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"D2 fails as a game, and as a movie......."

When I passed the game I wasn't pissed. I actually found D2 to be very funny. The games four discs is just a series of boring words of gibberish in scenes with a few 30 or an hour of gameplay. Don't get me wrong the story was okay, it's just how stupidly it was told.

Gameplay: 6/10
Oh my GOD! Someone shoot me....The game is very easy! You hunt animals for food while walking around in the snow, and then all of sudden you get thrown into a random battle. It's like a traditional rpg, with 1st person shooter system. You can't even run away or dodge! It's okay your weapons are fairly strong and you have a lot of meat to heal. You get caught in these random battle almost every 30 seconds of running, and trust me you do a lot of running. Indoors, the game turns into a kind of point and click style. Outdoors, when you run it follows a tomb raider style camera, then the battle thing I mentioned earlier.....Did I mention you will watch more than play....?

Graphics: 8/10
The graphics are fairly good. The chracter models could've have been better, but the environments gave a great eeriness, and ambience....the snow is beautiful, and the indoors of building are done nicely as well.(except a scene of nudity)

Story: 7/10
Here's what made me laugh. The story is pretty good, but then I didn't like the characters. The takes place in the Canada....
You're name is Laura and your on a plan trip. The plane is high jacked, and at the same time a metorite strikes the plane causing it to crash. You wake up eight days later, not knowing who you really are. You gather up with the survivors and try to find safety. The meteorite did something though. It seems people are being infected and turned into hideous plant creatures. The game's scenes goes on for minutes, even hours where the characters would mumble about their problems and their look on life. What seems to be an examination of humanity has turned in a series of characters that have no sense of hiding things. Where's the subtlety? And the end of it all, they show some footage of humans interactions with our envrionment, and how we are destroying it, as well as some statistics of earth.....One thing is, I never saw this message at all in the game....all it was about was meteorite crash that could've destroyed us all. The chracters mumbling made me laugh.....BTW
Laura should have died of hypothermia already...

Sound: 8/10
The voices in this version where crappy......
I didn't like any of them, I wished some of them should've shut up...maybe they could've given Laura some lines....
what I don't understand is why didn't she talk (she does but only like 4 lines, and some other characters had maybe like 200...?) The music was good, not the best I heard, but better....

I don't recommend you buy it, but I do recommend you could rent it and give a try. It's not cool, but it's aiight...
rent and return...

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/16/00, Updated 12/16/00

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