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"This is not D2 (read on)"

As I said, first off, this is not D2. This has more in common with Resident Evil and Parasite Eve 2 than D. Don't let me mislead you, it is nowhere as good as RE1, but I think it is on par, or at least close with PE2.

As always we start with the gripes. Only really one major one, and it's kind of odd, sometimes there is just too much story (think Xenogears). You forget as you are watching the 7th video clip in a row that it's a game and not a really warped Disney movie. Don't get me wrong, the video is nice, and the voice acting is good, just too big of clumps of it sometimes. The game is short, but it's much longer than D. Also, if you liked D for the scare factor, look elsewhere, not much scary here. Some parts do get rather disturbing though (such as walking through the slaughtered bodies in the plane wreck, reminded me of Alive). One minor gripe: more weapons would have been very nice.

Now, the good stuff: This a a very very good game. It is fun and engrossing. The graphics are good. The combat system is not winning any awards, but it is very servicable. The puzzles are hard enough I had to check gamefaqs a few times. Warning though: save often. You can save anywhere, and this is good, because random encounters are capable of killing you. No ammo worries. Your main gun, a SMG, is supplied by John Woo. Plenty of supplies thoughout the game. Some are well hidden, though. The music is one of the best things about the game. Captures the mood perfectly. Turn off the lights and turn up the volume: you will be engrossed.

It is a very story driven game. A few times you are left at: WTF do i do now? These instances are rare and that's what gamefaqs is for, right? Due to Everquest I've not played many console games in the last half-year, and haven't finished any. I finished this one, and it tore me away from EQ. Warning #2: do not buy. I love this game, but I am very glad I did not buy it. It is very short and you can easily finish it in, at most, 2 rentals. Much cheaper than buying. This is a very good game and a can-not-miss rental. I gave it a 7 due to the shortness and complete lack of replay value. Otherwise a solid 8.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/29/00, Updated 10/29/00

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