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    Bayman (JP) by Ryu Hayabusa

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 01/24/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Dead or Alive 2 - Bayman Move List V1.5 (Japanese Version)
    Last Updated 1/24/04
    Johnnie Montgomery Jr.
    The latest version of this FAQ can be found at:
    FAQ copyright 2001 Johnnie Montgomery Jr. aka Ryu Hayabusa
    Legal Stuff
    This FAQ is for private and personal use only. It can only be reproduced
    electronically, and if placed on a web page or site, may be altered as long as
    this disclaimer and the above copyright notice appears in full. This FAQ is not
    to be used for profitable/promotional purposes; this includes being used by
    publishers of magazines, guides, books, etc. or being incorporated into
    magazines, etc. in ANY way. This FAQ was created and is owned by me, Johnnie
    Montgomery Jr. All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged that are not
    specifically mentioned in this FAQ. Please give credit where it is due.
    Bayman, Dead or Alive, and all other related elements copyright Tecmo.
    ===Version History===
    Just a small update, changed email address to one that ACTUALLY WORKS! Imagine
    that! >;)
    Now that the format is desirable, I decided to make the move list commands more
    similar to other FAQs. So all corner directions on the joystick (db, uf, etc.)
    have been given a "/". For example, "db" is now "d/b". Also added explanations
    of what qcf, qcb, and hcf mean.
    Dang tab stops! Gamefaqs doesn't like tabs! Must remember that! Also added a
    couple of questionable translations and fixed some minor mistakes. I intend to
    add that strategy section in my next update...
    Ok, figured out what was up with the formating. The margins were wrong! That's
    why everything looked so funky. Now it should look ok.
    Experimenting with FAQ formating for easier viewing.
    First Version
    1. Bayman Info
    2. Move List
    3. Help a Brotha Out! :)
    4. Credits
    ===Bayman Info===
    Nationality - Russian
    Age - 31
    Height 6'6" - Weight 231 lbs.
    B 47" W 38" H 40"
    Fighting Style - Commando Sambo
    Profession - Assassin
    Ahhh, it sure is nice to have Bayman back again! And he isn't just a carbon
    copy of Leon either! He has his own moves and requires different strategies
    than that of Leon.
    Anyway, if you have the Japanese version of DOA2 then you can play as Bayman.
    Simply finish the game once with every character in order to unlock him. He has
    three costumes (two are initially avaliable, just keep playing after you unlock
    him for the third).
    Ok, enough chit-chat! On to the painful move list!
    *Note - This FAQ looks best when viewed in WordPad!
    ===Move List===
    (All move commands assume you are facing right)
    Move List Key:
    u/b u u/f
      \ | /
    b --o-- f
      / | \
    d/b d d/f
    Upper case letters mean you have to hold down the direction.
    WS  - While Standing (while crouching, return stick to neutral and input
    command as you are getting up)
    P   - Punch
    K   - Kick
    S   - "Free" button
    qcf - Quarter circle forward motion: d, d/f, f
    qcb - Quarter circle back motion: d, d/b, b
    hcf - Half circle forward motion: b, d/b, d, d/f, f
    +   - Press buttons at the same time (ie: u+K means Up and Kick at the same
    ,   - Neutral then press immediately after (ie: u,K means you have to press Up,
    then let go of Up and press Kick)
    H   - Hits "High" and must be blocked standing or crouched under.
    M   - Hits "Mid" and must be blocked standing.
    L   - Hits "Low" and must be crouch clocked or jumped over.
    G   - Hits you while laying on the ground.  Rapidly press the "Free" button to
    get up faster.
    DC  - Dreamcast Mode counter hold command.
    Damage ratings based on normal non-counter circumstances.
    Basic Moves
    Move Name                           Command                 Damage
    ---------                           -------                 ------
    Jab                                 P                       10 (H)
    Palm Strike                         df+P                    20 (M)
    Low Knuckle                         d+P                      5 (L)
    High Kick                           K                       30 (H)
    Middle Side Kick                    d/f+K                   26 (M)
    Low Kick                            d+K                     12 (L)
    While Back is Facing Opponent
    Turn Back Knuckle                   P                       12 (H)
      Smash Hook                        PP                      18 (HM)
      Smash Upper                       PPP                     22 (HMM)
    Turn Body Blow                      d+P                     15 (M)
    Turn Low Spin Knuckle               D+P                     13 (L)
    Turn Spin Kick                      K                       30 (H)
    Turn Side Kick                      d+K                     28 (M)
    Turn Low Spin Kick                  D+K                     25 (L)
    Jumping Strikes
    Descending Palm                     u,P                     15 (M)
    Descending Front Kick               u,K                     30 (M)
    Step Smash Hook                     u,P                     20 (M)
    (while landing)
    Step Leg Spike                      u,K                     25 (L)
    (while landing)
    Descending Palm                     u/f,P                   15 (M)
    Descending Front Kick               u/f,K                   30 (M)
    Step Smash Hook                     u/f,P                   20 (M)
    (While landing)
    Step Leg Spike                      u/f,K                   25 (L)
    (While landing)
    Trap Smash Hook                     u/b,P                   20 (M)
    Trap Leg Spike                      u/b,K                   25 (L)
    While on the Ground
    Mid Kick Recovery                   K                       20 (M)
    Low Kick Recovery                   d+K                     20 (L)
    Palm Arrow                          u/b+P                   30 (M)
    Tomahawk Elbow                      u/f+P                   32 (M)
      Smash Hook                        u+P                     18 (M)
      Smash Upper                       u+PP                    22 (MM)
    Truss Kick                          WS,K                    36 (H)
    Rising Tomahawk                     u/f+K                   34 (M)
    ? Kick                              u+K                     30 (H)
    Sidewinder                          S+K                     20 (M)
    Hell Bottom                         db+P                    24 (L)
      Charging Bolt                     db+PP                   27 (LM)
    Blast Back Knuckle                  b+P                     17 (H)
      Blast ?                           b+PK                    36 (HH)
      Blast Drive Knee                  b+P, f+K                18 (HM)
      Blast Stinger                     b+P, f+KP               15 (HMH)
      Blast ?                           b+P, d+K                22 (HL)
    Knee Lift                           f+K                     20 (M)
      Flame Stinger                     f+KP                    15 (MH)
    Smash                               D/F+P                   25 (M)
    Bulk Upper                          qcf+P                   30 (M)
    Heel Hammer                         b+K                     30 (M)
    Side Edge                           P+K                     24 (H)
      Side Edge Knuckle                 P+K, P                  17 (HH)
      Side Edge ?                       P+K, PK                 36 (HHH)
      Side Edge ?                       P+K, P, d+K             22 (HHL)
    Flame Knuckle                       ff+P                    24 (H)
    Shoulder Tackle                     bf+P                    40 (M)
    Swing Double Hammer                 b+P+K                   25 (M)
      Reverse Double Hammer             b+P+K, P                30 (MM)
    Leg Spike                           d/b+K                   25 (L)
      ???                               d/b+KK                  35 (LM)
    Body Blow                           f+P                     18 (M)
      Stomach Crash                     f+PP                    18 (MM)
      Solid Crash                       f+PPP                   25 (MMM)
      Crash Leg Spike                   f+PP, d+K               25 (MML)
      Stomach Break                     f+P, K                  30 (MM)
    Jab                                 P                       10 (H)
      Jab to Body Blow                  P, f+P                  18 (HM)
      Rush Sobat                        P, f+PK                 35 (HMM)
      Rushing Leg Spike                 P, f+P, d+K             25 (HHM)
      Jab to High Kick                  PK                      28 (HH)
      Combo Heel Hammer                 PKK                     25 (HHM)
      Jab to Straight                   PP                      10 (HH)
      Knuckle Shot                      PPP                     24 (HHH)
      Rush Tomahawk                     PPK                     34 (HHM)
      Storm Blast Knuckle               PP, b+P                 24 (HHH)
      Death Bottom                      PP, d+P                 24 (HHL)
      Charging Tiger                    PP, d+P, P              27 (HHLM)
    High Kick                           K                       30 (H)
      Heel Hammer Trap                  KK                      25 (HM)
      Double Hammer Trap                KP                      25 (HM)
      Reverse Hammer Trap               KPP                     30 (HMM)
    Turn Braid                          qcb+P                   32 (M)
    Sliding Kick                        ff+K                    28 (L)
    Low Kick                            d+K                     12 (L)
      Double Spike                      D+KK                    25 (LL)
    Enemy Facing You Throws
    Front                               S+P                     45 (T)
    Neck Hold Swing                     b+S+P                    0 (T)
    ??                                  d/f, d/f+S+P            10+55 (T)
    Arm to Set                          f+S+P                   48 (T)
                                        or jump then S+P
    Fire Storm Knee                     opponent back to wall   55 (T)
                                        then f+S+P
    Axial Foot Consequence (?)          bf+S+P                  45 (T)
      Scorpion to Set                   dd+S+P                  45 (T)
      Standing Achilles Heel to Set     fb+S+P                  25 (T)
      Reverse Crab Lock                 d+S+P                   35 (T)
    Standing Arm Lock                   qcb+S+P                 30 (T)
      ??                                fb+S+P                  30 (T)
      DDT                               d+S+P                   45 (T)
    Windmill Backbreaker                hcf+S+P                 67 (T)
    Enemy Back to You Throws
    Flying Reverse Cross                S+P                     55 (T)
    Hell Hazard Lock                    f+S+P                   30+30 (T)
                                        or jump then S+P
    Sleeper Hold                        bf+S+P                  40 (T)
      Swing Sleeper                     fb+S+P                  30+20 (T)
      Swing Breath Fall                 then fb+S+P
    Enemy Crouching
    Side Arm Bar                        d+S+P                   20 (T)
                                        or jump then d+S+P
      Reverse Cross                     d+S+P                   8+8+8 (T)
      Crazy Crash                       dd+S+P                  25+30 (T)
    Snake Face Lock                     db+S+P                  20 (T)
      Reverse Arm Lock                  d+S+P                   30 (T)
    Enemy Crouching with Back to You
    Snake Face Lock                     db+S+P                  20 (T)
      Reverse Arm Lock                  d+S+P                   30 (T)
    Enemy On the Ground
    Ground Submission                   d+S+P                   30 (T)
    Head-Hunting Cross                  f, ub+S                 62 (C)
    Reverse Achilles Heel               f, ub+S                 30+32 (C)
    Death Trap                          fb+S                    62 (C)
    Snake ?? (enemy back to wall)       fb+S                    72 (C)
    Flying Knee Cross                   bf+S                    62 (C)
    ?? Cross                            f, db+S                 62 (C)
    Cobra Death Lock                    f, db+S                 30+32 (C)
    ?? Lock                             fb+S                    62 (C)
    Heel Hold                           fb+S                    62 (C)
    Special Commands
    When opponent is on the ground:
    Need Rope(?)                        u+P+K                   22 (G)
    Stomping                            d+K                     12 (G)
    Tank Wheel (inner)                  u+P+K                    0
    Tank Wheel (outer)                  d+P+K                    0
    Taunt "I'll Kill You"               b,f,b+S+P+K              0
    Taunt "Bingo"                       dd+S+P+K                 0
    Tag Throws
    Bayman & Zack
    Heavy Sand                          ff+S+P+K                15+40+15 (T)
    Bayman and Bass
    Guillotine Napalm                   ff+S+P+K                10+30+30 (T)
    Ultimate Tackle                     qcf+S+P+K               20+50+10 (T)
          (opponent back to wall)
    Bayman & Tina
    T-W-D                               ff+S+P+K                30+40 (T)
    Bayman & Gen Fu
    Desert Tiger                        ff+S+P+K                70 (T)
    Bayman & Leon
    Joint Crusher                       ff+S+P+K                10+10+50 (T)
    Bayman & Everyone Else
    Death Trap                          ff+S+P+K                62 (T)
          (Partner)                     b+S+P+K                 62 (T)
    ===Help a Brotha Out! :)===
    Hey you wanna help? Well here is how you can. I need help with the following:
    1. Move name translations - I have most of them but some are questionable I
    believe. I need someone with knowledge of Japanese to help me with the rest of
    the names.  Move names I have marked with a "?" are the ones that I know are
    wrong or need clarification. Also, if I made a mistake translating any of the
    moves, then let me know. The web page I used to get the moves from is located
    here: http://www.tecmo.co.jp/product/doa/dc_waza/waza_sa.htm
    Go there and see all the moves for Bayman and their names in Japanese. Just
    email me if you want to help. I will give you full credit in the FAQ.
    2. General stategies - I plan to add a Strategy section in the future so if you
    have any strategies for Bayman, then just send 'em to my addy as well. You will
    get full credit.
    3. Future combo FAQ - I am going to do an "unescapable" combo soon.  If you
    have combos for Bayman, send 'em through. For a good definition of an
    unescapable combo, check out Chi-Crew's Combo FAQ for Dead or Alive 2 at
    www.gamefaqs.com! You get full credit.
    4. Any mistakes? - If you see mistakes anywhere, let me know so that I ca fix
    them in the next update!
    I send my thanks to all the following:
    Tecmo - For a really good and addictive fighting game.
    Sega - For an awesome system known as the Dreamcast.
    www.tecmo.co.jp - For providing an easy way to document the moves by posting
    them up at their web site.
    Paul - For one of the few human opponents who can help to improve my skill by
    presenting a hard challenge.
    www.gamefaqs.com - For providing an enormous amount of data for any game I have
    looked up.
    ©2001 Johnnie Montgomery Jr. aka Ryu Hayabusa

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