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"The most Emotional and Disturbing Game I have ever played!!!"

First off I would like to say this game is seriously underrated. This game has got to be the best game on the Dreamcast console so far and has been overlooked by many.

Story- 10/10

This is where the game shines. The story is an excellent blend of survival horror, and drama. It deals a lot with relationships, and how loneliness can kill a soul. It also deals a lot with women's rights and how they are portrayed in society. This is all blended in to a very disturbing experience.

Without spoiling too much the basic plot is this:
Laura Parton is on a plane which is crossing over the Canadian Wilderness, when all of a sudden a group of terrorists siege the plane. In panic, Laura drops her compact which displays a vision of the plan being hit by a meteorite. Moments later, it is and the plane crashes into the wilderness. Laura awakens ten days later after being saved by a young woman named Kimberly. She remembers nothing of who she is or how she survived the plane crash. And worst of all the planes passengers have mutated into monsters from some sort of virus. And Laura must uncover the mystery and claim her title as ''Child of Destiny''.
The story is told through very many lengthy cut scenes which draw you into the game and make you feel very much apart of it.

Gameplay - 9/10

The gameplay switches between 3rd person and 1st person. While your outside in exploring the wilderness and traveling from place to place you are in 3rd person mode. Like in Resident Evil. Controls are basically the same also. Up to move forward at all times, and left and right to change directions. While your inside areas and during battles you switch to 1st person mode which can be very exciting but sometimes VERY frustrating. This game consists of a lot of random battles which occur frequently. This wouldn't be so bothersome if it was a sort distance to your next destination. Unfortunately, it usually takes 10-15 minutes to get from Point A to Point B. When a random battle occurs you will switch to 1st Person Mode. And will have control of your weapons and health items. Basically your told which button A or B to push and then you shoot the hell out of the creature. Random battles are very easy and you gain exp. and HP with each one. The REAL problem is that wherever you stop and are attacked the environment remains the same in the battle. For example, say you get attacked when you are behind or close to a tree. When the battle loads your still behind the tree and the enemies are blocked from your site. So basically your open to the enemies and get turned into sushi. But this doesn't really take away from the overall experience. Also, a hunting mode is in the game which is available on Disc1 and Disc3. Using your sniper rifle you can hunt rabbits, moose, deer, and birds. All can be used as health items and can be really useful. It is also loads of fun!!!!

Sound -10/10

The sound in this game is excellent. The voice acting is professional cinema quality and the background music sets the mood and is completely enchanting. Wind also howls through the trees. And when you run through the snow you hear the snow crunch under your feet.


The graphics are absolutely wonderful. The environments are amazing. Trees sway in the wind. As the time changes the lighting changes. When there is a rough wind snow gusts blow across the terrain. And best of all over 3 million snow flakes fall per second. The game really makes you feel like your in the Canadian wilderness. And at times i just had to sit and look at the beauty of it. Also, the environments are very much alive. With rabbits playing in the snow, deer frolicking across the terrain, and birds feeding in the high grass. The character models are also amazing. They are smooth with now graphic breakup and very lifelike.


An awesome truly emotional game. It breaks all the molds in survival horror and takes them to the next level. Besides, a few troubles in the gameplay. This game is a truly cinematic experience all should have the pleasure of enjoying.

WARNING, This game is for MATURE Audiences only. It does contain full frontal nudity and some very graphic and disturbing deaths.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/20/00, Updated 12/20/00

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