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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Tom_

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    My D2 Walkthrough FAQ
    This is the first FAQ Walkthrough I have ever written,
    this game, D2 was released 2 days before its supposed
    release date (24th December 1999)
    D2 comes in 4GD rom sized format, and the case designs
    also comes in 4, so you can choose your desired colour
    and design. the game will take up 9 blocks to save the
    game, and additional ones for pictures and system (2B)
    I have limited knowledge to Japanese, to the game, but
    some parts of the game I know what it is about, so there
    is a bit of a spoiler. However, this walkthrough is
    a first copy, I am remembering everything from the top
    of my mind...
    Update 5th Dec 2000
    Thanks to Andrew Chiong <AceWebmaster777@att.net> for telling
    me about the voice in the recorder (In the walkthrough) it was
    the voice of the first boss, which was also the stewardess. She
    was asking for help from the Plane Radio. Also with Martha,
    shoot off her tenticles and then concentrate on her head (Mask I
    think) Thanks Andrew (^^)
    1) Introduction
    2) Hunting for food
    3) Fighting
    4) Examining
    5) Movements
    6) Walkthrough
    7) Boss Phrases/weak points
    8) Lyric
    9) Credits
    I suggest you to put in the 4th GD when you first start
    up the game, because the opening CG is on the 4th disc,
    so its quite useless to boot up the 1st disc and then
    wanting to watch the opening movie.
    Its Christmas in the year 2000, and our main character,
    Laura, is travelling on a plane across the mountains of
    Canada. First we get showed the scene of one of the
    survivors (terrorist) walking in the snow bleeding, and
    suddenly the red blood changes from red to green...
    the next scene is Kim (Kimberly) sitting in front of
    the fireplace and Laura sleeping and dreaming of what has
    happened. She was on the plane, and fell asleep in front
    of her laptop, spilling her drink and dropped her compact.
    She wiped off the drink and saw a little girl who was
    sitting in front of her staring at her. She smiled and the
    little girl picked up her teddy bear and played with it.
    Laura laughed along. David picked up her compact and when
    he was about to return it to her, a steward was killed.
    there were 2 terrorist, David shot one of them and then
    the compact started emitting light. He opened it, and
    saw the future of the plane - a comet was going to hit
    it. He hurried and grabbed Laura to safety.. The comet
    hit the plane...
    only on Disc 1 and 3 will you be able to hunt for food.
    And a piece of meat will heal around 30 HP, so I suggest
    if you were playing for the first time and were afraid that
    you will get killed, I would probably spend some time on
    Disc one getting my meat up to 20 or 25 and then carry on.
    You could get some level ups also. My tip to hunt the meat
    is to hunt it from a far away place, don¡¦t let the prey notice
    you. Then quickly press the L button, and select the rifle.
    R is to Zoom in, and Left is to zoom out.. there are 4 different
    animals to prey, Caribou, Moose, Hare and the Snow Grouse.
    Of course, the larger animal you shoot at, the more meat you get :)
    That¡¦s logic.
    Before I start talking about it. I would like to talk about my opinions
    on all the weapons.
    Sub Machine Gun (Small): The first gun you get, its alright, 15 shots,
                           unlimited ammo, it will get you pretty far.
    Grenade: Kills everything that you have encountered. But only 2 problems.
    1) Takes time to explode, so throw it when the enemies are far away
    to prevent damage to yourself. 2) Doesn¡¦t work on bosses.
    Shot Gun: Best weapon against enemies, however, I don¡¦t like to use
             this against bosses. Every time you shot you will have to reload
             the gun. I would suggest saving this gun until Disc 3 and onwards,
             where the enemies are in groups more often.
    Sub Machine Guen (Big): This only has 10 shots per reload, but this
                          will take over it. After you get this, there are no
                          need for the small one.
    Hand Gun: Final Weapon, auto lock on, but useless in my opinion.
    There are 3 ways of examining, one way on the playing field,
    and 2 ways on first person movement. On the playing Field all
    you need to do is to walk up to the object, and Laura will automatically
    pick up the item. Where when you are in First person, one way is to
    look at the object and press A button, however some items you will
    have to view using the Y button, for example, if there is a shot gun ammo
    on the floor, and there is no way you can walk to it, just hold the Y
    button, and move the camera to the floor and it will zoom into the item,
    and you can pick it up.
    There is not much to talk about moving in D2. When you are in the
    playing field, the control is just like Bio Hazard series, up is forward,
    left is to turn left, right is right and back is.. back. But when you are
    in first person mode, the movements are just like Enemy Zero, when
    you have definite routes. Just use the controls to move to the place you
    As I have said before, this is just a quick walkthrough, I wont go to any 
    details and all that.. lets get started shall we?
    After the horrors of the first encounter with one of the terrorist. Go to 
    the right cabinet and open it. You will find your first weapon, the sub 
    machine gun. Then walk out the door. Kim will teach you about hunting, so 
    hunt for 3 rabbits. If you get that it will give you 6 meat head start. Then 
    its off to the hut on the top of the hill, go in, look around for health 
    sprays, and go to check the Ecard thingy, and then the phone, the phone is 
    dead. Go back to Kim, and you will see that she is sleeping, then talk to 
    her, and she shall give you a small key. Go back to the hut again, and open 
    the locked cabinet, inside you will find magic stick, and tape recorder, I 
    forgot what the other thing was, probably a grenade. Then go back to kim 
    again, and she will put a tape into the player, and it will play the song 
    ¡¥Counting the Roses¡¦ (By Arto Lindsay) Then in the middle of the 
    conversation, the tape recorder broke down (From what Kim said: Ah.. its 
    broken) Then you go out again, and whoa.. the tape recorder started again, 
    this time it¡¦s a voice, (Look at Update section) You then go to the plane 
    wreckage. When you go in, you will see the Stewardess picking herself up, 
    she walks to you and started saying things like ¡¥Please, don¡¦t worry, just 
    go back to your seat and everything will be alright¡¦ (I assume that she is 
    not thinking anymore due to the infection and all that) She then will 
    transform and just kick her ass :). After that, watch the small cut scene, 
    and you will return with Kim. She says that you will need to look for gas, 
    because there are none in the snow mobile. So go out, and check the snow 
    mobile. You will get the key. Now walk walk walk to the east part of the 
    map. You will see a truck parked in front of the mining factory. Go into it, 
    check everything first, the draws and all that. Now put the key in the 
    ignition. The car will start driving and ram into the gate. You will get 
    out. Go into the nearest door, pick up everything inside and check the lift. 
    It will ask you to enter 4 digit password. You wont know it yet, so just go 
    out. Then suddenly someone else is in the car, you start shooting at it, and 
    you get that damn old bastard. He spats out green blood (woohoo!!) and then 
    flies out. You notices a Ecard on him (hm?) but then of course, you will 
    have to fight him for it. After you kill him, you find out that he is Jennys 
    Grandfather. Laura screams and falls down. Dream Sequence (Very boring..) 
    After that, go back to the hut again, use the Ecard and you will get the 
    Shot gun!! Save the shot gun first and note the number in it also, it will 
    be a random generated 4 digit number (Very Clever Kenji San!!) After you 
    note that, go back to the factory. Input the 4 digits and you will be taken 
    down. Walk around the maze, notice the top there will be signs, 50m, 100m 
    and 150m. Make sure you encounter all those 3 signs, and when you walk 
    through the door with 150m on it, its either the first or the second left 
    turn will lead you to another lift.. sorry but I have forgotten. Go down the 
    lift, and enter the door. Inside there will be 3 tool boxes, the right one 
    will contain a health spray, the left one named Marcus (Remember anything EO 
    players?) and if you open it, it will be a monster!! And then the middle one 
    will contain shot gun shells, and turn to the right, and there will be a few 
    cans of gas. Pick that up. You will then hear a scream of a little girl. 
    Laura will save her, and then a ¡¥small earthquake¡¦ Then she and the little 
    girl will be brought back to Kims hut. From my understanding of Japanese, 
    Jenny will introduce herself, and say that she is on Christmas holiday with 
    her grandpa, and says that she wants to meet her grandpa, and asks Laura if 
    she knows anything about where her grandpa is.. (That¡¦s not good is it?) 
    Then after a few conversation, you 3 leave the hut and use the snow mobile 
    and goes to another place.
    End of Disc 1
    You 3 will come across a new home, and enter it. I wont go any further about 
    the house, just explore it on your own will. One thing you will do will 
    trigger the next event. A mad scentist will hold Kim hostage and then you 
    will get caught also, then you will realise that Kim has been infested, and 
    bites the scentists head off. Then when she is about to do the same to you, 
    the real Kim shots her. After freeing you, the fake one will rise and knock 
    Kim out. You will have to fight her now. After that, Kim and Jenny will 
    rest, talk to them until Kim gives you a key (or she already gives it to 
    you, I forgot) Then, head to the nearest Lab, use the Key, and there will be 
    a panel where you will have to add the number up. I have played it once, and 
    I just have to add up to 1. Enter, and you will see another clone of Kim. Go 
    right, and pick up things there, and you will find another Panel, this time 
    with the number ¡¥7¡¦ stuck onto it, and the panel will have 4 handles, from 
    left to right, 8, 4, 2, 1. So, pretty easy, 4+2+1 = 7. So just move the last 
    3 handles and open the door, inside will be a machine. Press the button and 
    record the 7 digit number. Exit the place. Use the snow mobile and go to the 
    end of the place, where will be east of the map. Enter the door, and you 
    will be presented with a long flight of stairs blocked by a metal gate. 
    Enter the 7 digits, and the door will open. Go up, and you will see a giant 
    room with a telescope in it. Then you will notice a man talking to his wife 
    (who is in the computer) You notice that he has been infected also. He 
    starts goin on about how his work has finished and all that, and he just 
    wants to be with his wife. He asks you to kill him. Talk to him a couple of 
    times will enable the movement of ¡¥left¡¦ to the glass cabinet. Break it 
    and you will get the flamethrower (you cant use it in battles.. bummer) and 
    you will burn him. He will thank you for all that. Exit. Now go to the place 
    where you set the 7 digit number. On the ground you will notice a frozen 
    chamber, use the flamethrower to melt the ice, go inside, examine one of the 
    plant behind the glass, then go to the table, and you will see 2 pictures, 
    one will be the dead scentist, the other will be.. David. Then someone will 
    close the chamber (David I think) and you will faint. Dream Sequence again.
    I am not sure which comes after which, before Disc 3 or after Disc 3. You 
    will appear in top of Parkers car, destroying it, and then Kim and Jenny 
    will come on the snow mobile and tell you there is a musicians home. They 
    will leave first and you and parker will push the car.
    End of Disc 2
    You will be shown a scene where Parker, Kim and Laura are eating and 
    talking. I fell asleep durng this part, so I don¡¦t know what they were 
    talking about. If you go to the top of the room, the musician will tell you 
    to go away, appearently he is scared of something. Go out, and get the map. 
    On the map there is a place totally in Japanese, south east of where you are 
    living. Go there, and you will see a ruin. Locate a door and enter. Inside 
    will be a small library, with a old man, his parrot and one last burning 
    candle. He starts talking to you about things, and keep talking to him until 
    you get the same phrase from him. Go back to your home, and you can go into 
    the door. Get the items, and then examine the piano. Play the 5 key tune it 
    plays (there are no point for me to tell you what to press, it will take the 
    fun out) After that, you will see the end door open, go inside. Its all 
    pinned butterflies, and you will find a place where it¡¦s a secret cabinet. 
    Pick up the Sub machine gun (oh right!!) and the note key. Look on your map, 
    there is another house south west of your home, go there, and use the key. 
    Inside there will be a lady, who has a metal mask. You get shocked by it, 
    and she tells her story.
    (below is what I understand, if you know Japanese and found fault in any of 
    my translations, please meail me.)
    Marthas story: first she says ¡¥Tom is that you?¡¦ and walks to you, you see 
    that the photo of Tom, looks a bit like Laura, then she says that she is the 
    mother of the musician, and said that how she wanted him to practice playing 
    the piano when he was a little kid, he wanted go out and play with his 
    friends, and instead he had to stay home and play the piano.. Then suddenly 
    she removed her mask has showed Laura what has happened. The musician has 
    finally ¡¥cracked¡¦ up and burnt Martha¡¦s face. She finally realized that 
    he hated the piano and all that.. sad story if you think about it.
    Now every time if you go there, examine the table and your HP will be healed 
    (only if Martha is there, she will ask you if you wanted to eat anything) go 
    back to your home and you will see Kim sitting at the stairway (if not, go 
    visit the old man first). Kim leaves. Go upstairs and you will notice that 
    the record player is playing repeating tune. Laura will turn it off. Go to 
    the butterfly room and a dead body will fall out. Toms body, the Musician. 
    Parker will rush in to see if Laura is alright. After the conversation, 
    visit the old man, talk talk talk, and then go to Martha. When you go in, 
    the house will be empty. When you go out, you should see the terrorist 
    again. This time he is alright, only the wound is there, then again, he 
    transforms again. Kill him. He thanks you and all that and dies. You will 
    have to examine him because he is blocking the way out. Then suddenly he 
    comes back alive and starts saying ¡¥This is not meant to happen!!!¡¦ and 
    again, Dream Sequence. Laura falls on top of Parker back at the musicians 
    home. Go to the old man, when you enter the door the parrot should fly out. 
    The old man is dead. Examine his hand and get the small silver key. Go to 
    the end of the room, use the key on the 2 cabinets. The left one will have 2 
    bombs, and the right one will have a hand gun. Exit and go back to your 
    home, Parker will see the bombs, and examine it. Go to the stone bridge 
    (look at your map) and Kim should be there. You will get your snow mobile 
    and return to your home. Kim will take the job for blowing the gate in front 
    of the stone bridge up. She leaves with the bomb. Then Parker noticed that 
    she is in danger, as the time is wrong. You have 5 minutes to get there 
    (pretty easy, how I got there still had over 3:30 left.) Laura throws the 
    bomb away and you both will return to home. Kim will start getting angry 
    with Parker and all that and goes to the room. Then Parker will give you a 
    necklace, wanting you to give it to Kim. Go to see Kim and you should see 
    her lying in bed. Talk to her. And you 2 should go out the door. Parker then 
    uses a knife and cuts himself, showing green blood. He then leaves the home. 
    Kim then notices that Parker has the bomb, and thinks that he will sacrifice 
    himself. He did. You then will go to the site with Kim, and notices his hat. 
    Laura will then hand the necklace to Kim, and she starts crying and all 
    that.. poor Kim. Go back to home, and you will see Jenny running out scared. 
    And you will hear footsteps coming from the room above. It was Martha. She 
    then starts accusing that you were the one that killed Tom because you were 
    living in his home. And then you found out that she is already infected. 
    Kill her, and when you do, she will say that she will be performing with 
    Tom, and her mask will fall off. This shows that despite of what Tom did to 
    her face, she still loves him as a son. Makes you think doesn¡¦t it? Then, 
    Kim will walk in, and says that she wants to be with Parker. And leaves. 
    Leave also, and Jenny will join in. When you go to the site, Parker is still 
    there, a bit deformed also, then Kim walks in front of him, and both dies.. 
    (How? I will leave that for you to see). Then you and Jenny leaves.
    End of Disc 3
    You and Jenny will go to LPL (Lucy Parton Lab) then it will ask for your ID. 
    She will the talk for the first time.. ¡¥I am.. Laura Parton!!¡¦ and the 
    door will open. Jenny will stay in the hall way to wait for you. You enter 
    and it will talk about the place for you. There will be 4 selections, About 
    Cloning Technology, about Lucy Parton, about LPL and something else.. I 
    forgot sorry. Then you will go into the lift, and see your mother, who is a 
    computer. She asks you to kill her. So do it. She will not kill you. After 
    that, I think there is another Dream Sequence, and you wake up, Jenny gets 
    melted and you are all alone. Use the map to guide you. Get your shot gun 
    ready, I hope you have saved all the bullets! (I here had around 60 shots 
    for the shot gun, and havent used any health sprays yet in the game) walk up 
    to the cave on top of the mountain and save it. Fight the boss. Inside, the 
    boss will first take away your sense of hear, then sight. Then life. Your HP 
    will then be 1, so quickly heal up. After that when you think your Dreamcast 
    has stuck or something, press the L button and select the ¡¥compact¡¦ and 
    use it. Then finish the boss.
    Laura will then be taken back to a time warp, and come back on the 31st of 
    December 1999. She will be in the library, and the compact will drop and be 
    picked up by David again. He will give it to her, and notice a book by 
    Kimberly Fox. He then talks about how Kimberly is his favourite writer. When 
    he leaves, Laura suddenly yells out his name, David is shocked, and then 
    Laura goes and hugs him. (What I think happened was that David was one of 
    the people that did test on the plants and all that, if you look at the 
    enemies, you will notice that they are all plant like creatures. Therefore, 
    if Laura were to go back one year and tries to prevent this from happening, 
    then no one will die because of this. This is what I think anyway, Laura 
    gets send back to prevent these things from happening. I think the chance of 
    me being right about this point is 0.1%.. people who finished this game, 
    please feel free to email me and tell me what you think.)
    After that, it starts telling you how many people there are in the world, 
    all that world status and all that. Then the staff roll, with the song 
    ¡¥Counting the rose¡¦ by Arto Lindsay. After that, it will show you the time 
    that you have set in your Dreamcast clock, telling you how many days till 
    the next century.
    I don¡¦t know why, but I like to listen to what the bosses has to say when 
    you battle with them. The only thing that interested me was: the Stewardess, 
    Kimberly, Martha and Lucy.
    Weak point: The butterfly that files around.
    Phrases: She just says things like what normal Stewardess would say. ¡¥Meat 
    or.. Fish?¡¦ ¡¥Please put on your seat belts and all that.. pretty cool 
    phrases for a boss.
    Weak Point: That green thingy I suppose
    Phrases: ¡¥My name is... Kimberly..¡¦ and ¡¥I am.. sorry..¡¦ (I assume she 
    says that because the real Kimberly is Lauras friend and all that, she wont 
    admit that she is only a clone.)
    Weak Point: I think it¡¦s the violin and the metal mask on her face. (Look 
    Phrases: ¡¥Make your mothers wish come true..¡¦ and the other one I forgot.. 
    (I assume she says that because Tom is dead, and all her life when she was 
    bringing th boy up, she wanted Tom to filful her dreams, to become a good 
    Weak points: The cloning chambers around you, and use the grenade to open up 
    the ¡¥heart¡¦
    Phrases: ¡¥please kill me.. please kill me.. PLEASE KILL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!¡¦
    ~ Counting the Roses~
               lyrics and music by Arto Lindsay
    I don¡¦t know what I see
    Falling away, falling behind
    I¡¦m in a game of hide and seek
    Sun shines outside my mind
    I wonder if I¡¦m alone
    Wonder who might be outside
    I don¡¦t want to raise my eyes
    All small folded up tight
    So I count the roses
    Yellow red and white
    Don¡¦t dare use my fingers
    Many many roses
    Wrap me warm at night
    Roses wait and roses grow
    They get their rhythm right
    I wanna know what roses know
    How they grow smooth and ripe
    So I count the roses
    Yellow red and white
    Don¡¦t dare use my fingers
    Many many roses
    Wrap me warm at night
    I would like to thank my sister, Louise for helping me out with some of the 
    Japanese translations, Andrew for correcting me, and Kenji Eno for bringing 
    this game for the Dreamcast.
    Kenji Eno and the rest of the Warp staff, well done on this game, this game 
    is so far the best project Warp has done, thank you to Sega for bringing out 
    a good hardware that everyone loves, the little white box called the 
    All voice actors for bringing realistic acting for the game, this game would 
    be a mess if it weren¡¦t for the excellent voice acting.
    Monster Voice actors: Morriya Endo, Jin Domon and Hiromi Nishikawa for 
    excellent monster effects.
    Arto Lindsay for a excellent theme song for D2, matches the game excellent.
    Excellent Story by Kenji Eno, Excellent C.G Director by Shoshaburo Tateishi.
    And the following thanks to the following,
    Mit Gathering
    Sony PCL
    Yamaha Corporation
    Shirogumi INC.
    D-Storm LTD.
    DSP Japan K.K
    Q, INC.
    Sega technical support dept.
    Everyone and their families that helped creating D2.
    Warp, Tokyo, Japan
    Kenji Eno (again)
    And everyone that bought this game and loved it. (And people who read my FAQ 
    and liked it)
    Sega, Dreamcast are trademarks of Sega Enterprise LTD.
    QSOUND and QSOUND logos are trademarks of QSOUND labs, INC.
    CRI ADX is a trademark of CRI
    MPEG sofdec is a trademark of CRI
    If you have any questions or any things you found fault with my translation, 
    please email me at
    I apologize for anything fault with Disc 3, because I have only played it 
    through once in 3 days, I didn't note down everything on Disc 3..
    If you have any other questions regarding other games, email me. (email me 
    the game title first..)
    Thank you.
    Tom 5th Jan 2000, 5th Dec 2000

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