"My favorite game ever. Soon to be yours!"

This is one of the greatest games I have ever played. From the first opening cinematic to the very last cinematic of the game. There is nothing like this game anywhere. It is absolutely amazing.

Story-10: The Story of this game is one thing that makes this game stand out from the rest. You are Laura Parton a woman that has mysteriously appeared in a Cabin in Canada, after the plane she was on apparently crashes. The opening cinematic starts up right away. After the cinematic you will be prompted to get a rifle and start hunting for food. With help from your friend. Then you will start on the most epic story I have ever seen in a video game.

Gameplay-9:The gameplay is a mix between the old D for Playstation and a fighting scheme completely different from any other game, on any system, PERIOD! Searching houses is a done in a first person perspective manner. You search a certain area for clues. Or talk to characters in the story, whatever is going on at that time.

The battle part of the gameplay is what sets the game above all the rest. Once a battle starts you will have a gun. There can be up to 3 ''bad guys'' on a screen at one time. You use your gun, (with infinite ammo), to kill every guy. Some maybe closer than others so it also takes strategy on who to elimiate first. This is the best part of the game, in my opinion, just of the sheer lack of fun. You won't get so angry when a battle happens to pop up as in other games where it gets repetitive. The only thing that makes this not get a 10, is the fact that Laura walks/runs VERY slow. And shes in a dress, in a snowy Canada for Christs sake!

Sound-8:Theres not really much of a sound aspect of this game. The dialogue of the characters is great. Everyone sounds like you would think they would sound, for the exception of Janie. Janies voice could kill a thousand monkeys. But that won't affect the game at all. There are however some songs that will appear throughout the game but not alot.

Graphics-10:The graphics in this game... now thats the kicker. This game has some of the most beautiful graphics I have ever seen. Makes me feel like I am Laura, lost in the beautiful snow covered mountains in Canada. The characters also look AMAZING! The best part of the graphics however is the details of everything, and the Cinematics. This game has some of the most AMAZING cinematics ever in a video game. The content may be a little more mature for some people, but for the kind that goes ''Eww Gross'' alot might find this game ''offensive''. Also, this game has nudity in it. Full Front Nudity and some VERY suggestive subject matter that can be seen... rather oddly.


Great Gameplay
Beautiful Cinematics
Highly Detailed Characters
Highley Detailed Surrounding
Great Great Great Story
Nudity ;-)

Laura walks rather slow
Janies Voice.

Final Thought: Simply put, this game is AMAZING. Every aspect of the game goes together perfectly. It is my favorite game ever, and if your a fan of the RPG/Horror type and Resident Evil, then you will Love this game. This game can be compared to NOTHING. It can barely be compared to Resident Evil. This game is everything you could want in a video game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/01/02, Updated 09/01/02

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