energy of life embodies the flesh.  Or
    something like that (laughs).  I guess what I'm trying to tell you is eat a lot,
    and get better soon.  C'mon.  Aim straight and take a shot."
    Laura sights the rabbit again, and gently squeezes the trigger.  The rabbit lies
    on its side in a spreading pool of blood.
    KIM: "Alright, you got it.  Shoot that way, there's two more over there."
    Laura lines up the rifle again, and two shots later, there are two less bunnies
    in the world.
    KIM: "Wow, you're way better than me.  I think you've got what it takes to be a
    great hunter.  You can put the game you caught in this portable cooker.  It
    automatically cleans and cooks the meat, so you can eat whenever you're hungry.
    It's pretty good.   Much better than stale bread.  I'm going to go get a little
    rest now."  She goes back inside as Laura takes the portable cooker.
                                                                   1.2 The Stone Hut
    After scouting the area briefly, finding no sign of any little girl, Laura
    returns to the cabin to find Kim lying in bed.  Laura wakes her.
    KIM: (Groggily) "Oh hi.  I guess you didn't find Jannie.  Where could she be?
    There's nothing else around here except the stone hut, and I already looked
    there.  There's the crash site, but I don't think you should go there.  There's
    only...  You'll only see things of the brutal aftermath.   Someone must have
    given those poor people a proper burial by now."  The two women are silent for a
    moment.  "If you are going to the stone hut, use this key to open the cabin
    inside.  I locked it because I didn't want the monsters to get any of the
    weapons in there.  Be careful.  I'm tired, I'm going to rest a little bit
    Laura takes the key from Kimberly, and heads north in the snow until she crests
    a small hill.  She sees a stone hut by a radio tower.  Finding the door
    unlocked, she enters.  The hut is empty but looks lived in.  She spies a phone
    on a table in the back.  Picking it up, she hears nothing but static.  Laura
    then notices a photo in a frame on the table.  She picks it up, and sees a
    little girl with an old man, with 'Jannie' written across the bottom.  Suddenly,
    a voice speaks from the picture: "Happy birthday!  Happy birthday to you..."
    Laura drops the picture and the frame shatters.  The child's voice continues
    singing.  It must a recorded message playing back.  "Happy birthday dear
    Grandpa, happy birthday to you.  I hope you have a good birthday, Grandpa.  I
    can't wait to see you again this Christmas.  I love you! (giggles)."
    Laura tries to pick up the picture but cuts her finger on the broken glass.  She
    looks at her finger, relieved to see red blood dripping down it.  Sucking her
    finger, she takes the picture out of the broken frame.
    In the wall cabinet that she opens with the key, Laura finds a stage magician's
    stick, which she looks at curiously but decides to take, and a radio cassette
    recorder.  She fusses with the knobs and buttons, hits eject and sees that
    there's no tape inside.  She can't get it to work at all, so she takes it with
    her and returns to the cabin to show Kimberly.
                                                                1.3 Music and Poetry
    KIM: "Hi.  I feel a little bit better."  Laura is holding the radio.  "It looks
    like you've been to the stone hut.  What's that? You brought the radio back.  It
    won't work, you know.  I tried to get news through the radio, but we're too high
    up for that.  A newsflash from the world of the living won't do us much good
    anyway.  But you know what? I got an idea.  I think there's something here that
    we could both use.  Do you wanna hear it?  It's called "Counting the Roses".
    [Note: the lyrics are available at the end of this document].  I actually wrote
    the lyrics, believe it or not.  I'm a poet.  Someone who happened to read a poem
    of mine wrote and recorded this tune.  I even got a letter once from someone who
    heard the song.  Poetry to me, it's like creating my own microcosm.  A sanctuary
    of comfort.  It was probably, no, it must have been the end of another sad day
    when I wrote this poem.  I saw this place, it was pure white as far as the eye
    could see, and I... I was counting roses.  Yellow and red and lavender, hundreds
    of roses, so beautiful.  You could lose yourself in them.  And this shiny white
    world.  I wanted so much to go there.  Warm.  Typical, eh?  So young.  Well,
    there's one thing I could say for sure about my life.  If I had a second chance,
    I wouldn't want to born as myself again.  No way, anything but that.  I wouldn't
    want to go through that again.  Not my father's accidental death, not my
    mother's suicide, none of it.  At first, I tried escaping, through drugs.  Then,
    I learned to create my own little world with poetry.  It was a place where there
    was no memory of my parents' death, and I would just be happy.  I recently went
    through some of my poems, and I realized something.  Every one of my hundreds,
    no, thousands of poems, they were so sad."  The sound from the radio warbles and
    stops.  "Oh, no, the player ate my tape.  Great.  We can't listen to the radio,
    and now we have to tape player.  Here, you can have it.  (Laughs) Consider it a
    gift.  A broken tape player and a pulverized cassette of mine.  How depressing.
    And I thought a little music would be good for our morale."
    Kim walks to look out the window.  "You know, there's something else I don't
    understand.  It's been ten days since the accident.  So why hasn't any help
    arrived?  Can you remember anything, anything at all from the last eight days?
    You must have been with someone else.  I couldn't make it out, but you were
    calling someone's name.  I wonder what could have happened to Jannie.  If we
    could only find her, she might know about this other person.  I'm sure of it."
                                                                      1.4 Crash Site
    Laura steps outside once more when, out of nowhere, the radio cassette recorder
    starts to pick up a signal.  "This is Craw airlines flight 86... 3.  This is an
    emergency.  We have crashed on a mountain north of Yellowknife, Canada.  Can
    anyone hear me?  Please, if you can hear me, this is flight attendant Cash..."
    The message repeats.  Laura realizes that it's time to check out the plane
    wreckage.  She marches through the snow, using her map as a guide.
    With sub-machine gun equipped, Laura enters the plane cabin to find devastation.
    Blood-soaked corpse is by the door, and there is blood all over the floor.  The
    seats are all broken, and paper flaps in the wind everywhere.  As she approaches
    the front, a thin woman in a tattered flight attendant suit gets up moaning.
    She is smothered in green blood.  She has a vacant look in her eyes as she
    speaks, her voice gradually becoming deeper and raspier, until it is
    incomprehensible: "Is everything alright ma'am?  Our current location is above
    Canada...  Turbulence is the original ETA at St Charles...autopilot engaged..."
    Her left eye pops out and an insect climbs out of the socket.  She jumps back to
    stick on a giant web, and pointy green sticks poke out of her belly.  A long
    tentacle bursts out of her and grabs Laura by the waist, smacking her repeatedly
    against the cabin walls.  Laura fires her gun at the monster while being whipped
    around, but it's having no effect.  Suddenly, Laura notices the butterfly that
    crawled out the woman's head.  It is fluttering around the monster.  She turns
    her gun on it instead.  After hitting it a couple of times, the monster pulls
    Laura in close and asks her, "Meat or fish?"  Laura opens fire on the monster's
    face.  The monster goes limp, releasing Laura.  Thinking it is defeated,
    however, Laura is surprised when red spider legs burst out of the back of the
    flight attendant's head, and her face splits open to reveal a toothy maw.  Her
    head separates from her body, with part of her spine as a tail, and the new
    creature lunges at Laura's head.  At the last possible moment, the monster is
    speared by a wooden shaft and pinned to the wall.  Kim has appeared and saved
    Laura from certain death.
    KIM: "That was close...  I was worried.  You were gone for so long and so,
    well, that's what happened.  She blossomed."  Kim sees the crushed butterfly on
    the ground.  "Hey look, there's a butterfly.  I wonder if that's a symbol of
    that stewardess's wish to fly.  Hey, I do have some good news.  Guess how I got
    here?  I found a snowmobile.  I bet we can make it out of here as long as we
    have that.  I don't think the monsters can attack us while we're riding a
    snowmobile.  But we don't have much gas left, just enough to get back to the
    cabin.  Yeah, we'll have to find some gasoline somewhere before we can go
    anywhere else.  Let's just go back for now.  It's not much, but our luck is
    finally beginning to turn for the better.  Right, Laura?"
    Laura looks curiously at Kim.  She hadn't remembered even her name.
    KIM: "Surprised?  You never told me your name, but that must be your name."  Kim
    holds up Laura' compact.  "This is yours, isn't it?  I found it by the bed.
    It's engraved, 'To Laura from your mother Lucy'.  Does that bring anything back?
    Lucy?  That's your mother's name.  Does it ring any bells?  Can you remember,
    can you remember her?  What's she like?  What does she look like?  I bet she was
    very kind to you.  When I found you lying in the snow, you were holding it, as
    if it were so precious.  During those 2 days you were unconscious, you held this
    close, and kept calling out someone's name.  A man's name."
    Laura lifts a hand to her forehead, and everything goes blurry.  "Laura.  Laura,
    are you alright?  Laura..."
    ----- 1.4.1 Interlude: David -----
    Scene: A white sky, snow is falling.  A man is speaking, but we can't see him.
    "Laura.  Laura...  Are you alright?  I'm glad you came to.  Here you are, you
    don't want to lose it.  It's a precious gift from your mother.  Are you hurt?
    You don't seem to have any serious injuries.  You should be on your feet in no
    time.  You remember the plane crash?  Our plane went down after being hit by a
    meteorite.  The strange thing is, your compact started to glow just moments
    before impact, and I had a vision of a burning rock colliding with the jet.
    Without thinking, I grabbed your arm, and the next thing I knew, we were on this
    mountain.  I managed to carry you down to this small cabin.  You remember me,
    don't you?  I'm David.  David Brenner."
    Laura wakes up, still in the crashed airplane.  She sees Kim, who is holding her
    KIM: "Laura...  Laura...  Laura, can you hear me, Laura?  Oh, you scared me.  I
    was afraid you would sleep for another 2 days straight.  I was just getting used
    to having a friend.  Don't leave me alone, okay?  C'mon, let's go back to the
    cabin. Who knows?  Maybe we'll find Jannie fast asleep in bed."
    It is dusk outside.  A snowmobile with a headlight on cruises along, with Kim
    driving and Laura behind her.
    KIM: "Hey Laura, can you hear me?  If we ever get out of here, I'm going to
    write a poem for you.  Yeah, I think the theme will be... light.  It's what you
    brought into my life.  I'm so glad I met you, Laura.  Well, are you ready for
    some speed?  Hold on tight!"
    They race along the snow back to the cabin.
    ----- 1.4.2 Interlude: Sorcerer -----
    Scene: A robed, hooded man walks through the snow, leaning on a knarled wooden
    staff with a green gem embedded in the top.
                                                               1.5 Searching for Gas
    Laura wakes from a nap in the mountain cabin, looks around to find it empty.
    She gets up and finds a note on the table.  It reads, "To Laura, the best
    possible friend came in the worst possible circumstance. I'm feeling much
    better, thanks to you.  I've gone to look for gas, hoping that you will recall
    your past.  Very, very soon, Kimberly."
    Laura goes outside and notices a key ring with two keys on it has been left in
    the snowmobile's ignition.  She tries to start it, but the engine sputters and
    won't turn over.  She sets out to look for Kimberly, heading east.  She finds
    some power lines and follows them to an industrial complex.  Finding her way
    barred by a pair of heavy, high gates, Laura turns her attention to a truck in
    the clearing by the gates.  Laura opens the truck door and climbs into the cab.
    She tries the other key from the snowmobile and it turns.  The truck's
    headlights come on and it starts to advance.  As it picks up speed, Laura
    realizes that she's not in control.  She pumps the brake fruitlessly as the
    truck crashes through the mining facility's gates and skids to a halt.  Laura is
    shaken but unharmed.   She is able to enter the front part of the mining
    facility, but is stymied by a door lock requiring a passcode.
    Emerging from the mining facility after not knowing the code, Laura is shocked
    as the truck is being driven straight toward her, with no sign of slowing down.
    An old man with a cowboy hat is behind the wheel.  Laura fires her sub-machine
    gun at him and he rolls towards her, and dives out of the way at the last
    minute.  The truck crashes and the old man is thrown free.  Laura gets back up
    and walks over to the body lying in the snow.  She sees green blood splattered
    in the snow around him.  She also spies an e-card in a plastic laminate, tied
    around his neck with a lanyard.  As she reaches to pick it up, however, the man
    suddenly bursts back to life.  He approaches Laura unsteadily.
    "Hi Jannie, it's Grandpa.  Do you recognize me?  We can see each other soon.  I
    look forward to Xmas.  I bet you'll get to see the grand Aurora in the sky.
    I'll get a cherry pie for your birthday, since you like cherry pie so much, to
    eat under the aurora sky.  I'll be waiting, sweet child.  Sweet, sweet child."
    His voice deepens as this last line is spoken.  His body ripples and a single
    long, green tentacle bursts from his body.  It waves around his body, stopping
    only to spray Laura with some kind of mist.  When it hits her, it hurts.  She
    starts firing at his tentacle with her sub-machine gun.  As the battle rages on,
    the monster rambles on like a madman.  He also somehow manages to create doves,
    seemingly out of this air.  These fly around and grow to gigantic proportions,
    and sometimes turn on him, picking him up by his tentacle and dropping him on
    the ground.
    He says: "Sweetheart, why don't you bring that teddy bear that I got you for
    your last birthday?  Grandpa's going to show you a magic trick.  There's not
    much to do around here, so you have to keep yourself amused.  This one's a
    pigeon trick, so you're going to see white doves fly out of thin air.  Just wait
    'til you see it.  Oh yes, you're such a nice girl, Jannie.  Jannie, Jannie,
    Jannie..."  Finally, Laura is able to take him down.  Hi body inflates like a
    balloon, then bursts, releasing several white doves into the air.  Laura picks
    up the E-card, removing it from its plastic sleeve.  She then sees that there is
    also a photo in the sleeve.  Examining it, she sees a little girl and the old
    man.  She realizes these are the same people as in the photo in the stone hut.
    She also realizes that the old man was the girl Jannie's grandfather.  As the
    horror of the situation sinks in, Laura screams and blacks out.
    ----- 1.5.1 Interlude: David -----
    Scene: The same white sky, snow falling.  David is speaking.
    DAVID: "Laura, it looks like it's morning.  As far as I can tell it's still
    snowing.  (Moans) No, I'm alright.  Ooh, aah.  It just hurts a little.  I took a
    beating.  I probably won't be able to walk anytime soon.  How are you doing?
    Good, good.  Your color's coming back. I'm sure you're going to be just fine.
    The snow's so beautiful.  You know, I actually grew up in these parts.  When I
    lived here, snow was nothing but a dreary pain.  But now, now it seems...  Oh,
    this flower? This is a Canadian flower.  I'm gonna keep it as a good luck charm.
    My mother used to press flowers, I remember.  I wish I could bring you luck,
    protect you.  Right, how can I?  Why..."
                                                                      1.6 Meet Linda
    Laura wakes in the mountain cabin, roused by Kim's voice.
    KIM: "Laura?  Laura!  Oh Laura, I am so sorry.  I never should have left you
    alone.  Are you alright?  I remembered there was a trailer in front of what
    looked like a mining facility.  That's where I went.  Unfortunately, the gas
    tank was empty.  There was nothing left.  Laura, there was nothing else you
    could have done.  Please, please don't blame yourself.  It may have seemed that
    that thing was Jannie's grandfather, but he had already blossomed.  Laura,
    there's no use thinking about it right now.  We should concentrate on finding
    Jannie and getting out of here.  Look, it'll be completely dark soon.  I'm going
    out again to look for gasoline.  You should rest a little."  Kim takes a bottle
    of pills from her pocket.  Laura looks at them inquisitively.  "Hmm?  Oh this.
    It's medicine, just medicine.  Would you like some?  It's called 'Linda'; it's
    very popular these days.  It helps me relax and somehow seems to make everything
    crystal clear.  I guess it sort of frees you.  Maybe it'll even bring your
    memory back."  Kim takes some pills.  "I can't live without this stuff.  I'm a
    real mess, alright.  Oh, I was so awful to that guy Parker.  He'd just saved our
    lives.  If we'd stayed with him, maybe Jannie would be...  Wait a second.
    That's his name!  David.  That's right, that's the name of the guy you called
    out in your sleep over and over again.  I remember you saying, 'David, David.
    Thank you so much David'.  Does that sound familiar?  Do you remember a guy
    named David?  Maybe he's the one who helped you.  'Thank you so much David'.
    That's gotta be it.  He must be lost along with the other passengers from the
    crash.  He must be lost along with those 8 days of memory you've lost. You were
    with him after the accident.  You got lost, so maybe he's still out there
    somewhere, waiting for you to come back.  Is he your boyfriend?  Your husband?
    David.  David, thank you so much David.  That's exactly what you said.  If only
    Jannie were here, then we would know something.  Hey, don't worry, we'll figure
    things out.  The first thing we need to do is find gas for the snowmobile.  If
    you feel up to it you can help me look.  There must be some gas around here
    somewhere.  Here, take this, it'll be dark soon.  Use this to light your way."
    Kim hands Laura a flashlight.  "I'll go on ahead."  She walks away, but turns
    back at the door.  "It'd be great to meet David again, wouldn't it?"
                                                         1.7 Confronting a Terrorist
    Laura takes the e-card to the stone hut, where she saw the safe earlier.  It
    does open when she inserts the key.  Inside, she sees a walkie-talkie.  Picking
    it up, she clicks the talk button once.  Almost immediately, a voice comes
    through.  It sounds like a little girl.
    "Grandpa, Grandpa, is that you?  I knew you'd come, Grandpa.  It's Jannie! Can
    you hear me?  I'm in the building with the big fence around it.  I thought you
    were coming in that trailer, so I've been waiting.  I'm cold, Grandpa, I'm so
    cold.  Help me Grandpa..."  The signal dies out.  Laura clicks the button
    repeatedly, but the display flashes the message: 'LOW Batt'.  Laura sees a note
    taped to the inside of the safe door.  It reads:
                                    "Gate Key Code
                               Gold Mining Industry Code"
    Laura makes to leave but she hears voices outside the door, one male and one
    MAN: "Okay!  I said okay, already."
    WOMAN: "Get in there".
    Laura quickly dives under the bed as the door opens.
    WOMAN: "Time to talk, you bastard.  What's in here, what are you hiding in
    MAN: "N-n-nothing, I swear! For Christ' sake, put the shotgun down.  I swear, I
    don't know anything!  Larry and I are not terrorists.  He kept going on about
    how he was going to resurrect the shadow.  How the hell was I supposed to know
    what he was talking about? "
    WOMAN: "Shadow?"
    MAN: "Larry's on some bad stuff.  He's been hanging out with this weird
    sorcerer, goin' on and on about how they're going to build a perfect world.
    This creeps got us on the same stuff, this Linda crap.  And it's like, you're
    god.  You see weird stuff, like a huge seed stuck inside ice that shines. You
    know what I'm saying.  When I saw it, I just knew it was the Shadow.  No one
    told me, I just felt it.  So I really don't know anything.  All my buddies got
    killed in that crash, and Larry's turned into one of those damned monsters.  I
    don't know if that means he's dead or alive. Man, he even tried to eat me, you
    know?  That... what am I supposed to do now?  C'mon, you gotta help me, I don't
    know anything, nothing at all.  All this happened because of Larry and Linda."
    WOMAN: "You really don't know anything?"
    MAN: "Yes, I swear.  Hey, you and me, we can get out of here together, huh?
    You're one tough broad. I like that.  I've always had a thing for strong women,
    too. (Hopping around a bit) See, why don't we pop some Linda, and do a little of
    this, huh?  C'mon, satisfaction guaranteed, heh heh.  Ain't no way no monster's
    gonna eat me, but a good looking woman like you?  That's different."
    <Buzzing sounds>
    "What, what the hell? What are you doing?  No, c'mon, don't, please, oh my god,
    no, nooooo!"  His feet are lifted off the ground, then he is dropped to the
    floor, dead, with red blood on face.  We recognize him as the long-haired
    terrorist from the plane.  The other person, whose lower legs and feet were all
    we could see, appeared to be wearing the same clothes that Kim wears.  Could it
    be her?
                                                                    1.8 In the Mines
    After recovering from the shock, Laura leaves the stone hut with the mine code,
    gaining access to the mining facility.  Laura descends the mine elevator and
    steps out into an industrial compartment, with pipes and slowly-turning fans
    everywhere.  She explores the mine, full of bats and spiders, until she finds a
    lift.  It starts automatically as she steps onto it.  At the bottom, she finds
    an area that was holed out for a lounge, with miner's coats and toolboxes lying
    about.  More importantly, she finds a stack of cans of gasoline.  Picking some
    up, she hears a voice from the darkness.  "Someone help!  Is someone there?
    Help, Grandpa, it that you?  Help!"
    Laura runs to the voice, sees a little girl in a green dress.  Recognizing her
    from the picture, she realizes that she has finally found Jannie, who is stuck
    in a small hole.
    JANNIE: "Oh Laura, get me out of here.  Please Laura!  I was looking for
    grandpa, and I fell down here, and it's scary!  Help me Laura!"
    Laura uses the magic stick to pull the girl up, as it is too far to just use her
    arm.  "You saved me Laura. Thank you, thank you.  I knew I'd see you again.
    Where's Kimmy?  She okay too, isn't she?  I wanted to find grandpa, but I got
    lost.  I'm sorry."
    The earth shakes, and the mine starts to collapse all around them.
    JANNIE: "What's going on?  Laura, what's happening?"
    Both Laura and Jannie scream as the whole place caves in on top of them.
    ----- 1.8.1 Interlude: Mother -----
    Scene: White, snow everywhere.  There is nothing else visible anywhere.  A voice
    GREAT MOTHER: "Laura, Laura, Laura.  Awake, Laura Parton, in the name of the
    great mother.  I have found your soul at long last, and through it I can speak
    to you."  Laura is lying face down in the snow.  "You must fight, Laura, you
    must fight for all mankind, for all life that I have created.  I am the Great
    Mother, creator of all things."
    Laura gets up and starts walking.  Stumbling, she rises to see a yellow door
    appear out of nowhere.  Laura opens it to reveal a bright light, which engulfs
    her.  She has visions of the planet earth from space, dinosaurs roaming through
    forests, pterodactyls flying in the air.  But a pair of meteorites strike the
    earth as the dinosaurs watch.  The vision flashes...
    Laura wakes up in the mountain cabin, sits up in bed.
    KIM: Laura, you're awake!  Good, you're okay.  Jannie's okay too."  Laura sees
    her lying in bed beside her.  "What happened exactly?  I was just sitting here
    worried because you were gone so long, than all of a sudden the two of you just
    fell out of the sky.  A bright golden light lit up the entire room, and, and
    boom!  See?  Look up there."  Laura looks up, sees the roof is now missing from
    the cabin.
    KIM: "What are you anyway?  A witch, maybe?  A good one I hope.  Maybe you have
    teleporting abilities or something."  Laura shakes her head.  "Well, that's one
    more thing we can't figure out.  At least we have Jannie back, and the gas you
    found, so we can take the snowmobile and get out of here.  I ran across a small
    valley while you were out, and I think we can make it if we push the snowmobile
    to the limit."  Laura looks worried.  "Scared?  Don't worry, I'll drive.  C'mon,
    are you ready?  Seems like there's more monsters around now, and it's getting
    colder.  Especially in here (points at missing roof)."  Both women laugh.
    JANNIE wakes: "Laura!  Kimmy!"
    KIM: "Where were you young lady?  Laura and I were worried sick about you."
    JANNIE: "I'm sorry Kim.  I knew Grandpa's house was nearby, so I tried to go
    find him, but I couldn't.  Where's my grandpa?  I want to go see him.  I want to
    see my grandpa.  Do you know where he is?  I promised I'd come see him if he
    promised he'd show me the northern lights, and magi tricks.  It's my birthday
    soon.  I want to celebrate with Grandpa."
    Laura puts her face over her hand in distress.
    KIM: "Oh Laura, don't cry.  There's nothing you could have done.  You know how
    things are.  You're not to blame.  But what we are responsible for is making
    sure this little girl is safe.  Right?"
                                                                  1.9 Jannie's Story
    Jannie is playing with her teddy bear on the bed, beside Laura.
    KIM: "Jannie, do you remember the first time I saw you?"
    JANNIE: "Uh-huh, I remember."
    KIM: "Jannie, you were with Laura right?"
    JANNIE: "Uh-huh."
    KIM: "Was there anyone else with you too?"
    JANNIE: "Anyone else?"
    KIM: "A man."
    JANNIE: "No, no one else.  There wasn't anyone else ever.  After the airplane
    crash, I was all alone for a long, long time, and then Laura found me."
    KIM: "Was Laura with a man?  Someone named David."
    JANNIE: "Uh-uh, Laura was all by herself, just like me.  We were walking, then
    Laura suddenly went to sleep.  So I went to sleep too.  Next thing I know, I'm
    here with you."
    KIM: "So when you woke up, you were here."
    JANNIE: "Uh-huh, and so were you, Kimmy."
    KIM: "So, (long pause) where are your mom and dad?"
    JANNIE: "My dad went away a long time ago.  So I went on the airplane with my
    mom, but she...  She fell asleep."
    KIM: "Fell asleep?"
    JANNIE: "The airplane crashed in the snow, and I got really cold.  My Mom held
    my hands like she always does.  My mom's hand is so warm.  But her hands kept
    getting colder and colder.  I told her that her hands were cold, but she said it
    was because of the snow, and that everything would be okay.  Then she kept
    getting colder and colder, so I tried to warm up her hands like she always did.
    But it didn't work.  She said it would be okay, and we just held hands.  And mom
    went to sleep."
    KIM: "Oh Jannie."
    JANNIE: "I'm sorry Kimmy.  That's why I didn't want to go to bed.  I was scared
    of going to sleep.  So I tried to find grandpa instead.  I'm sorry, I'm sorry."
    KIM: "It's okay Jannie, you don't have to be scared anymore."
    JANNIE: "Will I fall asleep and go away too?"
    KIM: "Not you Jannie.  You're going to be perfectly alright, because you've got
    Laura and me.  It isn't going to be easy, but remember this JANNIE: You can
    never give up hope."
    JANNIE: "Hope?"
    KIM: "Yes, hope.  It's the most important thing anyone can have in life.  To
    believe, to keep believing and never give up.  Not ever.  Have a bright light
    burning in your heart.  (Laura looks up at her)  As long as you breathe, that
    light will grow stronger and brighter, to light your way."
    JANNIE: "Oh, I understand.  Grandpa always says, 'Jannie, even if bad things
    happen, have faith in tomorrow'."
    KIM: "That's right Jannie. You're so strong."
    JANNIE: "Uh-huh.  I know about that now.  Grandpa taught me about a lot of
    KIM: "Jannie, you're a very smart girl.  You understand, don't you, that you
    can't see your mother."
    JANNIE: "Ever again?"
    KIM: "I'm afraid not.  Your mother had to go to sleep to be safe so she could
    protect you forever.  She was a wonderful person, honey."
    JANNIE: "I know."
    KIM: "You have to survive no matter what, Jannie, for your mother's sake."
    JANNIE: "Okay Kimmy.  Laura, Kimmy, can I ask you something?"
    KIM: "What's that."
    JANNIE: "Can I call you and Laura mommy?"
    KIM: (laughs) "Sure you can."  She touches her hand to Jannie's cheek.
    JANNIE: "You're so warm."
    KIM: "C'mon.  Laura, Jannie, lets get going on the snowmobile.  We have a valley
    to cross.  Laura needs to find this David guy, and I need to apologize to
    Parker, if we ever run into him.  Let's go."
    The whole lot of them ride off on the snowmobile.  Kim says, "Alright, here we
    go.  Everybody hold on tight."  She picks up speed and jumps over a small
    valley.  They land safely on the other side.
    2.0 Disc 2
    ----- 2.0.1 Interlude: Sorcerer -----
    The hooded man trundles along with great effort through the snow, leaning
    heavily on his staff.  We see he is wearing many large-gemmed rings, and a
    necklace of strange design.
    The ladies are riding the snowmobile.
    Kim stops, seeing something.  "Hey look, there's something over there.  Let's go
    check it out."
    They pull up to a large cabin.
    KIM: "I have a bad feeling about this.  Hello!"
    JANNIE: "Helloooo..."
    KIM: "Doesn't look like anyone's home.  Let's go in."
    She opens the door cautiously, and they all step inside.
    KIM: "It's really dark in here.  Can you find a light switch somewhere?  Oh,
    here it is."  She flicks the switch.
    KIM: "  Hmm, I guess there's no one here.  I wonder if it's okay to just take
    anything?  Laura, could you search this room and see if there's anything useful.
    I though I saw a light ahead, a yellow one.  I'm gonna check it out.  And
    Jannie, you come with me."
    JANNIE: "Alright."
    KIM: "Okay?  We'll be back as soon as we finish checking it out.  You're not
    scared to be alone, are you?  We'll be right back."
                                                                   2.1 An Experiment
    Laura is alone in the house.  She sets out to explore it.  From the main room,
    one door opens to a short wooden hallway with another door at the end.  The sign
    on that one reads, 'Restroom'.  Hoping to relieve herself, Laura opens that door
    and walks through, but there is only a sheer drop outdoors behind it!  Laura,
    almost falling over the edge, grabs the edge of the floor and pulls herself back
    up.  Suddenly, she hears a scream from the main room.  She runs down the hall to
    see two figures.  One is an unknown man in a lab coat, with a bandage wrapped
    around his head.  He is pointing a gun at Kimberly, who is wearing only a towel
    wrapped around her body.  The man, from his manner of speech and strange
    movements, is obviously deranged.
    KIM: "Please, don't."
    MAN: "'Oh, please, don't'.  What do you mean by that?  You say amusing things.
    Help, huh?  I bet all the people you victimized up until now pleaded for their
    lives in the same way, huh?  'Stop, please, help'.  Pitiful."  He kicks over a
    Kim falls over and yells, "Help!"
    MAN: "Shhh.  You're hurting my ears.  Shut up, will you?   My head hurts, it's
    pounding.  Don't shout.  Do I have to beg, huh?"  He holds out green and red
    pills, and swallows a handful all at once.  "It's Linda.  You wanna take some?
    This stuffs different from the usual stuff they sell.  It's more potent and it
    *really* works.  You don't need any, 'cause you're gonna die soon anyway.  Or
    are even monsters scared of death?  I guess it doesn't really matter, huh?  It
    doesn't matter what happens to you because you're not human anyway, are you?
    You're not human."
    KIM: "You're wrong."  She is sitting on the floor, pleading.
    MAN: (Laughs) "You did such crazy things.  What's not true?    I saw you with my
    own two eyes. What wasn't true about how you mutated into that, that thing?  How
    you attacked my father?  How you ate him, ate him!"
    KIM: "You're wrong."
    MAN: "Liar!  You're disgusting. (holds gun to her head) Go on, why don't you
    show yourself.  Go ahead and blossom into your sick, disgusting, real self.
    right now, c'mon.  (Laura inadvertently hits the light switch on the wall).
    What?  Who's there?"  He sees Laura and turns his gun on her.  "Who do we have
    here? Do come and join us.  Isn't that nice, we have company."  Laura walks over
    with her hands up and sits beside Kim.  "Do you blossom into a pretty flower
    too?  C'mon, show me, I wanna see (cackles).  Let's conduct an experiment, shall
    we?  Yes, an experiment.  You know, a test, on both of you."
    Laura and Kimberly are tied to their chairs and cannot struggle free.
    MAN: "Bang!  Bang! (as he waves the gun at the women.)  Well let's see, who
    should I shoot first?  It's really simple.  See, I take this pistol, and bang! I
    shoot your foot.  Bang! And if I see green blood, you lose.  Bang!  If I shoot
    you in the head, you won't be able to move.  And if there's red blood, I guess
    I'll just have to untie the rope.  Red blood proves you're human, you see.  But
    if you bleed green, you know what happens.  Bang!"  Laura screams. Turning to
    Kim, the man continues.  "I'm talking about you, yes you.  Do you hear me?"  He
    grabs Kim's face, forcing her mouth open, looking inside.  "How could you do
    that to my father?"
    KIM: "It's not true."
    MAN: "I saw you, I saw you. You took my father and..."  He starts vomiting, then
    takes more Linda.  His speech and movements are now more slurred.  "That's why
    I'm going to experiment.  Experiments are fun.  I want to see you turn into a
    monster (laughs).  Ah, that's exactly what we're going to do.  Look, look, I'm
    going to shoot you now, bang!" He fires the gun.  Kim screams.  The bullet
    breaks a window in the back.  The man laughs.  "Just kidding.  Surprise!"  He
    shoots Kim in the leg.  Green blood spurts out of it.  Laura sees this in
    horror.  Kim screams in agony.  "Ah ha!  I knew I was right!  Now I'll show you.
    This is for what you did to my father!  Huh?"
    A gurgling sound comes from Kim's stomach.  The man leans in, saying, "What
    the..." and a red round mouth on a stalk bursts out of her stomach and instantly
    closes on his head, biting it clean off.  His body stumbles around for a few
    moments before falling over dead in a corner.  Kim pulls herself out of her
    chair and faces Laura, who looks down at her stomach, which is now covered by a
    towel again.  She no longer speaks.  Her body rocks, the towel ripples and falls
    off.  Kim is naked, with green stuff around her waist.  The red mouth, ringed
    with teeth reaches for Laura and...
    A shot is heard, and the monster stumbles back.  Kim (another Kim), dressed as
    she left Laura, has a shotgun. The monster falls to the floor.
    KIM: "Oh god, this is so twisted.  I mean, suicide and homicide are supposed to
    be totally different things.  Why is this happening to me?"  She looks at the
    dead creature that was her.  "I'm sorry, did she hurt you?"  Jannie appears in
    the doorway.  "No, don't come near.  You shouldn't see this."
    JANNIE: "Alright." Dejected, she turns around and backs out again.
    KIM: "I don't know anymore.  I don't know what's what anymore (cries).  I'm
    sorry.  It's just that, I've never killed myself before.  Look, are you alright?
    I guess I'm over it now (coughs)."  Laura looks up at her while she continues
    coughing.  "I'm sorry (still coughing).  There was a storage facility just
    ahead, and I saw it there too."  She unties Laura.  "My own body.
    Talk about freaky.  I mean, who ever had to walk over their own dead body?
    (chuckles)  I didn't think I'd end up killing myself, but I guess it's better
    than being killed by the other me.  Ahhh!"
    Kim is lifted into the air as the monster-Kim has grabbed her by the back of her
    jacket.  She throws Kim to the floor.  The monster picks up Kim's shotgun and
    jumps to the ceiling, held up by green tentacles coming from her shoulder
    blades.  Laura grabs her gun and takes aim...
    KIM: "Thanks Laura, you saved my life.  I guess she's a clone, huh?  Certainly
    looks just like me."  She picks her shotgun back up.  "Gives me the creeps.  I
    guess they have the ability to replicate the exact physical appearance of their
    victims.  Oh, did you think I'm...  Don't worry, I'm human.  You can't clone a
    person's mind.  I suppose they grow at an accelerated rate from a DNA sample.  A
    brainless Xerox copy.  I guess if they're capable of a real conversation,
    they're probably not a clone.  They do learn pretty fast.  Did you notice how
    that one could talk a bit?  It was mostly mimicking, but in the end, maybe you
    can only go by the colour of blood.  It just seems so sinister.  Hey Laura, you
    do believe me, don't you?"  Laura nods.  "Can't say that I blame you.  It's hard
    for me to even know what I am any more.  All these crazy things going on around
    here.   You end up suspecting yourself of the worst things.  Gotta snap out of
    it, though.  C'mon Jannie, lets go check out the next room."  JANNIE: "Okay".
                                                                 2.2 Down in the Den
    Kim and Laura sit on sofas in the den.  Jannie is asleep on a chair.
    KIM: "It feels like we're at the far edge of the earth.  But I think we'll sleep
    well knowing there's 3 of us.  It's tough trying to go to sleep by yourself.
    With no good memories to fall back on, it's like, like the night clings to you.
    The tides of night surging in, thick as tar, cutting you off from everything,
    leaving you all alone in the universe.  I guess that's why I always take refuge
    in these drugs."  She pulls her bottle of Linda out of her pocket and swallows
    one.  "To tell you the truth, the medicine is the reason I was on that plane.
    The room was so thick with sticky, suffocating darkness that night.  I though
    I'd drown.  I took my medicine, and that's when I saw it.  It wasn't a trip.  It
    was kind of a vision, a vision of a landscape.  And after that, I could see it
    almost every day, whenever I took a dose.  I knew I was being called there.  And
    then I saw the place where this drug originated from, in a newspaper.  The
    article was about Linda, how it was extracted from a type of lichen only found
    in the Tundra in northern Canada.  It mentioned that Linda triggered aggression
    and psychosis in some people, and that several violent murders in the past few
    years were committed by perpetrators who were taking Linda.  And even that many
    acts of cannibalism have been committed.  The article went on about the
    connection between human aggression and instinct, but I couldn't take my eyes
    off the photograph.  I was mesmerized by it.  It was exactly what I had seen in
    my vision.  The same landscape.  And that's why I got on that plane.  Of course,
    you know the rest.  (Sigh).  Laura, do you remember anything yet?  Your mother,
    and that compact, and that David guy.  He could be out there, still waiting for
    you.  That David guy, do you remember anything yet?  Laura, do you remember
    anything?  Laura, anything?  (Sigh) That's too bad."  Laura looks tired.  "You
    wanna go get some sleep?  It'll be dawn in a few hours, and the days are very
    short around here anyway.  I hope tomorrow's a good day.  Today wore me out."
    Laura stretches out on a bed in the same room.  When she wakes, she starts to
    walk out of the room, but Kim brings her back.
    KIM: "Oh, sorry, I guess I dozed off.  Hey, you should take this."  She hands
    Laura a key.  "You're going to need it is you go up to the other buildings.
    Just jiggle the lock a bit, and the door will open.  There's some sort of
    storage facility, but it was too cold to stay for long.  Not that there's much
    there except for a lot of junk and a hatch in the floor.  The hatch seems to
    lead down to a cellar, but it was frozen shut.  The building's just up a hill.
    There's a large yellow lamp.  But be careful, because it's very dark along the
    way.  Take the snowmobile if you want.  Well, good night."
                                                         2.3 Pharmaceutical building
    Laura rides the snowmobile up the path to the building.  There is indeed a
    bright, yellow beacon in front of it.  Dismounting in front of the doors, she
    reads the sign, "Brenner Pharmaceuticals Inc." beside them.  She enters the
    lobby and uses the key that Kim gave her to gain access to the main part of the
    building.  Walking past rows of large canisters, Laura suddenly spies a body
    lying on the ground.  It's another Kimberly clone, lying dead in a pool of green
    blood.  This must have been the one that the real Kim saw when she was here
    earlier.  Laura continues into the building and find that the hatch in the floor
    is, indeed, frozen shut.  At the end of the room, behind another door, Laura
    finds a strange machine.  It consists of only a digital display, and a button
    marked "Set".  She presses the button, and a 6-digit number appears in the
    display.  Laura leaves the building, finding nothing else of interest.  Checking
    her map, she sees an observatory marked further away, and decides to take the
    snowmobile to check it out.
                                                                     2.4 Observatory
    Laura arrives at a door in a metal wall, built into the side of the mountain.
    Inside, she finds a gate with an electronic keypad.  She enters the code from
    the machine at the pharmaceuticals storage facility, and gets access to a pair
    of inactive escalators.  Laura steps on the left one, and it starts up, slowly
    carrying her to the top of a very long sloping tunnel.  At the top, a set of
    double doors noisily swings open, then shuts again after Laura enters.  She sees
    a large telescope in the middle of a domed room.  Laura hears voices off to the
    side, a man's and a woman's, though the woman's voice sounds strangely
    MAN'S VOICE: "Ah, Linda.  Listen, do you hear that?"
    WoMAN'S VOICE: "Yes dear."
    MAN'S VOICE: "So this is the sound of death.  What I hear now is that faint
    whisper, the sound of all life coming to an end.  Earth is dying.  This sound is
    so bittersweet."
    WoMAN'S VOICE: "I'm sorry.  I don't think I really understand."
    MAN'S VOICE: "No dearest, you understand much more than I do, about everything."
    WoMAN'S VOICE: "If you say so."
    Laura sees them.  There is only one person, the man, sitting on the ground in
    front of a bay of computers.  The woman's voice is coming from the computers.
    He looks old and tired, and his left eye is damaged.  He also has 3 green
    tentacles in place of his lower left arm, propping up his body.  He is dressed
    in the remains of a suit.
    MAN: "Linda, I'm so happy that the two of us can be together at this moment."
    Laura's steps ring on a metal plate.
    MAN: "Who's there?  Is someone there?  Is that you, David?  No, it couldn't be.
    So we have a visitor on our last night.  I don't know what you want, but don't
    come any closer, please.  I don't want anyone to see me in this debilitating
    condition.  You know what I mean, don't you?  A monster has gotten me.  Oh, I'm
    still alive, but I'm beginning to change.  I'm transforming into a monster
    myself.  Linda.  This may be a suitable end for someone like myself."
    COMPUTER: "No matter what happens, you are still you."
    MAN: "Linda, I remember everything so clearly about the night we first met."
    COMPUTER: "So do I, dear."
    MAN: "The stars were so beautiful."
    COMPUTER: "As they are tonight."
    MAN: "Oh.  If I close my eyes, I can see the stars the way they were that night.
    How did I stray so far from that, to become the madman that I am?"
    COMPUTER: "You are no such thing, my dear."
    MAN: "Yes, I was mad, to have turned you into this."
    COMPUTER: "No."
    Man (to Laura): "I'm very sorry, but please, keep your distance.  This is how I
    want to meet my fate, with my beloved wife, under the stars."
    The man continues to speak.  "You probably heard that many people in the outside
    world call me a mad scientist.  It's true, but only insofar as this planet
    itself is mad.  I was consumed, obsessed with the desire to see the moment of
    death for this cruel, savage world.  I was nothing more than another doomsday
    monger, and didn't even know it.  In the 10 years since both our sons grew up
    and left home, I've known nothing else.  My obsession cost me every cent of the
    profits earned from refining an indigenous lichen.  Then finally, my hard work
    and devotion produced tangible results.  It was 2 years ago, while studying
    eclipses and old sundials, that I realized the truth about Stonehenge.  By
    mapping the light and shadow patterns of Stonehenge, and computing them against
    the positions of the stars, I came to the conclusion that Stonehenge had been
    used to predict solar eclipses.  As I made further progress, I finally
    discovered that Stonehenge was actually created to predict a specific day, the
    final day of all days.  The end of everything.  This discovery shook me to the
    very core.  For 30 years, I had waited for the apocalypse, and with that
    knowledge within my grasp, my mind recoiled in horror.  Earth was about to die,
    along with everything in it.  Was this what my heart truly desired?  I
    christened the day, the great eclipse, and tried to pinpoint the exact time of
    its occurrence.  By then I had changed my mind.  I wanted to save this world,
    and needed to know when the end would come, and how it would occur.
    Unfortunately, it took more than a year and a half for the computer to calculate
    the answer.  It was only 3 days ago that I learned that the great eclipse would
    fall on Dec. 25 in the year 2000, on Christmas day.  But who would listen to the
    ravings of a madman?  I sent for my older son, a special agent with the FBI, but
    apparently he could not make it in time.  Who would have guessed such a thing?
    A shower of meteorites, touching off a pandemic of mutations.  People turning
    into plant-like monstrosities.  We are being consumed.  The entire planet is
    being cannibalized.  The great unknown has always been with us throughout our
    time on this planet, let alone in the far reaches of space, this day was deduced
    and recorded in stone around the dawn of history.  We of the modern age choose
    to remain ignorant.  For all our great learning, all we can hope to understand
    is how much we do not know.  By limiting our concerns to those of humanity
    alone, we have lost sight of the stars. We have no memory of our beginning and
    will perish unaware in the end.  All we could do was briefly glimpse into the
    chasm of time...  I have a favour to ask of you stranger.  Would you please
    commit us, and everything here, to flames and ashes?  Destroy all traces of my
    work.  There is nothing more I can do, absolutely nothing.  What good will a
    warning be to a new civilization that is sure to evolve in tens of millions of
    years.  What little humanity I have left was taken by those creatures. At least
    allow me the dignity to choose my own end. Please, break the glass by your side
    and get the flamethrower.  You must put an end to all you see here."
    Laura tries the cabinet doors but they won't budge.  She then hammers the glass
    a couple of times with her arm, succeeding in shattering it.  She pulls out the
    flamethrower and reluctantly turns it toward the old man, who says, "Uh, I'm
    She pulls the trigger and waves the flamethrower back and forth, as the flames
    ignite the man and the entire bay of computers.
    MAN: "Thank you, it was my mother who gave me life, and it is you who gave me
    the fate that I must face.  Thank you, stranger.  If ever you come across either
    of our boys, David or John, please tell them for me that we died in peace with
    ourselves.  John works in a nearby pharmaceutical storage facility.  He may be
    able to help.  And David should be on his way here as well.  Ah, Linda, I can
    hear the end coming.  Can you hear it?  I'm sorry for everything I put you
    through, my darling.  Linda, You stayed with this foolish man 'til the very end,
    and all I can say is say I'm sorry."
    COMPUTER: "It's okay dear.  I was always happy being by your side.  We met at
    night when the stars were most beautiful, and since that time, we've shared the
    same starry skies.  Ohhh..."  Laura walks out.
    ----- 2.4.1 Interlude: David -----
    Scene: White, with snow falling.  You can just make out a shadow, however.
    DAVID: "Laura, I'm alright, I'm not sleeping.  Just thinking about my father.
    He works in an observatory near here.  I was going to see him.  He wrote me a
    letter, out of the blue last week, and for the life of me, I cannot figure out
    why.  But I thought, this time, this time I can finally do something for my
    family, you know?  My father and I didn't get along.  I've only see him a few
    times since I left home, and I ... couldn't protect my mother.  Maybe this is
    justice for being so damned selfish, and leaving my kid brother to face it all
    alone. Why am I...?   I don't know why I thought of it at a time like this.  I
    guess I may never see them again, not like this.  Not in the condition I'm in.
                                                                  2.5 Down the Hatch
    Outside of the observatory entrance, Laura mounts her snowmobile.  Armed with
    the flamethrower, she realizes that she can now thaw the frozen hatch in the
    pharmaceuticals building.  Driving there with all speed, she makes her way to
    the hatch and gives it a blast.  Barely waiting for the iron wheel to cool down,
    she spins it and, straining, lifts the hatch to reveal a set of stairs.
    Descending, she finds a long room, with one wall full of shelves carrying rows
    of glass canisters, each with an identical green, flowerless plant growing
    inside.  Picking one up, she doesn't recognize the plant.   At the back of the
    room, Laura finds an erasable white board with some scientific diagrams, papers
    taped up, and photos of two men, one in a lab coat, and one that she recognizes
    as David, in a suit.  Suddenly, she hears steps at the top of the stairs.
    Running to the stairs, she is terrified as the figure closes the hatch and locks
    her in.  Cold mist starts pouring out of vents along the floor, and a
    thermometer on the wall shows the temperature rapidly dropping from -10 degrees
    Celsius, to -20, and continuing to drop.  Laura falls to the floor as the cold
    becomes too much to bear, reaching out to the picture of David as she loses
    ----- 2.5.1 Interlude: Mother -----
    Scene:  White, snow, and a great eye.
    GREAT MOTHER: "Laura, Laura Parker.  I am the Great Mother."  We see Laura lying
    in the snow.  "You must awaken and take up arms again, my child.  Prepare
    yourself with renewed strength and courage for the coming battle between all
    mankind and the Shadow."  Laura stands, and her hands start glowing with a white
    light.  "I command you in the name of the great mother, the giver of all life,
    guardian of the earth." Laura puts her hands together, and pulls them apart to
    see a vision of a planet in space.  The vision expands.  Laura sees hordes of
    ancient warriors in battle.  She sees scenes from ancient roman cities and wars.
    The vision flashes.
    3.0 Disc 3
    Parker is driving a red pickup through the snow in a valley.  He sings to
    himself.  Suddenly, he hears a thump, and slams on the brakes, hitting his face
    on the steering wheel.  He looks up to see a yellow glowing light.  He gets out
    of the truck, holding his head.  The light is confined to the hood of his truck.
    Suddenly, the light coalesces into the form of Laura.
    PARKER: "Hey, are you alright?  Wait a minute!  You were in that cabin, but you
    just fell out of the sky?  What the hell is going on?"  Laura moans, slowly
    The two of them push the truck through the snow.
    PARKER: "So that's what you've been up to.  Well anyway, I'm glad you're
    alright.  I was kind of relieved.  What ever happened to your friend, that
    strong-willed woman?  She hasn't, you know, lost it or anything, has she?"
    Parker hears a motor behind him, and turns as Kim drives up on a snowmobile with
    Janie in her lap.
    KIM: "Laura, I'm so relieved I found you.  I knew it was you.  I saw a yellow
    glow out there, and Jannie thought it might be you.  So we followed it out here,
    and well, here you are."
    PARKER: "Hey, wait a second.  I was just helping her, for crying out loud."
    KIM: "Really."
    PARKER: "Yeah, really."
    JANNIE: "I had this dream, Laura, you were talking to this lady.  Um, she seemed
    like a very nice lady."
    KIM: "It's all very strange. So Jannie woke me up and we went outside.  We saw
    this yellow light, but we also found this large house over there.  There's smoke
    coming from the chimney, so maybe there's someone inside.  We'll go ahead.
    C'mon Jannie."
    PARKER: "Now just wait a minute."
    KIM: "You lay a finger on her, and you'll have to deal with me."  She drives
    PARKER: "Look, I'm not a..." but Kim is gone.
                                                                   3.1 Conversations
    Indoors, all three adults are eating at a table.
    PARKER: "Mmm.  Laura, is that right?  What was that light just now?  Don't tell
    me you made some kind of alien contact.  Or was it something more along the
    lines of the divine?  To tell you the truth though, I was looking out the window
    during that hijacking fiasco, and..."
    KIM: "How could you admire the view at a time like that?"
    PARKER:  "Well, the sky looked so beautiful."
    KIM: "Oh, please.  You really thought that looking at the view from the window
    was more important than a hijacking?"
    PARKER: "Kind of.  But the point is, I saw something a few minutes before the
    KIM: "Saw what?"
    PARKER:  "A yellow light.  The same light that Laura came down in.  Only much,
    much bigger.  A huge curtain of light appeared from the other side of the ocean,
    then it grew until it engulfed everything.  It was almost as if the light was
    shielding the planet."
    KIM: "Oh spare me.  You think you saw God or some planet-sized guardian angel?
    PARKER: "Actually, I work for a legitimate organization that studies things not
    too far away from that."
    KIM: "CETI, right?"
    PARKER: "How did you know?"
    KIM: "Centre for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence.  It's pretty famous as far as
    bands of deluded UFO-crazed loonies go.  You're showing off one of their caps
    right now, genius."
    PARKER: "I'm not showing off anything.  Beside, I'm an engineer.  Speaking of
    which, I'm pretty handy."
    KIM: "Like I didn't see you pushing that bucket of bolts down a hill?"
    PARKER: "That's a different story."  They all eat.
    PARKER: "My team is currently examining the cause of why the dinosaurs became
    extinct 65 million years ago."
    KIM: "What?  Maybe you think a flying saucer caused this, too."
    PARKER: "No, we're talking meteors here."
    KIM: "Meteors?"
    PARKER: "Two major fragments from a meteor impacted on this planet.  One hit the
    Yucatan peninsula, the other struck northern Canada.  You know what?  I also
    think that a meteor caused our plane crash."
    KIM: "So you're saying that an asteroid took care of the dinosaurs, and now
    they're after us?"
    PARKER: "It makes sense, yes.  I can't help thinking that these events are the
    will of the cosmos.  A warning, even a punishment directed at the dominant
    species on this planet.  We're doing our best to follow the fate of the
    dinosaurs, and the powers that be are trying to..."
    KIM: "Kind of new age-y, aren't we?  Here, try the chemical equivalent."  She
    holds out Linda pills to him.
    PARKER: "Drugs?  I don't recommend it."  Kim takes one anyway.
    KIM: "I wouldn't take anything you did recommend.  Anyway, I'm more concerned
    about how we're going to get of here than in your thesis."
    PARKER: "Like I said, those meteors from 65 million years ago have everything to
    do with what we're seeing now."
    KIM: "Laura, you're done eating.  Sorry, we've been talking nonsense."
    PARKER: "Talking...!  Uhhh."
    KIM: "Oh by the way, there's some weird guy upstairs, but he won't open the
    door.  Every time I knock he just shouts out that he's practicing and he keeps
    playing the piano.  Oh, whoops, I guess I should stop gabbing like *someone* and
    finish my food.  Jannie's asleep in the next room."
    PARKER: (eating) "Mmmm."
    PARKER: Look, isn't there anything else you can tell me?  You may be the key to
    uncovering the relationship between what's happening now and what happened to
    the dinosaurs."  He is suddenly hit in the head by a roll.  "Hey, what did you
    do that for?"
    KIM: She can't remember anything.  Why can't you just leave her alone?
    PARKER: "Sorry, I didn't know."
    KIM: "If you like aliens so much, II can introduce you to some Ii know.  My
    mother was abducted by aliens."
    PARKER: "Really?  When did it happen?  Was it an isolated event, or was it
    KIM: "I was just kidding.  Not too bright, are you?"
    PARKER: "I'll show you bright (shaking fist)."
    KIM: (To Laura) "C'mon, let's leave Captain Cosmos and go and get some rest."
    Laura laughs.
    Laura goes upstairs, and tries the door handle for herself.  A man's voice,
    responds, speaking deliriously, "Huh, hah!  Who's there?  Mother, is it you?  I
    guess not.  Go away!  I don't know who you are, or what you want, but I have to
    play this song rriiiiighht!  Practice, practice, practice, practice, do you
    understand?  Now leave me aloooooone!"
    Laura knocks one more time.  "Stop it, stop it, just stop it!  Why won't you
    leave me alone?  Don't you understand?  Every.  Note.  Has got.  To be.
    Perfect!  You could never understand, just go away!  Go away, get lost!"  Laura
    gives up.  She heads to the bedroom and lies down beside Jannie, who mutters in
    her sleep, "Thank you Mommy."
    ----- 3.1.1 Interlude: Sorcerer -----
    Scene: Mountainside.
    The old robed man continues moving along, using this staff as a walking stick.
    He collapses in the snow, but is able to rise again.  He looks up and sees a
    glowing red rock in the top of the mountain.
    "God of destruction, allow me to reach you and be in your presence.  Grant your
    great powers unto me."
                                                              3.2 A Fight over Linda
    Laura wakes suddenly.  Jannie is still asleep beside her.  She hears something
    shatter outside the bedroom.  Going out to investigate, she sees Parker standing
    in front of a crouching Kimberly.  Her bottle of Linda lies broken beside her.
    KIM: "What the hell are you doing?"
    PARKER: "You shouldn't take that stuff."
    KIM: "Who are you to tell me what I can and can't do?"
    PARKER: "I know I don't have any right, but I just want you to take control of
    your life."
    KIM: "Spare me the speeches.
    PARKER: "You got to understand.  It's wrong to give yourself over to these
    chemicals. You won't be yourself anymore."
    KIM: "As if anyone cares."
    PARKER: "Well if it makes you feel any better, I do."
    KIM: (gasp)
    PARKER: "You can't just drift in a narcotic dream and call it life.  You're
    bartering yourself away for a make-believe world, paying with pain, yours and
    others'.  So what's the difference between that and how those pathetic monsters
    KIM: "Fine.  There's not much chance that I'll make it out of here anyway.  And
    even if I did, I'd just be alone again, in the dark.  I'd rather turn into a
    monster and not have to think or remember, or feel anything anymore."
    PARKER: "Don't say things like that!"  He slaps her face.  Immediately
    regretting it, he says, "I'm so sorry."
    KIM: "Don't bother.  For all your fancy talk, you're just like any other man.
    All you need is an excuse to start hitting."
    PARKER: "That's not true.  I just want to help...  I only want to make you feel
    safe.  You're...  I..."  He turns and walks away.
    KIM stands up.  To Laura, who is picking up mug and pitcher off the floor, she
    says, "Good morning.  I'm sorry you have to see me at my worst again.  I know
    he's right, but I just can't seem to act normal around men.  I feel like such
    a... (sigh) Such a wreck." Laura walks toward the door.  "Are you going out too?
    Well, be careful.  I'll stay here, okay?"
                                                              3.3 The Priest's House
    Laura heads out into the snow once more.  Checking her map, she sees two places
    worth investigating: the priest's house, and Martha's house.  The priest's house
    is closer, so she heads there first.  On the way, Laura climbs a lookout point,
    and sees a forbidding mountain in the distance with a bright red glow emanating
    from its peak.  According to the map, this is Death Mountain.  Laura looks down
    a sees a bridge leading toward the mountain, but on her side the gates are
    closed.  She can't tell from here if she will be able to open them.
    Laura goes back down and enters the priest's house, which is actually a mostly-
    crumbled stone building.  One part remains intact, though, and it is here that
    Laura enters.  Inside, a wizened old man sits at a curved desk, with a large
    book open in front of him.  He has a metal clamp in place of his right hand.  To
    his left sits a red parrot on a perch.  Behind and beside him are an incredible
    number of white candles, but only the three beside him are lit.  He speaks.
    PRIEST: "Oh, who's there?  I see.  You're the final visitor prophesized in this
    book.  (cough) Stay and listen to what I have to say about Kneiff's prophecy."
    He motions with his claw hand for Laura to sit, which she does.  "Have you ever
    heard of William Kneiff?  Last year he prophesized in his book, that a holy
    figure who oversees the balance of all things would soon come and serve the
    people responsible for all wrongdoings.  Do you know what I am speaking of?  I
    am talking about that meteorite that hit the northern mountain, that gave off a
    golden hue..."
    The parrot squawks and recites a passage.
    PARROT: "To protect this coming star from the crimson shadow and awaken from the
    folds of time, an ancient lord of destruction.  Only then will hope lie with a
    child of destiny, born on both shores of history."
    PRIEST: "Terrible, terrible things.  A golden flush tinted the sky, and on that
    northern mountain, fearfully known as Death Mountain, fell the meteor.  Thus,
    the prophecy is fulfilled, and you are possibly...  No, I will not ask.  It is
    not sanctioned to involve an outsider in this zealotry.  Hence, go safely my
    daughter."  He blows out one of the three remaining candles and continues,
    seemingly to himself.
    PRIEST: "So a woman did indeed appear in the light of 3 remaining candles.  'Tis
    very fortuitous (chuckles).  Perhaps too much so.  If all is according to the
    book, you would be the child of destiny, born on both shores of history.
    PARROT: "Destiny's child is she who stands before us.  Born on both shores of
    history and fated to be here at this moment."
    PRIEST: "Is all according to the prophecies of Kneiff?  Only 2 candles remain.
    Now, you must go, my child."
                                                                  3.4 Martha's Story
    Laura goes next to the other house on the map, but finds it locked.  She returns
    to the musician's house to check in with the others.  Upon her return, Jannie
    comes out, and seems to be the only one there.
    JANNIE: "Laura, I'm so glad to see you, so glad.  I just woke up and you were
    gone, and Kim is gone too.  I don't know where she is."
    Jannie waits on a bench while Laura double-checks around the house.  She returns
    upstairs and tries the door again.  This time, it opens.  There is no one in the
    room, which houses a grand piano and torn music pages strewn about.  Laura sits
    at the piano.  Remembering the song the musician was playing earlier, Laura
    tries a few notes.  Suddenly, a click sounds and a section of the wall in the
    back of the room opens to reveal a hidden passage.  Laura enters the hall, and
    finds the walls covered in glass cases, containing hundreds of varieties of
    butterflies, pinned on display.  Examining the cases, Laura finds that one of
    them swings open to reveal a secret compartment.  Inside, she finds a semi-
    automatic assault rifle, and a silver key shaped like a musical note.  Taking
    both, she heads back downstairs.  Taking a closer look at the key, she sees the
    engraving: "Martha and Tom Warren".  She decides this key might open the shack
    marked "Martha's house" on her map.
    Entering the shack, Laura sees a woman in a purple homemaker's dress and a white
    bonnet in the kitchen.  This must be Martha.
    MARTHA: "Tom, is that you?  Oh, it's not.  Please, come in."
    As the woman approaches, Laura sees that she has a white mask over her eyes.
    Some scarring of her face is visible around the mask.
    MARTHA: (giving Laura a cup of soup) Here, have some soup.  So you've been to
    the house.  You must have seen my son upstairs.  He, uh, didn't do anything bad
    to you, did he?"  Laura shakes her head.  "Good.  You see, I forced my own
    ambitions on him.  He was just a little boy, and wanted to play with his
    friends.  I made him practice the piano every day, every day.  Locked him in the
    cellar and forced him to play from morning 'til night.  And finally, I brought
    him here to the middle of nowhere so he would have nothing but his piano.  As if
    that weren't enough, I gave him a drug called Linda.  I wanted to give his
    fingers, his hearing an extra touch of power, but it was the devil's medicine
    that I gave him.  It put him on edge and brought out the worst in him.  I saw it
    myself one day.  I saw him in the pond, playing.  He was cutting rabbits and
    birds to pieces, and laughing.  He saw me, then approached me.  'Mom', he said,
    and he was holding a burning log in his hand.  'Mom, I can play the piano really
    well,' he said.  'I can play really well.  Mom, are you happy now?' Then I
    couldn't believe it.  He shoved that burning log right into my face, and burned
    me, and this is what happened."  She removes her mask, and Laura gasps and
    averts her gaze.  "Oh, the agony.  Only then did I realize for the first time
    what he had been through.  What I had done to him.  His pain, oh god, what am I
    going to do now?  I don't know what to do."
                                                    3.5 Back at the Musician's House
    Laura leaves Martha for now.  Not knowing where Kim is, she returns to the
    priest's house, hoping to get more information from him.
    PRIEST: "Welcome back.  I thought you might return.  If you truly are the child
    of destiny, there is something I must tell you."
    PARROT: "No man is truly evil or truly good.  There is the power of evil and the
    power of good.  It all depends on how that power is applied."
    PRIEST: "I know not whether you are the destined one, but I have told you what I
    needed to.  Perhaps the human race has gone too far.  It seems that my task in
    life is done.  I shall wait here for the last candle to burn out."  The parrot
    squawks.  "It is certainly as foretold."
    The priest says no more, so Laura returns to the musician's house to see if Kim
    or Parker have returned.  She sees Kim sitting on the stairs.
    KIM: "Oh, Laura.  Jannie's disappeared again.  I wasn't looking.  Where could
    she have gone?  I'll go look for her."  She gets up and turns around.  A
    butterfly is sitting on the back of her jacket.  It flies off and flutters
    around the room.   "That man upstairs is gone too, I don't know what's going on
    here.  (sees the butterfly) What's...?  What a pretty butterfly.  What's it
    doing in a place like this?  I have to go."  Kim leaves the house.  Suspecting
    something, Laura returns upstairs.  She finds the song that she heard earlier
    playing on a phonograph.  The record is skipping.  She stops it and looks
    around.  Heading into the secret room again, one of the panels swings open
    behind her, and a dead man covered in red blood, eyes staring blankly, falls out
    of the space behind it.  Laura gasps and cries.  Parker runs in, asking, "What's
    wrong?  Oh my god.  What the hell happened here?  You better not hang around.
    C'mon, let's go back downstairs."
    PARKER: "You alright?  I wonder where Jannie went.  I ran into Kimberly on the
    way back and she told me she took the snowmobile.  You know, I think I have a
    better idea of what she's like after talking to her. Oh yeah, I found a stone
    bridge just north of here.  The thing is, the gate is locked, and will stay that
    way unless we can blow it with dynamite or something.  It's really too bad.
    There's a large building at the mountain on the other side of the bridge.
    There's a weird red glow coming from the side.  I think there's something like
    an antenna up there, you can bet on it.  It could be the source of the signal
    that my team was tracking."
    Laura, suspicious of Kim after these events, decides to check on the other
    people she's met in the area.
                                                        3.6 Priest's House Revisited
    Back at the priest's house, the parrot flies out as soon as Laura opens the
    door.  She is shocked to see the priest slumped over his desk, dead, in a pool
    of red blood.  Laura sees that only one candle remains lit.  Examining him for
    clues as to what happened, Laura finds he is grasping a silver key.  Key in
    hand, Laura heads for the back of the small room.  She finds a religious altar
    with a statue of the Virgin Mary.  On either side, there are locked
    compartments.  She finds that the silver key opens them.  In one is a handgun,
    which Laura takes for protection.  In the other, she is shocked to discover an
    explosive device.  Remembering what Parker said about the gate to the bridge,
    she takes it back to him.  As she leaves the priest's house, the last candle
    blows out.
    Back at the house, she shows Parker what she found.
    PARKER: "Oh!  That looks like an explosive.  Wait, we may be able to blow that
    bridge gate with this.  Let me hold onto it for a while."  Laura nods and heads
    back out.
                                                            3.7 Larry's Last Request
    She checks Martha's house to find it empty.  As she looks around, Laura hears a
    thump behind her.  Laura backs out, and sees Larry, the grey-haired terrorist
    who blossomed and attacked her and Kim in the mountain hut when Laura first
    regained consciousness.  He looks human, but has green bloodstains around his
    eyes and mouth.  She readies her gun, but he raises his hands in defense.
    LARRY: "Wait, I'm okay now.  You must believe me.  That sorcerer deceived me.
    He was just using me.  Please believe me.  I know I turned into a monster, but
    I'm okay now.  I've got my mind back.  See, my body's back to normal too.  Even
    if my blood's green, I'm still a human being.  Is that what you want to kill?
    C'mon, trust me. We're both human, aren't we?  It's okay, you can trust me."  He
    holds his hand out to Laura.  "Trust me.  Trust me."  His cheek starts bulging.
    "Aaarggh!  No, not again!"
    Green tentacles burst from his body again and carry him around like a spider, as
    his chest bursts into a giant flower like before.  This time, two long red
    tentacles, each with a pincer at the end, protrude from the flower's centre.  He
    starts crawling around the area.  Laura swings her sub-machine gun around
    spraying bullets, eventually bringing him down.  Larry is still able to speak,
    LARRY: "I'm sorry.  Thanks for making me human again.  We were wrong.  The
    sorcerer was just using us.  Didn't know it.  We took Linda.  The Linda, he gave
    us some.  We took it on the plane.  It felt like bees were flying around in our
    skulls.  I don't remember anything else, just the buzzing, the buzzing in my
    head.  You've got to stop him.  He says he's fusing with the Shadow, becoming
    one with him.  To get the power to destroy the world.  He said that the Shadow
    has been asleep in Death Mountain up north for 65 million years.  Now the meteor
    woke it up.  You've got to stop him!  Now that I've turned into this, this
    thing, now I realize that I've wasted... my life.  My wasted life.  Dying feels
    kind of good.  Please, could you close... my... eyes..."  He lies still and
    speaks no more.
    Laura kneels to his last request, looking closely at what he had become.  As she
    reaches for his face, his body jerks, and one of the red tentacles lunges and
    grabs Laura by her face.
    LARRY: "I'm not doing this.  Please, please don't hate me."  The tentacle holds
    Laura off the ground by her face, until she loses consciousness.
    ----- 3.7.1 Interlude: Mother -----
    GREAT MOTHER: "Laura.  Laura Parton.  I am the Great Mother.  Awake, my child.
    The world has begun to turn inward upon itself."  Laura walks through the snow,
    stumbles and falls.  "The sky will be above no longer, the earth below no
    longer, and mankind will be no more.  Hurry, child, and arm yourself."  Laura's
    compact flips through the air and lands in front of her.  "Or else the world
    will be no more.  Fear not, and go forth, in the name of the Great Mother, the
    creator of all."  Laura picks up the compact and opens it.  A vision swirls into
    being inside of it.  Laura sees old motorcars, then the Wright' brothers flying
    their plane.  The vision flashes.
    Parker is lying in bed.  A yellow glow appears above him.  Pieces of the roof
    start to fall on him.  He leaps up, saying, "What the...?" as Laura materializes
    and falls onto the bed.  "You again?  Scared the hell out of me.  You almost
    gave me a heart attack. Let me guess, the yellow light again."  He walks out of
    the room.  Laura follows.
                                                                3.8 The Stone Bridge
    Laura talks to Parker, who sits in a chair.
    PARKER: "We just had some company.  I mean, I guess we're that company.  You
    know that guy upstairs?  His mother came over.  She went upstairs to the second
    floor and still hasn't come down.  Even though her little son seems to have
    wandered off.  I don't know what she could possibly be doing up there by
    herself."  Laura goes upstairs to see her, but the door is blocked.  Listening,
    she hears nothing from the other side.
    Heading outside, Laura notices the other snowmobile is available.  Using her
    map, she rides it to the bridge she saw earlier from the lookout by the priest's
    house.  She arrives to find the other snowmobile and Kim examining the gates.
    Kim spots her and runs up to speak to her.
    KIM: "Laura!  Has Jannie come back yet?"  Laura shakes her head.  "She's not out
    here either.  If we could just open this damn gate, we could cross to the other
    side, but I guess there's nothing we can do now, except go back into the house."
    In the house, Parker is working with the explosive device.
    KIM: "We still can't find Jannie.  I'm really worried about her now.  Did you
    find anything, Parker?  Hey, is that a time bomb?  That should take care of the
    gate.  Set it to go off in, say, well, it's from here to the stone bridge... 15
    minutes should be long enough."
    PARKER: "Hey, just hold on a minute.  We haven't even tested this thing yet."
    KIM: "Test?  Don't be such a wuss.  C'mon, hurry up.  I have a gate to blow up."
    PARKER: "Alright, alright.  One, five, zero, zero.  Okay, set to go off in 15
    minutes.  You start cutting it too close, just toss it."
    KIM: "Please.  Just because it took you 15 minutes to crawl over there on a
    snowmobile, doesn't mean the rest of us are that slow.  Five minutes, that's all
    I need.  You want to bet me? "
    PARKER: "I don't play those kind of games."
    KIM: "Have it your way.  Well, I'm impressed.  I wasn't sure you could do
    PARKER: "Give me a break."
    KIM: "Well, I'm off then.  Be good.  See you soon."
    Parker talks to Laura after Kim leaves.
    PARKER:  "Hey, what do you think of her?  I...  To tell you the truth, I had my
    doubts about her at one point.  I thought maybe she'd already gone floral,
    turned into a monster already.  I guess I was wrong.  She's got a monster inside
    alright, but it's a far more terrible kind.  It's called loneliness.  Everyone
    has a measure of it inside, but somehow she just can't learn how to keep it
    under control.  This loneliness is eating her up.  Damn.  Isn't there anything I
    can do for her?  Maybe if I were a priest, I could offer her faith.  If I were a
    warrior, I could protect her.  I'm just, just me, and I can't offer her
    anything.  It's been days since that crash, and I...  Hey, what time is it?
    Holy shit!  I didn't set it for 15 minutes, I set it for 1500 hours!  Don't you
    see, I didn't set the thing to go off in 15 minutes!  It's set for 3PM.  There's
    only 5 minutes left!  Kimberly!"
    Laura runs out to catch her, riding the snowmobile back to the bridge.  She
    arrives there to find Kim holding the bomb by the gate.
    KIM: "What's wrong, Laura?"
    Laura grabs the bomb from her and throws it over the edge of the cliff.
    KIM: "What do you think you're doing?  We have to blow this gate!"
    The bomb explodes loudly, still tumbling in the air down the cliff.
    KIM: "What on earth is going on?"
    Kimberly and Laura have returned to the house.
    KIM: "What's with you?  You said you wanted to help me.  I was this close to
    getting killed, and if I had, it would have been all your fault."
    PARKER: "I'm so sorry.  Look..."
    KIM: "Engineer, yeah right.  Murderer is more like it.  So you think you can
    just do what you please with my life, is that it?"
    PARKER: "You have no idea how glad I am to see you."
    KIM: "Get out.  It makes no difference to me whether you're here or not.  Just
    get out of my sight. (Waits) Just get out of here!"  She stomps to the bedroom
    and slams the door.  Parker is troubled.
    PARKER: (To Laura) "Sorry about that.  Can you do me a favour?"  He holds out a
    silver chain with a locket.  "This is kind of my lucky charm.  I think it's
    better for Kimberly to have it instead of me.  If you don't mind, could you
    please give it to her?"  Laura takes it and goes into the bedroom.
                                                                3.9 Kimberly's Story
    In the bedroom, Laura finds Kim lying on the bed.
    KIM: "I'm sorry.  I know it isn't his fault.  But it just went off anyway.  Can
    I tell you something?  I lost my father when I was very young.  He died and left
    nothing but a huge debt.  Every day, the loan sharks would show up at my house,
    and every day, they would take it out on my mother.  I'll never forget finding
    her that January morning.  My mother killed herself.  She put a bullet in her
    head.  They showed up that day too, and then, when they realized they could
    never lay their dirty hands on her ever again, they came after me.  I grabbed
    the revolver from my mother's hand, and I fired at them.  Lights came through
    the window and I ran away.  And every night since, that morning has repeated in
    my dreams.  The thing is, I started taking Linda to deal with my dreams, but I
    just can't deal with men anymore.  I can't even face them in the same room, and
    that's why when Parker said he just wanted to protect me...  No man has ever
    said that to me before, I didn't know how to react.  I'm gonna apologize to him
    in the morning.  I know I can trust him.  And this time, I'll stop pushing him
    away.  I promise."  Laura nods and goes to sleep.
    Laura wakes up.  Kim is sitting by the bed.
    KIM: "Sorry, did I wake you?  Well, I'm writing a poem.  I thought I'd show it
    to Parker.  Do you think he'll read it?"  Laura smiles.
    ----- 3.9.1 Interlude: David -----
    DAVID: "Oohh, aaarggh, oh. Oh, Laura, I'm so sorry I woke you.  I've started to
    feel these stabbing pains throughout my body.  Wow.  Every time I move my head,
    ooohh. Every time I raise my arm, ow, I get this constricting feeling.
    (Panting).  It's okay, it's okay, I'm fine.  Thanks.  Don't worry about me.  Oh
    Laura, I'm supposed to take care of you, but I... but I..."
                                                                3.10 Parker's Change
    Kim reads her poem in the chair in the house's main room.  Laura comes in from
    the bedroom.
    KIM: Good morning, Laura.  Parker comes in the door.  Kim goes over to him.
    KIM: "Parker, I'm sorry about last night."
    PARKER: "Stay away from me."  He pulls out a penknife, and Kim pulls back,
    scared.  "Look at this."  He cuts his palm with a grunt.  Green blood pours out.
    Kim gasps in horror.
    PARKER: "I've somehow been infected.  I'm still alright.  I haven't blossomed
    yet, I'm still thinking straight, and I can make my own decisions for now.  But
    it's only a matter of time and I can't risk harming you two.  I've gotta go."
    KIM: "You can't!"
    PARKER: "You'll be alright.  You're not like the dinosaurs.  You have this
    (points to his head), and this too (points to his heart).  Just know it's never
    too late.  Being human means having free will, and the challenge is making the
    right choice.  Nuclear power can be used to destroy cities or explore outer
    space.  Drugs can be used to cure mental illness, or escape from the world.  The
    choices are yours.  It's also true of what you do with your heart.  Maybe
    humanity, every one of us as individuals is being told it's time to grow up.
    I'll see you around.  Don't die, either of you."
    KIM: "No, wait!  Maybe we could still find a cure.  There's no need for you to
    just leave like this."  She is crying hard.
    PARKER: "Do you think you'll miss me when I'm no longer myself?"
    KIM: "Yes I will."
    PARKER: "Will you remember me?"
    KIM: "Of course."
    PARKER: "Then, just smile for me."
    KIM: "What?"
    PARKER: "Smile for me Kimberly."
    With effort, Kimberly smiles.
    PARKER: "That's it.  C'mon, I know you can do it."
    KIM: "Oh, Parker..."
    PARKER: "Thank you Kimberly.  You'll never be alone."  He walks out into the
    storm.  Kim cries and drops the sheet of paper with the poem she was going to
    give to him.
    Laura and Kimberly are sitting at the table.
    KIM: "I went to sleep last night after I wrote that poem for him.  I never slept
    so soundly, without taking Linda.  And I had this dream.  I dreamt that I was
    crossing that bridge with Parker, and on the other side was a fresh new world, a
    totally new life."  Suddenly springing up, realizing something, Kim asks,
    "Laura, where's that other bomb?  Did he..."  Panicking, she runs to door and
    goes outside, as a loud blast is heard from the direction of the bridge.  They
    see smoke rising in the distance.
    KIM: "Parker...  Parker!  Oh no."  She runs out.
    Laura brings her snowmobile to a stop at the bridge and dismounts.  The gate is
    lying in shattered pieces.  Kim is there.
    KIM: "Parker.  Parker! (sobbing) Please answer me!  I know you're here.  It's
    not fair, you can't just leave me like this (sobbing more).  Parker."  She
    breaks down, falling to her knees.  She spots a tattered CETI cap among the
    debris.  "No, please Parker, no.  It's not fair."
    Kim gets up and turns to Laura, who holds out the silver charm to her.
    KIM: "It's Parker's."  She holds it to her forehead.  "Please, I need to be
    alone for a while."
                                                                 3.11 Jannie Returns
    Laura rides the snowmobile back to the house, and finds Jannie inside.
    JANNIE: "Oh Laura, Laura.  I was hiding because I was so scared.  Kimmy was
    acting weird to me.  And that man upstairs, too, he..."
    A door slams, Jannie screams, and we hear piano music coming from upstairs.
    Someone groans: "You!  It was you two who did that to my boy, to my Tom!"
    Martha appears at the top of the stairs, holding a violin.  "You little
    monsters.  Was it fun, torturing him? I saw how you tortured him.  You fed on
    him, didn't you?  Did he taste good?  How did my little boy taste?"
    Janie screams as Martha blossoms.  A pair of white wings grow out of her back
    and large green tentacles from her sides.
    MARTHA: "Come.  I'll eat this little one like you did my son.  I'll eat her down
    to the bone and enjoy every last bite."  She stands before the girls, playing
    her violin while her monster parts carry her about the room.  He moves about
    slashing Laura with her tentacles.  Laura equips her weapon and shoots out
    Martha's tentacles, then turning her fire to the violin, shattering it.  This
    brings the blossomed Martha to the ground, dying.
    MARTHA: "I wanted so much to play a duet with you Tom. Please forgive me." Her
    mask falls off.
    JANNIE: "Laura, Laura, I'm so scared.  That's what Kimmy did.  She wasn't a
    monster, but she...  I went upstairs because the door was open, and I saw Kimmy,
    and she was doing mean things to that man.  And then Kimmy saw me, and she
    started chasing me too."  She cries on Laura's shoulder.  "That's why I went and
    KIM: "So that's what's been happening".  Kim is standing in the doorway.
    Jannie screams and runs away.
    KIM: "I don't remember anything.  If Jannie says so, I must have...
    Laura, I'm going to find Parker, and be with him.  I'm not alone anymore.  I'm
    afraid of loneliness.  No, not anymore.  I wish I had
    but until just a few days ago, I had nothing to even regret losing.  If I could
    go back in time and see myself the way I was, I would give her a hard slap
    across the face.  Then I'd take her to meet you and Parker, and I would tell
    her, 'These are your friends.  Starting today.'  Laura, I changed my mind.  If I
    could just have another chance at life, I'd like to be reborn as myself, and I'd
    like to have you as my friend again.  Promise?  Would you be?"  Laura nods and
    hugs her.  "Thank you.  Thank you.  I'm going now."  She walks past Laura to the
    door.  "Don't turn around, please.  There's no need to see me off.  Remember,
    this isn't goodbye.  We're friends, friends for life."
    ----- 3.11.1 Interlude: Sorcerer -----
    Scene: A large red orb in the mountainside.  It is nighttime.
    The old man in the robe reaches the orb at last.
    SORCERER: "Zang, zing zaccah Niba.  Zang zing zacah niba.  Zang zing zacah niba.
    Oh great shadow, allow me to reach you and be in your presence.  Grant your
    great powers onto me"
                                                                   3.12 Kim's Lament
    Jannie comes out of the house after Laura.  The two of them climb onto the
    snowmobile and ride out to the stone bridge.
    JANNIE: "Laura, is Parker really dead?  I heard everyone talking."  Suddenly,
    she screams very sharply.  "Look, look, it's Parker!"
    Parker's burnt and broken body climbs out of the wreckage of the gate, gurgling,
    PARKER: "Laura, Laura, urk..."  One of his hands falls off and Jannie screams
    again.  Parker stumbles.  Before he reaches Laura, Kim runs up and grabs him, as
    if hugging him, shouting, "Parker!".  She grunts as a green tentacle bursts from
    his stomach straight through her.
    KIM: "I love you.  I love you.  Parker!"  Kim points her shotgun into his chest
    and fires point blank.  The shot passes cleanly through him.  He slumps onto
    her, crying, "Kimberrrlyyy..."  Both fall over dead, embracing each other.
    Laura and Jannie fall to the snow, bawling their eyes out.  Jannie sees the
    piece of paper that Kim had written her poem for Parker on.  She picks it up and
    starts to read it, then we hear Kim's voice reciting the poem, as her song,
    'Counting the Roses' plays in the background.
    "First there was light, and what lay between he stars was called 'courting
    darkness'.  Adrift even from the sorrow, the survivors turned letters from the
    sun into ashes.  Courting darkness, from the inkwell of their veins, the
    survivors took the bleeding words upon the nation.  The words spoke not of the
    heart.  The words instead armored the soul.  And the survivors made a fortress
    of their folly.  On the first day, they made fire to burn the sky.  On the
    second day, they made fire to burn the sea.  On the third day, they made fire to
    burn the earth. On the fourth day, they made fire, to bur the stars.  On the
    fifth day, there was nothing.  On the sixth day, there was emptiness.  And on
    the seventh day, you appeared.  You unchained the cage of things forbidden, and
    the darkness began to change.  Strength began to course.  And the strength begat
    power.  You swept a boat out into the swelling river, and guided me across on a
    link of thoughts.  Heedless of the water's fearful source.  Severed from the
    markers of time.  The smothering solitude thawed in your light
    and became a rising tree on a forgiving hill.  The tree begat a forest, and the
    forest called forth winged creatures, and traced the contour of the heart as
    they flew reconstructing brightness long since forgotten.  They overflow, fall
    from the sky, murmuring their light, crystalize.  In the verdence of the trees,
    gathered wood falls from the skies, "Fly," you cried, "fly", you cried, "fly,"
    you cried.  And as the gods arrived, as life finally came to an end as it
    started, they saw boundless joy, and they knew it was your doing. What you
    guarded in their stead is the brightness that shines within.  What you guarded
    in their stead, I shall call love.  And understand at last, that first there
    was light.
    ----- 3.12.1 Interlude: Mother -----
    Scene: snow, Laura lying in it
    GREAT MOTHER: "Laura, do you know who you are?  You must learn the truth.  The
    evil one is giving himself to a fearful power even now, and together they shall
    become the Shadow.  Laura, you are the chosen one.  You must awake."
    Laura pulls open her shirt, and a bright light emanates from her body...
    Vision: Earth from space.  Planes crash.  Soldiers fire guns in 20th century
    wars.  Explosions everywhere, on the ground, in the sky.  Military bunkers are
    targeted.  Laser tracers light up the night.  The vision flashes...
    JANNIE: "Laura, Laura, Laura!"  They both stand in the snow.  Jannie cries on
    Laura's shoulder.  "Let's go, Laura."  Laura nods.
    The snowmobile winds through debris and over the bridge.  Pan up to the glowing
    red orb in the top of the mountain.
    ----- 3.12.2 Interlude: David -----
    Scene: white, snow falling.
    DAVID: "Laura, listen to me.  I can't hold on much longer.  I'm not gonna make
    it, not with this injury. Don't look at me like that, It's okay Laura.  I'm not
    afraid of dying now.  Laura, I want you to do something for me.  Leave me here
    and go.  You've got to stay alive.  There's nothing more I can do.  I'm all...
    Please Laura, don't look so sad.  You have no idea how happy I've been, spending
    my last days with you.  You kept me going.  And that's why more than anything
    else in the world, I want you to survive.  The moment I saw you on that plane, I
    knew I had to keep you safe.  I don't know why, but I just knew I had to.
    That's why, that's why you've got to survive.  All I can offer now is to leave
    you with a smile.  I wish I had something you could take with you, but I... but
    4.0 Disc 4
    ----- 4.0.1 Interlude: Sorcerer -----
    The red glow is brighter on the mountain.  The robed man stands in a swirl of
    red light, arms raised up.
    SORCERER: "I shall be known as Death, the final destroyer, the great Shadow.
    'Tis for the coming fall I wait."  He repeats this in a deepening voice.
                                                        4.1 Lucy Parton Laboratories
    The snowmobile races toward a building.  Laura and Jannie dismount and look up
    at a vast wall built into the mountain.  They read a sign:
                              "Lucy Parton Laboratory"
    Laura looks as the inscription on her compact.  We hear David saying, "You don't
    want to lose that.  It's a precious gift from your mother, Laura".
    JANNIE: "Par-ton-lab-ra-tory.  Parton!  That's the same last name as yours,
    Laura reaches out for the sign when a robotic male voice calls out while a red
    light over the door blinks in time: "This is the Lucy Parton Laboratory.  The
    entire facility has been shut down.  Only authorized personnel are permitted
    access."  This message repeats.  "Please state your name.  Please state your
    LAURA: "This is Laura.  Laura Parton."
    The doors swing open with a groan, and Laura walks in, holding Jannie's hand.
    The two of them walk in a hanger.  Laura looks at the signs and pictures on
    display on the walls.
    JANNIE: "Laura, have you been here before?  It's freezing in here.  I'm real
    Laura sees a device on a counter, in front of a pair of doors at the end of the
    hall.  She waves her hand in front of it.  The robotic male voice says, "DNA
    scan completed.  Laura Parton, please enter.  Laura Parton's last visit was 27
    years ago.  Your associate is not cleared for access. Please wait here."
    JANNIE: "It's okay, I'll wait for you here."  She sits by a window.  "I know
    you'll come back, I'll wait for you."  She waves bye as Laura passes through the
    Laura walks down stairs to a bank of monitors displaying the LPL logo.  A map
    shows the different parts of the building.  A female, robotic voice is heard
    while an image of a woman in a uniform appears on the monitors.
    VOICE: "Welcome.  On behalf of the Lucy Parton laboratory, I would like to
    welcome you to the visitor's centre.  Please press any button for the
    information you desire."
    Laura sees four buttons on a panel in front of her.  They read:
                                   LPL Corporation
                                 Dr. Lucy Parton, PhD
                                   Clone Technology
    She presses each in turn to hear the descriptions.
    "This facility houses the Lucy Parton Laboratory of the LPL Corporation, and
    includes the research and development division.  The facility, which was moved
    here to Ultramarine City in 1971, consists of 4 separate wings.  The visitor's
    centre, which also serves as the showroom; the main laboratory, where the actual
    research is conducted; the Parton Tower office complex; and the library, where
    all data is archived."
    LPL corporation:
    "The Lucy Parton Laboratory of the LPL Corporation was established by the Parton
    family in 1963.  The primary objective of establishing this facility was to
    continue the research work in molecular bio and genetic engineering,
    particularly the field of cloning technology, initiated by then-chief executive
    of the LPL corporation, and director of research, Dr. Lucy Parton.  The cloning
    project was discontinued in 1974, several months after Dr. Parton was seriously
    injured in a laboratory accident.  However, the facility continued to perform
    research on agriculture applications of genetic engineering unde3r a government
    grant until 1981.  The genetic engineering technology researched and developed
    here by the  LPL corporation is still helping to feed the world by increasing
    the nutritional content of certain types of livestock and grain.  Since 1981,
    only the visitor's centre wing has functioned as a showroom for molecular
    biotechnology and genetic engineering. All proceeds from the centre are
    channeled to various university research funds."
    Dr. Lucy Parton, PhD:
    "Dr Lucy Parton, Chief executive of LPL corporation and director of the Lucy
    Parton Laboratory, was born in 1932 in Chicago, Illinois.  After a brilliant and
    much-accelerated academic career, she and her father, the well-known
    entrepreneur and LPL chairman Roy Parton, founded the Lucy Parton laboratory in
    1957, an institute dedicated to the pursuit of molecular biotechnology,
    especially the then-fledgling field of genetic engineering.  Lucy Parton is
    especially well known for her work on mammoth cell cloning, a project hat began
    in 1963 with the discovery of a perfectly preserved woolly mammoth in the sub-
    arctic permafrost.  Dr. Parton also left lasting marks in other fields, such as
    medicine and agriculture, before her life and work were cut short in 1973 by a
    research-related accident."
    Clone Technology: "All data concerning this technology has been erased."
                                                                4.2 The Xilo Project
    The male robotic voice speaks after Laura has tried all of the buttons.
    VOICE: "Laura Parton, a level D+ key has been issued in your name.  You may
    access the main laboratory."
    Laura checks the map and walks to a green door to the side, which automatically
    opens to reveal an elevator.  Laura boards it and looks at the elevator panel,
    which has buttons from 7 down to B5.  She presses B5, beside which is written:
                          "Xilo=MotherComputer=,Lucy (Level D+)"
    A red camera eye is visible in a corner of the elevator.  The elevator stops and
    Laura walks out into a blue light.  She steps before a large machine, filling
    the dome-shaped room.  As she walks forward, her compact glows blue.  A woman's
    voice can be heard from a round speaker in the roof.
    LUCY: "You've come very far Laura.  I am Lucy, your mother.  I have been waiting
    for you.  Laura, I'm right here."  The room lights up.  Laura draws in a breath
    as she sees machinery all about the room.  "I know that you've come very far, my
    beloved Laura.  It all began 38 years ago, with a genetic memory asleep in a
    wall of arctic ice.  In 1963, I began working on a special project, using
    cloning technology to bring mammoths back from extinction.  My team discovered a
    perfectly preserved mammoth specimen, in the arctic permafrost of northern
    Canada in 1971.  We were able to extract genetic material from the cell nucleus.
    Unfortunately, there was too much chromosome damage.  But we found something
    else.  In the stomach of that frozen mammoth, we found the undigested remains of
    a totally unknown organism.  Mammoths were believed to be herbivores, but this
    one, anyway, apparently had eaten another creature.  And what a creature.  It
    looked human, but had a pair of wings sprouting from its back.  We removed him
    (yes, the creature was male) from the stomach for further study.  Then I decided
    we would extract a sperm specimen and attempt fertilization, using my ovum, and
    in my womb.  I decided to give birth to a hybrid child, fathered by this winged
    human.  The fertilization was successful, but the embryo developed without a
    trace of wings.  That made no difference to me.  The child was the fulfillment
    of my dreams.  A miraculous collaboration between me, and that being we found
    inside the mammoth.  The baby was born in the early hours of December 31st,
    under the most spectacular display of Aurora Borealis that winter.  It was born
    across that span of time.  I took the first letter of my given name and added
    the Latin word for air: aura, and named the child Laura.  It's true.  That was
    how you entered this world, Laura."  Laura gasps and drops the compact.  "When I
    was in labour with you, I had a vision, something akin to the will of the cosmos
    spoke to me, and described something important: that a powerful spirit had
    appeared in the space-time continuum, and was on its way to earth from the far
    reaches of space, and that it would arrive on earth when my child had become a
    grown woman.  At that moment, for the first time, I felt the enormity, even the
    sin of what I had done.  And at the same time, I saw in you the hands of fate.
    Then, seven days later, my own life ended.  But others in this institute and the
    government wanted to repeat the experiment.  They wanted to bring those winged
    human beings of prehistoric times back to life.  They transferred my mind and
    will to this, to Xilo.  But without a compatible ova or willing surrogate within
    which to bring the embryo to term, their efforts ended in failure.  Look."
    Glass cylinders around the room light up to reveal a number of misshapen figures
    preserved inside them.
    LUCY: "Laura, you must kill me, end your mother's torment so that no one will
    ever repeat this mistake.  Do it now, while I still have my will.  Laura,
    please.  Please kill me."
    Laura shoots the glass cylinders around the room to destroy all evidence of the
    cloning project.  She then turns her gun on the primary machine, shaped like a
    woman's belly as seen from beneath with legs supported on either side.  She
    shoots a number of devices until the machine's core opens up.  Firing into here
    repeatedly, Laura reaps the final destruction of the thing her mother has
    become.  It bursts into flames as Lucy's voice dies out, saying, "Thank you
    Laura.  I'm so sorry."
    The room shakes violently.  Laura falls to her knees, then rises and runs out as
    debris falls everywhere.  She rests against a set of doors
    ----- 4.2.1 Interlude: Sorcerer -----
    "I shall be known as death, the final destroyer, the great Shadow.  'Tis for the
    coming fall I wait."
    He is enclosed in a pod beneath a strange, organic shape with triangular symbols
    rotating around it.
    ----- 4.2.2 Interlude: Mother -----
    Scene, Laura walking through snowstorm
    "Laura, Laura Parton. The evil one has joined himself to a fearful power, and
    has been remade."  Laura stumbles and falls onto the snow.  "The evil one knows
    you, my child, and shall seek you out.  Go forward Laura.  You must not stop, no
    matter what.
    Vision: Earth in space, the sun rising.  Mushroom clouds seem from ground and
    space.  The vision flashes...
                                                                   4.3 Hunting Lodge
    Laura wakes up in a small wooden cabin, supported above the snow.  She looks
    around and sees Jannie sleeping in a chair.  Jannie wakes up and looks around.
    JANNIE: "Laura, what am I doing here?  I want to go home.  I want to go home
    now.  I feel so wrong here.  Hey Laura, I discovered something.  What matters
    most is time.  I had a dream.  There were big dinosaurs walking around.  And
    then lots of people making buildings in the desert.  There were people crossing
    the ocean in a big ship.  Then people were shooting at each other with guns.  I
    say big trees being chopped down, and jet fighters in the sky.  And then a
    really big, big explosion.  There was a space rocket going straight up, and
    astronauts hopping up and down on the moon.  And animals getting shocked in a
    lab.  A big wave of water came and washed away a town, and a whole mountain
    caught on fire.  There was something that looked like a forest, but it was all
    missiles instead of trees.  It was kind of like when you fast forward a long
    movie, but I knew it wouldn't go the other way, and I thought, that's what's
    really important.  Time is the only thing that can't go back.  It's kind of like
    a lesson, like Grandpa teaches me."
    The cabin shakes suddenly.  Laura runs out, and is almost blinded by the red
    light emanating from the top of the mountain.  She shields her eyes, and hears
    Jennie yell.  She goes back inside.
    JANNIE: "Laura, I don't feel so good."  She is slowly slumping over.  "Laura, I
    think I'm getting sick.  Laura, I can't talk."  Laura screams as Jannie's body
    glows red.  "Laura, I'm scared, please, Laura!"
    Jannie starts to melt, sinking into her dress.  Her voice continues, "Laura, I'm
    scared.  I can't see anything.  I can't hear anymore.  Laura, I'm scared.
    Please, Laura..."  Jannie is gone, leaving behind nothing but her hairclip.
    Laura screams and faints.
    We hear the Great Mother's voice.
    GREAT MOTHER: "Laura, get up.  Laura.  You must climb a mountain that awaits you
    to the north, and make the fearsome power your own.  You must become one with
    that power.  Only then can you save your world and I."
    Laura, holding Jannie's hairclip, rises with a determined look on her face.
    Laura leaves the lodge and fights her way up the mountain to a cave, where she
    knows something evil awaits her.
    ----- 4.3.1 Interlude: Mother -----
    GREAT MOTHER: "Laura, Laura Parton.  I am the Great Mother.  Awake now Laura, my
    darling child.  Awake and release within you
    Laura, know the planet you inhabit.  Know the time you have spent here.  Awaken
    the memories within you.  Laura, you must know and feel everything."
    Laura sees a single red flower, with green petals peeking through the snow.
    "This is mother earth, this is your home.  Awake unto it."
    Laura closes her hound around the flower, which glows.  The light explodes into
    a field of flowers.
    Vision: Earth from space.  Starving children in Africa.  Trees being cut down.
    A nuclear power plant.  Paramedics lining up bodies.  The vision flashes...
    ----- 4.3.2 Interlude: David -----
    Scene: White sky, snow falling.
    DAVID: "Laura, how many days has it been since the crash?  Time just seems to
    fade into the distance for me now.  It's strange, but I don't feel sad.  The
    snow will soon cover my body.  Time will cease to exist, and I'll disappear
    under the thickening layer of snow.  And in that whiteness, all this will
    transform itself into water and earth.  Over a longer period of time than I ever
    could have imagined.  And maybe one day I'll come back again as a very small
    flower.  I'll blossom and grow.  There's an interesting thought for you Laura,
    don't you think?  Me, as a plant?  I've never so much as even had a plant in my
    apartment.  But now I'm on my way to being reincarnated as one.  Just think,
    someday, someone may walk past me.  They may be laughing or crying when they do,
    or they may be full of hope, or in deep despair.  But it won't matter to me,
    because a flower doesn't care what it has or what it doesn't have.  It just is,
    protruding from the snow, waving in the breeze.  But it's different with you
    Laura.  You must survive.  Don't worry about me.  I'll be staying here, thinking
    of you.  Dreaming of you.  Laura, it's okay.  You can do it.  If anyone can,
    it's you, I know that."
                                                                 4.4 Final Encounter
    Laura walks past walls of swirling light and patterns, to see the disturbing,
    many-eyed bulbous creature that the sorcerer has become, with rotating patterns
    of light behind it.  It speaks.
    SHADOW: "Fool, think you can stand in my way?  All that exist shall follow the
    path of destruction, and your human race and even this planet is no exception.
    The will of the cosmos will not be denied.  What is there left to save?
    Mankind?  Grown old, without growing wise, and this planet, not content with its
    first folly, it creates a second, even more foolish dominant species.  All this
    shall be destroyed, and all must begin with you.  Go now, get out!  How dare you
    challenge my power?"  Laura stands up to him with shotgun in hand.  "Ha ha ha
    ha!  Then a fool you shall die."  Laura starts firing her shotgun as fast as she
    can.  "I can feel your helplessness, your terror.  Your feeble attacks are
    nothing.  So futile in the face of my awesome power.  Now you shall experience
    my true power.  First your eyes, you will see this world no more.  Never more."
    Laura's vision fades.  She continues firing blindly.
    SHADOW: "Ha ha ha ha.  Next I will take your ears, and these words will be the
    last you ever hear.  Laura hears a piercing sound, then hears nothing.
    Laura falls to the ground.  She is able to hear her enemy's voice, speaking
    directly to her mind.
    SHADOW: "How do you feel now?  Grovel in fear.  First you're blind, then you are
    deaf.  And now, you will move no longer.  Do you understand what that means?
    Death, it means death.  The certain death that is yours, and you will be lost in
    the vast abyss for all eternity."
    Darkness.  Laura can see nothing, hear nothing, and cannot move in the least.
    Her life is almost completely drained away.
    Then, she hears David's voice in her memory.
    DAVID: "Laura?  Laura, I guess it's time to say goodbye.  Oh Laura, don't be
    sad.  You'll be alright, it's okay.  You'll be able to make it through. And
    look, I have something special to give you.  Here it is.  I hope you'll think of
    me every time you look at it.  I put it away in your keepsake.  Laura, don't
    forget me, David.  I guess it's that time.  Farewell.  Goodbye Laura."
    She has finally remembered all of her time with David after the plane crash.  He
    gave her a flower, plucked from the snow, which she kept inside her compact.
    Finding the strength somehow, she opens her compact, revealing the flower to the
    creature in front of her.
    What is this?  What's happening?  My body, my mind.  Oh, pain. Stop it!
    (Grunting) How could I...  It's not possible!  Uuuurgghhhaaaaaaahhhh!
    DAVID: "Laura, now!"
    Laura's vision and hearing return.  She is able to start firing on the monster
    again.  She keeps firing at its eyes as it writhes in pain.  Soon, it's eyes
    turn to jelly, it's body expands, and lightning flashes as the being explodes.
    LAURA: "David?  David!"
    Scene: Whiteness.
    GREAT MOTHER: "Laura?  Laura.  Laura, can you hear me?  The evil here has been
    destroyed.  You can move again now, Laura.  The time has come for you to bond
    with that fearsome power.  Though you cannot see, nor can you hear, you must
    slowly go forward, my child, one step at a time.  And with this new power, this
    unknown force, you will bring salvation.  You, Laura, will save your world.
    Feel the earth underfoot, my child.  Awaken the sleeping memory of your wings,
    and believe in the power that lies in the palm of your hands. That power will
    grant you miraculous things.  Now go, my child."
    "Laura, child of destiny, born across the shores of time.  Listen well, my
    child.  You do not know that this apparently endless universe does have an end,
    that time, so infinite to misleading senses, will one day stop.  You know so
    little, for you are but a child, but a newborn. You must journey forth again,
    and this voyage will be far longer and much more terrifying.  Now is the time to
    find him.  Do you remember?  Do you remember the name of the one who saved you?
    It was he who safeguarded your soul.  Go and find him, and thus forge that power
    at last into one.  Laura my child, call his name.  Speak his name, so that all
    lives and all that shall be born shall be saved.  Call him, and recreate
    yourself as you were meant to be.  Now.  Now, Laura."
    LAURA: "David."
    Time rewinds.
                                                                 4.5 A New Beginning
    A clock shows the time to be 8 minutes to 12.  A sign reads, "1999 year end
    sale".  It is a bookstore.  The camera pans left across shelves, until we see a
    glowing yellow light and hear a thump.  Laura is lying on the floor in an aisle.
    She gets up, looking around.  Two kids run by.  She picks up a book from the
                                  Kimberly Fox
    Laura opens it and sees a photo of Kim.  Surprise, she drops her compact and it
    rolls down the aisle.
    A man, David, picks it up.
    DAVID: "You, um, dropped this."  Laura looks at him, mouth agape.  "Uh, here,
    you wouldn't want to lose it, Laura.  Oh, I'm sorry, I couldn't help seeing your
    name on this.  And besides, I feel like we've met before."  He takes her hand
    and puts the compact into it.  "Well.  Hey, that book you have.  You read
    Kimberly Fox?  I've read some of her work.  I've never met anyone else who's
    even heard of her.  She isn't widely recognized, at least not yet."  He takes
    the book and flips to a certain page.  "My favorite piece in this book is this.
    This poem, 'Light'.  It's about a sort of hypothetical woman, the poet's
    imaginary best friend.  This woman is...  Oh, I get it now, that's why I felt
    like we met before.  You remind me of her!  For me.  If that sounds strange, but
    well, it is strange.  I highly recommend it, it's a wonderful poem.  Everything
    Kimberly Fox writes is full of hope, and love of life.  Oh, Laura, look!"  Laura
    follows his gaze outside.  It is snowing.  David goes to the store doors,
    stepping outside.  Laura follows.  The snow falls against the background of a
    city landscape.  "It's so beautiful."  Laura holds her hand out to catch some
    DAVID: "Well anyway, I guess I'll be going."  He starts to walk down the
    LAURA: "David!"  He stops, turns and comes back, confused.  "David!"  Laura
    wraps her arms around him tight.  He is surprised.  "David."
    A big clock shows Dec 31 23:59:50, counting down to the new year.
    "Happy New Year 2000" appears on a giant screen in the background.
    David returns Laura's embrace.
    Fireworks in the distance, crowds are cheering.  Fade out.
    5.0 Epilogue
    Earth from space, sun rising past over the horizon.  We see rivers winding.
    Dinosaurs walk the earth.  Meteors strike the earth.  Birds over a river.  A
    green valley with a lake.  Cavemen, two are fighting.  There is an earthquake,
    and the cavemen run in fear.  Roman centurions at war, Egyptian warriors
    running, ancient civilizations and war.  Cars racing by, forcing a  cart and
    buggy off the road.  Wright brother's plane.  Planes dropping bombs, missiles
    shooting planes in a field.  Hitler, Nazis marching.  Martin Luther King speaks.
    A man walks on the moon.  The Vietnam war.  Mushroom clouds.  The Berlin wall
    coming down.  Laser tracers in the air, bunkers being destroyed by missiles.
    Trees are cut down with chainsaws, logging trucks are loaded.  Nuclear plant
    silos.  A petri dish with liquid being dripped into it.  Trash, bodies in the
    street.  Hungry children in Africa.  Children hold signs reading, "Racism is a
    sin".  An astronaut works outside of a space station.  Children's faces from
    around the world.  Earth.
    "The earth came into existence about 4.6 billion years ago and is the third
    planet in our solar system.  It has an equatorial diameter of 7.973 miles and is
    located about 93.2 million miles from the sun.  The earth travels around the sun
    every 365 days and it takes 24 hours to completely revolve 360 degrees on its
    axis.  Earth harbors an abundance of water in its oceans."
    Estimated world population in 1999: About 6 billion.
    World population growth in 1998: About 78 million.
    Estimated world population in 2100: About 10.4 billion
    Number of people infected with the HIV virus worldwide 1980: about 100000
                                                           1998: about 3 million
    Number of people newly infected with the HIV virus:
      Estimate for 1998: 5.8 million.
    AIDS related deaths worldwide in 1998: About 2.5 million.
    Number of starving people worldwide in 1998: About 830 million.
    Number of illiterate people worldwide in 1998: About 1 billion.
    Number of people living without electricity in 1998: About 2 billion.
    Number of children worldwide who died from malnutrition
      and related diseases in 1998: About 19,000 children every day.
    Average life expectancy: 1900: About 35 years;
                             1997: About 67 years
    Rainforest destruction from 1980 to 1995; About 772,204 square miles.
    Average annual temperature of the earth's surface: 1950: 56.9 degrees Fahrenheit
                                                       1997: 57.9 degrees Fahrenheit
    Concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide: 1960: 316.8 ppm
                                                 1997: 363.8 ppm
    Percentage of plant species on the verge of extinction in 1997: About 14%
    Percentage of freshwater and salt water fish species on the verge of extinction
      in 1997:  About 33%
    Percentage of bird species on the verge of extinction in 1997: About 11%
    Percentage of mammal species on the verge of extinction in 1997: About 11%
    Total number of species to go extinct annually (in 1998): about 1000 species.
    6.0 Counting the Roses
    <Lyrics by Arto Linsday, from the D2 instruction manual>
    I don't see what I see
    Falling away, falling behind
    I'm in a game of hide and seek
    Sun shines outside my mind
       I wonder if I'm alone
       Wonder who might be outside
       I don't want to raise my eyes
       All small folded up tight
    So I count the roses
    Yellow red and white
    Don't dare use my fingers
    Many many roses
    Wrap me up at night
       Roses wait and roses grow
       They get their rhythm right
       I wanna know what roses know
       How they grow smooth and ripe
    So I count the roses
    Yellow red and white
    Don't dare use my fingers
    Many many roses
    Wrap me up at night
    LEGAL STUFF: The author of this document is Marc Lalonde, a.k.a. Syonyx, of
    Toronto, Ontario.  For copyright purposes, most of the content is attributable
    to the creators and publisher of the English-language version of D2, since they
    wrote the dialogue and events.  I, however, did go to the enormous amount of
    trouble of typing this all up and laying it out, so give me some credit too.
    You may not remove or change indications of authorship, nor may you publish this
    document or post it on a website without my written permission.  Direct any
    correspondence to: syonyx_faqs at yahoo dot com.
    Thanks for reading!
    (c) Syonyx 2003.

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