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"Absolutely Fabulous!!!!"

D2 has to be the best game on the Dreamcast yet. It soars high above the RE series. My only wish is that it comes out on Playsation 2, then we'll really see the power of D2!

Let's start with the storyline. It's the most compelling, gripping, most dynamic storyline a game has ever held. It twists and turns all the time. But what I am confused with is, does it have any connection with D? (It's predessor) I thought Lucy Parton was dead....... Anyways, who cares? It's fantastic. The way it comes out is so great that it could almost be a cinematic movie, which it sort of is.

This brings me to the gameplay. Although some people will complain that there is not enough of it, it suits me fine. (I'm quite a lazy player and can't wait for the next FMV or puzzle to be solved.) I love the fact that it is easy and the cutscenes are great. Every single one adds to the plot.
But the little ones like picking up ammo or Items can be annoying. It's probably the first interactive movie and WARP should be proud!

The graphics are supreme. The FMV graphics are exactly the same as in the game. So that is good. Look at the screenshots, that will convince you.The detailled backgrounds are lush, and the death scenes are great.

The sound is good, although there is faults with the voice. It's like watching a japanese film dubbed in english.
(Which it is.) But you can bear it.

The death scenes are beautifully graphiced. Blood and gore aplenty. But the last boss is a little far fetched towards the rest of the game. And the characters are good, but Kimberly, previously seen in Enemy zero, who saves you from the crash is one hell of a moaning minnie. The dialogue with her is intersting but you're not her bloody agony aunt for christ's sake!!! The rest are like that too, moaning and groaning while Laura says nothing at all. Laura is silent throughout the game, only saying one line ''I am Laura Parton'' WOW!!!

The boss scenes are ludicrously easy. Jannie's grandpa being the easiest. The hostess is easy too, but the butterfly is difficult to aim at. Kimberly is the hardest,her tentacle gets everywhere!
The final boss is VERY easy and lets you complete the game fairly quickly.

Buy D2 to convince Warp to make more of these games!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/23/01, Updated 10/23/01

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