"A different breed of game for a different breed of gamer."

D2 is one of the most original RPG/Action games that has ever graced this dead and archaic system. It has a wonderful, if not sometime skimpy plot, and character development out the wazoo. There are only a few things wrong with this game, and the problems are few and far between.

PLOT: 9/10
The plot was great, and without revealing too much about the game, I will give you a brief synopsis of the plot. You character is Laura. Yes, Laura, you might remember her from the first D game. Well, she is back again, and this time she kicks butt. The game starts (strangely enough) on disc 4. Yes, disc 4. You have to put in disc 4 to see the opening cinema. It starts with Laura (yes, Laura) on a plane flying over Canada. Terrorists then decide to highjack the plane, and chaos ensues. All of a sudden, Laura’s compact (a makeup mirror for all you guys out there) begins to glow. She opens it and is enlightened by a vision. A meteor crashing into the plane. Her, with a man friend she met on the plane, both head to the back, just as the meteor crashes through the plane. Laura blacks out, and the game begins. Ohhh yeah.

The controls are a bit screwy, but if you have played the original D, you will know what to do. Laura cannot walk. I do not know if this is due to the fact that she is walking through snow in heals and in a dress, or if she is constantly inebriated, but it is a chore to get her to walk in a straight line. This is not a problem; sense very little of the game forces you to walk in a straight line. In fact, I do not think any part of the game (save for the uncomfortable mine sequence) forces you to walk in a line. When you get into a battle, randomly generated of course, it switches to a first person view. You wield a weapon (SMG with unlimited ammo) for the most part of the game until you get the stronger weapons, and the battles are a breeze. In the battles you are rooted to the spot and you cannot move (hence the rooted to the spot comment.) You use the buttons that you do not use to fire to change which enemies you are aiming at. The battles get a little annoying, considering the amount of backtracking you have to pull, but you get used to it. When you go into any building, (house, truck, mine etc…) it switches to that FPS mode again. This time you use the directional arrows to look at each object in the room. But it gets very repetitive after a while…

SOUND: 10/10
Yes, the sound in this game is everything one could have wished for in a game. There are creepy sounds and equally fitting music, but the real shine comes from the voice acting. The voice acting is great, and almost everything you do triggers a cut scene. Voice acting almost always follows this. The only disappointing thing is that you never get to hear the heroine talk.

The difficulty is not that great: a newbies could breeze through the game in about 20 hours without much trouble. There is also a save anywhere thing, that in my opinion just makes the game very easy. The boss battles are no brainers, and there always a ton of healing items scattered throughout the region. You can also whip out your trusty rifle if push comes to shove. You can always hunt animals, and that makes is easy to replenish health.
Hunting is very difficult though, with the exception of your first hunt with Kimberley. It is like the rabbits stand still just so you can kill them. After that it is hard to keep a bead on any animal. It is even hard to kill a grouse, which, given the name, should not be that hard to kill.

There is a lot to this game, but a word to the wise. Do not start the game if you cannot sit for hours through mindless cut scenes. There are tons of them scattered throughout the game. Almost every action you do triggers a cut scene, which van get on ones nerves.

If you are looking for something different, look into this game.

This is not your grandmothers video game. Although the first disc was censored for American audiences, the rest of the game holds true. There is a ton of blood, and a ton of gore. They did not skimp on anything for this game, except for fowl language.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/30/02, Updated 06/30/02

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